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Subject: The Charmed Sons

All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to The WB and Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This is a spin-off of the original tv show and i have no control of what actually happens in there lives. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story obviously stop reading it. This is a story involving sex between more than one male. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives

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Chapter 8- Thanksgiving


Chris: (Walking into the kitchen Trevor is going through the cabinets, Wyatt is sitting at the table!) Hey Martha Stewart, can you relax!

Trevor: I want everything to be perfect!

Wyatt: What are you worried about?

Trevor: Look guys, its going to be our first thanksgiving together as a family, I just want it to be special!

Chris: Who cares its just another day!

Trevor: Its not just another day, the holidays have been sad for me, just another reminder that I had nobody! Now I have a real family, so this is more than just another day to me!

Wyatt: (Giving Chris a look) So what can we do to help?

Chris: Since it means so much to you, then I'll help you anyway I can!

Trevor: Thanks, but all I need from you guys today is to make sure you don't make any messes in the house, and please no demons! Just today, I want mom and dad to see that we have everything under control, I just want one normal day!

Chris: How are we going to control being attacked by demons?

Wyatt: (Smacking Chris's head) Considerate done! (Grabs Chris by the back of his shirt)

Chris: Ok, ok I'm coming!

Wyatt: Chris, look we have to make sure this day goes smoothly for him!

Chris: I'll do it, but only cause it means so much to him!

Wyatt: Alright so lets make the Halliwell pact on it! (They hit fists over fists and then jump up hitting the front of their bodies together)

Chris and Wyatt: Ow!

Chris: Ok lets never do that again!

A Cave in the Underworld-

Ander: (Performing a ritual) Blood to blood! (With a knife Ander, Zane and Anton slice their palms and grasp them together)

Zane: Brother to brother!

Anton: Life to life! (A yellow light glows all around them)

Ander: It is complete! We are now ready to take on the Charmed ones!

Zane: Do you really think Lord Saajohn will make us his right hand men, if we bring them down?

Ander: My brothers our time is at hand, as foretold by the mystic, three brothers of darkness, will bring blackness over the three brothers of light! We are those brothers and the Charmed ones are the brothers of light!

Anton: We have been preparing for this moment all our lives!

Ander: Where others have failed we shall now succeed!

Opening Credits Roll- We see the skyline of downtown, the ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge and Lincoln Parks "Numb" Plays in the background. We close in on the front of the Manor.

Trevor: (Pulling pies out of the oven, Chris walks in and is about to stick his finger in) Don't you even think about it!

Chris: O-come on, just one taste!

Trevor: Chris, I'm making one pie just for you!

Chris: You rock!

Trevor: Can you please go get me the things on this list from the store?

Chris: But its going to be crazy at the store, everyone picking up things they forgot!

Trevor: Chris please, I wont be able to make the stuffing and there wont be enough for the gravy and...

Chris: Fine I'll go! (Orbs to the attic)

Trevor: (Yelling into the air) Get the name brands!

Chris: Wyatt, I have to go to the store, to get the stuff on this list! You want to go?

Wyatt: Thanks but no thanks!

Chris: Oh so I have to do stuff, while you do nothing?

Wyatt: I'm trying to figure out anything on these trials Saajohn is working on! (Just then Anton and Zane shimmer in) Chris heads up we have company!

Chris: Can we make this quick, I have to get to the store!

Anton: Wyatt, I presume, the great twice blessed child!

Wyatt: You have me at a disadvantage, you are?

Anton: Harbingers of the charmed ones Deaths!

Chris: If I had a dollar for every time a demon said that I would be a zillionaire! (Holding his hand out) Lamp! (Chris orbs the lamp at the head of Zane)

Trevor: (Yelling from the bottom of the stairs) Is everything alright up there?

Wyatt: Everything's fine, just moving some stuff! (Wyatt dodges a fireball and rolls into a kick sending Anton flying and crashing onto a table)

Trevor: (Still yelling from downstairs) What was that?

Wyatt: I just tripped but I'm ok!

Chris: (Levitating up and kicking Zane into the air) Wyatt, blow them up!

Anton: Will be back! (Shimmers out)

Wyatt: You go to the store quickly, I'll look them up in the book!

Chris: Aw man!

Cave in the Underworld-

Ander: (Anton and Zane shimmer in) Where did you guys go?

