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Subject: The Charmed Sons

All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to The WB and Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This is a spin-off of the original tv show and i have no control of what actually happens in there lives. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story obviously stop reading it. This is a story involving sex between more than one male. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives

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Chapter 6- Evil Games Part 2

( ) Personal thoughts





Trevor: (Tatum shimmered us to the back room of P3) Tatum, do you know where they took my brothers?

Tatum: It will be suicide for you to go!

Trevor: I don't care I have to save my brothers, so either you're here to help me or there's the door!

Tatum: (I stare him up and down) Fine! But we will need all the help we can get!

Trevor: I'll call Dominic!

Tatum: That's not wise!

Trevor: Why not he'll want to help Chris! (I pick up the phone to call)

Tatum: (I grab the phone from him and slam it down) Trust me you don't want his help!

Trevor: You and all your secrets, lets get my mother then!

Tatum: So she can try to blow me up again?

Trevor: She wont! (Shouting into the air) Prue! Bring Mom! (They orb in)

Piper: Trevor, what is he doing here?

Trevor: He saved my life! He's helping, lets just leave it at that!

Tatum: Can you heal him!

Trevor: (Looking at my shoulder) I completely forgot!

Piper: What happened!


Saajohn Lair-

Saajohn: (Wyatt and Chris are trapped within a cage) At last we meet!

Chris: Let me out of here and I'll introduce you to my fist!

Saajohn: Ah the banter portion of the fight, how I miss having enemies trapped in a cage!

Wyatt: Why have you brought us here?

Saajohn: Well you should be dead, but for some reason these fools thought it best to bring you to me alive. At least one of the charmed ones is dead!

Chris: You bastard! I'm so going to vanquish your sorry ass!

Saajohn: Last time I checked you were the one in the cage! (A demon walks up in front of Saajohn, bows his head)

Demon: My Lord, the boy is still alive he has escaped!

Saajohn: (Throwing a fireball and killing him) Go and bring me the brother now! (Wyatt and Chris look at each other with hope in there eyes)

Opening Credits Roll- Images of San Francisco, neighborhoods, the beach, downtown as "Danger Zone" By Gwen Stefani plays. Close in on P3


Trevor: We need to go into the underworld and rescue Wyatt and Chris! Tatum is the only one that knows where they took my brothers, if it wasn't for him they would have taken all of us!

Piper: Fine, but I'm watching you!

Tatum: I would expect nothing less of a mother!

Piper: You sound like your speaking from experience!

Tatum: My mother is the same way about me!

Trevor: We need all the potions from the manor, Prue can you orb in and get them!

Prue: I'm on it! (Orbs out)

Piper: What exactly do you plan to do son?

Trevor: Tatum, do you think you can go down to the underworld and check out the situation without bringing any attention to yourself?

Tatum: You do realize if I get caught, they will kill me?

Trevor: Then don't get caught, I need you to come through for me!

Tatum: May I speak with you privately?

Trevor: Sure! (We walk out of the room)

Tatum: If I do this, I am risking everything I hold dear, including my own life!

Trevor: (Sympathetically) I understand, I'm sorry, but my brothers are everything to me, and you're the only one that can help!

Tatum: Very Well! (I lean in and kiss him, Trevor pulls away in shock and then leans back in and kiss me, I shimmer out)

Trevor: (Talking to myself) I'm so in trouble now!

Piper: What the hell was that all about?

Trevor: Mom!

Piper: Don't you mom me!

Trevor: Mom, you weren't suppose to come back there! Look he kissed me, I don't know why but I feel that I owed him that much!

Piper: Honey, I hope you know what your doing!

Trevor: (Mumbling) I have no idea!

Saajohn Lair-


Tatum: (I shimmer to the entrance of Saajohn's lair, there are two guards posted on either side of the cave. They are holding staves, they close them as I try to enter) Fools, you dare block me from entering?

Guard: No one is allowed to enter!

Tatum: I want to speak with the prisoners they may lead me to catching their brothers!

Guard: We are under orders from Lord Saajohn himself!

Tatum: Fine! (I grab the guard by the neck and the other I kick my foot up and hold it to his neck making him incapable of moving, I snap the neck of the demon I'm choking, grab his staff and stick it into the other demon killing him. I enter the cave and move quickly towards the cage)

Chris: Come to gloat?

Tatum: There is no time for you to be a smart ass!

Wyatt: Did Trevor send you?

Tatum: Yes, and I must not get caught, or they will have no way of knowing where to find you! Where is Saajohn?

Wyatt: They went to perform some kind of ritual!

