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Subject: The Charmed Sons

All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to The WB and Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This is a spin-off of the original tv show and i have no control of what actually happens in there lives. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story obviously stop reading it. This is a story involving sex between more than one male. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives

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Chapter 7- When All Else Fails

( ) Personal Thoughts




The Manor-


Trevor: (I'm standing on the porch talking to Cory, While Chris is watching through the window) Look Cory, I'm sorry its just not working out right now, I need some space!

Cory: I don't understand how you go from telling someone you love them, to you need space!

Trevor: Its not that simple!

Cory: Then make it simple! Just tell me did you meet someone else?

Trevor: I don't want to be unfair to you, and right now that's what I feel like I'm doing if I stay with you!

Cory: You cant even say you didn't meet anyone! Don't act like your doing me any favors!

Trevor: Look, I just have so much to deal with right now, my life has changed so much in the last few months, I cant give a 100% to us!

Cory: Well don't think I'll be waiting forever!

Trevor: Cory, I wouldn't keep you waiting forever, I just need sometime to get some perspective!

Cory: Like I said you did meet someone!

Trevor: Its not like that! Some guy kissed me, but it didn't mean anything!

Cory: (I smack him, as Wyatt walks up the stairs) Your just like every other gay man! (I walk away, as my back is turned to him I cant help but smile, knowing that he's talking about me, Tatum)

Wyatt: Ouch!

Trevor: Cory! (I watch him walk away then enter the house)

Wyatt: Somebody is pretty pissed!

Chris: Great show Trevor!

Trevor: Glad I could make you laugh since you've been the most depressed person for the last few Weeks!

Chris: Don't take it out on me, cause you got bitch slapped!

Wyatt: So what happened?

Trevor: I told him I needed space!

Chris: Ow the kiss of death!

Trevor: I also told him I was kissed by some guy!

Chris: So this is about Tatum!

Wyatt: Why would you tell him about that?

Trevor: I wanted to be honest with him, I owe him that much!

Chris: You don't ever tell a guy you got kissed by someone else!

Wyatt: Really Trev, that wasn't the smartest move, if you ever want to get back with him again!

Trevor: I know, but I'm just so confused between him and Tatum! I mean come on, Tatum knows I'm a witch, he kicks ass, he saved my life more than once!

Chris: He's a demon, Hello!

Wyatt: This coming from the guy who was dating an assassin! (Chris throws a pillow at me)

Chris: At least I was dating someone, mister let me cast a spell on you, to get your true feelings, then I will do nothing about it!

Wyatt: Oh, now your dead! (We all start hitting each other with pillows)

Saajohn Lair-

Saajohn: (Dominic is standing in front the Seer to the side. Saajohn waves his hand three woman are shown on one of the cave walls) Dominic, you will retrieve 3 amulets from these three witches!

Dom: What kind of amulets are they?

Saajohn: A necklace, a bracelet and a ring!

Dom: What do you want them for?

Saajohn: It is of no concern of yours! Retrieve the amulets and return to me!

Dom: What if the Charmed ones get in the way?

Saajohn: Kill any of them but Trevor! You are an assassin aren't you! (Dominic shimmers out)

Seer: Is it wise to have him go after the amulets?

Saajohn: Why do you foresee a problem?

Seer: No my liege! But is it wise to trust her with something so important?

Saajohn: If the Charmed one get in the way, they are less likely to hurt him! Now go leave me to my thoughts! (Seer shimmers out)

Seer's Lair-

Seer: Tatum, you must go and tell Trevor that Saajohn is after the three amulets of Carada! Explain to them that if the three amulets are put together, Saajohn will have in his possession a map leading him to the second trial!

Tatum: Mother, Saajohn is getting very close to achieving his goal, your plans will be ruined!

Seer: Don't you think I know this! I would have thought for sure the Charmed ones would have stopped him before he even got this far!

Tatum: There is something else you should know!

Seer: More bad news!

Tatum: Trevor, wants to put his relationship with Cory on hold!

Seer: Why?

Tatum: I think he's falling in love with me!

Seer: This will lead him to not trust in either of you, I told you from the beginning that you needed to pick one part of yourself to go after his heart, now when he finds out you are one in the same, you will lose him!

Tatum: I had no way of knowing mother!

Seer: Go now, I will think of something! (Tatum shimmers out)

Opening Credits Roll- Pictures of the sun coming up, traffic on the hightways, as " Don't Phunk with my heart" by the black eyed peas plays! We end on the front view of the Halliwell manor!