Anton: No where!

Ander: You were always a bad liar brother! Zane where were you?

Zane: (Looking at Anton pleadingly) We went to check out the Charmed ones!

Ander: Fools! Now you have alerted them they will be waiting for us to return!

Anton: But they only think there are two of us!

Ander: That doesn't matter we had the element of surprise!

Anton: They weren't all that, we can take them easily!

Ander: You faced all three?

Anton: No just Wyatt and Chris. It was as if they were trying to keep the third from knowing they were fighting at all!

Ander: What do you mean?

Zane: While we were fighting, whenever there was a loud noise, Wyatt would make some kind of excuse, rather then telling him that we were there!

Ander: Interesting! Do you suppose they were trying to keep him out of harms way?

Anton: It is worth investigating!

Ander: You will not go near them again till I say, is that clear?

Anton: Yes Ander!

Ander: I shall return!

The Manor-

Trevor: (Yelling from the bottom of the stairs) Wyatt, is Chris up there with you?

Wyatt: No!

Trevor: He's not answering his cell phone and he's been gone forever!

Wyatt: (Looking at the mess) Let the object of objection become but a dream as I cause the scene to be unseen! (Everything fixes itself and moves back into place) Maybe he's stuck in traffic!

Trevor: (Coming into the attic) He orbed how can he be stuck in traffic, and what's wrong why are you looking through the book?

Wyatt: Oh, I was just checking something out!

Trevor: Wyatt, you can tell me if something is going on!

Wyatt: I swear, I'm just seeing something!

Trevor: Ok! (Walks back down to the kitchen, Chris is standing there) Chris! What took you so long?

Chris: Um, I don't know!

Trevor: Did you find everything on the list?

Chris: The list? (Looking confused)

Trevor: Chris, you're not funny right now, where is everything I asked for?

Chris: I'm going to get it right now! (Walks out)

Trevor: Chris, I cant believe you!

Chris: (Walking up to the attic) Wyatt, did you find anything on those guys?

Wyatt: No nothing, I was thinking maybe we should call Prue!

Chris: Prue!

Wyatt: Yes Prue, its not like we have any other white lighter!

Chris: OH, yes our white lighter!

Wyatt: Are you feeling ok?

Chris: I'm fine, are you feeling ok!

In the kitchen-

Chris: (Orbs in holding four bags of groceries) Ok I am never doing that again!

Trevor: Wait, how the heck did you just go and come back so quickly?

Chris: Dude, I just spent an hour at the store, had to beat an old lady to get the last gravy bottle!

Trevor: That's impossible I was just talking to you and you said you hadn't even gone yet!

Chris: (Looking like he just thought of something) Oh, yeah, um I'll be right back! (Runs up stairs to the attic, as he comes in the door the Chris behind Wyatt stabs him in the back, and changes his appears back to that of Ander) Get away from my brother!

Ander: Your next! (Shimmers out)

Magic shop-

Ander: (Simmers into an alley behind a magic shop. He walks over to a payphone and calls the police) I want to report a murder! Ann's magic shop on Colson St. (He changes his appearance to that of Wyatt and goes into the shop) Hello!

Ann: Hi, do you need any help with anything I'm about to close for the day?

Ander: Just one thing! (With that being said he stabs her with an athema) Lets see what his brothers will do without their leader! (He walks outside and into the alley changes back into himself. He watches as the police show up then walks over to them) Hi, I'm the one that called in the murder!

Andre: I'm going to have to ask you some questions!

The manor-


Prue: Who did this?

Chris: I don't know we've been attacked twice today, but not by the same demons!

Wyatt: Look aunt Prue lets just keep this between us, we don't want Trevor to know!

Trevor: (walking into the attic) You don't want me to know what?

Chris: That I snuck a taste of your food!

Trevor: You guys are sure acting weird today!

Wyatt: Who us, naw just being silly!

Chris: Silly, speak for yourself!

Trevor: (Hearing a times go off) That's me got to go!

Prue: What if you guys need the power of three?

Wyatt: Will have to do with the power of two!

Chris: Come on aunt Prue, were doing this for Trevor, so you either with us or there is no pie for you at dinner!

Wyatt: We better look quickly mom and dad will be here soon!

