Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 63: Glimpses


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"So, you're stuck in the past? Bummer." Paige smirked, mixing some potions.

"If we kill this demon, you'll go back, right?" Phoebe asked, "We can't risk you changing the past."

I shrugged, "What's so wrong with seeing little Wyatt and little Chris?" I asked.

"The problem," Piper began, "is that we're supposed to have a demon-free existence now. Or at least demon light."

"I know you've got to be doing stuff for P3 and..."

They exchanged looks.

"P3 is closed." Leo corrected me.

"Not possible." I frowned.

"Why not?" Piper asked.

"Chris runs P3 in our time." I explained, " can't be closed."

"I closed P3 to concentrate on the restaurant." Piper said quickly.

"That's...well...really?" I asked.

"Hey, you try raising two kids and running a restaurant." Piper snapped.

"Sorry. I just know it'll reopen." I said.

"Piper?" Caly Summers said behind us. We all turned and looked at her, "The door was open, so I figured you were in the attic. Is everything..." she stopped when her eyes got to me.

"Crap." Piper exclaimed.


"I'm sorry, I don't see anything about it in here." Chris said, searching the Book of Shadows. Wyatt held Matthew, who was irate since Drake vanished. Peter, Caleb, and Warren stood around, reading different books about portals. Phoebe and Paige sat at the table mixing the vanquishing potion while Leo and Piper stood beside Wyatt, trying to calm the baby.

"How can you lose a person? Maybe he's in the Underworld." Piper said hopefully.

"No, mom, I couldn't sense him at all." Wyatt said, "He's gone."

"Is that why little man is crying?" Paige asked.

"I think so." Wyatt said, passing the baby to his mom, "I think he can sense it, too."

"We've got to get him back. Who knows where he is." Peter said, "My son is out there somewhere lost and alone."

"Is he in the spiritual plane?" Phoebe asked, "Like you and Leo were."

"No, you'd feel him." Paige answered.

"The book says he's a Boslow demon. The vanquishing spell has something about time, `Cause for this demon to slip through time and disappear beyond this concept of mine', maybe they're in the future." Chris said.

"Or the past." Wyatt said quickly, "I'd bank on the past, it could change stuff there."

"So, it took Drake with him?" Warren asked.

"Yeah." Chris said, "I think that's exactly right. I think he bets on Drake ruining the past."

"We need to write a spell or something." Caleb said.

"It's not going to be that easy." Wyatt said, "But we need to use that spell we used to get back when I lost my powers."

"The one during the `Ultimate Battle'?" Chris asked.

"Yeah." Wyatt said.


Caly Summers stood, wide-eyed and shocked as she looked at me. I stood too, shocked at how young she looked now and by her just being there. I was a little awkward at that moment and found myself feeling a little more than shy.

"He looks just like his father." Caly said, "He is...Drake, right?"

"Caly..." Piper began.

"Why didn't he come to me? Why did he...come here?" Caly said, sitting at the table.

"Mommy." I said quickly. The words burned in my throat.

"Baby!" Caly said hugging me.

I couldn't exactly process what was happening. I didn't expect to see her and I didn't expect to feel her...She smelled like lilacs that she used to plant in the garden.

"I shouldn't be seeing you." Caly said, "But I'm seeing you."

"Now I realize where I get my speech pattern from." I said quickly, "I miss you."

"You miss me? Don't I live close? Or am I far away?" she asked.

I stopped.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Caly asked.

"Can I see me?" I asked.

"Yes, of course!" Caly said, "I'll go now. Don't go anywhere." She said, leaving.

I turned to the sisters, who all had their arms folded, "I know, but I have to see me." I said quickly.