Trevor: (Wyatt is drinking coffee reading the newspaper as Chris and I go through some test questions) IF you not going to be serious about this why are you wasting my time Chris?

Chris: Ok, ok I'm serious now!

Wyatt: Chris, I think you wasted enough time sulking around, now your finals are coming up, so get serious!

Chris: Yes daddy! (Tatum shimmers in)

Tatum: I have some new information for you guys!

Chris: Your joining a traveling circus! (Wyatt laughs as Trevor gives me a dirty look)

Trevor: Ignore him!

Tatum: Easily done! Saajohn is after the amulets of Carada!

Wyatt: What do these amulets do?

Tatum: They are three amulets that when put together show a map leading to the second trial!

Trevor: Great, just the lead we were looking for!

Tatum: You must move quickly, Saajohn has someone working to retrieve the amulets already!

Trevor: Thanks for the heads up!

Tatum: You know how to get a hold of me if you need!

Trevor: Wait can I talk to you for a second?

Tatum: You made yourself clear the last time we talked, and now I think you have more pressing matters to attend too!

Trevor: Just for a minuet, come with me into the kitchen! (We walk in there)

Tatum: What is it?

Trevor: (I grab him and kiss him) I needed to be sure!

Tatum: Be sure of what?

Trevor: That when I kiss you I feel like I could die!

Tatum: Are you saying what I think you saying?

Trevor: I don't know what I'm saying, (Tatum starts to shimmer out, I grab onto him) One last thing before you go, I'm not seeing anyone anymore! (I walk out of the kitchen)

Chris: That went smoothly!

Trevor: Ok was it me or was that way cold of him!

Wyatt: What did you make yourself clear about?

Trevor: I told him I was seeing someone!

Wyatt: Trevor, look I love you, you know that right?

Trevor: Yes, why?

Wyatt: Look, I'm not trying to tell you how to run your life, but I hope you realize just how much it can never work between you and Tatum!

Trevor: There isn't anything going on between us!

Chris: Just keep telling yourself that bro!

Trevor: Ok, not to change the subject, but I'm going to anyway, you have to get to work Wyatt and Chris you have a test, so I'll call for Prue and have her check with the elders and get started finding these amulets!

Wyatt: Just find out what you can and call me when you have something. Trevor I'm sure I don't have to say this, but don't go out and try to find the amulets on your own!

Trevor: I wont go out on my own I swear! (Wyatt gets up and leaves, Chris packs his stuff up and then leaves) I'll take someone with me! (Shouting into the air) Prue! (She orbs in)

Prue: Hey honey!

Trevor: Hi, aunt Prue! Look we just got a heads up on what Saajohn is going to be doing next, so we need you to ask the elders about the amulets of Carada!

Prue: The amulets, but that's impossible there suppose to be a legend!

Trevor: Well there not!

Prue: I'll be back!

Trevor: I'll go check the book!

The University-

Teacher: Time's up! Now I want you to get together with your lab partners for this next part!

Chris: (Annoyed) Great!

Dom: Oh come on take it like a man!

Chris: The way you take it from every man!

Dom: Aw did that make you feel better!

Teacher: Is there a problem back there?

Chris: No sir!

Teacher: I want you all to trade your tests with your lab partners, you're each going to grade the other!

Chris: Easy I will just give you a D now so we can get this over with!

Dom: Here! (Handing Chris his test, he gets a premonition, he sees Dominic grabbing a necklace off of a woman's neck) What did you just have a vision?

Chris: No, I uh, just have the hick ups! (Makes a fake hick up sound)

The manor-

Trevor: What did you find out?

Prue: 100 years ago three witches were entrusted with the duty of guarding the amulets, each one has been handed down generation after generation to be guarded!

Trevor: Ok but do they know where we can find the witches?

Prue: The amulets shield them from being detected, even by the edlers!

Trevor: So basically we have nothing! (Chris orbs in)

Chris: You are not going to believe what I just had a premonition of!

Trevor: That you finally leave your room sometime this month!

Chris: Ha, ha, no really I just saw Dominic grabbing one of the amulets!

Trevor: What, Dominic?

Chris: I know, so come on we need to follow him!

Trevor: Prue, go to Wyatt and let him know what is happening!

Prue: Alright, be careful!

Wyatt's Office-

Wyatt: (I'm sitting at my desk when Prue orbs in) Prue, are you crazy, what if you got caught!

Prue: What, I made sure no one was in here with you!

Wyatt: Next time use the door!

