Charming the Halliwells

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I pulled toast out of the toaster and slapped some eggs on a plate. Before I could turn to check on Peyton, the plate began to float in orbs. I chuckled to myself and turned to Peyton, who giggled. I walked over and picked her up. It didn't feel real that I was her dad. I smiled to her.

"Wow, are you doing that?" Wyatt asked.

I hadn't noticed him. When I finally noticed him, I sat Peyton back down in her swing chair and walked over to the floating plate. As I was about to grab it, it fell into the sink.

"That wasn't mine, was it?" Wyatt joked.

I just stared at him.

"You're still mad? Come on, baby!" Wyatt sighed, "Look, there were a lot of questions I didn't answer. They needed to know some things."

"Really? There's stuff you didn't tell them?" I asked, turning to the sink and picking up the chipped plate.

"Give the guy a break."

I jumped and turned back to him. It wasn't his voice. It wasn't anyone's voice anymore. I was shocked when I saw Warren standing beside Wyatt. Wyatt hadn't budged. He was still staring at me. I was in so much shock that I just dropped the plate.


Chapter 102: Fight for your Love


"Okay, when you say you see Warren..." Chris asked.

"He was standing right beside Wyatt. It was him." I frowned.

Chris, Melinda, and Bianca had dropped what they were doing to come over. I told them not to tell anyone they were coming. If the others knew, it would only be a little while before Phoebe knew. Chris was good with his emotions, so was Bianca. Melinda was neurotic so there would be no change in her. The only person that couldn't really lie that well was Wyatt. Only the five of us knew what was going on. I was still in shock. I mean, seeing someone who just died was not the most comfortable situation. It gave me the willys. Wyatt squeezed my arm, trying to calm me, but I was quickly losing my patience with this whole situation. I wanted to see him again.

"If it was him, why could you see him and Wyatt couldn't?" Chris asked.

"I hate to say this, but maybe you're taking this harder than you think." Melinda said, "With the baby and Warren's death..."

"I'm not going crazy." I frowned, "Last time you underestimated my sanity, there were two of me."

"He's got a point." Melinda shrugged.

"I still don't see the Elders letting him come back to us, in any form." Bianca said, "If that could be done the original Charmed Ones wouldn't have to be reconstituted."

"He was here!" I said angrily, "Whatever the reason, he was here."

"We need to find out what he wants." Wyatt said.

"Isn't that kind of obvious?" Melinda asked.

"Besides the need to be alive." Wyatt said.

"If he was close to any one of us, it would have been Drake." Chris said, "I believe him. I just don't know what any of this means. I mean, we haven't even laid his body to rest."

"I can't go on seeing him. It's not normal...not even in this family." I frowned, "It freaks me out. But I still want to see him...does it make sense?"

"Yeah, it does." Wyatt smiled, "We're going to figure this out."

"I've been studying my family's Book of Shadows..." I explained, "I've been looking into the demon my powers showed me. He predates time, even in the book...He's a myth."

"That's the last thing you need to do." Chris said, "You're in no shape to go demon hunting."

"You may be right, but what if the hunters brought this demon to our world?" I asked, "This demon..."

"Is a myth." Bianca said, "And hunters can't cast spells."


"We just need to mourn for our cousin before we jump back into the hunters." Chris said, "I know what you're trying to do, I honestly do, but it's too soon."

"We're running out of time." I frowned, "If this is real...this threat is the biggest we've ever faced."

"Threats? Who cares about threats?" Melinda asked, "I get it, that's how you grieve, but it's not how we grieve."

I nodded.

"I didn't mean to..."

"No. I'm...going to go check on Peyton." I said, leaving the living room.

"I honestly didn't mean to say that like I did." Melinda frowned, "He's throwing himself into danger again."

"The hunters already picked one of us off." Bianca said, "I don't think I could take another funeral."

"You guys are right, but how in the Hell am I going to get him to see reason?" Wyatt asked, "He's already mad at me."

