Charming the Halliwells

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"We need a plan." Chris said, "I vote the plan be not die."


"The longer we wait, the more danger Drake's in." Wyatt said, "If we go in without our powers, we're sitting ducks. I mean, me and Chris can fight, but we have no idea what we're walking in on."


"So, we're saving Drake again?" Bianca asked.


"Why wouldn't we?" Melinda frowned.


"I mean...problems to kind of stem from him." Bianca said, "And I'm sorry but what'd he go there for?"


Chris, Wyatt and Warren exchanged looks.


"What? He have a miscarriage too?" Bianca asked.


There was a noticeable silence.


"You're kidding? He can take the shine off gold." Bianca said.


"Why didn't you guys tell us?" Piper asked.


"It was a long time ago. Back when I went to college and he didn't say anything because he saw what Bianca was going through." Wyatt frowned, "He didn't want people to split their focus. He wanted Bianca to have time to grieve."


"So, why is he going through this just now?" Paige asked.


"Yeah, he didn't say anything." Leo said.

"He didn't know what it was." Warren said, "Not at the time."


"Why do I feel like that's not the only reason?" Phoebe frowned.


"Because of complications from his miscarriage, it was harder for him to conceive." Wyatt said.


"He just conceived, though." Piper said.


"And that will be the last of his line." Wyatt explained, "He can't have any more children. Not in the way we had Peyton."


"Still, why'd he go to the Hunters?" Leo asked.


"He wanted to make a deal, I guess?" Wyatt said.


"Why didn't he just..." Bianca started.


"He wanted to help you first." Wyatt said, "He knew what it felt like and he wanted you to be okay."


"Why'd you do that?" Bianca asked.


"Do what?" Wyatt asked.


"Make me love the guy again?" Bianca said, "I want to be one of the group that goes in."


"Bianca..." Chris started.


"I'm an assassin by nature." Bianca said.


"But are you ready?" Chris asked.


"Yes." Bianca said.


"I need to go." Warren frowned, "I've known him for a long time and he's always been there for me."

"And I'm going." Wyatt said, "He's my husband."


"No." Chris said.


"What?" Wyatt asked.


"It's not smart strategy." Chris said, "You're too emotional."


"You don't expect me to sit here while he's out there, do you?" Wyatt asked, "You know I won't do that."


"As much as you probably hate to believe this, we need someone who doesn't rely heavily on his powers." Chris said, "And bro, you're the most powerful witch we got. If we fail for some reason, we need you to fight."


"He's right, Wyatt, the Charmed Ones need to be together." Phoebe said softly.


"Who else is going to go?" Wyatt asked.


"I think..." The Halliwells turned to see Caleb at the door, "You need a brother."


Chapter 100: Close Enough to Start a War


I picked up a chair and threw it at the bars, shrieking as I did it. They had my book, the upper hand and me. Coleman had come to gloat about how he was springing a trap for my family. I had to escape myself before they came. If they stepped into the trap, they would be defenseless again these hunters. They were very efficient and talented when it came to killing witches. Along with the talismans they'd hidden everywhere, they wore talismans for extra luck. If I was going to escape from here, it would have to be without magic. I was happy when I finally looked over and saw that Agent Moreau had fashioned herself a lock pick. I hugged her, stating that if we ever got out of here alive, I would send her her weight in chocolate and flowers. There was a problem. There were two guards. It was then that I had a brilliant plan.


"You son of a bitch, it's your fault we're in here!" Moreau said, slapping me.


"Bitch, if you hadn't found my book none of this would be happening!" I shouted from the floor.


"I'm going to kill you!" Moreau said, kicking me repeatedly.


"Hey, cut that out!" A guard yelled.


"He's the one that we can't kill." The other guard yelled.


The guard hurried and rushed in! The first guard grabbed Moreau into a backwards bear hug. The second helped me to my feet, muttering something about a crazy bitch. I took the time to heal before elbowing him in the eye. Moreau headbutted the guard, who released her and fell back against the metal bars. I did a footsweep on the dazed guard and kicked him in the face. When I looked around, the other guard fell to the floor.


"Nice work." I smiled.


"Wasn't too much? Are you okay?" She asked.

"I'm fine." I smiled.


The fellow witches and wiccas surrounded us.


