Charming the Halliwells

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"Birnaz?" I asked looking at the page in the book, "Unbeatable demon...soul sucker...oh, this is a good one, trapped in the demonic wasteland."


I chuckled to myself and took another few swallows of my vodka. I was home now. I didn't have to pace myself. I had gestured to the book and it had flown open to this page. It was curious that this page had opened. I'd asked the book to open to the page the hunters had used.


"Now you're drinking?" Wyatt asked, orbing in, "I thought there was no alcohol with the baby here."


"Do I need a lecture? Nope." I frowned, "Besides, the baby isn't here."


"I left the baby with Mom." Wyatt said.


"Okay?" I said quickly.


"So, now you don't care about our daughter?" Wyatt asked.


"At the moment, she's probably the only thing I do care about." I frowned, "I could go on about all the things that I've lost but you know my record and frankly, I'm tired of being a whiny little bitch."


"I came here because I know you need me."


I sighed, "I'm fine. Phoebe needs you." I said quickly.


"You're right. She needs both of us." Wyatt said walking over and taking the vodka, "What nobody needs is this."


I stood and wrestled him over the bottle but he raised it higher than I could reach. I jumped for it before cursing at him and giving up.


"You don't need this." Wyatt frowned.


I gestured at the bottle and it flew from his hand and crashed to the floor a few feet away.


"What..." Wyatt started.


I just stared at him.



Chapter 101: Another day to fight for


I sat up when I heard Peyton crying. Her loud cries were splitting my head in half. I felt like I'd been hit by three simultaneous mack trucks. I rolled out of bed and walked over to the door. I grabbed for the door but stopped. If I went out that door, Warren would be dead. Here in my room, nothing had to be that way. My daughter was crying but I couldn't seem to get past the door. The baby stopped crying before there was a knock on the door.


"Babe? Are you up?" Wyatt's voice came through the door.


I stood there, not knowing what to say. I didn't want to open the door. I couldn't bring myself to open the door. There was another knock before I heard footsteps walk away from the door. I let out the air I had been holding and stepped away from the door. It was then that I thought about Phoebe. What it must be like at her house and what she must be going through. I thought about the night before. I thought about how I'd gotten drunk and left them in their time of need. I had to leave that place. I couldn't stomach the thought of one of my best friends being dead. He was more to me than a best friend. He was family. I walked over to the door and exited without a second thought. I walked into the living room to see Chris sitting with Wyatt and Peyton. They both looked up as I entered the room. I looked around. The place was clean.


"You shut down the club?" I asked.


"What club?" Chris asked.


"P3." I said.


They both looked at me with shocked expressions. Wyatt gave Peyton to Chris and walked over to me.


"Baby, P3 was closed down a long time ago so that mom could start her restaurant, remember?" Wyatt said, "You're out of it."


"What?" I asked, "That's not...possible."


"He's right. I've never run a club." Chris frowned, "Maybe you should go back and go to sleep."


"Must be Peyton and Matt." I said to myself.


"What?" Wyatt asked.

"You think they're changing stuff?" Chris asked.


"How come you can remember the things that have changed?" Wyatt asked.


"No clue." I said quickly, "So, they changed stuff...Warren's not dead?"


Wyatt and Chris exchanged looks of sadness. It was then that I realized that he was still dead. He had died last night and I had done everything I thought I did...

"Are you...okay?" Chris asked, standing with Peyton, "Last night, you were on a killing mission."


"Yeah, I found the book open to Birnaz. Were you planning..." Wyatt asked softly.


"No! The book flipped open to that page." I said, "I was looking for whatever the hunters were looking for and it opened to that page."


"Did it happen when you gestured?" Wyatt asked.


"Yeah." I said.

"You don't remember? You showed signs of telekinesis." Wyatt said, "Which is understandable because of your telepathic powers."


"I just need a minute." I said slowly, "This is all..."


"We understand." Chris said, handing Wyatt Peyton, "I'm going to check on Aunt Phoebe."


"She must hate me." I said.