"He needs something to be mad at." Melinda said, "Next to me, he's the closest to Warren."

"I keep thinking there's something I could have done." Wyatt said.

"There's nothing you could have done, Wy." Chris said, "We really need to go help Aunt Phoebe with the arrangements."

"Peyton and I will probably stop by." Wyatt said.

"He still won't come?" Bianca asked, "I thought our talk would have made him go."

"He's stubborn. Part of the reason I love him. He's not going to let this go, ya know." Wyatt said.

"I know." Chris and Melinda said simultaneously.




Wyatt had taken Peyton to Phoebe's house. I had gone to the Manor to find out more about Birnaz to see if he was in the Halliwell Book of Shadows. I was standing upstairs by the book when a guy materialized next to me. I looked around, trying to process what was going on. I quickly knelt down beside him, checking his pulse. As I grabbed him, he let out a sigh and tried to whisper something.

"I don't know what you're saying." I said frantically.

"I believe he's saying," I looked up to see a demon in full black leather, "Watch out for the guy who just killed me."

I stood in front of the fallen man, "He's not dead yet." I frowned, "You do know what house this is...right?"

"I know nobody is here but you." He smirked, "And I think I can take you."

"Mistake one." I said quickly.

As he advanced towards me, I threw my hand up, causing him to fly backwards and crash to the floor! I knelt down to the fallen man and noticed the ring on his finger. It was the same as Coop's. This guy was a Cupid! When I looked back to the darklighter, he was gone. I felt something sharp on the back of my neck.

"I underestimated you. Won't happen again." The Darklighter said.

"You're right." Piper said, raising her hand from the doorway and blasting him back. I stood quickly to hit him with my telekinesis again, but he was gone. I looked to Piper, who looked to me with a very relieved expression, "What was that about?"

"He was after this cupid." I said, checking on him, "He's hurt."

"I'm...fine." He said before passing out.

"We need to help him." I frowned.

"We?" Piper asked, "What if the darklighter comes back? I can only blast him for so long."

"We can't tell the others." I frowned, "They're going through something."

"We all are." Piper said quickly.

"You can go. I'll handle this." I nodded.

"What? I'm not leaving you." Piper said.

"I'll get someone to help, just don't tell anyone." I said quickly.

Piper studied my face before turning her head from me, "Fine. But if you die, Wyatt's going to have my head." She said, turning and leaving.

"Coop!" I shouted into the air, "Coop, this is important."

A heart signified that he heard me and he appeared a second later, looking at me, then at the fallen cupid.

"What's wrong with Cristoff?" Coop asked, "Is he..."

"You'd feel it, right?" I asked, "I think he passed out. Help me move him to the couch."

Coop nodded and helped me get him to the couch. Coop looked from Cristoff to me. I furrowed my brow as he looked at me.

"What's he doing here?" Coop asked.

"You tell me." I frowned, "I was studying the Book when he hearted in."

"Was he...conscious?" Coop asked.

"He was until the darklighter got here." I said, "Any reason the darklighter wanted him?"

"Well...I'm not quite sure." Coop said unconvincingly.

"Coop, what do you know."

"It's not..."


"He's responsible for you and Wyatt." Coop said, "But you're not supposed to be able to see him."

"Okay. He's responsible for Wyatt and I, all the more reason to save the poor bastard." I said, "I remember a story in the book about a...was it a warlock or a darklighter...and Phoebe having to help him?"

"Yes, a demon fell in love. Stole a cupid's ring and undid all the love the cupid had done." Coop explained, "This weakens us."

I looked to Cristoff, "To this point?" I asked.

"In extreme situations, yes." Coop said.

"How do I help him?" I asked.

"That's not his ring." Coop said.

"This is going to be a stupid question, but are you sure?" I asked.

Coop took the ring off Cristoff's finger, "This is a fake. He must've realized when he put it on."

"Demon vs. Cupid?" I asked, "Hasn't that already been done?"

"To death, apparently." Coop said, "I'll just call Phoebe and tell her..."

