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Subject: The Charmed Sons

All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to The WB and Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This is a spin-off of the original tv show and i have no control of what actually happens in there lives. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story obviously stop reading it. This is a story involving sex between more than one male. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives

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Chapter 9- Death and The Halliwells

( ) Personal Thoughts



-Dominic has fallen into a trap, and is hanging onto the side of a hole. Tatum pulls him out by the hand.

Dom: That was close, thanks!

Tatum: Are you going to walk into every trap?

Dom: You know, I can do without your commentary!

Tatum: Then stop giving me a reason to comment!

Dom: (Looking mad) We need to get up there! (Pointing to an opening in a cave wall)

Tatum: Cant we just shimmer?

Dom: I already tried when I fell in the hole, are powers don't work in here!

Tatum: Just another thing Saajohn did to insure no one would make it through!

Dom: This way, come on! (They begin climbing the side of the cave wall) Look out! (A log comes swinging across heading straight for Tatum, so he shimmies himself to the side out of the way just in the nick of time, the log crashes)

Tatum: I wasn't expecting that!

Dom: I'm just glad it was you this time and not me, I was beginning to get a complex!

Tatum: I wasn't planning on keeping score! (Dominic makes it to the top and turns around and helps Tatum up!)

Dom: Alright now we need to go through here, we should be coming to a room up ahead!

Tatum: Watch your step! (They walk through this entrance into another cave! They see a light at the end of the tunnel, Tatum hears the sound of rocks cracking) Do you hear that?

Dom: I don't hear anything!

Tatum: Run! (A large boulder is coming straight at them. They run to the end of the tunnel and there is only a ledge, Dominic get on the ledge to the left while Tatum goes to the right. The boulder Comes crashing through the hole and shoots out and down to the bottom of the cave ahead)


Wyatt: (At the bar) A black and white party, great idea Trev!

Chris: Ya, the place is packed!

Trevor: People love parties with themes for some reason!

Wyatt: Well, it works!

Chris: Every babe in the bay area is here!

Trevor: Yet, here we are sitting with each other and no dates!

Wyatt: No word from Tatum, or Cory?

Trevor: No, its like they just disappeared!

Chris: Who needs them, you have an ocean of hot men before you, I'm going to go swimming! (Walks onto the dance floor and starts dancing)

Trevor: What about you, anything going to happen with you and the jerk?

Wyatt: I just don't think anything can happen as long as I keep our secret from him!

Trevor: Then why don't you just tell him! I mean, he handled it pretty well when you cast the truth spell on him!

Wyatt: Ya, but he got stabbed two seconds after I told him, I don't want to risk his life so that I can feel better about not having to keep this secret from him!

Trevor: Well, its your call, but right now he's heading this way! (Andre walks to them at the bar)

Andre: I thought for sure you would have had me banned from ever coming in here!

Trevor: Its on my list of things to do! I'm Outie! (Goes and joins Chris, Dancing)

Wyatt: I didn't expect to see you here!

Andre: Well, after driving in circles around the club, I finally decided to come in!

Wyatt: What are you so nervous about?

Andre: Oh, I don't know, maybe the fact that I accuse you of murder, then a week later I arrest you for another murder!

Wyatt: I'm over it!

Andre: Your better than me, I would never forgive me for that!

Wyatt: That's the difference between you and I, I know when to forgive and forget, you hold on to everything!

Andre: I'll let that comment slide this time!

Wyatt: Your so generous. (Just then the angel of death appears behind Andre, but only Wyatt can see him) Who are you?

Andre: What? (He turns to look behind him and see no one standing there!) Ok did you have to much to drink tonight?

Wyatt: Nothing! (Waving his hands he freezes the room) I asked you a question! (Chris and Trevor walk over)

Chris: What's going on?

Angel: You already know the answer to that!

Wyatt: The angel of death!

Angel: Yes!

Wyatt: What do you want?

Angel: Why I'm here to collect a soul of course!

Wyatt: Not Andre!

Angel: He is on my list, but not at this very moment!

Wyatt: What do you mean he is on your list?

Angel: Your friend here will soon die!

Wyatt: I wont let you have him!

Angel: Can you tell me why is it that everyone in your family, watches people die on a regular basis, yet when I come to collect someone they know and love, you all give me the most grief?

Wyatt: We don't like you very much, that's why!

Angel: It matters not!

Wyatt: Why have you let us see you?

Angel: I wanted to meet the new Charmed Ones!