"You've freed us!" One woman said.


"Thank you!" A young boy said.


"Where do we go? They snatched me from my own house." A heavy set witch said.


I looked upon them. They needed to be led, like everybody else.


"Go home. Get your Book of Shadows and prepare for war." I said, "I'm not condoning killing, but you have a divine right to protect yourself. Use it."


"We follow you." A younger girl said.


"Don't. I'm not leaving." I frowned.


"What?" Moreau asked.


"They have something of mine." I frowned.


"How are we supposed to make it out of here?" Moreau asked.


"They can't kill all of you." I smiled, "If you want your freedom, you've got to fight for it."


I looked down upon the witches and for the first time saw a talisman.


I walked over and picked it up, "These are what's causing your sudden lack of power. Pick these up and break the circles. Once you do that..."


"But they buried some of them." Moreau said.


"Break the circle." I said.




For a few minutes, Chris had been watching his wife prepare herself. They were in the sitting room. There was no easy way to win this. Chris took comfort in knowing that they would be given a great amount of potions, spells, and other things to save his best friend. This in no way meant that he wasn't scared of what he could lose. He'd already lost something that he never even knew he wanted. He couldn't bear to lose his wife or his best friend.


"I know you're standing there, Chris." Bianca said, "You linger when you worry."


Chris walked over to her, ready to say something.


"I'm sure." Bianca said, "We haven't always been the best of friends, but when it counted, he had my back. Even when I was stabbing him in his."


"Don't say that." Chris frowned, "What you're one could ask any more of you. I'd say you have his back just as much."


Bianca nodded.


"He's my best friend. But I won't lose you." Chris frowned, "Not now. Not after..."


Bianca walked over and kissed him. It was slow and passionate. The way they used to kiss. It felt like their first kiss.


"Christopher Matthew Halliwell, I am coming back to you...whether you like it or not." Bianca smiled.


Down in the kitchen, Warren stood at the island eating a piece of fruit with Melinda. They were sharing it. They seemed to share a lot of things these days. Thoughts, opinions, such as they were. Melinda had great brothers but it took someone who didn't grow up with her to see things about her in a different light. From the outside looking in, everything was more real. This fight felt more real than any they'd faced before. They always did. Melinda was scared. More scared than she was willing to admit. She wasn't alone.


"You know what I hate about fruit?" Warren asked.


"That it's not alcohol?" Melinda smiled.


"Everybody says it's so good for you. It's this yummy treat that is good for you but it never protects you from anything bad. Demon attacks and no one says `get the fruit'. I mean...what good is a damn fruit?" Warren mused.


"I don't know." Melinda said sadly.


"And since when do you hear about anything but apples and bananas? When's the last time anyone was happy about a pineapple? And what the Hell is so good about guava fruit?" Warren said, snacking on an orange.


"Damn guavas." Melinda said, staring at him.


It was clear to her. He was clear to her now. Before he'd been lost without a real voice and now he was something beautiful. It would all sound stupid if someone else said it or heard it but this was the most relevant thing she'd heard in a long time.


"Oranges are underrated." Warren chuckled.


"Yeah, they are." Melinda smiled.


In the attic, Wyatt stood by the book. The rest of the family was strewn about the house. Last he heard, his parents and aunts were in the dining room with the children. Chris was downstairs with Bianca. Warren and Melinda had been getting their daily fruit. Wyatt couldn't think of much else besides Drake. It was uncommon for Drake to be his thoughts alone. Wyatt tried to convince himself that everything would go off without a hitch. The statistics showed that Drake's family would most likely die in these situations. If Drake died, it would be the end of the Charmed Ones. If Caleb died, it would be the end for Drake. This was too much too soon. A few months ago, Drake died. Everything from that moment had been toppings for desert. It was a long journey from there to now. This fight couldn't have come at a worse time.


"I'm worried too." Caleb smiled appearing before him, "I tried to see him but..."


"He's cloaked." Wyatt nodded, "I figured."


"I keep thinking there was something I could have done." Caleb said, "It's just with the baby and work..."

"He's not dead." Wyatt said sternly.


"I know. I just..."


"You can't die." Wyatt frowned, "If you die, he loses another person and he can't take that."


"My brother is tough." Caleb said.