Cory's apt-

Cory: (I shimmer in as Tatum and as I'm changing into Cory Dominic shimmers in)

Dom: SO you and Tatum are one in the same!

Cory: (Turning around shocked) Dominic! Look I could have told Chris you are working for Saajohn but I didn't! So in less you want me as an enemy you cant say anything to Trevor!

Dom: Like I care weather he knows or not, that's not what I'm here for!

Cory: Then what are you doing here!

Dom: Hold on! (He pulls a silver ball out of his pocket and throws it on the floor, it explodes and sends a light which seals the whole room) There now no one can hear us when we talk!

Cory: So!

Dom: I need you to help me bring Saajohn down!

Cory: You work for him and your coming to ask me to help you bring him down. Have you lost your mind?

Dom: I don't work for him of my own free will, he has my mother and he'll kill her if I don't do what he asks!

Cory: And he will kill my mother if I tried anything! Its to dangerous!

Dom: You're suppose to be this powerful demon Tatum, a Fatale if you will, all I see is a coward!

Cory: You have no idea what I am capable of!

Dom: Then why don't you show me!

Cory: How do you suppose we take him down, you just helped him to become invincible!

Dom: Only till the ascension, my mother told me that there is a way to stop him, but that we will need to find the book of Payolas, the book explains everything!

Cory: How does your mother know this?

Dom: Years ago she was sent to kill a witch that had found the book, when she was told why Saajohn sent her to kill the witch my mother, tried to kill him instead, but he killed the witch and caught my mother, and hid the book where no one would ever find it!

Cory: Why didn't he just destroy it?

Dom: The witch cast a spell to make the book indestructible, that's why he wanted my mom to kill her, before she had achieved it, and with the witch dead no one would ever know what was in the book!

Cory: How do you propose we find the book?

Dom: My mother told me of a shaman, he is the one that told my mother about Saajohn's plan to ascend. We find him and he will lead us to the book!

Cory: What about the charmed ones, we could seek there aid?

Dom: No, I wont put Chris in harms way!

Cory: SO you do still have feelings for him?

Dom: That's none of your business!

Cory: You want to work together but you cant trust me enough to tell me about Chris?

Dom: Look, I'm sure you don't want to get Trevor involved either!

Cory: Of course not! Saajohn finds out about any of this he will kill everyone, our mothers and anyone else that gets in his way!

Dom: Then your in?

Cory: I'm in!

Shaman's Lair-

Tatum: (The Shaman is standing before a large cauldron as they shimmer in) Shaman!

Shaman: I have been expecting you both!

Dom: You have!

Shaman: My child, was it not I who helped your mother so many years ago!

Dom: Yes! So then you must know why we are here?

Shaman: Of course I do, is it not my job to know! You seek the means to finish what many who have died, started so long ago!

Dom: Yes, the book of Payolas!

Shaman: That will be no simple task! You will have to undergo many obstacles before you reach the book!

Tatum: It doesn't matter we must try!

Shaman: (Waves his hand and a black portal opens) Enter the portal, take this map, (A map appears in his hand) when the time comes remember heart is the key. Now go, hurry!

Dom: How will we get back? (Tatum pushes him in and they both go through the portal)

The Manor-

Prue: The elders say that the three are working together, they are a part of a demon prophecy foretelling that of three of darkness fighting three of light!

Chris: So what they are like the evil charmed ones?

Prue: In essence that is exactly what they are!

Wyatt: So how do we stop them?

Prue: The elders think you will know how when the time comes!

Chris: Cryptic much!

Wyatt: (Looking through the book) So I don't suppose we're going to find anything in here!

Prue: No I don't think you will!

Chris: (Going over to the potions) So we need to come up with a very strong potion, I mean what are we worried about, you and I handle two of them earlier they didn't seem so tough!

Pure: You shouldn't underestimate your enemy!

Wyatt: It didn't seem like they were putting up a fight Chris, it was like they just wanted to meet us!

Chris: So we're going to have to tell Trevor, since this obviously included him too!

Wyatt: After dinner!

Dinning room-

Piper: Wow Trevor this looks amazing!

Trevor: (Walking over and hugging his parents) Thanks, mom, hi dad! (Yelling up stairs) Hey guys mom and dad are here! (One by one they come down)

Wyatt: Wow, Trevor it all looks fantastic!