Tatum: Then it has begun!

Wyatt: What has?

Tatum: If we get out of this I will tell you! This is the cage of Pandora! It will take all three of you to break it open, and it will need a special potion. I will retrieve the potion and return with your family!

Chris: If anything happens to them, I will vanquish you!

Tatum: Trevor is my only concern, and he wishes you all to be alive! (Shimmers out)

A Ceremonial Room-

(A room filled with 20 different demons standing and watching the center of the room. Lord Saajohn, is standing in the middle of a pentagram, the Seer to his right, everyone is wearing ceremonial garbs, a man is standing over Saajohn, he is anointing him with black oil!)

Cleric-us: With the power of the ancient dark ones you are now anointed!

Saajohn: My hour is nearly at hand!

Cleric-us: You must complete the required three trials before your ascension to a higher being can begin! You have until the rise of the 3rd new moon! Do not miss this window, for the next ascension will not take place for another 100 years! (Shimmers out)

Saajohn: Seer, tell me what do you see!

Seer: (eyes turn white) You will rise to great power, nothing shall stand in your way! The ascension shall be a success!

Saajohn: (Laughs a sinister laught)



Piper: (I watch as Trevor paces back and forth) Your going to ware out the floor like that!

Trevor: What's taking him so long?

Piper: He can take care of himself!

Trevor: Mom he's protecting someone, if she gets caught that person is in danger! (Tatum, shimmers in) Finally! Are you ok? Are they ok?

Tatum: I'm fine, and the are trapped in the cage of Pandora! I had to stop and make a potion in order for you to free them!

Prue: The cage of Pandora! They will need the power of three for that, and Trevor is with us, he needs to be inside the cage!

Tatum: I know that, I will have to take Trevor in as a prisoner, and they can do the rest from inside!

Piper: No! There has to be another way!

Trevor: Mom are we really willing to risk their lives trying to come up with a better plan?

Piper: How do we know your not setting a trap?

Tatum: You don't!

Piper: You mark my words, if anything happens to my sons, you will wish you were never born!



Trevor: (We orbed into the underworld) Alright everyone knows what they need to do!

Tatum: Trevor, move quickly, I wont be able to help you once you're in the cage!

Trevor: I know, thanks for everything! (Tatum grabs me and kisses me)

Piper: Cut that out!

Trevor: What was that for?

Tatum: I didn't think you would let me do that when this is all over with, good luck!

Trevor: (Tatum creates white glowing ties around my hands and walks behind me pushing me in as his prisoner)

Saajohn: Well, well, what do we have here?

Tatum: Lord Saajohn (Bowing my head) I come baring gifts!

Saajohn: And what a gift it is! You shall be rewarded generously!

Tatum: Your pleasure is all I require! (I start to walk him to the cage)

Saajohn: Stop!

Tatum: My Lord? (Trevor looks at Wyatt and Chris nervously)

Trevor: Let go of me! Saajohn, why don't you untie me and lets settle this like real men or are you scared!

Saajohn: (Laughs) I have such plans for you little one! All things in there time! Tatum, have you forgotten you can not open the cage door?

Tatum: My mistake, my Lord!

Saajohn: (I wave my hand and Trevor disappears and reappears in the cage) What a sight! The Charmed Ones, my prisoners! So very anticlimactic!

Tatum: If that is all my Lord!

Saajohn: What is your hurry? Are you saddened Tatum?

Tatum: Saddened my Lord?

Saajohn: You have fallen in love with the youngest, have you not?

Tatum: He was only an assignment to me, my Lord!

Saajohn: Your human half makes you week Tatum! Now, if you aren't in love with him, stay and watch as I send them to oblivion! (Just then a demon comes in carrying a box)

Demon: My Lord, the box of Polenta!

Saajohn: Very good! Set it here! (The Seer shimmers in)

Seer: My liege, you must consume the contents of the box quickly!

Saajohn: Then lets get rid of our guests!

Trevor: Its now or never! Stand back! (I throw the potion) The power of three spell!

The guys: The power of three will set us free, the power of three will set us free, the power of three will set us free! (A whirlwind of lights glows all around the cage, then an explosion that busts the door to the cage open)

Trevor: What now is seen, take away, send this cage back from whence it came never to hold anyone a-gain! (The cage is sucked into a vortex in the ground)

Chris: How's that for a trick up a sleeve! (Speaking to Saajohn) Great show Trevor!

Trevor: What are brothers for, if not to save your life!

Saajohn: Get them, don't harm the youngest!

Tatum: (Running towards Trevor) You will not escape!

