The New Power Of Three

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Charmed is owned by Spelling Entertainment and Warner Brother's Television. Certain spell text borrowed from the television show. However, since no money is being made by this tale, I don't feel horrible about borrowing anything.

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From Chapter One:

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Unwind this demon's evil lust. Enclose him in eternity's tight fist. Rid this evil from our midst!" They stood, clutching each other's hands as they watched Ash's body become consumed with flames.

Ash screamed, but he loosed the fireball, and before Damon could move, it struck him in the chest, knocking him to the floor and everything went black for him. Dean and Drake were screaming his name, but their voices were sounding further and further away. He was dying, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Dean swore under his breath, and Drake kept saying no over and over again. They both stopped in their tracks when what looked like illuminated blue glitter began to flicker in the air. It was sparse at first, but more and more of it began to join the dancing particles until they became a solid blue light. Then there was a brown haired man that they both knew standing there. His brown eyes looked worried, and then he saw Damon on the floor.

"Damon," he cried, rushing over to him and kneeling down. He rolled Damon onto his back, put his hands over the bloody wound in his chest, and suddenly there was a golden light. Dean and Drake watched in wonder as the wound grew smaller and smaller until it was gone completely, and Damon was coughing as Jason helped him sit up.

"Jason Neald," Damon said in wonder, and then he was pointing at his father.

Darkness And Light

"You can't keep doing that!" Jason cried when he, Damon and Dean orbed into the sun room at Halliwell Manor. Drake was already there. He glared back at Jason defiantly.

"I am not evil," he said. "I don't know anything more about my powers than you do, but I will use any powers that I have to protect myself and my cousins. No one will tell me that I can't."

"Drake, calm down," said Dean. "We're all a little spooked about your powers. We don't understand them."

"I know a way to find out, though," said Damon. "Grandfather said he hoped that you didn't inherit anything from your mother, right? Well, why don't we search the book and find the spell that will summon her here to ask her about your powers?"

"How would summoning my mother explain anything?" Drake asked, slumping into a chair.

"Because your mother was part demon," said a voice from the doorway, startling all of them including Jason.

Standing in the doorway was an older man with a head of almost completely grey hair. His brown eyes were piercing. He looked so familiar to Drake that he almost thought he knew him. Then he realized that this man just looked a lot like his father. He wondered who he was.

"Gregory," whispered Dean.

"Hello, Dean," said Gregory, coming into the room. "I know that you've often wondered where I am, and I promise you that I have looked in on you over the years. I've looked in on all of you over the years."

"Why do you look so much like my dad?" Drake asked.

"I'm a distant relative," explained Gregory. "But that's not what I think you really want to know about, is it?"

"You said that his mother was part demon," said Dean. "What do you mean? How can anyone be part demon?"

"The Elders don't know this, do they?" Jason asked, moving to stand in front of Gregory.

"When Dan married Eliza, he knew about her," said Gregory. "She'd saved him from Ash twice, and he couldn't help falling in love with her. She never was evil, but the Elders would have never believed that. How she escaped their knowledge I'll never know. She did escape them. She married Dan Halliwell and gave birth to a charmed witch. Drake is not evil."

"But how could Eliza be part demon?" Dean asked again.

"Her mother was the daughter of a mortal man and a demon woman," replied Gregory. "It is rare that demons mate with humans, but it does happen. Usually the children don't survive, but Olivia did. She married a mortal man and gave birth to Eliza. I don't really know much more about her family line, but I know that she wasn't evil, and Drake isn't either."

"But the Elders said I have upper level demonic powers," argued Drake.

"You inherited them from your mother," said Gregory. "That doesn't make you evil, Drake. Yes, energy balls, fire balls and shimmering are upper level demonic powers, but your mother possessed all of those powers. She used them to fight evil every day of her life."

"And the Elders never knew?" Jason asked.

"Oh they knew that she was different," replied Gregory. "Dan, Adam and Shae tried very hard to keep Eliza's powers a secret from the Elders. Only I knew the truth, and I didn't turn her in. I'm afraid there's no way to keep Drake's powers a secret. Giselle has already seen him use them. Steven and the others are no doubt backing her up with the other Elders as we speak."

"What can the Elders do about this? Its not like they can take away his powers now," said Jason. "Drake's a charmed one. I know he is, because he has the charmed power. They can't stop a charmed one, Gregory."

"I don't think they want to stop him, Jason," argued Gregory. "I think they're up there quaking in their robes over this. Think about it. Eliza was one thing. Drake, as you put it, is a charmed one. A charmed one with demonic powers. They don't know what's hit them. Wait until they find out that Dax is Drake's brother!"

"What?" Drake and Jason asked at the same time. Drake knew nothing about a brother. His father had always told him he was his only son.

