Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 61: Such a Pratt


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"Oh, come on!" I whined as I dropped my iPhone in Matthew's mashed potatoes. I fished my iPhone out of the mashed potatoes and stared at Matthew. He had taken my phone as I was cleaning him and accidently, I guessed, thrown it in, "Matthew! Wyatt, get out here!"

Wyatt walked around the corner slowly, "What's going on?" he asked.

"My iPhone just took a dive into the mashed pot...Wyatt...You're not going to work?" I asked, noticing that he was dressed only in his track pants.

He hadn't been to work in weeks, not since...

"No." Wyatt said coldly, "I thought I'd watch Matthew."


"I don't need a lecture." Wyatt snapped.

I nodded, "Yeah, okay." I said, grabbing Matthew and headed for the door.

Wyatt bounded in front of me, "I'm sorry. You know that, but I'm going through some really...I didn't mean to snap at you." He said.

"Wyatt, I don't know how much longer I can live like this. You're like a zombie, one of those zombies from the movies that bites your head off. I just want everything to go back to the way it was before you left." I said, fighting back the tears in my eyes.

Wyatt touched my face, but I handed him Matthew.

"I'll be back." I said, leaving.


"So, this Hognarth demon...he looks, like this?" Chris asked, showing his newest charge, Emily, the photo in the Book of Shadows.

Emily nodded, "That's him!" she said quickly.

Chris took another look at the fuscia demon with its claws and spiked back, "Great." He said sarcastically.

I walked into the room, "Great? What's so great?" I asked, walking over to the book.

Emily looked scared, at which point I threw my hands in the air, freezing her.

"You just froze and innocent." Chris said.

"Wyatt is losing his mind!" I said.

Chris looked at me as if I were stating something he already knew.

"Look, I don't know what more I can do to help him. I'm a psychologist and even I can't really understand him." I frowned.

"He's not going to work again?" Chris asked.

"No." I said, "And he loves teaching medicine."

"I don't mean to rush you but I've got a demon after her, Placebo playing at P3, and Bianca." Chris said, "And I've been having these weird dreams."

"What weird dreams?" I asked.

"Well, they're more like daydreams. That may or may not happen." Chris said sheepishly.

"You're getting preminitions?!" I asked, realizing that I had not been getting preminitons lately. They had stopped a while ago, "Why didn't you tell anyone?"

"Tell you guys what? That I got Aunt Phoebe's powers? Everyone's got something going on." Chris smiled, "Like a new cousin living a few doors down."

"And your parents across the hall." I said.

"Yeah, and you, Wyatt, and the baby left." Chris said, "I don't get to see my nephew as much as I should."

"What're you talking about, we bring him over at least twice a day." I said.

"Not as much as if you lived here." Chris sighed, "But I guess we all gotta do our own things. And the new Source is seriously turning up the heat."

"Tell me about it, I don't know how many times demons attacked us." I said, "Good thing I have powers, cause Wyatt's no help."

"My new charge," he pointed to the girl on the couch, "is like a demon magnet and she has no real powers."

"What can she do?" I asked.

"Nothing, she's a future whitelighter." Chris said.

"Oh." I said 0_o.

"Can you unfreeze her?" Chris asked.

"Can I!" I chuckled, "I'll try." I waved my hand, causing her to unfreeze and look around.

"Were you here before?" Emily asked.

"No, but I'll be going." I said, "See you guys later...I hope." I smiled, leaving. I walked down the stairs and into the parlor. Warren was standing at the window with Seann. I thought it was cute the way they stood, arm-in-arm.

"Hey." Warren said.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"This girl is letting his dog poop all over the lawn!" Warren frowned.

"Is it the neighbors? Don't tell Chris." I frowned.

"No, some other chick." Seann said. Apparently, he'd been here long enough to know about the neighbors.

I joined them at the window. I watched the woman letting her dog poop on the lawn and suddenly, I raised my hand with a quick reflex and froze the dog and the woman.

"Anybody got a little telekinesis?" I asked.