Trevor: Sorry to do this but...(I wave my hand sending him flying)

Piper: Someone call for back up! (I start exploding demons with a wave of my hands)

Wyatt: Chris orb that box out of here! I'll help mom with the demons! (I start blowing up demons!)

Chris: (I orb next to Saajohn and grab the box) Thanks for having us! (I orb out)

Saajohn: My box! (I start sending fireball after fireball at them. With my other hand, I send Trevor flying into a wall knocking him unconscious)

Wyatt: We need to get out of here!

Piper: Chris is gone, I don't see Trevor anywhere!

Wyatt: Chris must have orbed him out! (I grab my mother and orb out with her)

Saajohn: (Killing a few of the demons) Seer!

Seer: My liege!

Saajohn: I want the box back now! It will be your head if it is not returned! (Tatum gets up off the floor)

Tatum: (Hearing that it will be my mothers head) There, they left one of their own behind!

Saajohn: Ah, they have! Well then a trade, their brother for the box! See that it is done! (Walking over to Trevor) How I have missed having you around! Soon you will remember everything, soon you will be mine again!

The Manor-

Leo: (Running over and hugging them as they orb in) You're alright!

Piper: (Looking around) Where's Trevor?

Chris: He's not with you?

Wyatt: We didn't see him we thought you orbed him!

Chris: No, you said get the box, I got the box and orbed out!

Wyatt: Damn it! We need to go back! (Tatum shimmers in)

Tatum: Its not that simple!

Chris: Who invited you!

Tatum: If it wasn't for me you would still be trapped or dead!

Piper: Chris! Tatum, why isn't it that simple?

Tatum: Saajohn wants the box for Trevor!

Chris: Then we give him the box!

Tatum: Do you know what is in that box?

Chris: It doesn't matter!

Leo: This is the box of Polenta isn't it!

Tatum: Yes it is, and you know what will happen if Saajohn gets this back!

Leo: Its on of the three trials, for a demon ascending to a higher being! If he fulfills all three trials he will be unstoppable!

Wyatt: Then we cant turn over the box!

Chris: Have you all lost your minds, this is our brother were talking about!

Wyatt: Chris, don't you think I know! But the greater good is at stake here!

Chris: If you don't want to save him I will! (He starts to orb out, but Piper grabs on to his orbs and pulls him back down, making him solid!)

Piper: Chris, don't run off half cocked! We need a plan!

Chris: This is your son!

Piper: Chris, that's not fair!

Leo: Chris, will get him back! Lets just think about this rationally!

Chris: (I walk into the next room, nodding to Tatum) Tatum, I know your in love with Trevor and wouldn't want anything to happen to him right?

Tatum: What did you have in mind?

Chris: Lets take the box and rescue him ourselves!

Tatum: As long as you realize what you are doing! Once you hand over the box there is nothing you'll be able to do to stop Saajohn!

Chris: Will find a different way to stop him, right now I just need to get Trevor back!

Tatum: So be it, I'll grab the box and you follow, so that I will be blamed and not you!

Chris: Err, thanks! (Tatum grabs the box and shimmers out, Piper sees her and then sees Chris orb out!)

Piper: She took the box!

Wyatt: Where's Chris?

Piper: He orbed out after her!

Wyatt: We have to go after them, you know it will be a trap!

Piper: I know, lets go!

Saajohn Lair-

Saajohn: (Trevor coming too) Ah, you have finally decided to join us!

Trevor: (Trying to break out of the chains that hold me) Where is my family?

Saajohn: They left you here!

Trevor: They would never leave me!

Saajohn: Then how do you explain being in chains and none of the members of your family here!

Trevor: It doesn't matter, if they got out safely, that's all that was important to me!

Saajohn: Such valor, I could use someone like you on my side!

Trevor: As if! You're a monster you treat everyone like they were put on this earth to serve you!

Saajohn: More or less I think they were! When my ascension takes place, you will wish you had been on my side!

Trevor: As we mere mortals like to say, don't count your chickens before they hatch!

Saajohn: I have such plans for you boy! (Chris enters with Tatum)

Chris: Free my brother or I orb this box right into the sun!

Saajohn: Tatum, get Trevor out of those chains, but do not let go of him until the box is in my hands! You witches are not to be trusted!

Chris: This coming from a demon!

Saajohn: I am a demon who keeps his word! (Just then demons shimmer in behind Chris and hit him over the head, the box goes flying onto the ground! Trevor is Freed by Tatum and sends two demons flying, he then runs over to Chris and help him up more demons appear around them)

Trevor: Come on Chris! (I wave my hands sending a demon flying when my mom and Wyatt orb in and start blowing them up!)

