Charmed: The New Power Of Three
By Julien Gregg
Chapter Fourteen:
Charmed And Evil

© Copyright 2006 Julien Gregg
All rights reserved.
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Charmed is owned by Spelling Entertainment and Warner Brother's Television. Certain spell text is borrowed from the television show. However, since no money is being made by this tale, I don't feel horrible about borrowing anything.

"What sort of danger is he in?" Dean asked, recovering from his shock with a shake of his head. He hoped that this wasn't the threat of the evil charmed ones already. They weren't prepared to fight them. They knew nothing about them.

"His cousins are after him," replied Gregory, and for a moment Dean thought that was all he was going to say. "You have to understand the threat these three warlocks can cause. They're charmed, just like you."

"The evil charmed ones," moaned Damon. He raised his hands, intending to put them on either side of his head, but a table next to Gregory and Pete exploded. He was so shocked that he didn't at first realize that he had done it. "What the Hell was that?"

The others looked at him hard for a moment. Gregory knew what it was, but he didn't know how to explain it in a way that would make it any easier for Damon to learn to control it. Dean stared at his cousin as if he'd never seen him before, and Drake was looking around the coffee shop for the evil charmed ones. He was sure they'd done it. Then as Damon brought his hands back down, the debris left by the exploded table suddenly became frozen in ice.

"Oh my God," he gasped. Now he was sure that he was the one doing it, but how? His power froze objects and people. It didn't blow them up or literally freeze them in ice. Then he thought that perhaps he had either gained a power or was under some kind of spell. "I think I'm doing this."

"Damon, calm down," said Gregory quickly, walking toward him.

"Stay back," cried Damon, putting his hands out in front of him and freezing Gregory in his tracks. It wasn't an icy freeze this time, though. It was like he normally froze people. "Oh shit."

"Damon, un-freeze him!" cried Drake, staring at his cousin in shock.

"What if I blow him up?" Damon asked, keeping his hands very still.

"Jason!" cried Dean, tilting his head toward the ceiling.

When Jason orbed in, Damon made sure to keep his hands perfectly still. He didn't want to blow him up, turn him to ice or freeze him. This was crazy. What was happening to his powers? Had the evil charmed ones cast a spell on him already? There had to be something fishy going on. His powers never backfired like that, and he had never blown anything up before. And just where did the ice come from?

"Damon, don't move," said Jason as soon as he'd orbed in completely. "Your powers are . . ."

"Crazy, that's what they are," cried Damon. "What's going on?"

"This wasn't supposed to happen this soon, but your powers are growing," he replied as Gregory un-froze. The time limit on the freezing power was about the same. "The Elders don't understand it either, but they know about it."

"This isn't growing, Jason," replied Damon with a panicked voice. "This is crazy."

"They are growing," insisted Jason. "Just not the way you would have thought they would."

"Turning things to ice I can understand, but blowing things up?" Damon cried. "What if I accidentally blow up an innocent or one of my cousins?"

"You need to focus," said Gregory as Pete watched them all in fear.

"Focus?" cried Damon, turning toward Gregory blowing up a chair in the process. Everyone flinched. "See?"

"All of you are going to experience a surge in your powers now," explained Jason. "They Elders don't know why its happening for the charmed ones, but David is easy to figure out. He was supposed to have accelerated powers a long time ago, but . . ."

"What do you mean? I can't do anything new," argued David.

"I don't know what your new ability would be, but your cloaking power should have grown," said Jason. "The Elders say that you'll now be able to use your cloaking power on more than just yourself. I would imagine that your new power is a different kind of cloak or cloning."

"We're scaring the shit out of Pete," said Drake, looking directly at Pete. He didn't know how he knew what he was feeling, though. The young man wasn't showing any signs of fear.

Then he felt something else. Anger. When he focused on it, he knew where it was coming from. Damon was angry, confused and scared of his new powers. He thought about what he was feeling from Damon and Pete for a moment before it dawned on him that he'd gained another power as well.

"Your new power is working well," Jason said, smiling at him.

"I'm empathic?" Drake asked, looking back at Jason.

"That and you can levitate," replied Jason.

"Levitate?" Drake asked, but as he said the word he lifted off the floor and levitated about two feet from the ceiling. "Oh! How do I get down?"

"Focus," said Jason and Gregory at the same time, but before Drake could even think of focusing on anything, three dark haired young men suddenly appeared behind Gregory and Pete.

"Demons!" he cried, and thought of standing on the floor for the fight. He fell out of the air instantly, landing on his ass.

