Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 42: Warren-ted


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"Fire ball!" Chris said, orbing the fireball to himself and throwing it back at the demon, causing him to explode.

I ducked a fireball and waved my hands at the other demon and he blew up, "Uh, I think that's the last one." I said quickly.

"Are you alright?" Wyatt asked,

"Wyatt, I'm fine!" I said testily, "Where is Warren?!"

"Not here." Wyatt said, putting a lamp back where it goes.


"Who's that?" Chris asked.

"Do I look like a psychic?" I growled.

"But..." Chris started but Wyatt shook his head, "...No, I'll get that." Chris moved over to the door and opened it to see a light skinned African American who looked just a little bit older than Wyatt, "Hello." Chris said, wondering what he wanted.

"Chris Halliwell?" The man asked.

"Yes, who are you?" Chris asked as we joined him at the door.

"Inspector Darryl Morris, with the SFPD." Darryl said, flashing a badge.

-          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"So, your family and our family helped each other way back when?" Wyatt asked.

"Yes, until we moved east." Darryl Jr. said.

"What do you want with us?" I asked.

"Is something wrong?" Darryl asked, looking at me, "You seem annoyed."

"I am." I said, "But it's not your fault. I'm just a little testy."

"Does this have anything to do with demons?" Darryl asked.

We all looked at him, stunned.

"What are you talking about?" Chris asked.

"Look, my father knew and I dug into your history, you're tied with witches, all of you. I found my father's name in some of your files and I asked him and he gave me the answer I needed." Darryl said, "Are families were friends."

"Okay, what do you want with us?" Wyatt asked.

"I need your help on a case," Darryl sighed, "and I was hoping we could have a symbiotic relationship; you help me and I'll help you."

"How can you help us?" I asked.

"I'll cover up your witchcraft while you help me solve these cases." Darryl said.

I raised my hand and froze him, "Look, I'm feeling a little queasy, so we need to know he's not just pulling our legs."

"You don't have to be here, babe, you can..." Wyatt offered.

"Save it." I said, "Paige!" I shouted into the air, "Paige! You bring your ass down here, now!"

A minute later, Paige orbed in, snow all over her, "What? And don't ever curse at me, got it?" Paige said, looking to the frozen man standing next to her.

"Darryl Morris." Chris said, "He said you used to know his father."

"Still." Paige said, "We keep in contact."

"So, he is a friend?" Wyatt asked.

"Yes." Paige said, "Is that all? I thought this was more important."

"Well, you can unfreeze him now." Chris said.

"Right." I said, waving my hand and unfreezing him, "Look, Morris, what makes you think we need your help."

Darryl sighed, "Kids. Kids are disappearing and I may know who's next." He said, laying pictures of the kid from my vision on the table.

I took a step forward, "What's his name?" I asked.

Darryl looked at me sideways, "Have you always been pregnant?" he asked, "And how?"

"How can he see through the spell?" Wyatt asked.

"He knows our family and that we're witches, so the spell is to let the people close to us see who we are. How much closer could he get?" I asked.

"His name is Thomas Henry." Darryl said, "His family and six other families were in some kind of cult. They worshipped some ancient demonic force and the other kids are gone, he's the last."

"Where is the kid now?" Wyatt asked.

"With his family." Darryl said, "They're the only family left."

"Of course." I said, flopping down in a chair, "Four months to go." I Exasperated.

"You need anything?" Wyatt asked.

"I need this baby out of me." I frowned, "Otherwise, nothing. Thank you."

"No problem." Wyatt said.

"What was that?" Chris whispered to Wyatt.

"That was hormones." Wyatt said, "You know how he gets really mad, well, he always get really happy afterward."

"Oh." Chris said.

"Only four months of this to go." Wyatt said.

"What's that, Wyatt?" I asked.

"Nothing, sweetie." Wyatt smiled, turning to Darryl, "We'll find him and help if we can, anyway for us to get in contact with you?"

"My cell." He said, giving Wyatt his card, "Feel free."

"I'll walk you to the door." Chris said, walking away with him. As they got to the door, Darryl turned to him, "Is something wrong?"

"No, the pregnant guy got to me." Darryl said.

"Please don't let him hear you say that, he's not nice when he's pregnant." Chris said.