"I know. But how much can one guy take?" Wyatt said, "Don't get me wrong, I want you to do everything to bring him back to me...but make sure you both come back."


"I would die for my baby brother." Caleb frowned, "I don't want to leave him or my child or my other brother, but if it means that they can have a better life..."


"It won't come to that. Make sure it doesn't come to that." Wyatt said.


Caleb nodded and smiled to his brother-in-law.




Pahras Drake Summers-Halliwell. Son of Peter and Caly Summers. Brother of Brian Carson and Caleb Summers. Husband of Wyatt Halliwell. Father of Peyton Halliwell. Uncle to Matthew Halliwell. Former Charmed One. Star columnist. Kick-ass witch.


"You can't do this."


I want my book.


"There is hundreds of them."

They have my book.


"There's only one of you."


There's only one of him, too.




Fate seemed to bring him to this moment. Steven was reach for a book and came back face to face with Levi. It was a split second and it seemed to take an eternity for them to come to this place and to move any further. The found themselves irrevocably in a situation like this. Levi had never explicitly said he was gay. It wasn't something Steven was used to. Men wanting more. Being attracted to someone who was attracted to him. If this was the story of Levi and Steven, this would be the climax. Steven hadn't made it a common thing to kiss his tricks. Kissing was intimate. This one kiss was taking so long to happen. Too long. Before their lips could meet, Wyatt orbed in.


"Did I interrupt something?" Wyatt asked.


"No." Levi said nervously, "Sorry Mr. Halliwell." He said, leaving with his head to the ground.


"In the library?" Wyatt asked.


"It's a place of learning." Steven said, "What are you doing here? Did your crazy husband send you?"


Wyatt looked away.


"Don't do this." Steven frowned, "What happened."

"He's alright. He's been captured." Wyatt said.


Steven searched his face, trying to find something about it being wrong.


"I thought I should be the one to tell you." Wyatt said.


"Where is he? You have to go now!" Steven frowned, "He could..."


"He's a strong man." Wyatt said. He paused.


"What?" Steven asked.


"I don't think I've ever called him that."


"Strong?" Steven asked.


"A man." Wyatt said, "In all the time I've known him...I've never..."


"Well, you're going to have time to tell him that to his face." Steven said, "Now, go and do the Charmed thing. Help him or I'll kick your ass."


"You remind me of him." Wyatt said, orbing out.


Levi came back, "What was that about?" he asked.


"Drake's missing."


"Where is he?" Levi asked.


"Nobody knows. That's why he's missing." Steven chuckled.


"Wise-ass." Levi smirked, "He's gonna be alright, right?"


"I hope so." Steven frowned.



There's no magic. Nothing surrounding this place and you can feel it. It's dead. The hunters have taken all they could from this place. I wasn't sure if I could take these guys. These were human beings and not soulless demons. Demons weren't entirely soulless. Or maybe they were. It was hard to tell these days. It was hard to tell who the soulless were. If I could see the humanity in the hunters, why couldn't they see it in me? I had let the witches loose and they were wreaking havoc on the hunters. They had been successful in removing the talismans and gaining a measure of their powers back. Underneath the warehouse was a basement where they kept us. The warehouse was a battlefield. I'd learned that they captured witches but killed the other creatures that they couldn't trap. I had found my way upstairs and was going to the office on the second floor. It overlooked the whole battle. I had been creeping up the stairs when I heard shouting. I pressed myself against the wall as two people ran past me down the stairs and into the fight. I crept down the hall and opened the door. I walked in slowly and let the door shut, alerting Coleman to my presence. He turned from the window with a gun.


"I knew you'd come." Coleman said, "So, this is your handiwork?"


"Not exactly." I said, "I just showed them the way."


"So, you uncaged the animals?"


"We're not animals." I frowned, "We're human."


"I beg to differ. You're an abomination. A double abomination as it stands." Coleman frowned, "And you're out of your element. No magic."


"You should do your research." I said, "No magic is my particular thing these days."


He pointed the gun, "I don't think you can heal from this." He said, "I have talismans set up and one around my neck."


"Good, I know what to snatch at." I smiled, "Where's my book?"


"It's not yours anymore. The book belongs to me." Coleman smiled.


"Oh really? Did you even read Wicca for Dummies?" I asked, "It's a family thing. Crane." I said looking past him.