"Did you think we couldn't find you, Cousin?" asked one of the newcomers, scaring Pete so bad he orbed out and back in almost simultaneously, shocking the charmed ones. Gregory hadn't said anything about Pete being a white lighter.

Dean knew who these three young men were. These were the evil charmed ones that the guardians had warned them about. This was the battle that they had to fight to stop something terrible from happening. Could Pete's turning evil be the terrible thing? Could white lighters even turn evil? He had no idea, but as he saw the athamae in the hand of one of the warlocks, he wished he could take it from him. He gasped when the athamae disappeared from the warlock's hand and his own hand closed around its handle.

"The charmed ones," hissed the warlock who had been holding the athamae. He put his hands out in front of him, freezing Jason and Gregory.

"Good witches don't freeze," snapped Damon, raising his own hands, and Dean thought he would likely miss and either blow up one of the white lighters or turn them to ice, but he didn't miss. One of the warlocks was knocked off his feet when a small explosion hit him in the chest.

Then suddenly there were two Davids. Each was running toward the two standing warlocks, and as Dean watched, both Davids disappeared. Dean thought that this was definitely proof that David's power of cloaking had intensified, and he had witnessed his power of cloning with his own eyes. However, just as he reappeared in front of the warlocks, they blinked and were gone, taking their wounded brother with them. Seconds later, one of them reappeared behind Pete, grabbed him by the arm and blinked out again, taking Pete with him. It was at that moment that the white lighters un-froze.

"What happened?" Jason demanded, turning around to look for the warlocks.

"Where's Pete?" Gregory asked at the same time, looking startled.

"They took him," replied Dean as he sat down at the table in front of the white lighters. The battle had been both unexpected and taxing. The discovery of his own new power both thrilled and confused him. He supposed that being able to telekinetically transport objects by only thinking of them wasn't really a new power. It was most likely an extension of his telekinesis. That meant that a new power was waiting for him to discover it.

"We've got to get him back!" cried Gregory. "He can't be turned evil. You don't know what it will mean if Pete is turned evil."

"Why didn't you tell us he was a white lighter?" asked Drake, looking at Gregory closely.

"He's half white lighter," sighed Gregory. "I haven't even told him this yet."

"How can you be half white lighter?" Damon asked.

"Your own ancestors have been half witch and half white lighter. Pete is no different," Gregory replied.

"So you're saying that he's half witch and half white lighter?" Dean asked.

"Yes," said Gregory, sitting down at the table across from Dean. "His mother was a very powerful witch that I loved very much. It was against the rules, but we hid our love as best as we could, and when Pete was born, she bound his powers. Her death unbound them, and I haven't been able to find a way to tell him that I'm his father."

That was a lot to take in for the charmed ones. Dean wondered why it was against the rules for white lighters to be in love with witches. It didn't seem fair. He understood that white lighters were immortal, and they would ultimately have to watch as the witch they loved died, but it didn't seem fair to deny them love. It wasn't as if they could control who they loved.

Then there were the children of such unions to think about. More magical than a witch, surely, but not as powerful as a white lighter? Dean didn't know how it would work. He supposed that Pete could probably do the same things that Jason and Gregory could do. That would mean that he could heal, but Dean already knew that white lighters couldn't heal themselves. It stood to reason that Pete, though only half white lighter couldn't heal himself either.

"There's a spell to call a lost witch in the Book of Shadows," he said as he looked into Gregory's anguished eyes. "Would that work? He is half witch, after all."

"I know that spell," replied Gregory with a sigh. "It has to be cast by a blood relative of the missing witch, and I'm not half witch. I'm only a white lighter. I can't cast spells."

Dean held out his hands and thought of the Book, and gasped as it appeared in his hands. This new version of his power was going to take some getting used to. It wasn't as potentially lethal as Damon's, but it was still strange to him. Gaining any of his powers had been strange, so he supposed he'd adapt to this one. He just hoped that Damon adapted to his quickly before he hurt someone.

He sat the book on the table in front of him and began to search through its pages for the spell he needed. Gregory wasn't a witch, but that didn't mean that they couldn't make the spell work. All they really needed was a drop of his blood. After all, it was blood that made the spell work. Did it really matter that it wasn't their blood?

Once he found what he wanted, he thought hard about the ingredients and objects needed to cast the spell and closed his eyes. In front of him on the table everything appeared, making his cousins gasp. A white candle, small cauldron and small piles of the ingredients along with an athamae sat on the table in front of the book. He began adding the ingredients into the cauldron and lit the candle. When all of the ingredients were in, the told Gregory that he needed a drop of his blood to make it work.

"Are you sure about this?" Damon asked, looking skeptical. "We've never tried to call a lost witch before, and Gregory said that a relative has to cast this spell."

