Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 59: The Move


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"Of course he's going to Magic School!" I argued, "He's magical."

"I was magical and I went to a normal school!" Wyatt said.

"And that was good for you, but Matthew is going to be like triple the power you were and you conjured a freaking dragon! What if he stretches the fabric of time, or something potentially worse. There are so many sci-fi things that could go wrong." I said, pouring coffee into his cup, "Wyatt, I really want him to be able to use his powers. I don't care if he has a normal childhood because nothing is normal around us...I just want him to be happy."

"I get that, but if he has a normal childhood..."

"It'll make everything feel different when he figures out that he's different. He's gifted and," I looked over at him sitting in his swing, "He's never going to be
normal. I just want him to be happy and around kids his own speed."

Wyatt nodded, "We still have a few years." He said.

"Have you heard from Chris since we moved in?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's been busy." Wyatt said, "He's been a little out of it since he was a Fury."

"What happened?" I asked.

"After he kicked my ass and dangled me over the Golden Gate Bridge?" Wyatt asked.

My eyes shot up, "He's been quiet since then." I said.

"I guess I just didn't know how me dying would affect more than just you." Wyatt said.

I nodded. We had moved into our new loft. It had hard wood floors and bright white walls. It was a three bedroom, two bathroom with a kitchen and living area. We had a love seat and two chairs facing inward at the TV. To get to the living room from the door, you had to step down. It was reminiscent of Phoebe's loft, but just a bit bigger. There was a few plants by the sliding door to the balcony and painting, which Wyatt had picked, and even pictures of Wyatt, me, and the baby. There were even a few of all three of us and the family. The phone rang and Wyatt moved over to it.

"Hey, mom...wait, what? He did what? We'll be right there." Wyatt said putting the phone down, "We have to go to the Manor." He said quickly grabbing his keys.

"Why?" I asked.

He turned, "Have you seen Matthew?" Wyatt asked.

I looked over to his swing, noticing he was gone, "Oh no, not again!" I frowned.


We walked in to see Piper feeding Matthew and I immediate snatched him up and scolded him while Piper and Wyatt looked at me oddly. Piper had apparently cooked a few things for Chris, Warren, and Leo, who sat at the table, eating.

"Why does he keep doing this? He can't keep doing this." I frowned.

"He just orbed here." Piper said.

"But what if he orbs somewhere else? What if there's people where he orbs next time?" I asked.

"Calm down, Drake." Wyatt said.

"He's just a baby." I said.

"Well, maybe he just misses the Manor." Leo said, walking over to us, "He was born here."

I sighed, "I miss the Manor too, but we live somewhere else." I frowned.

"You could always..." Piper started.

"Piper..." Leo warned.

"Whaaaat?" Piper asked, "Fine."

"Piper, I..." I started, but Wyatt cleared his throat, "We, really miss it here. But it's time we move out."

"I agree." Warren said with his mouth full of bacon.

"Shush!" Piper said, "What were you doing when he orbed out?"

Wyatt and I looked at each other.

"You were having sex?" Piper said hopefully.

"No!" I said, "No, never in front of Matthew! We were just...having a conversation in front of him."

"A conversation?" Leo asked.

"We were arguing." Wyatt said.

I jabbed him in the arm.

"About what?" Piper asked.

"Magic School." I frowned.

"Oh." Leo said, "We had that fight."

"I won." Piper smiled.

"Yeah, well my baby is going to Magic School." I said.

"Are you sure?" Piper asked, "Don't you want him to have a normal..."

"Piper, magic is normal for this family." I said, "There will be no power binding or normal school. He's a magical baby and he deserves to be able to use his powers in an environment where it's encouraged."

Piper chuckled.

"What?" I asked.

"It's just that..." Wyatt began, "I disagree. And so does mom."

"Well, it doesn't matter." I frowned.

"He is half mine." Wyatt said.

"Look, I love your concern, all of you, but seriously...he's too magical to go to normal school. And We work at Magic School!" I said.

Everyone was silent.

"Don't you have work?" Piper asked.

"I work at Magic School." Wyatt said, "My class isn't for a few minutes."

"I'm off." I said.

"Off?" Leo asked.

"Okay, so I'm playing hookie!" I said, "I'm not ready to go back to work."

"Is everything okay?" Piper asked.

"I just have this feeling something bad is on the way." I shrugged, "Just a feeling, ya know."

"That must mean something bad's coming." Piper said.

"My Med class is up on their lectures, I could..." Wyatt said.

"No, it's a feeling." I said quickly.

"Okay, well, I'm late." Wyatt said, "If you need me..."

"Got it." I said, watching him and Leo orb away.

"Are you two making up?" Piper asked.

"We're not fighting." I frowned, "It feels kind of good."


