Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 44: Powers That Be

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"Urgh." I said, trying to lift myself out of the chair.

"Let me help you, babe." Wyatt said, helping me.

"Any questions?" Leo asked, taking a seat on the end of the desk.

The hands rose.

"You." I said, pointing towards an blonde kid. He looked a bit like Ryan Carnes, which always surprised me because I didn't look like that in high school, "What's your name?"

"Gerald Levenquest." He said, "My friends call me Leven."

"Okay, Leven," I said, "What's the what if?"

"So, you married Mr. Halliwell a month ago?" he asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, give or take a few days." I said.

"You're almost eight months." He said.

My skin darkened and I let out a nervous chuckle, as did Wyatt, "I..umm...yah.."

"So, you and Mr. Halliwell..."

"We've known each other since we could barely walk." I explained, "And we've dated on and off since I was eighteen."

"So, did you get married because of the baby?" Another student asked.

"No, we actually found out after we agreed to get married." I said, "What's your name, sweetie?"

The girl was a beautiful, raven haired African American teen, "Tasha Jones."

"Tasha, I don't want you to think we're preaching, we're not." I said, "I didn't wait until I was married, but I did wait for the right person."

"And it was special." Wyatt smiled.

"How old were you?" Another red-head asked.

"Alexa." Leo warned.

"No, it's okay. This is a sex education class." I said, "Just cause we're witches doesn't mean we can f..." I looked up to see Wyatt shaking his head, "Sorry, it's the hormones."

"So, how old were you?" Alexa asked.

"Twenty one." I said.

"Lie." An empath said.

"Okay, younger, but that's all I'm going to say." I said.

"Seventeen?" A telepath called.

I looked at Wyatt, "I think I really have to pee." I said quickly


"They asked that?" Chris chuckled.

"Yes and it wasn't funny." I said quickly.

"It was a little funny." Wyatt said, sitting ice cream in front of me, "You deserve this."

I chuckled and grabbed a spoon, "I miss being there."

"Well, umm, me and Chris have been talking about it and we think it might be a good idea for you to go and stay there." Wyatt said.

I opened my mouth to protest.

"Before you say anything, we just want you and the baby to be safe and stress-free. You could communicate with the kids and..." Wyatt explained.

"No." I said, "But great try."

"Come on, it's only for a few months." Chris said.

"Look, there's too much for us to do. The nursery, having steady incomes, fighting demons, the relatives...that reminds me, Grandpa Bennett is coming by later." I said.

"We know." Wyatt said, "I miss grandpa, I haven't seen him since the wedding."

"And what about your charges?" I asked.

"We could, I don't know, ask the Elders..." Chris started.

"Nothing, we're not asking them for anything." I said.

"Wise choice." A demon said, shimmering in.

Wyatt threw his hand up to telekinetically shove the demon, but the demon didn't budge and waved his hand at Wyatt, causing him to fly back and smash into the cabinets! I started to wave my hand, but Chris put them down.

"What're you doing, didn't you just see what he did to Wyatt?!" Chris said, levitating into the air and attempting to kick the demon, who shimmered out and behind Chris. I raised my hand to blow him up, but he absorbed the energy and used it to blow Chris out of the air! The demon walked over to me and a shield raised around me, knocking him through the door and into the dining room! I walked over and checked Wyatt, then Chris.

"Kyle!" I shouted.

Kyle orbed in and looked around, "What happened?" he asked.

"Demon." I said, "Heal, please."

The door burst open and the demon walked in.

"Blow him up!" Kyle said.

I shook my head, "He absorbs the energy!" I said. I looked around and saw the skillet, "Skillet!" I shouted, wave my arm toward him, and the skillet flew through the air and smashed against his chest! The demon looked up at me from the floor and shimmered out.

I heard Wyatt and Chris groan and moan as they stood up.

"Where is he?" Wyatt said angrily, "Are you hurt, babe?"

"Nope." I said, "Thank the baby."

"The baby?" Chris asked.

"The baby's telekinesis. You can't hit him head-on with power, he just absorbs it." I explained.

"Book." Chris said, leaving.

"You should go to Magic School." Wyatt persisted.

I shook my head, "Book." I said, leaving.


As we looked through the Book of Shadows, I nodded off. I was tired and the truth was that maybe Chris and Wyatt were right, maybe I should go somewhere protected and just sleep, but there was so much to be done. When I woke up, I stood up and walked over to Wyatt, who was at the book. He and Chris were so into the book that they didn't even look up.

"Wyatt, maybe we're going at this the wrong way, maybe we could do some kind of spell or..." but Wyatt wasn't listening, "WYATT. CHRIS."

"They can't hear you." My mom said, causing me to turn to her, "Or see you."

Wyatt looked over to his husband and smiled. This was the love of his life, even when they were apart, he could still feel a piece of Drake with him. Drake was sleep and Wyatt couldn't bare to pull his gaze away from Drake.

"Bro, he's sleep." Chris said, "If he were awake, he'd say it's a little creepy."

"That's my boy." Wyatt smiled, "Look at him, he's glowing."