"I think its more about the blood used in the spell, Damon," replied Dean as he used the athamae to make a small cut in the tip of Gregory's index finger. He held the blade over the cauldron until a drop of Gregory's blood spilled into the mixture.

"Here," said Drake, handing Dean a book of matches he'd gotten from behind the counter.

As Dean lit the candle, his cousins stood beside his chair. He took their hands and closed his eyes.

"Powers of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies. Come to us who call you near, come to us and settle here. Blood to blood I summon thee, blood to blood return to me," they said together.

When they were surrounded by what looked like the lights of a white lighter's orb, they gasped. It happened too fast for Gregory to do anything about it. The charmed ones orbed out of DH3. When they materialized, they were standing on sand, and it stretched for miles. It didn't take a genius to realize they'd orbed into a desert.

"That's a cool trick," said a voice, making them turn around. They faced their rivals. The evil charmed ones. Pete was frozen behind them.

"What have you done to Pete?" Dean demanded, looking at them hard.

"We're keeping him safe from you," said the youngest of the warlocks. "Alex and Mikie made sure you'll never get your hands on him."

"He's frozen," said Damon as he lifted his hands, making both of his cousins nervous about which power he would actually use. At the same time, one of the warlocks raised his own hands. They both opened their hands at the same time, and a wave of energy formed between them, knocking all of them off their feet.

Seconds later, Gregory orbed in. At the same time, the charmed ones saw their first black orb as a dark haired man who looked no older than Dean orbed in. His orb was all black, and when he looked at Gregory, a crossbow appeared in his hand. Gregory orbed out again, and so did the dark haired man. The charmed ones and the warlocks got to their feet as the chase began.

"Looks like you're about to lose your white lighter," laughed one of the warlocks. "When Taryn finds him, he'll die."

"Shut up," spat Dean, waiving his hand and knocking the olive skinned warlock backward a few feet.

"You think you're so powerful," said the oldest of the warlocks. He waived his hand at the same time that Dean waived his again, and another energy wave knocked them all off their feet.

This time, Damon didn't wait. As he got to his feet, he raise his hands and when they opened the warlocks were frozen in place. He was happy with the result, but he'd actually tried to blow them up. Dean wasted no time, though. He quickly got up and took the oldest warlock's hands.

"I take your hands in mine, and with this my power I will entwine. Your powers I'll forever bind from now until the end of time," he recited from memory. He repeated the process on the remaining two warlocks. He was happy that they didn't un-freeze until he was finished.

When the oldest saw that Dean was right in front of him, he raised his hands and attempted to use his telekinesis to knock him down. Nothing happened, though. Then the olive skinned warlock tried to freeze him and still nothing happened. At that moment, Pete un-froze as well.

"What have you done?" demanded the oldest warlock. "Why don't our powers work?"

"I bound them," replied Dean, smirking at him. "You're powerless."

"How . . ."

"The power of three," said Damon, cutting off the olive skinned warlock.

"Our dark lighter will come and undo this magic," said the youngest one defiantly.

"Only I can undo this magic," replied Dean. "I have no intention of doing that, however."

"They really have no power?" Pete asked, eyeing the warlocks cautiously.

"None," replied Dean. "You're free of them, Pete."

"This is far from over, witch," said the oldest warlock as the three of them turned to walk away.

"I'd be disappointed if it wasn't," said Dean.

They watched as the warlocks ran off. Pete turned to them and smiled. He couldn't believe they'd done it. He didn't have to worry about them trying to use magic to make him join them. He really was free.

"Thank you for what you've done," he said.

"You can really thank us by orbing us back to DH3," said Damon, smiling at him.

"Orbing?" Pete asked, looking at them in confusion.

"He doesn't know how to orb," said a voice from behind them, and Drake turned around to confront Aaron. He'd orbed in behind them and Pete was too busy trying to figure out what they were talking about to even notice.

"Aaron!" cried Drake, flinging himself into Aaron's arms.

"What you did made the guardians change their mind about us, Drake," said Aaron, holding him tight. "We can be together."

Drake remembered the warning he'd been given by the Senior Guardians, but he smiled as he looked into his lover's eyes. He had him back. That was all that was important. They'd deal with the future as it happened. For now he just wanted to hold on to Aaron and never let go.

"Can you take us back?" Dean asked, smiling at Aaron.

Before Aaron could answer, Gregory orbed in again. He looked around and saw that the warlocks were gone. He looked at the charmed ones and smiled. They'd done it. He knew because Aaron was holding Drake. Now he could spend time getting his son ready for his path as a witch and a white lighter.

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