Wyatt: Aren't we just the special ones!

Chris: Wyatt, don't make him mad, he's the angel of death for Pete's sake!

Angel: As a favor to your mother, I thought I would give you a warning of the death of your friend! Use this warning well! (He fades into a transparent skeleton)


Opening Credits Roll- Scenes of San Francisco while it is raining are seen. "Rain" by Madonna plays! We close in on the Halliwell manor!

Chris: (Watching Wyatt pacing the sunroom, as Trevor is looking through the book of shadows) Wow, 104 times!

Trevor: What's 104 times?

Chris: That's how many times Wyatt has paced back and forth!

Trevor: Ok, there is nothing in this book that can stop death from taking someone off his list!

Chris: Why don't we just ask mom to tell us anything she can on her experiences with him?

Wyatt: Cause I know mom, she'll tell us there is nothing we can do!

Trevor: I thought they thwarted his plans many times, plus there is a spell in here to summon death!

Wyatt: What if I cast a protection spell on him?

Chris: They never work right, plus hello personal gain!

Wyatt: There has to be a reason he told us, I'm just not seeing it! Prue! (Orbs in)

Prue: What's going on guys?

Chris: You know already don't you?

Prue: (Looking down) Yes, I do!

Chris: I can so read you like a book!

Wyatt: If you know, then how do we stop him?

Prue: Its not about stopping death, you cant stop him!

Wyatt: Aunt Prue, I am so not in the mood to play games!

Prue: Wyatt, your going about this all wrong, death is not your enemy!

Wyatt: The hell he isn't! He's only taken how many members of our family, you included!

Prue: It was our time!

Wyatt: Tell that to my mom, who mourned your death everyday of her life!

Prue: Look Wyatt, he showed himself to you because there is a demon after Andre!

Wyatt: A demon! Why would a demon be after her?

Prue: Look I don't know anymore than that, the elders allowed me to give you that much information, but anything else would change the future. They're calling me I need to go! Wyatt, I tried to stop death once before, it didn't work, if he showed himself to you, it means there is a chance for you to do something, but don't go after him, he's not the enemy, the demon is! (Orbs out)

Trevor: Ok, that means were looking for a demon!

Chris: That only narrows it down to, oh, I don't know a million different ones!

Wyatt: Chris do you think you can get a premonition off of something of Andre's?

Chris: I can try, but if the elders don't want Prue to say anything more, what makes you think they'll let me have a premonition?

Wyatt: We have to try, lets go I need to follow her makes sure she is safe!


Dom: (Arriving at the bottom of the cave) What do you think the shaman meant by his statement about "heart"?

Tatum: I have no idea, but I'm sure will find out!

Dom: Ok, were going to have to get across this floor, which I'm sure is filled with booby traps! (They start walking, moving very slowly. Suddenly the ground starts to tremble and then the ground starts to fall away. They jump onto pieces of ground that are left standing. They stand where they're at till the ground is completely gone leaving only posts of ground left for them to stand on and jump too)

Tatum: We need to make it across quickly! I don't know how long these posts will last!

Dom: Did I tell you I'm afraid of heights?

Tatum: No!

Dom: Well I am!

Tatum: Then do us both a favor and don't look down!

Dom: What out your starting to sound like you actually care!

Tatum: I wouldn't go that far. But you have the map so I kind don't want to get stuck down here for the rest of my life!

Dom: Thanks, I'm glad my life means so much to you! (They make their way across the posts of ground left for them) Ok we need to go through here! (They enter a dome room, inside is filled with sand. There are bones on the ground and next to them a sword and a shield)

Tatum: What do you think happened to them?

Dom: Something tell me where about to find out! (They hear growling! ON the opposite side from where they came in, a gate lifts and a Hydra, a nine headed monster comes out)

Tatum: If we die, I going to spend my afterlife hunting you down in the wastelands!

Dom: Then lets not die!

Police Station-

Wyatt: (Andre is getting into his car, Wyatt follows him as Andre enters a car, Wyatt enters a car with Chris) Follow him, but don't get to close!

Chris: This isn't the first time we've followed someone Wyatt!

Wyatt: I know, but he's a cop, he'll notice! (Andre, drives to an alley way behind a warehouse. He gets out of his car and walks over to a car that is parked. Chris pulls over on the street across from the alley)

Andre: You said you had something?