Prue: Look, Chris and Trevor are following Dominic, they believe he is going after the amulet!

Wyatt: So Dominic is working for Saajohn!

Prue: Looks that way!

Wyatt: Great and now I have Chris, who is not done processing his break up with Dominic chasing after him! (Andre comes walking up to the door)

Andre: Is this a bad time?

Wyatt: No, not at all, um Pru..Pat here was just leaving!

Prue: I was! (Wyatt gives her a look) Oh right yes ok bye! (Leaves)

Andre: Have I met her before?

Wyatt: I-I don't think so!

Andre: Anyway, (Shaking his head) I was wondering if you wanted to have drinks tonight?

Wyatt: I would love to, oh, but...

Andre: But you have a family thing, right?

Wyatt: Um, well its not like that, Chris is going through a bad break up and Trevor, just broke up with Cory, so I told them we would hang out!

Andre: Ya, whatever!

Wyatt: Can I have a rain check?

Andre: I'll just add it to all the other ones! (Walks away) Damn it, I know that's not the reason!

Dominic's apt-

Trevor: (Were standing across the street) So what is the plan?

Chris: We follow him, and get the amulets before he does!

Trevor: Do you really think he's not going to put up a fight?

Chris: I'm hoping he does!

Trevor: Chris, I know your angry with him, but fighting him, is that really what you want to do right now?

Chris: Trevor, its over, he's a bad guy, I'm a good guy!

Trevor: Its your call, I'm with whatever you want to do!

Chris: I cant believe he is working for Saajohn!

Trevor: How do you know that?

Chris: Why else would he want the amulet?

Trevor: Well, Tatum did say I couldn't trust Dominic!

Chris: When did he say that?

Trevor: When I wanted to go rescue you and Wyatt, I was going to call Dominic for back up and Tatum flipped out on me!

Chris: And your just telling me this now!

Trevor: You were already dealing with some much, plus I just thought Tatum, didn't like him. Now I know there was more to it! (Dominic shimmers out)

Chris: Lets go! (Orbs out)


Chris: (Dominic shimmers into an alley and enters an herb store through the back door. Chris and Trevor orb into the alley, and watch as Dominic goes in) Come on will watch through the window if this is the witch, will wait till Dominic is about to make his move! (We walk to the window)

Dominic: (Walking around the store, he checks out the woman, he spots the amulet around her neck) Do you have any ginger root?

Woman: Yes I do, hang on one second! (She turns and walks over to a set of shelves to grab the ginger root) Here we go!

Dom: Great! (Creates and athema in his hand)

Chris: Lets go! (they go inside the store) I wouldn't do that if I were you Dominic!

Dom: Well your not me! (I grab the woman and hold the athema to her neck) One wrong move, and she dies!

Chris: (Holding out my hand) Amulet! (The amulet orbs into Chris's hand, but Dominic shimmers out and then reappears in front of Chris as the amulet appears in his hand, Dominic grabs it and shimmers back to the woman)

Dom: Thanks lover! (Shimmers out)

Chris: Damn it!

Trevor: (Going over to the woman) Are you alright?

Woman: Yes I'm fine, but my amulet!

Trevor: We know all about it!

Woman: I was raised to guard it, but I never really thought...

Trevor: That someone would come to take it from you!

Woman: I just thought they were stories, demons and witches!

Trevor: Its real. Look do you by any chance know where the other two amulets are?

Woman: As legends have it they were separated, we were to never come in contact with each other physically, but my mother gave me this, (Walking over to her purse and getting a envelop out) She said if anything were to happen that I should open this right away, and that I would know what I was to do next!

Trevor: Well then now would be a good time to open it!

Woman: (Open the envelop and reads) If the amulet is taken from you at anytime, pour the contents of this pouch over a map where it glows you shall find the other amulets. You must warn your sister witches before all three are united!

Trevor: Would you mind if we took the pouch?

Woman: How are you?

Trevor: We are the Charmed Ones!

Woman: Yes, the guardians of the innocent, it is an honor to meet you!

Trevor: Thanks, I'm really sorry we couldn't have done more!

Woman: Just stop them before they have all three amulets! Blessed be!

Trevor: Blessed be! Chris come on orb us home!

Saajohn Lair-

Dominic: Here is the first amulet!

Saajohn: Did you run into any trouble?

Dom: Nothing I couldn't handle!

Saajohn: Of course not! (Dominic throws Saajohn the amulet and he catches it) One down two to go!

Dom: I want to see my mother!

Saajohn: I want all three amulets!

Dom: Let me just have a moment with her!