Darryl chuckled, "I can tell, "he said, "Be careful. I may not know a lot about all this magic, but I do know that this is dangerous." He said, putting out his hand, "Maybe we can work together more after this is done."

"You can pretty much bet on it." Chris smiled, shutting the door behind Darryl, "So, where do we start?" he asked, walking back into the living room.

"Scrying." I said.

"But, sweetie, we don't have anything to use." Wyatt said.

Right then, my cell phone rang. I looked down and saw Phoebe's name on it. I answered it, "Hello." I said into the phone. It was, in fact, Phoebe. She said that I had to get down to the Mirror asap, "Why?" I asked and she said it was very important, "Right, okay. I'll be there in a while. Later." I said, hanging up, "That was Phoebe. She says that I have to be there now."

"Why?" Wyatt asked, "You can't go."

"I have to." I said, "It sounded pretty urgent."

"What if you go into labor?" Chris asked.

"I'm only seven months and besides, Phoebe is there." I replied.

"You're supposed to be on bed rest, or at least rest." Wyatt said.

"Well, I don't know what to tell you because I have to." I smiled, kissing him on the cheek, "See you guys later." I said leaving.

Chris shook his head, "There is going to be two of him walking the Earth." He said.

"Yep." Wyatt sighed, "So, how are we going do this?"

"I think we need some Magic School-type help." Chris said.

"You said a mouth full." Wyatt said, orbing out.

-          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I walked into the Bay Mirror, angry at the fact that I had to be there. I felt like a big, lumpy incubator. Sure, every once in a while I got the satisfaction of feeling Matt kick, but other than that, I was a walking sore. As I walked to Phoebe's office, I stopped as I noticed her door was shut.

"Oh, hi, Phoebe's in the boss' office now." Janet, a reporter said, "Congratulations on getting married!" she said, hugging me.

"Thank you." I said, making my way to the boss' office. As I did, I got plenty of handshakes and pats on the back. As I entered the office, Phoebe sat opposite a really attractive guy. He sat in Elise's chair and Phoebe sat in one of the two in front of the desk.

"Hi!" he said as I walked into the room and he stood, "You must be Pahras," he said, extending his hand towards me, "I'm Jason Dean." He said.

I was shocked, "Jason Dean?" I asked, shaking his hand. The owner of the Bay Mirror and Phoebe lover, once upon a time. I stared, "Sorry for staring, I just...I didn't know you existed."

He chuckled, "Yeah, I haven't taken as vocal a role as I guess I should have." He said.

"I have never met you and I've been working here, on and off, for like six years." I said quickly.

"Phoebe tells me that you're an intelligent young man." Jason smiled, "And you have brought in a new target audience that we were previously unable to, the younger age group. And along with that, you're keeping the readers from your teen years. So, you're bringing your old readers, plus a new generation."

"Ummm, yeah." I said.

"And I think you'll do well under Phoebe's management." Jason said, catching me off guard.

"Phoebe's management? What about Elise?" I asked.

"Retired." Jason said, "I understand you just got married and you're on sabbatical?"

"Yes." I answered.

"Any way we can get you back sooner?" Jason asked, "I mean, you're doing so well in your career and you are a star."

"I'm not a star." I said.

"Yes, you are." Jason said, "I've met your father."

"You've met my...Oh yeah, I...umm, huh?" I asked.

"Sorry," Jason said, looking between Phoebe and I, "This is all going a little fast, isn't it? Well, I just wanted to meet with you, since I haven't really met with you and in honor of Phoebe's new position here at the Bay Mirror."

"It was nice." I said, "And I'll consider, you know, coming back sooner."

"Well, I assume you'll want to get back to your sabbatical, so..." Jason said.

I nodded and smiled nervously, leaving.


Wyatt buried his face in a book, trying to find a way to help little Tommy. Chris had gone back to the Manor to make potions and find the demon. Wyatt felt frustrated, yet happy and excited at the same time. He loved being a witch, but he wanted to live his life with Drake and their child. Wyatt had almost given up when Leo came in.

"Hey, son, what's going on?" Leo asked, walking over to his eldest son.

"Hey dad, I'm just trying to find something that could help us." Wyatt said.