Man: All the information is in the envelope! (Hands Andre a yellow envelope)

Andre: Thanks! (Walks back to his car, stands outside and opens the envelope)

Back at the car-

Chris: What do you think he is looking at?

Wyatt: I don't know it could be anything!

Chris: So we need to get a closer look!

Wyatt: What do you suppose I do, orb over her head and look down?

Chris: Great idea! (He orbs out of the car and reappears over his head, he levitates and stays above his head looking down. As Andre looks at different pictures of Wyatt, Wyatt at home, Wyatt coming out of work, and Wyatt at P3. Andre feels like he's being watched looks around and then goes to look up, when Chris orbs out of there and back into the car!)

Wyatt: I cant believe you just did that!

Chris: Well I'm glad I did, Wyatt he has all kinds of pictures of you!

Wyatt: Of me, what the hell!

Chris: He's leaving! (They follow him again, this time he puts a red flasher on top of his car and speeds off!)

Wyatt: He must be on a run!

Chris: This would work faster if we orbed!

Wyatt: Well we cant so just don't lose him!

Chris: Wyatt you need to ask him, you cant just let him keep following you like this, taking your picture! He might just wind up exposing us as witches anyway!

Wyatt: I know, I will!


The Temple-

Tatum: (Dominic and Tatum are battling the Hydra. Dominic is using the shield to block the heads that come at him. Tatum, is using the sword but every time he cuts off one of the heads they grow back!) Dominic this is getting us no where!

Dom: I know! Look we just need to make it under the gate!

Tatum: I'll distract them, you go first!

Dom: How are you going to do that?

Tatum: Right when I chop off one of its heads, you'll have a few seconds to run across!

Dom: Ok, on the count of three, ready?

Tatum: Stop asking me that and count already!

Dom: One, two, three, go, go, go! (Tatum slices off of the heads, while Dominic runs across, as another head begins to form, Tatum turns and does a spin into another slicing of the same place that the head is now grown back! He takes off running when of the heads bites him in the side. Dominic runs back picks up the sword and slices the head off! He picks Tatum up and runs forward under the gate, The Hydra follows. Once inside Dominic puts down Tatum, sees where the chain is for the gate and as the Hydra is directly below he pulls the chain, letting it fall directly on top the Hydra. The Hydra lets out a blood curling scream and is trapped there)

Tatum: You came back for me!

Dom: Well I wasn't doing to just leave you as food for the nice monster!

Tatum: Now look who is starting to care!

Dom: You're a warrior and that was not a warriors death, so no I could not leave you!

Tatum: Well thank you! (Slowly getting up to his feet)

Dom: Are you sure you can go on?

Tatum: I'll be fine its not that deep!

Dom: Alright!


A Building-

Chris: (Andre is entering into a building chasing after a murder suspect. Wyatt and Chris are parked on the street) Are we going to follow her inside?

Wyatt: Now, would be a great time to be able to turn invisible!

Chris: Cant we just write a spell real quick!

Wyatt: I tried for years and it never worked for me, and aunt Paige would never tell me what she did to get it to work!

Chris: Oh! Then lets just do a glamour to look like cops and follow him in!

Wyatt: Ok lets do it! (They wave their hands over their faces and change into that of two cops. They run into the building moving slowly as they are just trying to follow him. Andre has the man trapped in a laundry room)

Andre: Come on Jimmy! Give it up, I have you surrounded! There is no way out of here! (Jimmy starts shooting and Andre has no choice but to shoot back! Wyatt comes running up the stairs as he hears the gun shots!)

Wyatt: Andre! Watch out! (Jimmy shoots Andre in the upper chest, Wyatt waves his hand and freezes the room! He goes over to Andre to heal him, when the Angel of Death appears next to him. A dark lighter orbs in and goes to shoot Andre with an arrow when Chris jumps in front of the arrow and it hits him)

Angel: Who will you save, your brother or the boy?

Wyatt: Damn you! (Wyatt waves his hands to blow up the dark lighter but he orbs out)

Chris: (Barley able to talk) Wyatt, save Andre!

Wyatt: I'll save you both! Arrow! (He calls for the arrow, letting it fall to the ground. Chris yells in pain. He takes one hand and holds it above Andre so he can heal him and hold the other hand above Chris to heal him)

Chris: Thanks, that was close, can you unfreeze Andre only?

Wyatt: But how will I explain who we are?

Chris: Ok, I'll take the gun from that guy over there, and you unfreeze Andre first so he has time to get up and over to him!