"Eliza's first born son," said Gregory to Jason. "You didn't know? Of course you didn't. You didn't even know Eliza. She was dead before you became a white lighter. Well, Dax was the result of her first union with Ash."

"What?" All three of the charmed ones were on their feet at these words. Drake's mother had paired with Ash?

"Gregory, they just vanquished Ash," Jason informed.

"Who is Dax?" Drake asked at the same time.

"They've vanquished Ash?" Gregory asked. Dean couldn't believe that he heard pride in his voice. "That's incredible. I knew they were powerful the day they were born, but I had no idea. I mean, they'd only just received their powers, and Ash was one of the most powerful demons in existence. Next to Dax, Ash was the most powerful demon that I know about."

"Gregory, who is Dax?" Drake demanded. He was tired of the white lighters talking around him.

"Dax is an upper level demon," replied Gregory. "He's part of a group of demons that call themselves The Kin. They're responsible for more than a million deaths of innocents in the last few years."

"And he's my brother?" Drake asked, feeling sick. His brother was a real demon?

"Your half brother," corrected Gregory. "Your mother tried many times to convince him to turn good, but Ash had a strong hold on Dax. He'd embraced his demonic side in his early youth, so it wasn't hard for Ash to cultivate the evil already in his heart. There's a vanquish in the Book of Shadows. Your mother wrote it."

"My mother wrote a vanquishing spell for her own son?"

"Well, she knew that if she couldn't turn him, she'd have to kill him," Gregory said as if that was explanation enough.

"But he was her son!" Drake gasped.

"Drake, you have to understand," said Gregory. "Dax is evil. Your mother dedicated her life to stomping out evil at her husband's side. Once she married Dan Halliwell, she was, for all practical purposes, on the side of good. She couldn't turn Dax no matter how hard she tried. She did write the vanquish, but she never used it. Dax is alive."

"But we're going to be expected to vanquish him," said Drake.

"You won't be expected to seek him out," said Gregory.

"If Dax comes for them, they'll have to vanquish him, Gregory," argued Jason. "He'll kill them just because they are the charmed ones."

"I'm not vanquishing my brother!" Drake cried. He glared at the two white lighters, daring them to tell him he had to. He'd never even met Dax, and he wasn't about to vanquish him. If his mother had believed that he could be turned, then perhaps Drake could turn him.

"We don't have to worry about Dax at the moment," reminded Gregory. "What we need to worry about is the Elders. They'll be expecting Jason to report to them soon."

"Report to them?" Dean asked, cocking his head and looking at Jason hard. "You mean tell on Drake, don't you?"

"Look," sighed Jason, running his fingers through his brown hair. "This isn't exactly easy, Dean. I don't know what the Elders are going to say about this. I may be reassigned because of this. There's never been a charmed one with demon blood before."

"I am not a demon!" Drake cried again. This was more frustrating than anything he'd ever experienced.

"No one is saying you are a demon," replied Gregory.

At that moment, three demons appeared in the sun room. One of them looked like a dark haired man. He almost looked like Drake. He was naked from the waist up, and huge red wings protruded from his back. Sharp red horns protruded from his forehead right above the temples. The other two looked like something out of a horror movie. One had blackened skin and red eyes while the other had red skin with black tribal tattoos up and down his arms. He also had horns and wings. Each of them had energy balls in their hands.

"DEMONS!" Dean cried as he rose his hands and let lightning arch from them toward the red demon.

Damon raised his hands and froze the demons without thinking. Drake was about to throw an energy ball of his own when he realized who the demon in the center was. The bone structure, eyes, chin and nose were exactly like his. This was Dax! This was his brother. He couldn't kill his own brother. He closed his fist on the energy ball and turned to face his cousins.

"Stop!" He moved in front of Dean just as the lightening connected with the blackened demon and he engulfed in flames as he un-froze and began to scream. "You can't kill Dax!"

"Drake, get out of the way," hissed Dean as he attempted to get around his younger cousin.

"I said no!" Drake cried, surprising all of them by sprinting across the room, taking Dax's hand and shimmering both of them away.

The remaining demon un-froze at the same time. He glared at Dean and Damon before shimmering out himself. The cousins were left staring at each other. Jason and Gregory looked at both of them. No one said anything for a moment. Shock was still fresh for each of them.

* * *

Aaron was sitting at the desk in his and Drake's Hawaii apartment when Drake and some kind of thing appeared out of thin air. He jumped out of the chair and tried to run to Drake. Before he got to him, the thing beside his lover threw what looked like a ball of light at him, and everything went dark.