"With?" Leo asked.

Wyatt chuckled, "Oh sorry, it's just been a busy day and I'm worried about Drake..."

"What's wrong with Drake?" Leo asked nervously.

"Nothing, he's at work." Wyatt said.

"Work? I thought he was supposed to be on sabbatical." Leo said.

"He is." Wyatt said, putting the book he was reading down and grabbing another one, "But he had to go in for some reason and now Chris and I have to find out what kind of deal this kid's family made so we can break it and save the kid. The one premonition he's had in weeks and it's this."

"Slow down, son," Leo chuckled softly, "Are you okay?"

"I'm just worried about Drake, he's so into not being pregnant that he's putting our baby in danger." Wyatt said, "Was Mom like this?"

"Yes and no." Leo said, "At first she was scared, then just scared me."

"So, what am I supposed to do? I love him, but he's so..."

"Head strong?" Leo asked.

"Bitchy, which I can deal with, and he's stubborn." Wyatt said.

"So, what's the difference?" Leo joked, "I love him like he's my own, but that blood, the Halliwell blood, really took effect."

"So, that's where that comes from?" Wyatt asked.

Chris orbed in, "I got some pretty strong..." he stopped, "Were you two just having a heart-to-heart and I missed it?"

"Yeah." Wyatt said, "It's about Drake's..."

"Bitchiness?" Chris asked.

"Yes." Wyatt said.

"So, how are things with Bianca?" Leo asked.

"Okay. I think she's getting restless." Chris said, "Might have to move-in or something later."

"That's a big step." Wyatt said.

"The biggest." Chris said, "Sucks."

I orbed in, "How did I get here?" I asked.

"The baby." Wyatt said, walking to me, "Are you okay?"

"No. I feel weird." I said.

Wyatt looked at me, "You should sit or lay, definitely not stand." He said, "Chair." He said, orbing the chair behind me.

I sat in the chair, "Okay, I saw what's coming out of me and it's blonde with blue eyes. Not mixed at all." I griped, "Not that it matters, I'll love him no matter what, but..."

"Baby, are you okay?" Wyatt asked.

"I just, umm, can me and Wyatt talk?" I asked.

"Sure, uh, Chris, can you help me with the...thing?" Leo asked.

Leo and Chris left.

"What is it?" Wyatt asked, concerned.

"Wyatt, I'm sorry for treating you like I did." I said, "I've just been feeling big and wide and uncomfortable and...Wyatt, what if I'm a bad parent?"

"You won't be, baby." Wyatt said, bending down.

"I already feel like a bad husband cause most marriages start with a streak of sex and I mean, we've done it like bunnies, but since I've gotten big...actually, you seem to like it, but you're afraid to...and I just feel bad." I said.

Wyatt looked at me with confusion, "Look, our sex life isn't in trouble. Our marriage isn't in trouble. I love you and I haven't seen anything bad enough to make me even think about leaving you." He said.


"I love you." Wyatt said, "I've wanted you since I've known you. When we were kids, I liked you. You've always been my soul mate."

"Wyatt..." I said.

"Listen, you are going to be a great dad. We're going to be kick-ass dads!" Wyatt said.

I smiled at him, quickly pressing my lips against his, "All I want is life with you." I said.

"You have it." Wyatt said, "It's yours."

"We have to save the kid." I said.

"We will." Wyatt sighed, "We just need..."

An idea hit me, "I call upon my ancient powers, bring forth the vision past, so that it may come to pass." I said.

The boy...the monster...The boy's address and, of course.


"He lives down the street." I said, looking into Wyatt's eyes, "A block away, close to the Nexus."

"The Nexus is gone." Wyatt said.

I shrugged, "It's the only thought I can come up with." I said.

"We'd better get there." Wyatt said.

I nodded and grabbed Wyatt's hand as we orbed away.


As Wyatt and I arrived at the house, the family was under attack.

"Hey!" I said, causing the demon to turn, "Warren?"

"No." he said, "Talik." He said, tossing an energy ball my way and shimmering away.

A force field grew around us and the energy ball dissipated, "Thanks." I said, my jaw on the floor.

"I didn't do anything." Wyatt said.

I put my hand on my stomach, ""That is so cool." I said.