Wyatt: Ok!

Angel: You have only postponed the inevitable! (Vanishes)

The Manor-

Trevor: (Is making a potion when a rainbow appears in the attic and a leprechaun walks out of it) What the...

Patrick: (In an Irish accent) I be need-in the help of the charmed ones!

Trevor: Are you what I think you are?

Patrick: Patrick Muldoon and yes, I be a leprechaun!

Trevor: I cant believe this, ok so what did you need my help with?

Patrick: My brothers have gone on strike!

Trevor: A leprechaun strike! What exactly are they striking from?

Patrick: This isn't a joke! We leprechauns send out good luck, as well as bad luck into the world, and well if they continue to strike it would throw off the natural order of things!

Trevor: What exactly do you need me to do!

Patrick: This all started when a new leprechaun came into the fold! I had never seen him or heard of him before that. He started telling everyone how leprechauns are never appreciated for what they do, and how everyone in the magical community looks down at leprechauns that we are not respected!

Trevor: The magical community?

Patrick: You should know all of this, what kind of charmed one are you?

Trevor: Hey, you came to me remember! I'm new to this, you happen to be one of the first members of the "Magical community" I have met! So take me to the others and let me see what I can do!

Patrick: (Holding out his shillelagh) Go n-eiri an bothar leat! (A rainbow appears and they walk into it, they walk into an area that looks like a garden its filled with trees and rocks and a running river) Here we are!

Trevor: Wow, its amazing here! So which one is the new guy?

Patrick: (Pointing) That be him right there!

Trevor: Alright, here goes nothing! Hi, everyone, could I have your attention please! (Speaking to about 15 leprechauns)

New Leprechaun: Who is he?

All the leprechauns: Ya, who is he?

Patrick: He is a Charmed one!

Trevor: Look, I am just here to find out the problem and see if we can fix it!

New Leprechaun: He's an outsider! He wont understand!

Trevor: Actually I'll understand better than anyone!

New Leprechaun: Come on guys lets be getting out of here!

Trevor: (Turning to Patrick) I could use a little luck right about now!

Patrick: Coming right up! (Holds a little piece of gold in his hand) Slanter is Taner! (A gold color shoots from the gold nugget into Trevor, he glows gold)

Trevor: (Waving his hand) Reveal to me that which can not be seen! (Where the new leprechaun stand, Trevor see his true form, which is that of a demon) He is not a leprechaun! (Everyone looks in shock)

New Leprechaun: Damn you witches always interfering!

Trevor: Why were you pretending to be a leprechaun?

Demon: For the gold! Your not the brightest witch are you?

Trevor: How's this for smart! Take this evil were he stands, back down to the waste lands! (The demon is pulled down into a black hole) Now who's not so bright!

Patrick: See my brothers, he was a demon, and he was playing with your minds, you cant take anything he said seriously! We have a lot of work to do, we need to pass out luck! I'll take you home first, and thank you for all your help!

Trevor: It was my pleasure!

Patrick: If you ever require my services, I am in your debt!

Police station-

Andre: (Sitting at his desk, his chief talks to him)

Chief: You really should go to the hospital and get yourself checked out!

Andre: Chief I'm fine!

Chief: Then how come my men saw you on the ground?

Andre: He shot me, I mean he shot at me and I ducked is all, look if I start to feel weird I'll go straight to emergency!

Chief: You better! Good job today! (Leaves)

Andre: (Speaking to herself) I know I was shot! This is crazy! (Wyatt walks up)

Wyatt: Hey I heard what happened, are you ok?

Andre: Just a little tired of being asked that question!

Wyatt: Hey, just concerned is all!

Andre: I'm sorry I know! Wyatt, you by any chance weren't there today were you?

Wyatt: Me! Why would you think that?

Andre: This is going to sound nuts, but I could have sworn I got shot, and that I head you shout to me, and then you were above me and I felt this sort of warm feeling flowing through me, and the pain was gone!

Wyatt: They say your mind can play tricks on you, when your in an intense situation!

Andre: Then why are you getting all nervous?

Wyatt: I'm just worried about you is all!

Andre: If you say so, but I know what I felt!

Wyatt: I'm going to head home are you sure your ok?

Andre: I'm fine! (Wyatt walks to the door turns back and looks at him, he looks up, they lock eyes and then Wyatt leaves)

The Manor-

Trevor: (Walks out of a rainbow into the attic where Chris and Wyatt are!) Hey, you guys will knew believe where I just came from!