"What?" He asked, turning.

As he turned, a giant crane came through the window and smashed into Coleman's head! I walked to the broken window and looked out to see Moreau waving to me. I smiled and walked over to see a safe. I bent down and began trying to enter combinations. Agent Moreau entered the room and walked over to the safe, entering the correct pass code and the safe opened. I reached in and took my book.


"I knew you'd be trouble."


Moreau and I looked back to see Kim holding a gun. Kim's hair and clothes were disheveled and she had blood under her nose. She was also getting a black eye. She was disheveled but her gun wasn't. It was right on target.


"You don't have to do this." I frowned.


"I think I do." Kim frowned, "Haven't met a witch yet that I liked."


"Do you know what this means? This war." I asked.


"Yeah, I do." Kim said, "I knew you would kill."


"I didn't kill him." I said slowly.


"I did." Moreau said.


"He's not dead." I said quickly, "He's moving genius."


"Okay, enough talk," she cocked her gun, "Time for somebody to die."


"Can it be you?"


She turned to meet Bianca's fist. As she fell, the gun slid over to my feet. Moreau bent down and picked it up. Bianca entered the room with Warren and Caleb. I ran over and hugged each of them.


"What are you guys doing here?" I asked.


"We came to save you." Bianca said, "But the battle going on downstairs threw us."


"Should have known you'd be able to get out." Warren smiled.


"Where are Wyatt and Chris?" I asked.


"Back at the Manor. We brought the elite." Caleb smiled.


Suddenly, Hans showed up at the door and there were three shots fired! Two of us fell to the ground immediately.




Wyatt and Chris paced the floor of the attic, waiting for the gang to come back. The sisters and their respective husbands were spread out across the room waiting. Melinda stood by the book, ready to call for them at any moment. If things were as bad as they looked, then they were in trouble. Suddenly, three bodies crashed to the floor. Chris and Wyatt rushed to their respective partners while Melinda ran to Warren, who was one of the bodies. The other bodies were me and Moreau. I was still clutching the book and when I opened my eyes, I let out a sigh. Bianca hugged Chris and looked on at the scene. I looked down to see Warren and Moreau still laying on the ground. I tried to hop up but Wyatt told me to calm down before moving past me to Moreau. Paige hopped to Warren. Phoebe was hysterical for some reason. I couldn't remember why. It was gunshots. That's what I couldn't remember! They hit Warren and Moreau. The book protected me. Somehow the talisman circle was broken and we were able to teleport. Kim and Hans had taken off. Phoebe was got progressively more hysterical. I kept thinking that Moreau and Warren were going to pop up like I did, but they didn't. Warren didn't. Moreau sat up and now it was apparent to me that Warren wasn't waking up at all. Melinda was also yelling for him to wake up. Nothing they said woke him up.




"What are you doing?" Wyatt asked.


Phoebe mourned in the attic with the rest of the family. I was surprised that Wyatt knew I was gone. I brought my book downstairs right away and began trying to find what they had been researching. After giving her condolences, Moreau left in search of her partner Daryl so they could arrest the hunters. She knew their move pattern and moved fast.


"I'm searching." I frowned.


"For what? Don't you want to be with the family?" Wyatt asked.

I looked to Wyatt, who had obviously been crying. He was holding Peyton. It was hauntingly cute.


"Not now." I said, looking back to the book.


"We could really use your support. Our cousin just di..."


"Stop." I said quietly, "Nothing happened."


"I knew it." Wyatt said, "You can't hold this in."


"I'm not." I frowned, "This war isn't over, not as long as they're out there."


"Warren is DEAD!" Wyatt boomed.


I slammed the book shut.


"We need you." Wyatt frowned.


"I had my chance to mourn." I frowned, "I ignored it."




"Death came to me and said that someone I love would die." I said standing, "He said I should mourn and I didn't and now I don't get to."

"That's not..."


"I don't want to make this about me, but this is my fault." I said, "I was so messed up about being infertile that I went to make a deal. And, trying to rescue me, Warren died."


"No one thinks that." Wyatt said, "And you shouldn't either."


"I don't have time for this." I frowned.


"Listen to yourself, you don't have time to mourn for our fallen cousin?" Wyatt asked.