Saajohn: Get me the other two and I will allow this! Now go before I change my mind! (He puts his head down and shimmers out)

The Manor-

Trevor: (Chris is sitting at the table with his head down. Trevor is standing in front of the table setting down a map) Chris, come on there is nothing we could have done!

Chris: How could I have fallen for him, he's pure evil!

Trevor: You didn't know that! Plus I'm wondering why he didn't kill her! I mean he had the opportunity to do it, yet he didn't!

Chris: If we didn't show up, he would have killer her!

Trevor: You don't know that Chris!

Chris: Why do you always look for the good in people!

Trevor: I have to believe that there is good in people, or I would be a miserable person my whole life never trusting anyone!

Chris: Fine, but I grew up having to look over my back all the time, and when it came to him I just threw that out the window and look were it got me. (Wyatt orbs in)

Wyatt: So did you guys get the amulet?

Trevor: No, but we found a way to locate the other two amulets! (Pours the contents of the pouch over the map, two little lights glow marking where the amulets are) There!

Wyatt: How do you know that's the amulets location?

Trevor: The guardian of one of the amulets gave me this, to locate the other two!

Wyatt: What's wrong with him?

Trevor: Dominic, is the one after the amulets!

Wyatt: Well Chris, you knew you were going to have to face off with him sooner or later!

Chris: Ya, but I thought I would be the one to win!

Trevor: We are going to have to split up to get the last two, now that he knows were coming he'll be expecting us!

Chris: You two go together!

Wyatt: Chris, do you think that's wise?

Chris: I got it Wyatt, he wont get all the amulets!

An apt complex-

Trevor: So what are you going to say?

Wyatt: The truth! (Knocking again no one answers, but a loud crash is heard)

Trevor: Wyatt, maybe we should orb in?

Wyatt: Alright! (Orbing in)

Dom: It took you long enough! Now! (Just then a black lighter orbs in behind Wyatt and Trevor and shoots an arrow hitting Wyatt in the shoulder)

Trevor: Wyatt! (Catches Wyatt as he begins to fall) How could you, we helped to save you?

Dom: (Grabbing the bracelet off the girls hand) You don't know me!

Trevor: I don't want to know you, but pay back is a bitch and your going to be getting the mother of all paybacks!

Dom: (Looking at Trevor with a strangeness in his eyes) You do what you have to do and I will as well! (The Dark lighter gives the girl the touch of death) No, what did you kill her for! (Looks at Trevor and shimmers out)

Trevor: Just hang on Wyatt! Prue, Prue! (Orbs in)

Prue: What happened?

Trevor: Heal Wyatt, I'll check the girl! (Waves his hand pulling the arrow out of Wyatt. Goes over to the girl puts his finger to her neck) She's dead!

Prue: From the looks of it a dark lighter must have gave her the touch of death!

Trevor: The touch of death?

Wyatt: Did Dominic get away?

Prue: Yes and the girl is dead!

Wyatt: Come on we have to get to Chris!

An Alley-

Chris: (Is with the woman who has the ring. She is standing with her ring pointed out at Chris, she has created a force field in front of her) You have to trust me, I am not here to hurt you!

Woman: You have given me no reason to trust you!

Chris: He will be here any second and I don't know what he is capable of!

Woman: My force field will protect me from anyone who tries to get my ring! (Dominic shimmers in)

Dom: Chris, get out of here now! I am only going to give you one chance!

Chris: I wont let you get the ring Dominic!

Dom: Do you really think you can stop me?

Chris: There is only one way to find out! (Chris runs at Dominic jumps up and kicks him in the face sending him flying back, then goes back and stand in front of the girl)

Dom: (getting up off the floor) Aw, is the honeymoon over honey? I didn't even give you you're present yet!

Chris: What would that be?

Dom: Oh, just your dead brothers body!

Chris: Am I suppose to believe anything that comes out of your mouth?

Dom: Hey dark lighter, come out come out wherever you are! (The dark lighter orbs in)

Chris: If you even touched a hair on either of my brothers heads I will kill you!

Dom: By now Wyatt should be dead!

Chris: Talking to the girl) Get out of here now!

Dom: (Moving his finger back and forth) Un-am I don't think so you have something I need! Get her I'll take care of him! (Dominic shimmers in behind Chris) Hello! (He flips him over onto his back)

Chris: Goodbye! (He does a flip landing him on his feet jumps up and kicks Dominic sending him flying backwards, he lands into 2 back flips)

Dom: What's the matter, cause I feel like your heart just isn't in it? Do you need a time out?