"NO!" Drake cried, letting go of his brother and rushing to his lover's side. He turned Aaron over, and the first thing he saw was the bloody hole in his chest. Aaron's eyes stared through him. He was dead. "Oh God, no!"

"Why do you weep for the human?" Dax asked. "You are not one of them, Drake. I feel my blood in your veins. I know who you really are."

"You killed my lover!" Drake cried, turning to face his brother as Dean, Damon, Jason and Gregory orbed into the room.

Damon took one look at Aaron lying dead in Drakes eyes before he lifted the sheet of paper in his hand and began to read out loud.

"In the light, darkness hides. Bring in the light from all sides. Take this demon from this place. Banish this evil from time and space," he said, and Dax howled.

Flames erupted around Dax, and Drake screamed out in agony as he watched his brother being vanquished. But in the last moment, Dax shimmered out of the room, and the flames died. The cousins and white lighters were left to stare at the space in the room where Dax had stood.

"Oh God, please," cried Drake. "Jason, please. Heal him. He can't die!"

"Drake . . ."

"Heal him, Jason. I know you can," sobbed Drake. "Please heal him."

"Drake . . ."

"What re you waiting for?" Drake screamed at him. Anger was temporarily replacing his anguished grief. "I've seen you heal before. I know you can! Heal Aaron!"

"Drake, he's dead," said Dean.

"No!" Drake spat, looking at his cousin. "Don't say that. Don't ever say that! Jason can heal him!"

"No, Drake, I can't," said Jason. Tears ran from his eyes as he watched the horrible scene in front of him. This was the one thing that he could not do. He couldn't heal the dead. Being a white lighter was a wonderful thing, but when he faced times like this he almost wished they'd have left him dead when he'd fallen from that building fifty years before. "I can't heal the dead."

Drake moaned as he clutched his dead lover tighter. He couldn't do this. He couldn't go on with all of this knowing that his own stupidity had gotten Aaron killed. How was he supposed to cope with this? He sobbed and rocked his lover back and forth. There had to be a way to change this. There had to be.

"Drake, we have to get out of here," said Gregory, kneeling down to look into Drake's tear filled eyes. "We can't be here when the police arrive. We have to go."

"I can't," sobbed Drake. "I can't leave him. There has to be a way to fix this."

"I'm so sorry, Drake," said Gregory. "If there was a way to fix this, I swear to you that I would fix it. It just can't be done, Drake. You have to let him go."

"No," sobbed Drake, clutching Aaron tighter.

"Drake, we have to leave," said Dean, kneeling down beside Gregory and taking Drake's hand. "Shimmer us out of here. We have to go."

Drake looked into Dean's eyes and saw the sorrow in them. He let go of Aaron and gripped his cousins hand as he shimmered them back to Halliwell Manor. He sobbed the entire time. He had no intention of fighting anything if he couldn't save Aaron. The sooner everyone understood that the better.

Jason, Gregory and Damon orbed in seconds after Drake and Dean arrived. Drake collapsed into Deans arms as sobs wracked his body. This was Hell, and he wanted out. He had to find a way to fix this. There had to be a way. He thought of the Book of Shadows, and he hoped that there was something in there that could help him. He let go of Dean and bolted up the stairs. He was half way up the stairs before he shimmered to the attic where they'd placed the book.

He flipped through the pages of the book as soon as he appeared in front of it. Spell after spell he rejected. They wouldn't do what he wanted. He was nearly ready to give up hope of finding a spell that would help when he found exactly what he was looking for. He read the spell and all that it took to cast it.

Crossing the room with the book in his hands, he kneeled in front of the coffee table that sat in front of the couch. There was already a small cauldron there. Bottles of herbs and spell ingredients were sitting there as well. Dean had left them there when he was studying them earlier. Drake put the book down and began to gather what he needed, throwing a pinch of each ingredient the spell called for into the cauldron.

He picked up the athamae and pierced his finger to add the six drops of his blood that were required. Next he went in search of the six white candles he needed. He found them on the shelves on the other side of the room. Back at the table, he placed the candles in a circle around the cauldron and lit each one with matches he'd found next to them on the shelf.

"Let the hands of time turn back. Erase an evil that is so black. Make yesterday today again. Let only I know the where and when," he read out loud and waited for time to reverse.

He cursed when nothing happened, and he read the spell again three times with no results. Crying, he blew out the candles and stood in the center of the attic. There was one more thing that he could try. Dax had killed him. Maybe he could bring him back. He tried to focus his mind on his brother. When he was sure that he had his brother's image in his head, he shimmered.

Coming up . . . .

How will Drake deal with Aaron's death? Why didn't his time reversal spell work? Will Drake forgive Damon for trying to vanquish his brother? The answers are coming. Look for Chapter Four: Blast From The Past. Coming Soon!