"Why would she?" Chris asked.


"Babe, this wasn't your fault." Wyatt said.


"She doesn't think that." Chris said, "She's devastated. She could use some support."


"I'm not ready to." I said, "I haven't even said it."


Chris nodded, "You're the closet to him, besides Melinda and Phoebe. You need time." He said, "Just don't take too much time." He said orbing away.


"He was close to all of us." I said.


"Yeah. He didn't deserve to die like that." Wyatt frowned, "I understand why you want to commit murder, but I'm glad you know why you shouldn't."


I looked at him.


"You do know why you shouldn't...right?" Wyatt asked with concern.


"No." I said simply, "You want the truth?"


Wyatt looked at me now.


"The next time I meet any of them, someone's going to die and it ain't going to be me." I frowned.


"Do you think Warren would want that?" Wyatt asked, "Would he really want you to lose yourself?"


I chuckled, "He would want me to fight." I said quickly.


Wyatt stared at me with an unbelieving look. Suddenly, two demons shimmered in! I told Wyatt to duck. I ran over and punched the first demon before ducking a fireball. The demon hurled another fireball but it was so quick that I couldn't duck. I raised my hand and the fireball went back and obliterated the demon! Wyatt was staring at me when the other demon shimmered out and behind him. I threw my hand up, causing the demon to fly backwards and smash into the wall! Wyatt stood, the baby in one arm, and sent a shockwave that vanquished the second demon.


"Looks like we were right about you having a new power." Wyatt said, "Look, I know you. You're a good person. You're a great husband and father. If you let this change you..."

"He's fucking dead!" I shouted, causing Peyton to cry. I clasped my hand over my mouth, "Oh God."


Wyatt walked closer to me but I put my hand up. I didn't want him to comfort me. I didn't need it because...Oh God. He's gone, isn't he?


"They can't keep doing this to us." I said softly.


"I know, baby." Wyatt said, hugging me.




"Power of Three,
we summon thee.
And call to us,
the Angel of Destiny.


I sighed. Maybe this wouldn't work. I need this to work. Nothing so close to the chest. Warren couldn't be cold yet. He needed someone to fight for him, to fight him back to life. Calling an Angel of Destiny may not be the smartest idea I have but it's basically the only viable idea. I found myself waiting. Suddenly, a little flash fizzled into an older, white gentleman. He regarded me with shock, but soon smiled. I studied him for a second. He was the real deal.


"Your family has a knack for summoning higher beings." He smirked.


"I need you to bring back Warren." I said quickly.


"You get right to the meat, don't you?"


"He's not been dead long. If he was to wake up..."


"He died of natural causes." The Angel said, "There's nothing I could do even if he wasn't. His destiny is so."


"His destiny is to die?" I asked.


"No." The Angel said, "Nor is it your destiny to bring him back from the afterlife."


"My destiny conflicts with his." I frowned.


"Your old one did. Truth be told, we didn't think you would ever accomplish it." The Angel said, "Killing the Doppelganger was a shared destiny."


"Wyatt and Chris? But..."


"They have a new destiny, as have you." The Angel said, "There is still much to be done."


"You didn't ask us..."


"The answer would have been clear." The Angel said, "You would have me bring him back and blame it on the time flux created by the future Charmed children."


"Is Warren's death a product of that?" I asked.

"It is an eventuality." The Angel said, "He had a higher destiny and he fulfilled it."


"You expect me to believe that everything I've lost is destiny?" I asked.


"Such is the way of true destiny. Every life that you've seen lost meant something to you; taught you something." The Angel explained, "Not only have you learned from the loss, others have learned and been touched by those people."


"I cannot accept this! He's just older than me and he's dead!" I said angrily, "This's..."


"I hope that someday you find the answers you seek, though I have no more answers to give." The Angel said.


"What comes next?" I asked.


"Life. I look forward to your future." The Angel said, disappearing in a tiny illuminated ball.




