The New Power Of Three

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Charmed is owned by Spelling Entertainment and Warner Brother's Television. Certain spell text borrowed from the television show. However, since no money is being made by this tale, I don't feel horrible about borrowing anything.

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From Chapter Four:

When the white light dissipated, there was a naked man lying in the circle. He was holding the book across his chest as if he'd gone to sleep reading it. At first they thought he was dead, but his chest was rising and falling with the breath of slumber. Dean looked to Eliza for what to do next.

"He's under a sleeping spell," she revealed. "The spell itself is in the book as well as the counter spell. Just cast the counter spell, and David will wake up."

"How long has he been in that book?" Damon asked, looking down at the naked man on the floor. "Will there be any side effects of the spells you cast on him to put him in the book?"

"There shouldn't be," she replied. "He's been in that book since before the three of you were born. I'd only just moved into the manor when we cast that spell."

"I found the spell," said Dean, and the others joined him at the book.

"What was done is now undone. Let this magic take back the mistake. Make sleep abate with every breath he takes," they read, and the naked man moaned.

At the same time, another swirl of white light filled the circle. Another figure appeared in the light. This was a younger man, a teenager. He had dark hair and brown eyes, and he looked a bit like Dean. He looked down at the naked man who's eyes were now open, and fear mixed with confusion warred on his face. He snapped his head up to look at the charmed ones with even more fear and confusion.

"Dad! What did you do?" the young dark haired teen cried, looking right at Dean.

A Witch In Time

"Did he just call you dad?" Damon asked, looking from the dark haired teen to Dean and back.

"What did you do?" the teen demanded again, walking out of the circle of candles and glancing at Eliza. "Hi, Aunt Eliza. We were just talking to you before Dad did whatever he just did." He turned to glare at Dean again.

"Who are you?" Dean asked as David finally realized that he was released from the book.

"You!" he cried, getting to his feet and trying to cover his genitals.

There was so much going on that Drake didn't know what to think. Had releasing David done something else? Why was the boy calling Dean dad? What had his mother meant when she'd said that Aaron's destiny wasn't finished? So many questions filled his mind that he had to shake his head just to clear it.

"David, I got the boys to release you from the book," Eliza said quickly. "We tried so many times to undo what we did, but it took the power of three to . . ."

"The power of three? The charmed ones?" David asked with disbelief clear in his voice. "You and your family decided that I was a warlock and bound me in a book, Eliza. Why wouldn't you listen when I tried to tell you what Ash was doing?"

"Ash is dead," said the teen, looking at David. "Dad and my uncles vanquished him years ago. You know you should really put some clothes on, though."

"Who are you?" David asked him.

"Has everyone gone insane?" replied the teen. "What spell did you cast that brought me back here? Wait, you really don't know who I am, because I haven't been born yet."

"What are you talking about?" Drake asked, finally finding his voice.

"Ok, look," sighed the teen. "My brothers and I were talking to Aunt Eliza about Dax right here in this very attic just as white lights surrounded me. When they went away, I was standing here still, but not in my time."

"Your brothers?" Dean asked.

"I'm from the future," said the teen. "I'm your son, Xander."

"My son?" Dean asked. "I can't have a son, I'm . . ."

"Gay?" Xander asked, smiling. "Yes, we all know that. However, you and David . . ."

"What do I have to do with this?" David asked.

Xander looked at him and smiled warmly. Of the two, David was actually his favorite. His father was always too wrapped up in taking care of innocents to spend too much time with him. David, on the other hand, was cool. He actually helped Xander and his brothers when they needed it. He knew what it took out of them to vanquish demons and fight evil. Being the son of a charmed one wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

"I guess I probably shouldn't say too much about the future," he said finally. "I don't want to alter my own."

"Wait," said David. "Dean? But you're just a baby."

"I guess we all have some talking to do," sighed Dean as he closed the Book of Shadows. "Why don't we do it in the living room? After David puts some clothes on."

"This is a great shock for him, Dean," said Eliza. "He's been trapped in that book for over twenty years . . ."

"Twenty years?" David asked in astonishment. "You robbed me of twenty years of my life?"

"Like I said," Dean broke in loudly. "We'll discuss all of this downstairs. You can wear something of mine for now, David. I'll get something for you."

Two hours later, they had discussed almost everything they could about how David had been bound in the book and unbound by Dean, Damon and Drake. They'd even discussed how they thought the spell had gone wrong enough to pull Xander back from the future. Dean was still stunned by the fact that Xander was his son, and he didn't know how it was possible. Who was his mother?

Xander held steadfast to his belief that saying too much about the future could be dangerous. He told them that he wished he hadn't said as much as he had. They were still trying to get something out of him when another young man orbed into the living room. His orb was strange, though. The blue lights were all mixed with red and white.

"There you are," the young man said to Xander, and then he looked at Dean, Damon and Drake and gasped. "What have you done?"

He was as tall as Dean with dark hair and eyes. He didn't look a day past sixteen, but his eyes showed a lifetime of knowledge. A white lighter for sure, but what about his orb?