Chris: I helped!

Piper: What did you do, taste test everything?

Chris: I went to the store and got beat up by an old lady over a can of yams I'll have you know!

Trevor: I want to make a toast! (Holding up their glasses) First I want to thank my brothers for putting up with me today, I know I was pretty crazy!

Chris: Crazy! That's an understatement!

Leo: Chris, let him finish!

Trevor: Family means a lot of different things to a lot of different people! Foe me its having people who I can love with all my heart and who will love me the same, you guys are more than I could have ever dreamed up. My parents, I watch how you both are with Wyatt and Chris and you make sure never to make me feel lift out, I thank you for that! Wyatt and Chris, you too have been together all your lives, yet you made me feel like I was a part of a puzzle mission from your hearts, Wyatt, having you as an older brother makes me feel safer then I have ever felt before, I look up to you and you make me want to be better then I ever thought I could be. Chris if anything I always felt like the other half of me was missing, and now I know why, you complete me, everything I am not, you are and that feels amazing. Ok I wont go on any longer the point is I love you all ver much and because of that, (Pulls out a piece of paper) I had my name changed to Trevor Pruitt Halliwell (Piper is crying with her head on Leo's shoulder, the boys hug each other, then a knock on the door)

Andre: it's the Police open up!

Piper: The police! (She goes over to the door and open it) Andre, what's going on?

Andre: I'm sorry Mrs. Halliwell, (Cops walk in with Andre) Wyatt Matthew Halliwell you are under arrest for the murder of Ann Sanders, you have the right to remain silent( As he putts hand cuffs on him)

Chris: Andre how could you?

Trevor: This cant be happening! You know Wyatt would never kill anyone!

Andre: Anything you say may be held against you in a court of law!

Wyatt: Chris, its Ander!

The Police Station-


Wyatt: (The police take mug shots of Wyatt, side profile, front, and side again. Wyatt is now in a holding cell Andre comes to see him) I cant believe you Andre!

Andre: Wyatt, do you actually think I wanted to arrest you?

Wyatt: Well, you looked pretty happy while you were doing it!

Andre: Wyatt, my hands were tied! There is a witness and a video tape of you killing her!

Wyatt: What, that's just crazy I have been at home with my brothers all day!

Andre: Then what? There is a crazy look alike doing this!

Wyatt: Something like that!

Andre: Wyatt, for once can you trust me and talk to me so that I can help you!

Wyatt: Didn't you just get finished telling me how anything I say or do will be held against me in a court of law?

Andre: Fine, Halliwell, when you're ready to talk call the guard!

Wyatt: Wait, Andre, do one thing for me, this witness what did he look like?

Andre: Why?

Wyatt: Andre, I bet you if you try to talk to him you wont be able to find him!

Andre: I'll check it out!

Wyatt: Thanks! (Once Andre leaves Wyatt makes it look like there is a body in his bed and orbs home)

The Manor-

Wyatt: (Orbs in) Did you guys scry for them?

Chris: Yes, but they aren't anywhere!

Leo: What did Andre tell you?

Wyatt: There is a video of me killing a woman! Alright here is the plan! Prue I need you to look like me and go back to my jail cell and stay there! We need to get Andre, will bind his powers, since he wants to be me so badly, he can spend the rest of his life in jail!

Trevor: Can we do that?

Chris: Ya, its easy, I'll get started on a potion to bind his powers!

Wyatt: I'm going to go meet Andre!

Trevor: How are you going to explain not being in jail?

Wyatt: Not as myself, I'm going to do a glamour to look like Ander. This will get them to come to us! (Waving his hands over his face he becomes Ander) I'll be back!

The Police Station-

Andre: (Sitting at his desk, on the phone. Andre comes walking up) I don't like games and you seem to love to play them!

Ander: Whatever do you me?

Andre: Oh, I don't know, lets start with why did you give me a fake name, fake address, fake number?

Ander: I'm here now aren't I!

Andre: Who are you really?

Ander: I gave you all that information already! (We cut to a view of Zane standing by a door watching, Wyatt notices) Can we get this over with I have places to go!

Andre: I'll need you to point out the murderer!

The Manor-

Wyatt: (Orbing back in) Do you have the binding potion?

Chris: Done!