Chris: You just walked out a gay flag! You were with the leprechauns!

Trevor: No! I was with Dorothy and Toto, somewhere over the rainbow!

Wyatt: (Laughing) Nice one!

Trevor: Do you have to take the fun out of everything for me Chris?

Chris: Its what I live for!

Trevor: So how is everything going with the whole Angel of Death?

Wyatt: Well, we saved Andre once today, but he said I've only postponed his death! I'm thinking he might be a future while lighter!

Chris: That would explain why the elders wouldn't say anything!

Wyatt: Exactly the whole freewill thing, they want him to do the good he will do on his own and us not help to push him one way or the other!

Trevor: So why give you the chance to save him, if he is going to go on to be a white lighter, why not take him now?

Wyatt: He must still have so much good in his life, a dark lighter tried to kill him today and dark lighters only kill a human before they have accomplished some great good in this world!

Chris: So what's the next move?

Wyatt: Keep protecting Andre until we get this dark lighter off his back! (They hear knocking on the door!) I'll get it! (Orbs downstairs!) Andre!

Andre: Hi, can I come in?

Wyatt: Sure! Is everything alright?

Andre: NO!

Wyatt: What's wrong?

Andre: I know I was shot today and I know you were there!

Wyatt: Andre, look I'm sorry but what your saying is impossible!

Andre: You're doing it again, you get nervous every time! (The dark lighter orbs in behind Wyatt, shoots him in the back with an arrow) Wyatt! Someone Help me!

Dark Lighter: There is nothing you can do for him!

Andre: What do you want? (Slowly pulls out his gun)

Dark Lighter: I want you he was just in the way!

Andre: So you kill an innocent person? (Starts shooting the dark lighter, Chris and Trevor come running down the stairs)

Dark Lighter: That mortal weapon is useless on me!

Andre: Then, I'll do it the old fashion way! (He starts to fight the dark lighter, punching him in the face the stomach and then kicking him, Trevor waves his hand without Andre seeing and sends the demon flying back after Andre kicks him, so as to let him think he did it. Andre turns back and goes to Wyatt, who is laying on the floor. Trevor takes one of the arrows and stabs the Dark Lighter causing him to explode) Wyatt Please don't be dead, there are so many things I want to say! Wyatt! Please I love you!

Trevor: (Runs into the kitchen and shouts) Prue, Prue, hurry please! (She orbs in)

Prue: What happened?

Trevor: It's Wyatt come on!

Chris: Look, Andre where going to take Wyatt and put him on the couch! (Trevor and Chris carry him to the couch)

Trevor: Andre, this is our doctor she's going to take care of Wyatt!

Andre: If I had only moved faster, this wouldn't have happened to him!

Trevor: Come on Andre, he'll be ok!

Andre: Where is the guy?

Chris: He, um, took off after you kicked him!

Andre: What! You let him get away! (Trevor grabs him and pulls him into the next room)

Prue: Keep him out of here Chris! (Pure puts her hands on Wyatt and heals him)

Wyatt: Where's Andre?

Prue: He's ok, he's in the next room!

Wyatt: Prue, is it over, or does the anger of death still want him?

Prue: I don't know!

Wyatt: If he is still on Death's list, that's it I'm out! So you go and tell the elders that!

Prue: Wyatt!

Wyatt: Aunt Prue, go! Tell them what I said, and I mean it! (Prue orbs out) Andre!

Andre: Wyatt your ok! (Runs and hugs him)

Trevor: (Thinking quickly) Easy he is still hurt!

Andre: I'm so sorry!

Wyatt: You have nothing to be sorry about!

Chris: Why don't you go home and you guys can meet at P3 tonight!

Andre: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Chris: Um, no not at all, you have just gone through a lot today, thought maybe a shower would do you good right about now!

Andre: (Patting his hair) Are you trying to say something Chris?

Chris: You look a little disheveled is all!

Andre: Wyatt, I'll see you later! (Runs out)

Trevor: Nice move Chris!

Wyatt: (Yelling into the air) I know you're here, show yourself! I swear to you I'll just go get a spell to summon you here! (The Angel appears)

Angel: Your mother was as emotional as you are!

Wyatt: Quit talking to me like you're an old friend of the family! Just tell me is he off your list?

Angel: I don't know what you did to change the course of his heath, but he is no longer on my list!