I stood in my living room, waving my hand at a vase Wyatt had picked out. I didn't love the vase, so damaging it wasn't outside my sphere of things to do. Wyatt had taken Peyton with him to Phoebe's house. I was testing my new power and I was surprisingly bad at it.

"Wow, you're doing an amazingly bad job."

I turned to see a giant heart materialize in front of me. It was Coop that now stood in front of me.

"Did you come here to pressure me?" I asked.

"No," Coop said, "Nobody wants to rush you."

"Everybody wants to rush me." I said.

"Well, I don't." Coop said, "I just wanted to see how you were doing."

"Why? Phoebe is the one who lost a son." I said quickly.

"You lost a friend." Coop said, "And he was, at one time, a lover for you."

I smiled.

"I'm a cupid. I don't forget about love." Coop said, "And he was one of your great loves."

I looked to him and nodded.

"If you need anything..."

"There is one thing. Tell Phoebe..."

"Why can't you tell her?" Coop asked, folding his arms.

I folded my arms, "Because I can't go there." I said quickly.

"You can't go there?" Coop asked.

"The road that is my destiny is lined with the bones of people I love." I said quickly.

"So, you're making this about you?" Coop asked.

"No, I...I don't want to admit, okay!" I said angrily, "I just lost someone special to me and all I feel like doing is learning how to protect this family. I learn to control this power and I could be..."

"A Charmed One? You're not." Coop said.

"Thanks." I said quickly.

"You're not a Charmed One." Coop said, "But this is your time to be a Halliwell."

I was silent. He was right. I could never be a true Charmed One. I had come to the conclusion that only Chris, Wyatt, and Melinda were ever supposed to be Charmed.

"I can't tell you what to do. I can tell you that the Halliwells need you." Coop said, disappearing.

I turned to the vase again, throwing my hand at it. The vase flew off the shelf and smashed against the wall. I smiled to myself before walking to the door.




When I entered the Manor, I got the distinct feeling that I wasn't the only one there. It felt empty, though. I paused. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. Maybe I was wrong about this. I needed to just fall back and let the family grieve in their own way. I turned and headed for the door.

"Drake?" Piper's voice asked, "Oh honey, are you alright?"

I turned to her, "I didn't think anyone was here." I said quickly.

"I was just getting some comfort food for Phoebe." Piper said, "I was wondering when I'd see you."

"Yeah. I know. Just hadn't..."

"You were drinking again." Piper said.

"That damn Wyatt." I frowned.

"Are you okay?" Piper asked, "I know what he meant to you."

"Why does everyone keep saying that?" I asked.

Piper stared at me.

"I just mean...He was Phoebe's son. He was your nephew. He was..."

"Your first boyfriend." Piper said, "You loved him."

"We have bigger problems." I frowned, "I have a new power."

"We know." Piper said, "Wyatt told us."

"Did he also tell you about the demon?" I asked, "Birnaz? Soul sucker."

"Sweetie, that should be the last thing on your mind." Piper said quickly.

"Piper, the people who killed Talik..." I paused and looked at her, "The people who killed Warren brought a demon into the world. This demon could destroy everything."

"You can't let these people change you." Piper said, "We can get through this."

"No, Piper, you're wrong. I think I never had a choice." I said quickly, "This change was bound to happen."

Piper looked at me, stunned. I wasn't sure what to say and neither was she.

"When you figure out what you really need, we are going to be here. We're your family." Piper said, turning and walking back to the kitchen.

"She's right." Bianca said, walking down the stairs, "You need us. And we need you."

"Are you high?" I asked.

"Look, We're blessed to be part of this family." Bianca said, "We made the choice to save people. We made the choice to join this family. It was the best decision we ever made. There's something about a Halliwell man."

I looked away from her.

"What about Peyton? And Matt? He loves you." Bianca said, "He brought you back."

"When did you become Wyatt?" I asked.

"Around the same time you got lost." Bianca replied, "You need to stop this self-destruction. Peyton needs her dad."

"Her dad? Like Wyatt?" I asked.

"Like you." Bianca said, "I've got to go meet Chris and the family." She said, heading to the kitchen.