Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 62: Once and Future Being


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"You know that I could use somebody, someone like you with all you know and how you speak..."


"I can't believe you got Paramore to sing Use Somebody! I mean, it sounds so good." I said.


"Better than Kings of Leon?" Chris asked.


"I don't know. It's pretty good." I smiled. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Carl, "Hey, you made it!"


"I wouldn't miss it." Carl said, "I love Paramore!"


"Can I get you a drink?" I asked.


"Sure." Carl said following me to the bar, "So, your brother-in-law owns this place?"


"More like the family." I said.


"So, I was surprised you agreed to meet me here. I remember you getting married was a big deal, and then you adopted..."


"I...there was no adoption." I said, "The kid's mine. Ours."


"Oh, sorry." Carl said nervously.

"No, it's an honest mistake." I smiled.


"So...your husband..."


"He's going through something big. Something that apparently I can't help him with." I frowned, "Something that requires him to check out of the relationship."


"I'm sorry." Carl said, "He must be losing it. Any guy who has you and doesn't appreciate it is...well, he's losing it."


I blushed, "Thanks...Wyatt."


"I'm Carl." Carl said, puzzled.


I looked past him, "No! No, my...Wyatt." I said, "Excuse me, I'll be right back."


"Sure." Carl smiled.


I walked over to Wyatt, who hadn't taken his eyes off me or my date, even while talking to Chris.


"Drake, you're here. Good, Wyatt says that a demon is at the house and we need the power of three." Chris said.


"I'm kind of busy." I frowned.


"Are you...on a date?" Wyatt asked, eyeing my date.


"I'm...well, yeah." I said.


"So, you're admitting you're on a date." Wyatt said.


"We're separated." I frowned, "You told me..."


"Listen guys, we need to get back to the Manor, so can we please put this off until we're not under attack." Chris frowned.


"Fine." We both said.


I grabbed his hand, hoping this would only take a minute and I could get back to my date. We made it to the back of club while Paramore was performing Ignorance and orbed out. Piper, Paige, and Phoebe were ducked behind the couch as a demon was sending fireballs flying everywhere. The demon smiled.


"Why's the creepy demon smiling at me?" I asked.


"Be careful..." Piper said but the demon shot another fireball at her! The demon shimmered out and materialized behind me, grabbing me and shimmering away. Before I could gather myself, I was hurled to the floor. Dust flew up everywhere and I realized we weren't in the Manor. I could hear voices chanting in the background and at first I thought it was the Sisters but I stood anyway and the demon disappeared just before I did too.



I stood in the middle of the Manor. It wasn't as updated as it should have been. It looked like it did when we were kids.


"Wyatt! Where are you?" Leo said.


I hid behind the wall instinctively, peeking around to see Leo carrying a toddler. Leo looked good, he still looked young.

"Please don't let this be the past." I wished, closing my eyes and bringing my hands together, "Please not the past, please not the past!


"Boo!" Wyatt said, jumping out from behind a plant.


"Buddy, you scared me!" Leo chuckled, "Now go wash up for dinner."


"Dinner!" Wyatt said, racing up the stairs.


I quickly ducked back around the corner as Leo looked my way, "Is somebody there?" he asked, "Piper!"


"No, Leo, it's just me!" I said, stepping out.


"Who are you?" Leo asked.


I sighed, "Drake." I frowned.


Leo looked bewildered. As Piper rounded the corner from the kitchen, she saw the look on Leo's face and blew me backwards! I splattered against the wall!


"Piper no! It's Drake Summers." Leo said.


"Oh." Piper said, "Well next time say that!" she walked over and helped me up, "Little Drakey Summers?"


"Not so little Drakey Summers." Leo said, still bewildered.


"What are you doing here?" Piper asked.


"I'm just as shocked as you are." I frowned, "There was this demon and Me and Chris and Wyatt..."


"Wait, you demon hunt with Chris and Wyatt?" Leo asked, looking at his son.


"We're Charmed." I said too quickly to catch.


"You're huh?" Piper said, astonished, "Wait so, you live in the Manor?"


"No. Not anymore. Me and Wyatt moved out." I said.


"Got your own bachelor pads, huh?" Leo said proudly.


"Not exactly." I said nervously.


"Then..." Piper trailed.


"Oh." Leo said.


I blushed.

"So, you and're..." Leo trailed.


"Yes." I said, "We're married."


There was a long silence before Wyatt came running down the stairs.

"I'm ready!" he said, sounding so adorable.


I walked over and knelt down to be face to face with him, "He's so...little." I laughed.


"So, a demon brought you back?" Piper asked.


I caught sight of Chris, "Awww look at him! He's so..."


Piper whistled, "Yeah, little. You can't be here any longer." She said.


"Is it the gay thing? Because you seem pretty okay with it in the future." I said.


"No," Piper chortled, "I just don't want to change the future too much."