Wyatt: Alright they should be here anytime now they took the bait!

Trevor: How will we get him to drink the potion?

Wyatt: Leave that to me! (Ander, Anton and Zane shimmer in)

Ander: So you have someone posing as yourself in jail! How touching that you have gone to all the trouble to try and vanquish us!

Chris: Oh it was no trouble at all!

Wyatt: Chris, give me the potion, so I can drink it and increase my power, hurry! (Chris throws Wyatt the potion, Ander jumps and catches it)

Ander: I'll take that! Hmm a potion to increase strength!

Wyatt: Damn it Chris! You don't want to drink that!

Ander: Oh really! (Downs the bottle)

Wyatt: Throw the potions Trevor! (Trevor throws a potion at both Zane and Anton vanquishing them on the spot)

Andre: My brothers! I will kill you for that! (He holds his hand out as if trying to use his powers but nothing happens) What, my powers, what have you done to me?

Wyatt: Oh, shut up! (Wyatt decks him)

Chris: Nice hit!

Wyatt: Lets change his appearance into mine! (He waves his hand in front of his face and Andre becomes Wyatt) Now you'll have to call Andre and tell her you caught this guy trying to break in! I'll go switch myself with Prue!

A jungle-

Dom: (We come out of the portal and are in a jungle) What did you do that for? How will we get back?

Tatum: The portal will be here when we get back, have you never been through one before?

Dom: No I haven't! (Looking at the map) Alright where here, there are two flashing lights, those have to represent us! We need to go north. (They start walking through the jungle after images of different spots throughout the jungle they stop)

Tatum: Are you sure your reading it right?

Dom: Yes I am! Look There! (He points)

Tatum: All I see is a waterfall!

Dom: From this map, I think we have to go through the waterfall to find an opening! (We watch as they make it to the waterfall, and climb rocks to get to an opening behind the waterfall) Alright there should be a door straight ahead!

Tatum: (Grabbing Dominic and pulling him back)

Dom: What did you do that for?

Tatum: (Grabbing a rock and throwing it, spikes come flying out of the right wall, smashing into the left wall) To save your life. Do you not think Saajohn left traps for anyone who tries to find this place?

Dom: Thanks! (They walk up to the wall) Can you read this?

Tatum: Yes, it says we need to answer the riddle and push in the right symbols to enter and whoa to those who enter the wrong symbol!

Dom: Great, I've never been good with riddles!

Tatum: Lucky for you I am! What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?

Dom: Ok! That doesn't sound to easy!

Tatum: The answer is a river! Push in the water symbol! (Dominic pushes it in and the cave wall rises they walk inside)

Dom: You guessed didn't you?

Tatum: No, it was easy to know! Look out! (Dominic falls through a hold that has been covered by dirt, Tatum grabs his hand)

Dom: Don't let me fall!

Police station-

Andre: Look Wyatt...

Wyatt: Don't say it, you were just doing your job!

Andre: I'm sure your family hates me now!

Wyatt: They know you were just doing what you had to do! But I still wish you had come to me first!

Andre: Wyatt, this was the craziest thing I have ever seen, I mean come on a guy that looks just like you, I have heard of people having look a likes but this was unreal!

Wyatt: Its just one of those things!

Andre: It always seems to be just one of those things when it comes to you!

Wyatt: I have to go!

Andre: Do you need a ride?

Wyatt: No, thanks, I can manage on my own!

The Manor-

Wyatt: Hey thanks everyone!

Trevor: Just glad it all worked out!

Chris: Can we eat now, I am starved!

Piper: I kept everything as warm as I could!

Leo: Come on the table is set lets try this again!

Trevor: Hey Wyatt, Chris, hold up! I know you guys went out of your way to let me have my day, but it almost cost my brother going to jail! Why don't we not keep things like this from one another again?

Chris: We thought we could handle it!

Wyatt: We just wanted you to have your special day!

Trevor: I know, and I love you guys for that, but your both more important then a special day!

Wyatt: Deal!

Trevor: And do make it up to me tonight, you both get to take care of my cock tonight!

Chris: Don't tempt me I haven't gotten laid in I don't know how long!

Trevor: Who's kidding just wait till we go to bed!

The guys: (Walking with arms over each others shoulders and join the rest) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

End Chapter-