"Pipe down, Piper." I smirked.

"Fine." Piper said, "I won't say another thing about you and Wyatt."

"Good, I'm trying to keep my lunch down." Chris grumbled.

Warren and Piper looked from him to me.

"Chris..." I said.

Chris stopped and turned to me, "Yes, Drake." He said.

"I should take Matthew out of here." Warren said, snatching him up before Piper could get to him.

"Chris, there something you want to say?" Piper asked.

"I just don't think they should be together." Chris said, putting his dish in the sink, "Look at all they've gone through, it seems only right that these guys don't get together."

"Christopher!" Piper said.

"What mom, I'm just being honest."

"Yes, but Chris, you hit little snags in every relationship. What about you and Bianca?"

"Bad move, bad move..." I said, standing between them.

"Come on, Bianca never did anything like that to me!" Chris said.

"He did what he did to protect this family, Chris, our family." Piper said, "Are you sure this isn't about you being hurt?"

"Me?" Chris asked, "Look, it's not a secret that I love the jerk, but I don't know what Drake sees in him."

"I think it's time we got all this out in the open. Whaddya say I cook a family dinner and we hash all this out." Piper said, "Bring Bianca."

"Why would I bring her into this?" Chris asked.

"Because it might do some good to have somebody you actually listen to." Piper said.

Chris looked at us, then it was like someone else was talking to him, "A new charge. She's in trouble." He said, "Duty calls." He said, orbing away.

Piper let all her air out, "He is the most stubborn..."

"Just like his parents." I said.

"I am not stubborn. Neurotic, yes, stubborn..."

"Yes." Warren shouted from the other room.

I chuckled.


Chris orbed into the spacious apartment just as a fireball sailed by his face. He saw a teenage girl jump out of the way just before it collided with her! Chris looked over to see a tall man, his arm outstretched in front of himself! Chris raised his hand, gesturing towards a lamp, causing it to fly through the air in a burst of orbs and collide with the demon's head, knocking him to the ground!

"Iz `e...iz `e dead?" the girl said, peering from behind the couch.

"No." Chris said, "Who is he?"

The girl shrugged, "'tank you fvoor savink me." She smiled.

"That's my job." Chris smiled.


Warren and Seann laid in Warren's bed, Seann in Warren's arms. They stared up at the ceiling, smiling blindly. They had just had the best sex either of them had had. They had gone so rough and hard, they almost broke each other.

"So, you think your family'll be cool with this?" Seann asked.

"Yeah. They know." Warren smiled, "What about you."

"Dad's not the type to get bent out of shape about something like this." Seann said, "But you never know."

"Well, I'm here for you." Warren said, "You'll always have me."

Seann looked over at him, "Thanks." He said, kissing Warren, "So, you're a witch?"

"Half." Warren corrected, "I used to be half demon, but that part of me is gone."

"Demon? Seriously? What was that like?" Seann asked.

"Surreal." Warren said, "I can't believe it some days."

"But you're cured now, right?" Seann asked.

"As much as one can be." Warren said, "Sometimes I still hear the voices of the people I kill."

"That must be excruciating." Seann said, trying to empathetic, "I can't imagine."

"I'm glad you can't." Warren said, "That's what I love about you."

"So, do we put clothes back on?" Seann asked.

"No." Warren said, "I can think of a few things we should do before we put clothes back on." He smirked, stealing a kiss.


"I wish to know the secrets now!" The Source bellowed, "I want the world to crumble beneath my hands, I want the Charmed One's head on a platter."

"As long as you're not going to eat it, I'm cool with that." The Seer said seriously, "It's icky."

"What do you see?" The Source asked.

They stood in the midst of the cavernous Underworld, in his grand palace beneath the world. His throne was set up in the middle of the room, showing his greatness. He couldn't be attacked, not even from behind because he was ever vigilant. The seer stood a few inches in front of the throne, her eyes glazed over.

"They will overtake your troops." The Seer frowned.

"Even if.."

"Even then." The Seer said, "I do not know of a way to defeat them."

"What did you say?!" The Source asked.

"To defeat them?" she asked.

"Maybe it is not I that will defeat them." The Source smirked under his robe, "Is there a way turn them against each other?"

"It's been done." The Seer said, "Didn't work before." She said, tossing her long, beautiful hair.

"The most vulnerable one...which one is the most vulnerable one?" The Source asked.

The Seer's eyes glazed over and a smirk appear on her face...


"Did Wyatt have this problem?" I asked.

"I did tell you about the dragon, right?" Piper smirked, "Relax. Look, Wyatt was a handful, but the good far outweighs the bad."

"I know." I sighed, "But I don't want to screw this up."

"And I don't want you to screw this up, but sometimes, it happens." Piper said.