"He's right," Chris said coming down the stairs with Melinda, "The family needs us to stand strong together."


"Yeah, well, I'm going to make this impossible." I frowned.


"Make what impossible?" Melinda asked, still fighting tears.


"This war. This life. My children aren't going to go through this." I paused, "My child." I corrected.


"Drake..." Wyatt started.


"NO! Stop this. They kept people in a basement like animals! They don't deserve..."


"What?" Wyatt asked.


"Say it." Chris said, folding his arms.


"They don't deserve to live." I frowned, "When I find him. He's dead."


"We won't help you kill someone." Chris said.


"I never asked you to." I snapped.


"You don't mean that." Melinda said.

"Yeah, he does." Wyatt frowned, "If you do could lose everything."


"As opposed to this?" I asked.


"This life isn't easy, but when we're happy, we're happy." Chris said.


"Look, you've lost a lot of people. We get it. But you can't just go around killing people. It's not what we do." Melinda said.


"I'm not one of you." I said without thinking.


"What's that mean?" Wyatt asked.


"I'm not Charmed. Not really." I frowned.


"This is like when you wanted to vanquish your brother." Wyatt said.


"Which one?"


"That's not funny." Wyatt said.


"You have a daughter to think about now." Chris said, "Think about your daughter."


"I am." I frowned.


"Do you think she should lose her father to that? What happened to your parents when they fell to the dark side?" Melinda asked.


"I don't want to lose you." Wyatt said, "And if you do this, I'll lose you forever."


I thought about it for a second. He was right. My grief was driving me to a dark place and I didn't like it. Half of me didn't like it. Half of me did. But this is the choice I'd have to make. There was no way I was letting this bastard live. I know the oath and such, but there is no way in Hell that bastard was going to walk around while Warren couldn't.


"Fine," I said grabbing my book, "But I'm not going to cry. I'm not even going to stay." I said, heading for the door.


"We should stop him." Melinda said quickly.


"No. We shouldn't." Chris frowned.

"Chris is right. He needs to deal with this on his own." Wyatt said, "Then, and only then, we can help him."




[Florence and The Machine's Breaking Down starts]


Florence and the Machine: All alone
It was always there you see
And even on my own
It was always standing next to me
I can see it coming from the edge of the room
Creeping in the streetlight
Holding my hand in the pale gloom
Can you see it coming now?

Oh, I think I'm breaking down again
Oh, I think I'm breaking down


The Halliwell family stood together in the attic of Halliwell Manor, mourning the loss of Warren Halliwell. Phoebe was inconsolable. Her sisters and husband held her while the other husbands tended to their children. It was the worst day they'd felt so far. They were silent except for the sobs.


Florence and the Machine: All alone
Even when I was a child
I've always known
There was something to be find
You know that I can see you coming from the edge of the room
Creeping in the streetlight
Holding my hand in the pale gloom
Can you see it coming now?

Oh, I think I'm breaking down again
Oh, I think I'm breaking down

Brian stood in his room, putting his things in his suitcase. It had been a long stay here at Crest Hills Psychiatric Hospital but now it was time to leave. He was ready to make his own way in the world and get back to helping people any way he could. His doctor showed up at his door, alerting him that his cab was here. He zipped the last of his bags and headed for the door.


Florence and the Machine: All alone
On the edge of sleep
My old familiar friend
Comes and lies down next to me
And I can see you coming from the edge of the room
Smiling in the streetlight
Even with my eyes shut tight
I still see you coming now


Drake walked into his condo and slammed the door behind him. He walked over to the end table and placed the book on the table before slipping the bag of vodka out of his pocket. The book had called some attention so he bought the vodka and left quickly. He had sipped before got home but now he took a full swig and sat down. He angrily gestured toward the book and it flipped open.


Florence and the Machine: Oh, I think I'm breaking down again
Oh, I think I'm breaking down


"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Kim asked.


Hans ignored her and pulled out a sheet of paper. He read a spell he'd gotten from the book and began to convulse before finally falling to a knee. Kim screwed as she saw his body contort the ways no human body should! When he popped back into place, he head hung. Out of the darkness, a rock demon with hooves and horns stepped into the light of the room.


"You have called me...what do you wish of me?" the demon asked.


With a very labored breath Hans answered, "Kill all witches." He exhaled.