Chris: You know I never thought I could hit you but your making it so easy! (They begin to throw punches at one another, each blocking the others upper cut, jabs every kind of punch. Dominic punches him right in the gut and he flies back on his ass, He creates an athema)

Dom: Here use this to penetrate her shield! (Throws it to the dark lighter)

Chris: No! Dominic don't do this!

Dom: Chris, please just stay down!

Chris: You know I cant! (Chris gets up and rushes Dominic, Dominic creates another athema and stabs him in the stomach!) Ugh!

Dom: (Looking petrified) Chris! Damn it, I told you to stay down, why did you make me have to do that! (He slowly sets Chris down on the ground.) I'm sorry!

Saajohn lair-

Dom: (Holding the ring and the bracelet) I want to see my mother now!

Saajohn: You have done well Dominic! (Waves his hand a cage appears) You have till I return! (Dominic throws him the ring and the bracelet!)

Dom: (Running to his mother) Mother! I thought you were dead all these years!

Mother: Dominic my son! (Holding each others hands through the cage)

Dom: How did Saajohn get you?

Mother: I was suppose to kill a witch and take her powers, when I discovered what he was going to do, I tried to kill Saajohn instead! The Seer must have warned him, because he had set a trap for me, there was no way out!

Dom: Then I will find a way to free you if it's the last thing that I do!

Mother: NO! Dominic, listen to me, you cant trust him, he will never free me, and he will own you, he will make you do his biding with the promise that one day he will free me!

Dom: The Charmed ones could help us! But I ruined any chance of that tonight!

Mother: He will know if you get them to help you its to risky! Please Dominic trust me just get away, its all to dangerous!

Dom: No mother I will find a way!

The Manor-

Chris: He killed her?

Wyatt: I know Chris I know!

Chris: I cant believe he did it, I thought just maybe there was a chance, but now I know he's nothing but a killer! (Tatum shimmers in)

Tatum: Trevor are you ok?

Trevor: Yes, why?

Tatum: When I saw how happy Saajohn was I knew he had all three amulets!

Trevor: Did you know Dominic was working for him?

Tatum: Yes, I did!

Trevor: Then why didn't you tell us?

Tatum: It was not my place!

Trevor: Just another one of the things you feel you cant tell me! My brothers were almost killed today and two woman sit in the morgue and you...(Chris interrupts)

Chris: Trevor its not his fault, its mine!

Tatum: I just thought if you found out about him from me, you would have resentment towards me, and I didn't want that!

Trevor: Tatum, you cant just keep on keeping all these secrets from me, if you want me to trust you, your going to have to confide in me!

Tatum: I understand! (Shimmers out)

Trevor: Maybe grams is right, I think we are all going about relationships the wrong way, we should just use and discard!

Wyatt: You don't mean that!

Trevor: Yes I do, I mean come on which one of us has had a normal relationship?

Chris: Trevor is right!

Wyatt: Your both just angry right now! We don't know what this map leads to!

Trevor: Guys we need to get to P3, Fallout boy is playing in a half hour and I need to be there!

Chris: Were really going to go!

Trevor: We still have to pay the bills around here!


Wyatt: (Fallout boy is singing "Thanks for the Memories". We're standing by the bar dancing to the song. As the song finishes we take our drinks and move back to a booth. Andre walks up) Hey, I didn't expect to see you tonight!

Andre: So you call in a murder and leave before I get a chance to ask you about it!

Wyatt: There is nothing to tell!

Andre: So you just happen to be walking through an alley that a girl was stabbed in?

Wyatt: What are you getting at Andre!

Andre: There was another victim found! That girl was killed the same way! I just need to know if you saw anything that could help this case out?

Wyatt: Andre, I just happen to be walking through that alley, when I found the body and called it in!

Trevor: Why are you acting like my brother is a suspect?

Andre: How many people do you know who have a bad habit of being around dead bodies?

Trevor: Unless you have something more than just random happenings I think you've wore out your welcome here!

Wyatt: Trevor its ok!

Andre: Its fine, I'll expect you at my desk in the morning! (Turns and walks away)

Trevor: What the hell is his problem?

Wyatt: He asked me to go out and have drinks today, and I told him that I couldn't I was going to be with you guys, so I don't think he took that so well!

Chris: Ok this is ridiculous, we are three hot guys, with the worst taste in men!

Trevor: I'll drink to that!

Wyatt: To having the worst taste in woman! (They Click glasses)

End Chapter-