Charming the Halliwells


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"Are you sure this is the one?" Rez asked.

"I am sure." The Seer smirked, "He is here."

They had stopped at a gigantic tree in the middle of the forest and were staring at a huge tree. Rez was a hooded figure. He was campaigning for Head of the evil underworld, the Source of All Evil! His Seer was Lydia, once a powerful gypsy seer. She was decked in Gypsy clothes and her hair flowed freely down her shoulder behind the cloth covering the top of her head. Rez took his pale white hand and lifted it to the tree. The tree began to move and he touched it, causing the tree to sway and transform into a small man. The man looked around.

"The stories were true!" The Seer said astonished, even though she had foreseen these events.

"I am Tull!" Tull said quickly.

"Yes. You are." Rez said, a smile etched on the face that hid underneath the hood.

Chapter 57: Ban-he

It had been a very busy morning at the Manor! Piper had gotten up early to cook for the family since she knew everyone had somewhere else to be. She had warmed bottles, made pancakes, waffles, toast, eggs, and a multitude of breakfast foods for her family. She felt at home again! Leo had come down in his robes not long ago and was already eating when Chris found his way down. Matthew and I were the last to come down. I walked to the fridge but Piper held out a warm bottle and I smiled and thanked her, then made my way over to a chair while Piper played with him. Leo got up and walked over to Matthew, also playing with him. Chris chuckled and guzzled his orange juice as I began eating bacon and eggs.

"How did you guys sleep?" Piper asked.

"Really good." Chris said.

"Matthew was a good boy." I smiled.

"Melinda called, she's got some news to tell us." Piper said, "She's driving down."

"Driving?" I asked.

"I offered to have Chris go and get her, but she said she wants to drive." Piper said.

"Is this going to be good news?" Chris asked.

There was a noise outside and Chris ran to the window with Leo.

"Damn them!" Chris said.

"Chris..." Piper said.

"Sorry, mom, but these guys really piss me off!" Chris groaned.

"What are they doing now?" I asked, scarfing down some oat meal.

"Beer cans!" Chris growled, going outside.

"Leo, follow him." Piper said.

Leo left.

"So, how are you doing? I mean, with Wyatt?" Piper asked, sitting at the table. I noticed she let Matthew play with the eggs.

I smiled, "I am using grains of salt." I said, "Lots of salt."

"I remember when Leo left...actually, it was all good until he took the spell off me." Piper said, "But I was pissed. I joined the Valkyries. Kicked ass."

"So, you're suggesting I turn into some other magical creature and kick ass? Sorry, with my family history, I wouldn't come back to good." I smiled.

"Keeping it all in isn't good." Piper said, "Sooner or later, you're going to have to talk to him, tell him what's on your mind and make a decision."

I frowned, "I love Wyatt, I do. I'm glad he's alive and I'm glad Matthew still has a father, but how do I forgive him? My husband left me, made me think he was dead for months! I felt the lowest I've ever felt and the only thing that kept me going was the fact that Matthew needed me." I said.

"Matthew is going to need you for the rest of your life." Piper smiled.

"Piper I have all this aggression and I'm not sure where to put it." I said sadly, "Work...just isn't work anymore. Life isn't life."

"I'm sorry." Wyatt said behind me.

I didn't turn around, "I have to go to work." I said quickly, "If you need me, call me." I said, leaving.

Wyatt sighed and sat at the table.

"Should you be down here?" Piper asked.

"Ha ha, mom." Wyatt frowned, "Mom, I did this to save my family! How can I get them to realize that?"

"I honestly don't know, Wyatt." Piper said, "What I do know is that you did a bad thing for a good reason."

"I guess I am more like Dad than I thought." Wyatt said.

"Yes, you are." Piper said, handing him Matthew, "He's got a shield and his bottles are in the fridge."

"Thanks, ma." Wyatt said, looking down at his baby.

Piper kissed his forehead, "No problem, baby." She said, leaving.


Chris stood at the counter, going over his inventory while his employees shuffled around making sure everything was ready for the party tonight. He was hosting a pretty big party and his performer was Taylor Swift and she was going to sing a few song: Love Story, White Horse, Fearless, and You're Not Sorry. It was going to be a very amazing night and it was all happening so fast! Chris looked up and saw Bianca.

"So, no call?" Bianca asked.

"We've been busy." Chris sighed, "Wyatt's back."

"What?" Bianca asked, "How..."

"It's a long story, Bianca." Chris said, "I just haven't had time to do anything but avoid being blown up by Drake."

"Oh gosh, Drake..." Bianca said, "I came to see if you wanted to have dinner with me."

"Dinner?" Chris asked, "I'm sorry, but I have to be here."

"Here? Why not here." Bianca asked.

"Sure, be here at 9:30." Chris said.

"With bells." Bianca smiled, turning and walking away.




"Phoebe, I'm not a reporter." I frowned, "Why can't you get someone else to do it?"

"Because, you live with Chris and it would be easier than telling someone else to do it." Phoebe said, "All you have to do is be back in time for it to go out in the paper this evening." Phoebe said, "We're helping promote it, a percentage is going to charity."