"You sure there's not a spell to just make him forget to orb?" I asked.

Piper looked at me oddly.

"No, of course there isn't." I said.

Just then Wyatt orbed in, "Hey," he said walking to Matthew, "Hey little buddy, how are you doing?" he asked picking him up.

"Class is over early." I said, looking at my watch.

"Only if you don't teach it." Wyatt smiled, "I missed Matt, plus we had to be home for dinner. Dad is on the way."

"That's so sweet." Piper said, pinching Wyatt's cheeks.

"Get...a life." I chuckled.

Wyatt played with Matthew.

"This it mandatory?" I asked.

"I'd like for you to be here." Piper said.

"So, yeah." Wyatt smirked, kissing the baby's feet.


"I miss those days." Paige said.

"Really?" Phoebe asked.

"Come on, Phoebe, kicking demon ass was pretty fun." Paige smirked.

"Yeah, it was real fun...if you like chaos." Piper chuckled, sitting at the table with them.

"Don't get me wrong, I know there was a downside, a major downside to demon hunting, but it wasn't all bad." Paige said.

"Like the feeling of saving an innocent." Phoebe mused.

"And using super cool powers." Paige said.

"And the loss of a sister...oh, wait, that was a downside." Piper said.

"You're saying you don't miss it any?" Paige asked.

"Lemme remind you that I used to be the middle sister." Piper smirked.

"Not the question I asked." Paige said.

"A little, but I look at what Wyatt, Chris, and Drake are going through and I feel for them." Piper said.

"But they save the world, a lot." Phoebe said, "But I guess it is more dangerous now than when we fought demons."

"Yes and that's saying something." Piper added.

"True, but we could still kick ass...right?" Paige asked.

"You still kick ass, you have charges." Phoebe reminded her.

"Yeah, but it's not the same." Paige said.

"Can we talk about something different?" Piper asked.

"So, who are the boys vanquishing?" Phoebe smirked.


"Hey," Carl, the sports columnist, called, "Nice column, I read it today while I was looking for mine. Really nice."

Carl was the typical dream guy for me. He was a gay man with a straight man's mind. He was really nice looking too. He looked like that guy from True Blood, Alexander SkarsgŚrd. He was deeply sexy.


"Thanks." I smiled, "I didn't know you read my stuff."


"Yeah, it's not exactly sports, but it's pretty nice. The advice to the woman with the over-dependent parents was really insightful." Carl smiled.


"I'm glad you liked it." I said, "I wish I could say I read the sports column but I'm not that into sports."


Carl chuckled.


"No offense, I just...with the new baby and all..."


"It's okay. I know how it can be." Carl said.


I stared.


"Okay, I don't but I understand." Carl chuckled nervously, "Well, I've gotta get back."

"Oh, sure." I said quickly, watching him walk back to his desk. Before I could fully close the door to my office, I was orbing away!




Minutes earlier...

"So, you're sure this isn't just random?" Wyatt sighed.

"No, for the fiftieth time! I wouldn't have called you in from work if it were." Chris sighed, flipping through the Book of Shadows.

Wyatt sighed, "And it was one of the source's assassins?" he asked.

"Yeah." Chris said, "It doesn't make sense. I mean it totally does, but she has a really great gift."

"Maybe we should pluck up the balls and call..."

"No! He's finally going back to work and he's really doing something that makes him happy." Chris said, "He loves Matthew more, but that job is..."

"Okay, I get it." Wyatt said, "What about Warren?"

"I think he's got enough on his plate too." Chris said, "We can do this."

Suddenly, a demon shimmered in behind Wyatt and sent him slamming through an old armoire in the corner of the attic! Chris quickly searched the book for the demon that had just appeared. He ducked energy balls as they came but his gaze never left the book! Wyatt raised his hand and yelled, "Drake,"

In the Underworld...

"It is time." The Source said.

"Are you sure about this? The aftermath of such a..."

"Oracle, do not question me!" The Source roared, disappearing in a blaze of fire and reappearing in front of the gates of the Hollow. The Source walked up to the gates and opened them, his hand parting as did the gate. He took the box into his hands and waved it into the air, causing it to disappear.

At the Manor...

"Drake." Wyatt said as a box materialized before Chris and Wyatt. He ignored the orbs and opened the box to see black particles swirling out of the box and into him!

I turned to see Chris' eyes fixated on Wyatt, so I looked over to see Dark Wyatt. Before I could move, he backhanded me across the room! Chris jumped into the air and levitated, but as I watched, Wyatt flickered and Chris fell to the ground. Wyatt picked him up and threw him across the room!

"Wyatt!" I screamed.

"I expel you!" Wyatt said in a dark, baritone voice.

Suddenly, Piper, Leo, Chris, and I were standing outside of the Manor!