I saw the looks on their faces but before I could turn, I was soaring across the room. I slammed into the wall! Piper and Phoebe were knocked down but Paige disappeared in a flash of orbs. She then waved her hand at the demon and it flew backwards, crashing into the antiques. Leo grabbed Wyatt and Chris and slid out of the room. The demon got to his feet and sent a fireball at Paige, to which she orbed away. The demon disappeared and blinked in behind her, knocking her to the floor. I got to my feet, ready to take him on. I waved my hand at the demon, but nothing happened! I looked at my hands and didn't notice a fireball hurtling towards me. Before it hit me, the fireball returned back to the demon and he blinked out. I waited a tick before looking to the door where Mom stood with little Caleb and little me. Peter was behind her.

"Holy Hell." Peter muttered, looking me over.

"Why didn't your powers work?" Phoebe asked as she and Piper stood. Paige joined them.

"I'm not Charmed here." I said quickly, "And maybe I haven't inherited my powers yet."

"Drakey?" Peter asked.

"Dad." I said, hugging him.

The look on his face was pure astonishment.

"The kid." I smiled playing with myself...not how it sounded.

"Drakey." Little Caleb said. He was adorable.

"Awww." Piper said behind me.

"I'll take them down with Wyatt and Chris." Peter said, unable to really take his eyes off me.

"What just happened?" Caly asked.

"The demon that brought him back just kicked our asses." Paige said pointedly.

"But that's all about to change." I said, "We need a vanquishing potion and the power of three."

"Good thing we know the Charmed Ones." Caly smiled.

"Yeah, good thing." Piper said.

Phoebe nudged her, "Piper." She said.

"What?" Caly asked.


"I can't believe you're going to be a Charmed One." Caly gushed. We stood in the Sun Room, Dad and Leo were in the living room with the kids. Phoebe, Piper, and Paige were in the kitchen with the book, making a potion.

"I can't believe...I want to freeze this moment." I said, knowing it sounded a little goopy, "If I had my powers, I probably could."

Caly laughed, "I'm glad you inherited my sense of humor." She smiled.

"Dad's isn't near as fun." I said, "Not how you are." I wanted to say were.

"Your dad...well, you know we come from sorcerers." She smiled, "There's so much I want to tell you, so much I want to know."

"So much I can't really tell you." I frowned.

"I understand." Caly said, "Are you close with your brother?"

I stared at her for a second.

"Oh." Caly said.

"Mom. Don't ever leave me...ever." I said.

"What? Why would I leave you?" Mom asked.

I was about to say something when the sisters walked back in.

"We have the strongest potion and a spell that could take out any demon." Phoebe smiled, "We also have the spell to time travel."

"All you need is to summon the demon." Piper said.

"Cool." I said.


We stood in a circle, calling for the demon. It was then that I realized that he, the demon, had time to do whatever he was going to do. The demon materialized in front of us and I immediately kicked him in the chest, knocking him a few feet away.

"Drake!" Piper said.

"That's for before." I said, "Do it."

"Demons come and demons go

Demon of the past, future, and present

Cease." The sisters chanted.

Caly threw the potion at the demon and he exploded.

I could finally hear chanting in my head, it was Wyatt and Chris and the Sisters.

"Phoebe, I'm leaving you with this." I said, touching her skin. I immediately knew that her tensing meant that my idea had worked, she was receiving the prophecy that had started my whole story before I disappeared in orbs.


I materialized in front of Wyatt, Chris, and the sisters. I looked around and sighed.

"It worked." Chris said.

"Where've you been?" Wyatt asked.

"The Past." I said.

"Was it that time you came back and saw us?" Phoebe asked.

"Which time? I...yeah." I said, "I just need to be alone." I said, walking out of the attic. I walked into the hallway.

"Hey." Wyatt said, "What's wrong?"

"I, umm, saw my mom." I said.

Wyatt looked at me for a second, "Listen, I know..."

"You don't know anything." I said quickly, "I thought I'd made peace with this, but I guess..."

Wyatt tried to hug me.

I dodged it, "I've got to get Matthew." I said, walking away.


"Was it successful?" An Avatar asked.

"Yes, I do believe it is." A demon smirked, "It's time for the Collective to rise."