"Oh." I blushed again.


"Maybe we should tell your sisters." Leo said, "I just...I'm shocked. I knew the boys would take over demon hunting, but I never thought...I mean, it wasn't foretold."

"Well, honey, we're Charmed, so it would stand to reason that they'd be Charmed too." Piper smiled, "One of you isn't dead, is it?"


"No." I said, "But we did meet Prue this one time."


"Do we have another kid?" Leo asked.


"Leo!" Piper warned.


"Just askin." Leo frowned.


"Melinda." I said before Piper could stop me.


Piper smiled, "I just met your mother." She said, "And you!"


"We need the sisters pronto before I change anything." I said.


"Right. Well, Coop and Phoebe are...well, she's writing a book and they're just married, but you already knew that huh? And Paige and Henry..."


"I get it, Piper, but we really need them." I frowned.


"We have bigger issues..." Leo said, "You said a demon came with you, from the future."


"Yeah. He was...ummm, I don't really know much about him." I frowned.


"And he won't be in the book, if he's really from the future." Piper sighed.

"I forget how much I really rely on that friggin book." I sighed, "And the power of three."


"I still can't guys inherited that." Piper said, trying to hid a smile.


"We need the power of three." I said.


Piper sighed, "I'll call my sisters."




"So, he's your son-in-law?" Phoebe asked, confused.


"Yes." Leo said uneasily.


"And he's real? Right?" Paige asked.


They were all sitting in the sunroom. Piper explained the situation to Paige, Phoebe, and Coop. Leo sat next to Piper, who hovered over the playpen, watching Wyatt and Chris play together. I stood, uneasily wavering.


"There's so many questions I want to ask." Paige said, "But that whole future ruined thing..."


"I have no idea why I'm here ladies." I said, "This demon could be doing anything. He's currently doing something that can be classified as anything."


"Sorry, this takes some getting used to." Phoebe said, "Wyatt's gay. Not that it's bad, it's just that...knowing is just new."


"I understand." I frowned.


Coop looked away.


"Coop, did you know?" Piper asked.


Coop looked at Piper, then around at everyone else, "Kind of." He said.


There was a collective sigh.


"And you weren't even going to tell us?" Piper asked.

"This is Wyatt's secret, not mine." Coop said.


"And you're his soulmate?" Paige asked, "That's a pretty sweet deal."


"Welcome to the family." Phoebe said, extending her hand.


I shook it and Phoebe looked blank for a second and I immediately knew what was happening.


"He's right." Phoebe said peacefully.


Piper and Paige looked between each other and smiled up at me.


"Also, everyone, Phoebe's pregnant." I smirked.


"See, that's the kind of info that should be kept between you and the future." Piper said quickly.


"Drake." Wyatt said from the play pen.


"Hey, Wyatt." I said, "You get it, don't you?"


"How can he get it?" Paige asked, "Not that my nephew's not a genius but he's too young to know what's going on."


"He did hear us say Drake's name." Phoebe said.


I walked over to the play pen, "I think it's cute." I said, looking to Leo and Piper, "In a totally non-pedophilic type of way."


"We have to get you back to your time." Leo said.


"Yeah, well, I have less power at this point." I said, "I don't even know if I have any power."


"I'm sure you have some power." Piper said, "Right, Leo?"


"Umm, yeah. I'm sure he does." Leo said.


"Thanks, but you're not a great liar yet." I smiled, "This demon might be in the book."


"I thought we agreed that he wouldn't be in the book." Phoebe said.


"His future self won't be, for obvious reasons, but his past self might be." Paige mused, "Oy! My charge is calling."


"Go. I know how important your charges are." I said quickly.


"Did I teach Wyatt and Chris how to be whitelighters in the future?" Paige asked, standing.


"Yeah, but we don't talk about it much. There's a whole lot going on in the future." I smiled.


"I shall return." Paige said, gesturing with a little quirky gesture that only Paige could, and orbing away.


"I feel sick." Phoebe said, racing off to the bathroom.


"I better go and see if she's okay." Coop said, following her.


"Rookie." Leo chuckled.


Piper elbowed him, "How's married life?" she asked.


I looked at her, wide-eyed, "Tense." I said, "We should really find this demon."


"Ask and ye shall receive."


I turned to see the demon. Piper stood and Leo walked over to Wyatt, who raised his shield, and Chris. The demon, without so much as a word, threw a fire ball at me, but Wyatt threw his hands in the air and I felt myself disperse into orbs and reappear. I looked back to see a scorch mark on the fire place. I turned back to him and dived out the way of another attack, which Piper froze. Piper blasted the fireball back at him, but he disappeared and reappeared with an identical twin, his past self. His past self was well-dressed and seemed to have a permanent smirk on his face. Piper looked to me and I looked at her, my face full of worry. The actions that transpired next happened so fast, if you blinked, you would have missed it. The two of them had four fireballs between them. Two were thrown at Piper and two were thrown at me. Piper froze one with one hand and deflected the other with the other hand. I, on the other hand, threw my hand in front of me and sent one of the fireballs hurling back at the demon from the future and the other burned my hand! It clipped him and his sneered at me before they both blinked away.


