Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 64: Good Intentions


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"So, you want me to babysit?" Chris asked.


"Just for a little while." Wyatt said.


"So you can seduce your husband?" Chris asked.


"I wouldn't say seduce...more like court." Wyatt offered, "I'll owe you big time."


"Does he know you're trying the way, you might want to shower, shave, and cut your hair." Chris said.


"I know." Wyatt said, sniffing his pits, "Do I smell that bad?"




"Can we not. I just need to be concentrating on my marriage." Wyatt said.


Chris looked down.

"What are you not telling me?" Wyatt asked.


"Nothing." Chris said quickly.


"So, will you do it?" Wyatt asked.


"Sure." Chris sighed, "Bianca'll like having Matt there."


"He looks like his uncle." Wyatt said, trying to butter Chris up, "I thought he'd be blonde."


"Nope, he's a brunette." Chris said quickly, "And just drop him off around seven."


"Thanks bro." Wyatt said, orbing away.





"Oh, Piper!" I chuckled, "I'm just not a cook."


"I caught that." She said as we walked into the Sunroom. I made my way over to the window and opened it, "It is a little stuffy in here, isn't it?"




The Doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." Piper said, going to get the door.


I stood, going over to the playpen when Wyatt orbed in front of me. I gently punched him on the shoulder, "You scared the crap out of me!" I frowned.

"Sorry," Wyatt said, "What are you doing tonight?"


"I actually have a date." I said nervously.


"Oh." Wyatt said quickly.


"Why?" I asked.


"I...I..I just wanted to know. I was going to take Matthew out tonight and I wanted to make sure you weren't..." Wyatt stopped.


"Of course. I wish I could go with you guys..." I said.


"You should." Wyatt added.


"...But, I have a date." I finished, "But you and Matty have a good time."


"We will." Wyatt said quietly.


"My big brother still has awkward skills?" Melinda smiled as she rounded the corner. She was wearing a tank top that was just short of her bellybutton and a pair of jeans and high heel boots. She hugged Wyatt, then set her eyes on me, "You can't even tell you've had a baby."


"Liar." I smiled, hugging her, "It's been so long, where have you been?"


"I been here, I been there. You know." Melinda smiled, "Where is my nephew?" she asked walking over to the playpen, "He's so adorable." She said, picking him up, "Are you sure this isn't Chris' baby?"


I chuckled, "I'm pretty sure." I said.

"Believe me, that's my DNA." Wyatt said, putting his arms around our shoulders.


"I can't believe it," Piper said, "Not that I'm not super excited to see you, but honey, why are you here?"


"There's a cook-off a-brewin. I plan on being the winner." Melinda smirked, holding the baby.


"The Quake-off? That's this week?" Piper asked.


"Yes, mom." Melinda smiled, "Don't worry, I'm going to kick a...butt."


"I'm going to get your father, he'll want to know you're here." Piper said, "Wyatt, orb me."

Wyatt grabbed her hand and they orbed out.


"Quick, before he comes back!" Melinda said, sitting in one of the wicker seats, "How is Wyatt? He looks like he's doing better."


I looked where Wyatt had stood, "He is. I'm glad." I said.


"So, you two..."


"We're apart." I said, "Might change, might not."


"Well...I need you to keep my secret." Melinda said quietly.


"Is this another spell that sucked?" I asked.

She shook her head, "This is serious."


"Oh. Well...Mel, you can tell me anything." I said quickly.


"I'm dating a guy." Melinda said.


"Okay and this is your serious secret?" I asked.


"He's..." but before Melinda could finish Chris orbed in, "Big bro!"


"Lil Sis!" Chris said, hugging his little sister.


"When did you get back?" Chris asked.


"A while ago." Melinda said, "You lookin good! I can't believe it!"


"You too!" Chris smiled, "How long you stayin for?"


"Not sure yet." Melinda smirked, "Figured I'd stick around."


"Permanent? Wow!" Chris said, "I've got to go, we have Paramore coming through tonight."

"Wow, really? What're they singing?" I asked.