Piper: Get away from my sons!

Wyatt: Get the box!

Saajohn: Not this time! (Shimmers next to the box, picks it up) Kill them! (The demons charge at them, Trevor sends two flying , runs up and kicks one, then turns himself into a slide kick, Wyatt is held by two and a third one comes straight at him, Wyatt runs forward with the two still holding him runs up the body of them one in front of him body kicks him in the face then flips back over the two and pulls them and bumps there faces into one another. Chris levitates kicking two in the face!)

Wyatt: Chris orb Trevor out of here! I got mom! (They all orb out!)

The Manor-

Wyatt: Chris what did you think you were doing!

Chris: What you guys wouldn't do!

Piper: Chris, you know we had no intention of leaving Trevor there!

Chris: All you guys were talking about is not letting him have the box!

Trevor: Please, you guys stop!

Leo: Trevor's right, this will get us no where!

Wyatt: We could have come up with a plan that would have gotten us the box and Trevor. Now we have nothing but the worry of Saajohn turning into an unstoppable Demon!

Trevor: Is that what the box does?

Chris: Its one of three trials Saajohn must complete! We still have two other ways to stop him!

Wyatt: We don't know when or where they will take place, the box might have been our best chance to stop him! I need to get some air! (Storms out of the Manor!)

Chris: Mom just tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing if it were one of your sisters!

Piper: I cant say that, I probably would have!

Chris: See, then Wyatt just needs to chill out!

Leo: He's not mad at you for saving your brother, he's mad because you didn't wait to come up with a plan, instead you went out on your own again I might add!

Chris: I know dad!

Trevor: Look, I'm going to take Chris upstairs for a second I need to talk to him!

Piper: Leo, I'm worried about them!

Leo: That's who you are, a worrier!

Piper: I'm serious do they even know what lays ahead of them!

Leo: They will figure it all out, just like you and your sisters use to do!

Piper: Its not going to be easy!

Leo: Its never easy, but they take after the original Charmed Ones, they will come together! Honey good always finds a way to succeed over evil!

Piper: I hope your right, but if this gets worse I'm calling my sisters!


Trevor: Chris, thank you for not leaving me down there!

Chris: You don't have to tell me that, you did the same for us!

Trevor: I know, I couldn't let anything happen to you guys, so I know exactly what you were feeling!

Chris: Then why are they giving me hell about it!

Trevor: Their just worried about what Saajohn's plans are!

Chris: I know, I don't always think things through, but Tatum felt the same way, that we should get you out of there!

Trevor: Tatum, you, Chris Halliwell actually worked with him!

Chris: Yes, and he really does dig you bro!

Trevor: I have no idea what that is all about, Chris he kissed me twice today!

Chris: And you liked it huh?

Trevor: Chris, I'm with Cory!

Chris: Your not married!

Trevor: Oh like you would do that to Dominic!

Chris: Why did you have to mention his name, I went all this time without thinking about him!

Trevor: I think you need to talk to him!

Chris: He dumped my ass!

Trevor: No way, I think there is something more to it!

Chris: Hello, he told me he used me! Watching him kiss someone else right in front of me, just to make a point of how much he wasn't into me! Can we say cold hearted bitch!

Trevor: Why don't we forget about boys, and all this drama and go to P3, get wasted and have a great time!

Chris: You know what, screw this, lets go party!

Wyatt's office-

Andre: (Walking up to the door, seeing Wyatt sitting at his desk with his hands on his head) Everything alright Halliwell?

Wyatt: (Startled) Oh, hey Andre! Ya, just a lot on my mind!

Andre: Anything I can help you with?

Wyatt: Unless you know anything about getting younger brothers to listen to you, I don't think you can help!

Andre: No, but I do know you, and I'm sure you will figure out a way!

Wyatt: Ya, I hope so!

Andre: I'm going home, I just thought I would stop by see if you were burning the midnight oils!

Wyatt: I just needed to get away from home, needed to think!

Andre: Wyatt, don't be so hard on yourself, or them!

Wyatt: It was easier when it was just Chris, but now I have to worry about Trevor!

Andre: Well Chris is a handful, and if Trevor is anything like him, double the trouble! But Wyatt, they aren't little boys, I'm sure they will be fine without big brother breathing down their necks!

Wyatt: If you only knew just how much trouble they can get into, you wouldn't even be questioning me!

Andre: Well, I said we could try being friends, so I am here if you need to vent!

Wyatt: Thanks that means a lot!