"Oh God, Paige!" Piper called.


"What's going on?" Phoebe asked, walking back in with Coop, "What happened?"


"The demons attacked!" Leo said, coming from under the shield, "Show me your hands."


I pushed my hands in front of him.


"Paige!" Piper said, standing over Leo's shoulder, who was examining my hands.


Paige orbed in, "This had better be-holy crap, what happened?" she asked.


"If one more person asks that, I swear!" I growled.


"You take after Piper, don't you?" Paige asked, healing my burnt hands.


I sighed with relief, "Thank you."


"We need to be ready for when they attack next." Phoebe said.


"We?" Coop asked.


"I'm still a Charmed One, sweetie." Phoebe said, caressing his face.

"That's totally sweet and all, but maybe he's right." I said.


"I'll just have to be careful." Phoebe smiled.


"Is that your power? Are you the third" Leo asked.


"What? Telekinesis? No." I said, "Before I was Charmed, that was my power. It sort of disappeared after I became Charmed."


"Disappeared?" Leo asked.


"Don't even ask." I shook my head.


"First thing we need to do is make some offensive potions." Piper said.


"I'll start on the vanquishing spell." Phoebe said.


"I'll help." Coop said.


"I'll research the book." Paige and I said at the same time. We looked at each other and smiled.


"That never happens in the future." I smiled.


"Well, I'll take the book. You help Piper." Paige chuckled.


"I'm not really good at potions." I said, "I kinda failed that in Hogwarts."


They laughed.


"Well tough, you're going to help me." Piper chuckled, ushering me to the kitchen, "They don't call Magic School Hogwarts in the future, do they?"



"Oxford Root." Piper demanded.


I searched the labels, trying to find the Oxford Root. When I finally found it, she took it and dashed a little in the mini cauldron. I looked at her, she was so young now...Everybody was. Everything that was going to happen in the future hadn't happened yet. All the hurt that was going to come hadn't come. Thus we were young. How could I possibly live with myself without trying to change some of the things that had gone wrong? I had seen Wyatt and Chris, but I still hadn't seen me or Caleb or Dad...or Mom.


"So, before, when you said your marriage was tense...things not going so well?" Piper asked.


"You know I can't..."


"I know! I know. I just don't want to see you struggle." Piper said, "Gay, straight, bi...whatever, I just want Wyatt and Chris to be happy. And Melinda."


I smiled at the last, "We were happy." I smiled, "We are. We just are going through some things that are really testing us."


"Do you come to me a lot in the future?" Piper asked.


"I don't really have a choice." I chuckled.


Piper smirked, "What about your Mom and Dad?"


I looked down and away.


"They didn't take you being gay too well, huh?" Piper asked.


"No, I mean yes! They were fine with it." I stammered, "It's complicated."


"Do I have to ask about grandchildren?" Piper asked.


I chuckled.


Piper smiled, adding more ingredients, "You adopted or a surrogate or what?" she asked.


"Nope." I said, "The old fashioned way."


Piper looked at me, puzzled.


"Leo didn't tell you? Male witches can get pregnant. Not common, in fact it's rare. I'm thinking it's the higher powers that commission that sort of thing." I explained.

"You're serious?" Piper asked.


I nodded.


Piper hugged me, "Cool." She smirked.

There was a crash and Leo shouted for Piper and me to come. Piper bottled the potion and we hurried to the sitting room, but before we could get there, Leo came flying across the dining room table! Piper bent down to check on Leo and I looked over to see a fireball coming toward my head! I hid behind the edge of the wall and waited. I only had the power to move things with my mind, my other powers were gone. There were two of the same demon, surely they shared a connection. I heard fighting sounds and looked around to see Phoebe fighting one of the demons and Paige orbing in and out, avoiding the fireballs! Piper looked over the table and waved a hand, blasting the one Paige was fighting back a few feet. He must have been the future demon, the stronger one. I saw Phoebe having trouble with the demon and concentrated on a vase, levitating it in the air. I waved my hand, causing the vase to collide with the demon's head. The demon just shrugged and turned to me. I sighed and dodged a fireball. Piper had the potion and threw it at the demon from the past but he deflected it onto the future him!


"The spell!" Phoebe said, joining her sisters.


"Demonic foe from which the future flows, we call upon the ancient flow, take this demon, make him go!" The sisters chanted.


The demon writhed in pain and blew up! His past self disappeared quickly.

"What...kind of spell was that?" I asked.

"I got sick." Phoebe frowned.


"Something's wrong." Leo said, "Why're you still here?" he asked.


I looked around, "I don't know." I frowned.