"Sebastian, how did you get here?" Xander asked, standing up.

"I concentrated on you and orbed like I always do," replied the white lighter. "You were a bit harder to locate this time, and now I think I know why. What year is this?"

"We're in the past, Seb," replied Xander. "Apparently before I was born."

"That's evident," said Sebastian, pointing at the cousins. "Look how young they look. Why did you come here?"

"I didn't do this, Sebastian," argued Xander. "They cast a spell, and it went sort of wrong."

"Let me guess," said Sebastian to Dean. "You just released David from Eliza's book, right?"

"How did you know?" Dean asked.

"You told me about it in the future," explained Sebastian. "You told me that something strange happened, but you would never tell me what it was. I guess I know now."

"So this is true?" Dean asked. "Xander is my son?"

"Of course he's your son . . ."

"Seb, we can't tell them anything," cautioned Xander. "We'll screw up the future."

Sebastian only looked at his young charge. He couldn't understand how it had happened. Sure, he knew that the spell that the cousins had cast to release David had brought Xander to this time, but Sebastian wondered how he himself had managed to orb backward in time. As far as he knew no other white lighter had ever been able to do it. He needed to talk to the Elders, but he was sure they wouldn't be able to help him. They'd probably regard him with suspicion even though he really was a white lighter. Then a horrible thought entered his mind and he gasped, causing all of the others to look at him.

"Oh my God!" cried Sebastian in horror. "I'm still alive in this time. I haven't died yet!"

"What do you mean your still alive?" Xander asked quickly. "You can't be alive and still be a white lighter."

"No, you don't understand," Sebastian replied, but it was Dean who finished what he was going to say.

"He means that in this time, he was still alive," explained Dean. "Xander, he's here from the future, but his past self is still alive. Whatever happened to him hasn't happened yet."

Xander was silent for a few moments as he stared at his white lighter in horror. He understood what that meant for him. He just hoped that his living past self wasn't living in Storyville. He'd never told him where he came from. He'd only been his white lighter for a year.

"I need to get home," said David suddenly. "I want to see my family."

"They're gone, David," Eliza said sadly. "Your mother died while I was pregnant with Drake. Your father disappeared two days later. Your sister died trying to vanquish Ash."

"Do you understand what you've done to me?" David asked through clenched teeth. "You've robbed me of everything and everyone I love. You and your siblings destroyed my life!"

"David, I can't ever make it up to you, I know that," said Eliza softly. "It may ease your mind to know that all of us who cursed you into the book are dead now. I sit here with you a spirit. The boys summoned me to help Drake . . ."

"You're all dead?" David gasped. "The charmed ones release me, and everyone I know is dead or gone? What am I supposed to do now?"

"We'll help you," said Dean, taking David's hand. He noticed that Xander smiled at this gesture, but he tried not to pay attention. "We'll help you get your life back."

"Thank you, Dean," sighed David. "I don't know what's left of my life to get back, though."

"Oh, there's a lot of your life to look forward to," said Sebastian, but Xander shot him a dirty look that stopped him from saying more.

"I'd better go to the Elders to see if they can help us get back to where we belong," he said before orbing out. Dean noticed that, this time, his orb was exactly like Jason's.

"All right," said Dean. "You said something upstairs, and Sebastian just hinted at something before he left. Xander, what is it about me and David that you aren't telling us?"

"Nothing," lied Xander. "Dad, I shouldn't have even told you that I'm your son. You had no idea that you would ever have children. Telling you anything more could really affect the future I came from. I don't want that to happen. Even with the demons and everything that's going on in my time, I like it the way it is."

"He's right," said Eliza. "He shouldn't say anything about the future. Anything he tells you could change what's supposed to happen and upset the grand design."

"But how did he get here?" Dean asked her. "There was nothing in that spell that would have brought him back here."

"It wasn't the spell that you cast to release David," said Gregory's voice as he orbed in. "It was a combination of the spell you cast and the one that was still in Drake's head."

"In my head?" Drake asked, but he knew what Gregory was talking about. He'd still been thinking about his time reversal spell.

"It doesn't matter now," said Gregory. "What matters now is that he's here, and the Elders say that it was actually supposed to happen this way. He's here to help you with something."

"Help us?" Damon asked. "Help us with what?"

"I'm not sure," said Gregory. "The elders weren't clear on this. All I know is that Drake is the one who will know if he just thinks about it hard enough."

"Dax," sighed Drake. "I want to turn Dax. Maybe that's what he's here to help us with."

"Wait," said Dean, looking at his cousin. "Is that even possible? I mean Dax is a demon. Can you really turn a demon?"

"It may not be possible to turn Dax, but we can make him human," said Eliza. "He's part human, so it can be done. We'll need a powerful potion, and a spell that will do what we want it to do, but it can be done."

"Is that what we want, though?" Drake asked, looking at all of them. "Do we want to turn him into a human? He'll have no powers, and demons will still hunt him."