"Brick by Boring Brick, from their new album." Chris said, kissing Melinda on the cheek, "Later guys." He said, orbing away.


"So, I see nothing's changed." Melinda smirked.


"No, nothing." I smiled.


Suddenly, a demon shimmered into the room and threw an energy ball at me. I threw my hand up, freezing the energy ball! Melinda raised her hand and the energy ball flew back at the demon! I ducked another energy ball that shattered the clock.


"Hey! Not the clock!" I said, throwing my hands at him. He blew backwards, but did not blow up! The demon stood up and shimmered out and behind Melinda. Melinda elbowed him in the eye and then in the stomach, flipping him over. He grabbed her foot and yanked it from under her, causing her to fall to the ground! He got on top of her, but before he could do anything, a tall, Native American guy. He looked like Taylor Lautner, to be honest.


"Levi?" I asked.


"Who's the mini cutie?" Melinda asked.

"An empath from magic school." I answered.


"I'm more than that." Levi smirked.


"And a whitelighter-in-training." I finished.





"How'd you know we were in trouble?" I asked.


"I felt it." Levi said, "I've been hovering in the Ether."


"Oh, see that's creepy." Piper said.


"Wha...I used to do it." Leo said.


"It was creepy then too." Piper smiled.


"Even creepier since you're not supposed to travel through dimensions." I frowned.


"Yeah, about that...who's the demon?" Levi asked.


"That demon is Tull." Piper said, "He's been around for a while, mostly as a tree."


"A tree?" I asked.


"See, the Charmed Ones couldn't vanquish him, so they turned him into a tree." Leo explained.


"This involved nymphs, doesn't it?" Levi asked, "Cause that story totally kills at Magic School."


"Oh. Oh!" I said, "The nymphs and Paige and there was the eternal spring! I remember now."


"Good, now you're caught up with the rest of us." Melinda smirked. She and Levi laughed.


"Ha." I said flatly, "So, if the power of three can't vanquish this guy, then how do we vanquish them?"


"Yeah, the Charmed Ones were bad-ass." Levi said.

"Language." Piper warned.

Levi blushed.


"I think Wyatt should be here. And Chris." Melinda smirked, "They are the power of three."


"I can't help but think you're the more likely power of three candidate." I said, "Why is it that I can make the power of three?"


"You waited this long to ask?" Leo asked.


I nodded.


"You come from a long line of sorcerers and your family tree is something like the Halliwell family tree." Leo explained, "You're a pretty powerful witch."


"But I don't exactly have full Charmed blood." I said quickly.


"But you do have Charmed blood and that's enough." Leo explained.


"So, we need my big bros, huh? Lemme do the honors." Melinda said quickly, "Chris! Wyatt!"


Chris and Wyatt orbed in.


"Whassup?" Chris asked, "I was in the middle of sound check."


"Demon, invincible, need the power of three." Levi said.


"Hey, Levi!" Wyatt said, high fiving him.


"Hey, Wyatt." Levi smiled.


"So, we need the power of three?" Chris asked.


"Of course." I said.






"What do you mean?" I asked, barely above a whisper.


"The child is not yours, it never was." Sandra said cautiously, "You gave birth to him but he isn't yours."


I looked down at the floor, and then up at her and the rest of the Elders, "God, it's not enough that you live above us, watching while we fight for our lives every day, but now this is too much. He is my son!" I said through gritted teeth.


"Please try to understand..." Sandra said.


"I don't understand any of this! How am I supposed to deal with this? How am I suppose to live knowing that the child I've been raising isn't my child. How am I supposed to live in this world knowing that you screw with my life like I'm just a toy?! So why don't you explain to me how you can bring your cloud-hopping asses down here and...I gave birth to him! I have the stretch marks, I have the...the...I know his every movement." I frowned, tears sliding out of my eyes, "Whose son is he?"


"Chris and Bianca's." Odin said, showing no sign of remorse, "It was for the greater good. The baby wouldn't have survived within Bianca."


I threw up my hand, causing all the Elders to fly backwards and crash at the same time, "Get out of my house!" I screamed.