Wyatt: Killing the dark lighter changed his death right?

Angel: He was after him, but no his death did nothing to change the timing of his death!

Wyatt: I don't understand, then what changed it?

Angel: You did! I have to be going, many people are waiting! I'll be seeing you, soon! (He disappears leaving a shadow of a skeleton lingering for a moment)

Trevor: What does that mean?

Chris: I think its just his way of saying goodbye for now!

Wyatt: I don't get it! I didn't do anything, I mean me saying what I said to Prue, couldn't be enough to have changed his death!

Trevor: Did you mean what you said?

Wyatt: I did and I would have! (Trevor and Chris look at each other)

The Temple-


Dom: (Tatum leans on him) Ok where here!

Tatum: (Reading the writing on the wall) Knock three times all ye who seek to enter! (Dominic knocks three times. The wall opens they enter a room there is a podium in the middle, a book sits on top of the podium. A light shines down around the book magically sealing it inside)

Dom: There it is! (An old man dressed in a robe appears, he has a long white beard that comes down to his belly)

Guardian: I am the Guardian of the book!

Tatum: We passed the trials to get here, is the book ours to take?

Guardian: NO, there is one more task you must perform!

Dom: What is it?

Guardian: One of you must die, so that the other may receive the book!

Dom: What! No there has to be another way!

Tatum: No there isn't!

Guardian: If you wish to have the book one of you must sacrifice your life!

Dom: I got you into this, I'll do it!

Tatum: I'm already hurt, I've lost so much blood! Just do me one favor and tell Trevor I love him!

Guardian: (Waves his hand and a hole opens in the ground, we see a bottomless pit) Enter there!

Dom: No, Tatum you cant do this, please, I'll do it, just promise me you will save my mother!

Tatum: (Acts like he is going to hug Dominic and hits him over the head) Guardian, tell him, I did what I had to do, and that is was an honor working side by side with him!

Guardian: I shall! Now jump! (Tatum jumps in Dominic lifts his head and sees him jumping in)




Trevor: (Having drinks at their booth) So where do we go from here?

Chris: AN after hours club!

Trevor: (Laughing) Funny guy! So Wyatt, are you going to tell Andre the truth?

Wyatt: I feel like I should just tell him, I mean he's going to have all these question for me, and I don't want to sit there and lie to him the whole time!

Chris: You better decide quickly he's walking up right now!

Andre: Hey guys! Wyatt, can we get our own booth, we really need to talk!

Wyatt: Sure!

Trevor: Poor Wyatt!

Chris: He really had a rough day!

Trevor: Do you think he would have quit being a charmed one?

Chris: Well he would have tried, but I'm not sure you can quit your destiny!

Trevor: Well I would like to think we had a choice in this!

Chris: Tell me something, now that you have had a taste of your powers, could you go back to being without them?

Trevor: Well truthfully I think it would be a lot easier for me then it would for you guys. I have spent my whole life without them. But now that I have them, I love it, and don't think I would want to give them up!

Chris: I don't think it would be as easy for Wyatt to give up being a witch as he thinks it would be, and frankly I love being a witch and really I'm not ready to stop being a Charmed one just yet!

Wyatt and Andre's booth-

Andre: Look Wyatt, I have something to tell you!

Wyatt: Ok!

Andre: I know I said you needed to be honest with me, but really its me who needs to be honest with you! Wyatt, look I'm not proud of this, but I did what I had to, I know your keeping secrets from me, so I hired someone to follow you and take pictures!

Wyatt: Why are you telling me this?

Andre: Between both of us almost dying today it freaked me out! I realized that If I did die, you would never know how I really feel about you and I didn't like the way that felt!

Wyatt: Andre, I keep secrets from you to protect you and others! Not because I don't care!

Andre: Wyatt, those secrets are keeping us apart, I don't need you to protect me, I'm a big boy I can take care of myself!

Wyatt: I know you can! I just don't know if you want this kind of burden to carry around!

Andre: If it means you finally letting me in, I'm willing to carry it!

Wyatt: Remember you asked me to tell you! Andre, I'm a witch!

Andre: Wyatt, don't play games with me!

Wyatt: Follow me! (Walking to the back room) Ok! You sure your ready for this?

Andre: Tell me!

Wyatt: Well I cant tell you, but I can show you! (Wyatt holds him, wraps his arms around him and kisses him as they orb out!)


End Chapter-

P.S. For those of you that want to know where the sex is, its coming!!!