"He'll have the charmed ones on his side," said Damon. "Its better than the alternative, Drake. If we don't do this there will come a time when we'll have to vanquish him. You know that."

"I'll help you do it, Drake," said Eliza. "We'll all help you. I know it doesn't sound like the right thing to do, but I assure you that if we don't do this, he will go on killing innocents."

"But will making him human change anything?" Drake argued. "Will he be good once he's human? You told me that he'd embraced his demonic side. How will taking that side away from him make him any different than he is now?"

"I'm sure it will be a struggle for him, but he'll have you to help him along his path, Drake," she said.

"I'll go look for the spell," said Dean, getting up and heading out of the room.

"I think I'll help him," said David.

Xander watched them go with a small smile on his face. He hoped that they would bond soon. Hopefully they would before they sent him back to his time. He would love to see his two fathers begin their relationship. He just had to make sure that he didn't do anything to push them in that direction.

"This is the right thing to do, Uncle Drake," he said, sitting down next to Drake. "I promise it will all work out."

"You know this?" Drake asked, shifting his attention to his future nephew. "In the future, Dax is human?"

"I suppose it won't hurt to tell you this much," said the teen. "Dax will be human if you cast this spell. He'll be upset about it at first, but he will come to terms with it."

Drake thought about it for a minute. He would really love the chance to get to know his brother without worrying that he'd eventually get angry with him and kill him. It would be nice to know that he wouldn't have to vanquish his brother in the future as well. If Xander believed that Dax would be all right after he came to terms with being human, then Drake decided that there was nothing to lose.

"I'll do it," he said with a sigh. "I think I know how to summon him without magic."

They all went back to the attic where they found Dean hovering over the book while David worked on a potion. Xander smiled as he thought about how quickly his parents had learned to work together. He hoped that it would spill over into something romantic for them.

"According to this, the most powerful spell in the book requires the entire Halliwell line of witches," said Dean when he noticed that everyone was present. "They're named here in this spell, and I think that with a little rewording we might be able to make Dax human."

"The potion is nearly finished, too," said David. "It just has to cool. Drake, you know how to get him here?"

"I believe so," said Drake. "We'll need the element of surprise, though. We won't get another chance if he shimmers out."

"There are crystals that will keep him here," said Eliza, walking over to the book case and grabbing a box off of the top shelf.

Where the circle of candles had been, she placed four crystals in a circle. They all saw them glow when she put the last in its place. She stood up and looked at her son. She hoped that this would work, and she hoped that her oldest son wouldn't hate her for helping to do this to him.

"All right," said David as he handed a vial of potion to all three of the cousins. "You're the charmed ones, so you three should throw the potion. I think all of us should read the spell. Our magic added to yours will probably help."

"Spell's done," said Dean as he joined them in front of the circle of crystals. "Summon him, Drake."

Drake closed his eyes and concentrated on Dax. He tried to put as much need into his concentration as he could. He only hoped that it was enough to bring Dax to them. He was almost shocked when his brother shimmered into the circle of crystals. Electric pulses shot up from the crystals making a sort of cage around Dax.

"What is this?" Dax demanded. "Drake, what have you done?"

As one the three cousins threw the potion vials at Dax's feet. The entire group began to read they're own section of the spell.

"Prudence, Penelope, Patricia, Melinda," said Dean.

"Astrid, Helena, Laura, Grace," said Damon.

"Phoebe, Piper, Page, Laura," said Drake.

"Wyatt, Chris, Donald, Shae," said Xander.

"Alistar, Adam and Jase," said the four of them together.

"Halliwell witches stand strong beside us. Strip the evil from the human before us," the entire group said together, and Dax let out an agonized howl of rage and pain.

Red light surrounded him as he twisted and screamed. Drake feared that they were vanquishing him by mistake. He couldn't believe how powerful that spell really was. He took his cousins' hands as he watched the spectacle before him. It seemed to go on forever, and even Jason and Sebastian orbing into the attic didn't tear his attention away from what was happening to his brother.

There was an explosion that rocked them all off their feet. When Drake looked up again, his brother was kneeling in the center of the circle. His skin wasn't red anymore, and his wings and horns were gone. His skin tone matched Drake's. His dark hair was a mess, and his black pants were nearly shredded.

"Why?" he moaned. "Why did you do this, Drake?"

He looked up at Drake with anguish in his eyes that Drake couldn't bare. He thought for a moment about what to do, and a spell formed in his mind. He hoped that Dax would come to understand and accept what he'd done. Now wasn't the time for that, though. He had to give his brother at least a little peace.

"To keep him from a terrible blunder, give him now a peaceful slumber," he said as he stood, watching as his brother slumped to the floor and fell asleep.

Coming up . . . .

Now that he's human, what will become of Dax? What will Dean do with the knowledge that he will be a father in the future? Will the cousins be able to allow the Sebastian of their time to die so that he can fulfill his destiny? The answers are coming. Look for Chapter Six: The Power of Five. Coming Soon!