"Yeah, good thing your kid has his own force field." Chris said.

Wyatt chuckled to himself, "A chip off the old block." He said.

"You're starting to sound old." Chris chuckled.

Wyatt chuckled too, "I'm about to be a father, man. That''s an honor." He said.

"You're corny." Chris said.

"I'm kind of nervous." Wyatt said, "What if I'm a bad dad. What if Drake figures out that I'm not good enough or a great provider or..."

"Have you been through this?" Chris asked, "You're going to be a great dad and Drake loves you."

"Drake loves everybody." Wyatt smiled.

"Yeah, but he's in love with you." Chris said, looking at Drake, "He's pregnant."

"Yeah, we've been through, he's pregnant with a boy." Wyatt said.

"It's just that...look around, the world's changing and stuff. Dad's getting gray hair, mom and the sisters are getting older, Melinda's married, you're married..." Chris trailed, "And I'm still just dating Bianca and just running the club."

"So, what're you saying?" Wyatt asked.

"Maybe it's time that I moved in with Bianca." Chris said.

Wyatt looked up at him, "Are you serious?" he asked.

"Yeah, I just think it's the logical step." Chris said.

"Well, you two could always try living here." Wyatt suggested.

"Maybe." Chris said, "I just need a change."

"Well, you might wanna think about it a little more." Wyatt said, "The baby'll be change."

"So, what, I'm dead?" I panicked.

"No." Mom said, "Astral Projection."

"So, I'm having an out-of-body experience?" I asked.

"Sort of," Mom said, "Look at you, my baby's having a baby."

"Mommy." I said, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm always here." Mom said.

"About that, some of the things you might have seen between me and Wyatt..."

"I don't spy." Mom said, "Besides, I'm not a prude."

"If you were, now wouldn't be the time, I'm kn...pregnant." I said quickly.

Mom walked over and put her hand on my stomach, "He's going to be a beautiful child." She smiled, "It's the second one that's going to give you Hell."

"Mom, what if I'm a bad dad." I said.

Mom sighed and gave me a soft, kind face, "Your father had the same fears." She said.

"And look how that turned out." I said quickly.

"Your father is a wonderful man." Mom said.

"My whole family is evil." I said.

"Not evil, misguided." Mom said, "All I wanted is to stay."

"I'm sorry, mom, I didn't think." I said.

"Our family is not evil, but they need to be shown the way." Mom said, "You have to save them."

"Save them?" I asked.

"Or better, save him." Mom said.

"Caleb?" I asked, "I don't know what this is all about..."

"It doesn't matter." Mom said, "He's your family."

"I don't know how to help him." I said.

"Just be there for him." Mom said, fading.

"Mom...Mom!" I shouted as she disappeared.

"Drake." Wyatt said, shaking me awake.

I looked back and saw that Wyatt was shaking me, then I felt myself disappear and suddenly I was back in my body.

"Babe, are you alright?" Wyatt asked.

I nodded, "I had an out of body experience." I said quickly, "And you won't believe who made an appearance."

"Huh?" Wyatt asked.


"So, you saw Caly?" Piper asked.

I nodded.

"And that's what she said?" Piper asked.

"Yeah, right down the vagueness that a spirit comes with." I explained, "But she had this aura, this...warmth. I didn't know how much I miss her."

Piper looked at me sympathetically, "I'm so sorry, Drake." She said, hugging me.

"It's all go...umm, Piper, are you rubbing my stomach?" I asked.

She pulled from me, "Sorry, it's just that, well, that's my grandson in there!" she said giddily.

I chuckled, "Fine." I said.

Just then Wyatt and Chris orbed in.

"Did you get the demon?" I asked.

Wyatt sighed, "I know he was there, he must have gone just before we got there." He said, "You okay? You queasy?"

"No, Piper just likes my belly." I said, "So, we're going to summon him?" I asked.

"And we're going to use the plan." Chris asked.

"Oh yeah." I said, standing up, "Right now."

"I should go." Piper said, "I'll only be in the way."

"Yeah, it would be bad for you to get hurt now." I said.

We stood beside each other and Wyatt waved his hand and Piper disappeared in a wave or orbs.

"Where'd you send her?" Chris asked.

"Home." Wyatt said, "So, say this." He said, presenting the spell.

"One by one, we call you near, one by one you will all die here, bring us the demon Minat so that he can meet his death." We chanted.

I jabbed Wyatt in the arm, "You made that one, didn't you?" I asked.

"What?" he asked.

Before another word could be spoken, Minat appeared before us.

"Haven't you witches learned anything?" he asked, "You can't defeat me."

"Not with our powers." Chris smirked.

"Us witches three call on the power of three, take our powers and multiply times three, take the demon and set him free." We chanted, then I jabbed him again before we watched the demon blow up!

Caleb <You can't win this, little brother.>

"Drake." Wyatt said.

"Shhhh!" I said, looking into space.

Caleb <The end of days are coming dear brother.>

"The End of days?" I asked.

Caleb <I love you, dear brother.>