"No, go back to her." I said, "But don't tell anyone."

"Whoa, this is a secret?" Coop said, "I'm not good with secrets. Phoebe's a psychic, you know."

"I know and the powers that be are going to do everything they can to stop me." I said, "Nobody seems to think this is a good idea."

"Maybe they're right." Coop said, "Without the Charmed Ones..."

"The rest of us are nothing?" I asked.

"No, that's not what I'm saying." Coop said, "Another dead Halliwell would crush Phoebe and possibly destroy the family."

"If I lose another innocent, it'll destroy me." I frowned.

Coop was thinking about something, I could tell. I could just about read his mind. You know, without the power to actually read his mind.

"If you have any trouble..."

"I will." I nodded.

As he disappeared, I turned to Christoff, who was breathing heavily. I found myself staring at him. I mean, this is the guy who put Wyatt and I together. He created the life I had now with Wyatt. I walked over to him and knelt down beside him. I put my fingers on his temple and closed my eyes. I was flooded with images of the people he'd hooked up. It was all going by so fast and stopped when Wyatt's face popped up. It stayed there for a few minutes before shifting to me. I took my hands off his temple and looked at him. He'd been there since the beginning.

"If I get your ring better pull through." I frowned.

Christoff coughed, "If you get my ring back, I'll makeout with you." He said weakly.

I chuckled, "Where do I have to go?" I asked.




I appeared in the Underworld. I knew this was a very dicey plan. I was in the Underworld with no way out. I was fully ready for a knock down-drag out with this darklighter. He'd ruined loves and now he was threatening to end something I cherished. He was going to kill me or I was going to kill him. Only one is leaving. As I began to walk, I heard the sound of a crossbow loading. It was the first time I had felt eyes on me. I ducked out of the way of a crossbow bolt as it collided with cave wall!

"You're good." The Darklighter smiled, aiming at me again.

"I could deflect the bolt before it even hits me." I said.

"I can always aim again." The Darklighter said, shooting the bolt.

I raised my hand and stopped it, but he loaded another one in.

"Let's see how you do with two." The Darklighter said quickly.

I moved my hand causing the bolt to fly against the wall and fall to the ground. He shot again and I ducked this one. I dove out of the way. As I was standing again, he fired another one. I grabbed it telekinetically and waved my hand back at him, causing the bolt to knock the crossbow out of his hand. I smiled to myself.

"You witches, hiding behind your powers." The Darklighter said.

"I'm pretty sure I could kick your ass without my spiffy new power." I smirked.

The Darklighter began toward me. I readied myself as he tackled me into the cave wall! I ignored the pain and pushed him off, kicking him in the abdomen. He grabbed me and threw me to the floor and I rolled over, grabbing at the ground, trying to get away. I kicked him from the ground and he staggered backwards. I got up as soon as I could and grabbed him as he charged me. I rolled over onto my back and threw him! I got to my feet again to see that the Darklighter was aiming at me again.

"You darklighters and your dishonesty." I frowned.

"I am a demon." He smirked, aiming.

"You also forget that I'm a telepath." I smirked, "Saw it all coming."

I pushed my hand downward, causing a jagged rock to fall and rip his arm off! As he was on the ground, screaming in agony, I walked over to the severed arm and slid the ring off. I stood in front of him, staring down at him.

"You haven't won this." The Darklighter said quickly.

"This was one before it even got started." I said, "Ya just can't mess with a Halliwell."

"You're not a Halliwell and soon we won't have to do anything." The Darklighter chuckled, "The humans will do it for us. They've already started the war. They will slaughter you."

"The Halliwells won't hurt humans..." I walked over bent down to him, "You said it, I'm not exactly a Halliwell."

I stood and walked away from him.

"I will destroy you."

I stopped and turned to him, "You're right. I can't let you live." I smiled quickly.




When I appeared in the Manor's attic, I found myself greeted with the Halliwells, who all had a foreboding expression on their faces. I threw the ring at their feet and limped out of the attic.