"Then I guess I have to, don't I?" I asked.

"Yes." Phoebe smiled, "How are you, sweetie."

"I am annoyed that everyone keeps asking me that." I sighed, "I'm fine."

"You are going to the club, right?" Phoebe asked.

"No. I'm going to be at home with Matthew." I said quickly.

Phoebe sighed, "You're going." She said.


"Penny can watch him." Phoebe said, "She's not going to be doing anything anyways."

"Fine." I smiled, "But there had better be drinks."


Later that night...

"This place is packed!" Bianca yelled to Chris, who could still barely hear her.

"I know!" he said.

"What?" Bianca asked.

"What?" Chris yelled back.

"Hey guys!" Warren said, joining them, "Taylor Swift's onstage!"

"I know!" Chris smirked, "And I did it all by myself!"

"You two on a date?" Warren asked.

"Yes." Bianca smiled, "We should dance."

"Yeah." Chris smiled, "Let's do it." He said, leading Bianca to the dance floor.

Warren watched as Taylor Swift sang Fearless, he couldn't help feel a bit touched by the words to the song. He had been speed dating as of late and he had a date later in the evening, but he still hadn't found that one special guy. It was discouraging. But then again, at least his boyfriend didn't leave him and go away with telling him...that would suck.

"Hey." I said, walking up behind Warren.

Warren jumped, "Hey! I thought you weren't coming!" he said.

"I wasn't but Phoebe made me promise...have you seen them?" I asked.

Warren pointed to the booth where all three sisters and their husbands sat, enjoying the night.

"There goes my night." I smiled.

"What do you mean?" Warren asked.

"I was hoping to hang with them but they have husbands and...Chris, he's with Bianca." I said slowly.

"I could cancel my date...if you wanted." Warren offered.

"You know what, no, you go on your date and have fun. I'm going to find...a drink." I said walking to the bar. I stood at the bar, "Hey, Mike, vodka. Lots of vodka." I said.

"You know vodka makes you..." I looked over to see Wyatt, his hair shaven and he was wearing a t-shirt with a very nice beige jacket and some jeans. I ignored him and grabbed my drink from the bartender, "Look, I'm not expecting you to just fall back in love with me, but I..."

"Hey, you've been a great crowd and I want to sing my new single for you. It's called
White Horse." Taylor Swift smiled to the audience. The music started and there were screams! She began, "Say your sorry, That face of an angel comes out just when you need it to. As I pace back and forth all this time
'Cause I honestly believed in you. Holdin' on, The days drag on. Stupid girl,I should've known, I should've known..."


The words of the song got to me and I made my way through the crowd, Wyatt just a step behind me, and out the back door of the club, into the alley. I stood in the middle of the alley, trying to just keep myself in line. Wyatt's warm hand rested on my shoulder and I pulled away.


"I'm sorry." Wyatt said quickly.


"Damn you, Wyatt! You can't say `I'm sorry' and it all be okay! It's not! I thought you were dead for months...My heart broke into so many pieces and once again, Wyatt, I had to put it back together by myself." I yelled, "No, not by myself. I had my baby. And your family. And my family. But not you!"

"I know and..."


"Shut up, I'm talking!" I growled, "You are such an idiot."

"It was the only way I could save you guys." Wyatt pleaded.

"You could have protected us!" I shouted, "You could have stayed and protected us!"


"What if I can't? What if something happens and..."


"Then it's life, Wyatt. We're not some toy that you can keep in your package and get out when you want!" I said angrily, "We're humans."


"Is everything alright out here?" Piper asked.


"Mom, can we have a minute?" Wyatt asked.

"What's going on out here?" Phoebe asked, accompanied by Paige.

"Can we just have a fucking moment!" I said, causing a nearby trashcan to blow up!


There was a scream in the air, a piercing scream that made all of us cover our ears. Suddenly, there was a white-haired, blue eyed woman standing before me! She screeched in front of my face and I brought fist out to punch her, but missed and she threw me into the trashcans! Wyatt waved his hand sending the woman flying into the dumpster, denting the side! Piper threw up her hand, causing the Banshee to combust into pieces! Wyatt and the sisters ran over to me. Piper and sisters looked worried, but Wyatt's look was more concerned. Before his eyes, my hair became white and my skin grew pale as my eyes turned blue and I opened my mouth, letting screeches ring throughout the alley! I kicked Wyatt in the chest causing him to fly back against the brick wall! Piper raised her hand to freeze me but I jumped in the air, find my way to the roof and into the night!




"A Banshee?" Chris asked, "A real-life, frickin banshee?"

"Yes, Chris, that's what we said." Wyatt groaned, flipping through the book, "The Banshee turned him."

"So, you two were arguing, the banshee finds you, and he's turned?" Warren asked.

"You guys, this is serious. If we don't get him before he makes his first kill, there's no way to turn him back!" Kyle said nervously, "It's serious."

"We need to get him back." Piper said.

"We need to find him." Chris said, "I don't want my nephew raised with no dad."

"What am I?" Wyatt asked.

"Until recently, dead." Chris sneered.