Andre: Well, I'm going to head out!

Wyatt: Alright, goodnight!

Andre: Later Halliwell! Ok that would have been your queue to ask me to get something to eat or something!

Wyatt: I'm sorry, I just didn't want to push!

Andre: Sushi?

Wyatt: Your on!

Saajohn lair-

Saajohn: (Sitting at his throne, the box open and he is sucking a white smoke out of the box. The seer is standing in front of him) I can feel the power coursing through my veins!

Seer: You have minuets left, my liege, you must hurry!

Saajohn: (Finishing the last of the white smoke) The first trail is over, why do you look so concerned Seer?

Seer: It has been a long day my liege!

Saajohn: But it all ended well! Yes, I am disappointed for losing the witches, but all was not lost! Your son proved himself today, you should be proud!

Seer: We are here to serve you my liege!

Saajohn: (Standing up and walking down next to the Seer) Come here! (Talking to a demon standing guard) Stab me with this Athema! (The demon looks up in horror) Do it! (The demon goes to stab him and the athema breaks in half and the demon explodes) Nothing can hurt me now!

Seer: You have until the ascension!

Saajohn: I am invincible! Now go leave me! (Seer shimmers out) Chameleon what have you learned?

Chameleon: She is a loyal servant to you Lord Saajohn!

Saajohn: I want to know everything she has done!

The Manor-

Piper: (I watch as Chris and Trevor walk down all dressed up) And where do you two think your going?

Chris: Out!

Piper: Really, smartass!

Trevor: We're going to P3!

Piper: Don't you think you should go out and bring Wyatt home, and work out your issues as well as what your going to do next?

Chris: Mom, Wyatt is a big boy and will work out the rest later!

Trevor: Mom, its been a long day for all of us, and we still have responsibilities at the club!

Piper: You have workers!

Leo: Honey, let them go! (I wink at the guys)

Chris: Thanks dad!

Trevor: Ya, thanks! (We kiss our mom and walk out the door)

Piper: Leo!

Leo: Honey come here! (We kiss)



Chris: (We've been dancing on the dance floor! We walk over to our booth) I so needed this!

Trevor: Me too! I just wish Wyatt would show up, I miss him! (walking up behind)

Wyatt: Ask and you shall receive!

Trevor: Wyatt, I didn't think you would come!

Wyatt: When I went home mom gave me an ear full about you guys coming here!

Chris: Sorry about everything Wyatt!

Wyatt: No Chris I'm sorry! Look you did what only I could wish to do, you both have this way of doing what needs to be done! I have to stop and think about the consequences and I hate it. But you guys, you're my heroes!

Chris: Wow, I never looked at it that way!

Wyatt: Well I'm the oldest, I'm trying to set the best example for you guys, and I'm trying to keep you guys safe, I cant do that all the time, and at least I see that you two can handle yourselves alone!

Trevor: But were still a team!

Wyatt: Always!

Chris: Lets get you a drink!

Wyatt: I can go for a cold one right now!

Chris: Its on me!

Trevor: Really cause I thought it was free for us!

Chris: Ya, but I'm going to get it, so its like I'm working for it! (Looking towards the back office area) Hey Trevor you have company! (Pointing towards the office)

Trevor: Tatum! I wonder what he wants!

Chris: A little more tongue action!

Trevor: (Punching Chris in the arm and walking into the office) Is it safe for you to be here?

Tatum: Is it ever safe for either one of us!

Trevor: True! Look I want to thank you for everything you did!

Tatum: I did what I had to do!

Trevor: Ok, does that mean you have your own agenda or something?

Tatum: Trevor when will you believe that I have feelings for you?

Trevor: Look, I don't know what this dance is that were doing, but I think you should know that I am kind of involved with someone!

Tatum: I know!

Trevor: Why does that not surprise me!

Tatum: Look, I just wanted to stop by and see that you were ok!

Trevor: I am, look Tatum if..(He puts his finger to my mouth)

Tatum: Don't say it I already know! Till the next time we meet...(I start to shimmer out)

Trevor: (I grab his arm and stop his shimmer) Wait! (I grab him and kiss him, and then he shimmers out. I walk back to my brothers) Miss me!

Wyatt: So, what was that all about?

Trevor: Just another day in the life of a Halliwell! (We all laugh and click our glasses together and drink)

Andre's apt-

Andre: (I'm sitting at my desk sorting my mail, when I come across a note folded I open it up and read, "Wiches, Demons, Powers, Wyatt!") This is my hand writing, but what the hell does it mean!)

End Chapter-