"Try blasting her backwards into it." Warren said.

I concentrated on the space just in front of her, I imagined it exploding and before I could look up there was an explosion and the woman was sitting in the dog poop! We all chuckled and removed ourselves from in front of the window and arranged ourselves in the chairs. From upstairs, there was a scream, which caused me to go running up the stairs while Warren disappeared and Seann stood, shocked. When I got there, I saw Chris laying on the floor and Emily standing a few feet away. I walked over to Chris and placed my hand on him and suddenly he start convulsing.

In his vision...

"What world did I just walk into?" Chris asked, looking around at the world around him. The world looked post-apocalyptic, not just looked, but it was. The streets were filled with empty cars, debris, and the buildings were dilapidated.


Chris walked through the world, looking over cars, watching people, who seemed mostly unaffected, walk down the side walk. There was a robotic sentry hovering around, scanning faces. Chris found it peculiar that the people stopped and continued unaffected. Chris flipped up his collar and continued walking down the street. As he walked he heard a humming behind him and quickened his pace. He turned quickly down an alley and found himself at a dead end. He turned to see the sentry bot hovering a few feet from him. It scanned his face and sounded as if it were computing.

"Impossible. Target is Not Applicable." The bot said.

Before Chris could move, the robot blew into a million pieces and in front of him stood Drake.

"Chris?" Drake asked. Chris immediately took note of the leather pants, white and black sleeveless designed shirt, and black leather vest. There were holsters around his belt with small handguns and chainmail sleeves.

"Drake?" Chris asked.

Drake withdrew a handgun and aimed, "Look, I don't know what you are but you better start explaining right now!"

"Whoa!" Chris said, "It's me."

Drake looked at him oddly, "Why in the Hell should I believe you?" he asked.

"Don't but seriously, you heard the computer."

Drake put his gun up, "I've got to show you something." He said, pulling Chris. Chris wondered why they were heading towards the cemetery and why San Francisco looked like it had survived the end of the world. It took them little time to move from the alley to the cemetery.

"What's in a cemetery?" Chris asked.

"You." Drake said, stopping at a tombstone, "You died years ago."

Chris stared at the grave, wanting it to be different. Wishing upon all wishes that he was seeing this wrong and hearing this wrong.

"Magic was exposed. Nathala Pratt did it and you got killed the hunter." Drake frowned, "The Source's plan worked to unveil magic and you can imagine who he chose to use to reveal it."

"Where is Matthew?" Chris asked in a tiny voice.

Drake ignored the question, "He killed you, so I killed him." He said without any reservation.

"Where's Wyatt?" Chris asked.

"Asylum." Drake frowned, "He's the only person still locked up."

"You still didn't answer me about Matthew." Chris said.

"Matthew is somewhere safe. Or as safe as...Time travel." Drake said, scratching his head, "That's what this is, right?"

"Yeah. I guess." Chris said, holding his head, "What happened?"

"Nathla Pratt. One day she was outside the manor and we used magic against her and it gave her the idea that we were witches. You remember the witch hunter from the bombing? Well they aligned and it led to the death of Henry." Drake explained, "Paige, being the pacificist she had become, got lost in her depression. I took the opposite road and killed the bastard after he attacked us. Nathla videotaped it. Released it. I was hunted."

"But what about Wyatt?" Chris asked, "And me?"

"Wyatt's rage...consumed him, led him down a dark path. His power was too much for him. He totally lost it and you...held on as long as you could."

"Why haven't you died?" Chris asked, confused.

"I can freeze things, like bullets." Drake frowned, "I can't really be captured."

"So, you're the witch left standing." Chris mused, "Okay, so I'm dead and you're, what, Mad Max?"

"We need to move." Drake said, looking around, "We need to find Wyatt and undo whatever went wrong."

Suddenly, Chris was thrown back into the attic.

"Are you okay?" his charge asked.

"What happened?" Chris asked.

"You just went blank." She said.

"Oh, sorry." Chris said, looking around.