"What is your problem, Christopher?" Wyatt asked.

"Chris, my name is Chris!" Chris said, walking to Wyatt.

Piper wedged herself in the middle, "Actually it is Christop..."

"You left your family." Chris said, "I don't think you have much say."

"I want to save my husband." Wyatt said, "And I want things to go back to how they used to be."

"They can't." Chris said, "You changed everything and now you've got to live with it."

"Fine, but this isn't helping my husband." Wyatt said angrily.

"Maybe you should have thought about that before you broke his heart." Chris said.

"So this is my fault?" Wyatt asked, looking around. Everyone else looked away, as if they didn't hear him.

"No, sweetie, this isn't your fault." Piper said calmly, "We just need to get Drake back."

"It's not going to fix everything, Mom." Chris said.

"But it's a start." Piper said, "Kyle, can sense him?"

"No." Kyle said, "Technically, he's not a witch anymore."

"Okay, so..."

"There's a spell..." Warren said, about to read it.

"No! That turns the caster into a dog." Piper said, flipping the book shut, "We need another plan."

"Maybe we could write another spell." Chris said.

"How about using my empathy power to send the heartache of everyone in this room directly to our newest banshee?" Warren asked, "I mean, it could work, right?"

"I don't know, it's a little risky." Piper said, "But we've got nothing else."

"Well, thanks." Warren smiled.

"Not a problem." Piper said, "Hold hands." She said.

The entire room got together, Chris and Wyatt making sure they didn't have to hold each other's hand, and looked at each other.

"What do we do?" Warren asked.

"Just think about the heartbreak in your life, think about everything hurtful and imagine Wyatt sending it..." Piper said.

Everyone closed their eyes and concentrated on the bad things. Wyatt could feel them, all the memories...betrayal, lost love, Prue...Suddenly, he could feel it and he could feel Drake, who was about to kill an innocent. Their little plan was right on time and he could feel Drake coming, for the pain and agony.

"He's coming." Wyatt said, his eyes still closed.

"How far?" Piper asked, breaking and looking out the window.

"Really close." Warren said quickly.

Suddenly, the glass window shattered inward, throwing Piper across the room and Drake stood at the window, barefoot as his white see-through robes billowed in the wind. He was screeching and crying out. The pain in his voice was obvious and his blue eyes centered on Wyatt.

"What now?" Warren asked.

"I have a plan." Wyatt said as he walked towards Drake.

"Wyatt..." Piper said, but Chris held her back.

Drake pounced on Wyatt and they orbed away...

A few seconds later...

Wyatt and Drake orbed into Magic School, where a few students looked up, shocked. Drake punched Wyatt and scratched him on the side of his face! Wyatt pushed Drake away and orbed out as Drake struck again, then in behind him. Drake elbowed him, jumping into the air and drop-kicking Wyatt backwards! Wyatt waved his hand, causing Drake to fly backwards across a table, causing the books to crash to the floor along with Drake.

"How dare you!" Drake growled, flying across the air and onto Wyatt! They slid across the floor, not caring that the students had began to gather and were watching now. Drake punched Wyatt, "You son of a bitch, how could you leave me? I did everything I'm supposed to!" he growled, crawling from on top of Wyatt and transforming back to himself. Wyatt stood, wiping blood from his nose. Drake just stared, not knowing what to say, "Oh my God...Wyatt..."

Wyatt threw up his hand and Drake orbed away.


Chris stood in the kitchen, watching Leo and Piper stitch his brother back together. There had always been a part of him that wanted to know how to heal, but he was glad he couldn't, just because he'd rather see Wyatt like this. Paige had offered, but he had refused, saying that he deserved it. Piper has almost had a fit. Chris, on the other hand, had been sure this was justice. He even chuckled to himself.

"You got your ass kicked by Drake." Chris chuckled.

"And that's funny?" Wyatt asked angrily.

"Only in the he-he-ha-ha way." Chris said, "The all-powerful Wyatt got his ass handed to him by a banshee."

"Chris, I don't need this now." Wyatt warned.

"It's exactly what you deserve." Chris said, walking past him, leaving.

"Why is he riding me so hard?" Wyatt asked.

"You didn't just leave your husband, son." Leo said, putting on a bandage on Wyatt's eye.

"You left." Wyatt said.

Leo stuck the bandage on his face quickly.

"Ow." Wyatt said.

I stood at the door.

"Hey, Drake, how are you?" Piper asked.

"I'm good." I said, "Can I talk with Wyatt?"

"Umm, sure." Leo said, "Where's Matthew?"

"Upstairs." I said, "You can go and see him."

Piper and Leo left.

"Did you come to tell me I suck? That I should stay away?" Wyatt asked, standing.

I walked over and kissed him.

"Wha..." Wyatt said.

"I love you and I'm so happy you're not dead, but what you did was beyond..." I looked away, "It hurt me so bad."

"I know, baby, and I want to make it up to you." Wyatt said, "I want to come back home."

I nodded, "I think you should." I said quickly.

"Good, then I'll move in and we'll..."

"But I'm moving out." I said just as quickly.

"What?" Wyatt asked.