Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 72: Don't Ask, Don't Tell


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"Have you been experiencing any pain?" Ava asked.

I shook my head.

"That's not true." Wyatt said quickly, "He's been under some stress lately, with everything, but he hasn't bled or anything serious."

Ava nodded, "Morning sickness?" she asked.

"Yes." Wyatt and I said at the same time.

"Sex drive?" Ava asked.

Neither of us looked at each other.

"Okay." She said nervously, jotting something down, "Let's get to the information part. How did you have the last baby?"

"The birth? Well, I called for the baby." Wyatt smiled proudly.

"I'm not sure if that'll be entirely safe this time, not with Drake's condition." Ava smiled.

"Okay. So, how, pray tell, do you suppose I go about getting the baby out?" I asked a little bluntly.

"Drake..."Wyatt warned.

"Sorry, It's just that I don't have a vagina, which I'm happy about unless you say I'm going to have to pass the baby through my penis." I said quickly.

"I propose we perform surgery." Ava said, "It's the safest way without magic, I think."

"That's gonna hurt, isn't it?" I smiled nervously.

Wyatt squeezed my hand, "Are you sure? I mean, calling for the baby..." he started.

"Puts stress on the baby and Drake. I know, it would seem that magic would be easier and safer, but it could be dangerous." Ava explained, "I'd rather do something I know. We could always..."

"No." I said quickly, "If cutting me open is the safer way to go...Ava, promise me something."

Wyatt and Ava looked at me.

"If something goes wrong and you can only save one of the baby." I said.

"What?" Wyatt asked loudly.

"Don't think like that, it's..."

"Ava, if the baby dies and I live...I can't lose anyone else, especially not this baby." I frowned, "I really can't be selfish anymore and not about this."

Ava looked at me sympathetically.

I smiled and shooed away the tears, "Don't look at me like that." I chuckled, "There's every reason to believe that I'll be okay...that's why I have to prepare." I said slowly.


The car ride to the manor was very quiet. I didn't need empathy to know what he was feeling. I was feeling it too. It shocked me when we entered the manor and he stopped me, kissing me gently, but passionately. I was confused.

"I'm not letting you die." Wyatt said.

"You sure? I've been a dick, an asshole, and, let's not forget, a bitch." I smiled.

"I'm sorry about that." Wyatt said nervously, "I don't know whether I should get you a diamond or football or...a small island."

"A football?" I asked, "You were right."

"I was being a dick...over a teddy bear." Wyatt said.

"I was being a dick because..." I looked away, "I'm a dick nowadays."

"We still haven't talked about Brian." Wyatt said.

"Who says we have to?" I asked.

"Your brother is attempting to come to terms with it. He's reaching out to Brian." Wyatt said, "Maybe..."

"He killed my dad." I said.

"He was used by evil, by the source." Wyatt said.

"Doesn't matter." I said, walking to the stairs.

"You know, in an alternate future, I killed people. I'm capable of it, too." Wyatt said.

"This isn't that universe." I said.

"It easily could be." Wyatt said, "I could be tricked or cursed and I could do the same. Any one of us could."

"But he wasn't cursed. He willingly killed people." I said, heading to the attic, "He the person." I said, disappearing.

Wyatt turned and walked into the sitting room to see Henry Jr., Warren, and Chris sitting with Paige.

"You know, Piper wasn't so nice to me when she found out about me." Paige said, "It just took time."

"I don't think we have time." Wyatt said, "We don't know anymore about the Source and what he's planning."

"That's not what's on your mind." Chris said, "What did the doctor say?"

"That we're not going to be able to use magic to birth the baby." Wyatt said, "And Drake told the doctor, that if something went wrong to save the baby."

"And that's bad?" Paige asked.

"He said it with an either/or. Him or the baby." Wyatt said, "Am I being selfish? I want the baby but I can't live without him."

"It's not selfish, honey." Paige said, "He's a strong guy and if he's in danger, we'll orb in and heal him."

"Have you two, ya know, since he got pregnant?" Warren asked.

"No." Wyatt said.

"Maybe he just needs to get laid." Warren said.

"Dude..." Wyatt warned.

"No, hear me out. He's been all `grrr' lately, ever since...maybe some sex'll mellow him out." Warren said.

"You're Phoebe's son?" Paige asked.

"He's scared." Chris said, "He's lost two important people in his life and now he is at risk to lose someone born to him, again."

Wyatt nodded, "I know, but what can we do? I've tried to get him out of here for a while, a vacation, but he's really against it." He said.

"Honey, he's not gonna run now." Paige sighed, "He's done that."

"It's a vacation." Wyatt said, frustrated, "I just want to enjoy life with my husband before the world ends and..."

"We're not going to lose him." Chris said, "I promise."

"Okay, can I have a minute alone with my brother." Wyatt sighed.

Paige, Warren, and Henry looked at him with confusion.

"Sure, I've got charges to check on." Paige smiled, orbing away.

"I have charges of my own." Henry said, leaving.

"I have nothing else to do...I think I'll go and see what mom is up to." Warren said, shimmering out.

"What was that about?" Chris asked.

"Look, I know you're Drake's friend..."

"Best friend."

"...Whatever. But I see the way you look at him. And the way you speak about him. And it's freaking me out." Wyatt said irritably, "I get it, he's all sexy and smart and nice, when he's not pregnant, but I swear if you try to put the moves on my husband, again, I will kick your ass before orbing your semi-lifeless body into a volcano."

Chris looked at him, shocked, "You're kidding right? Me and him are just..."

"I've known you since you were born and I know what your looks mean. I knew it when we were younger, but Chris, you didn't act on it. I shouldn't have to wonder if my brother is going to hit on my pregnant husband." Wyatt said, "I've ignored it and ignored it and ignored it...but seriously, stop."

"Look, Wyatt, I'm trying not to. I mean, I love Bianca, but I've always felt something for Drake. I'm just trying to sort all of this out." Chris said, "You think it's a good feeling?"


"Look, I don't like having a crush on my best friend, my brother's husband." Chris shrugged, "What am I saying, it was a crush ten years ago..."

"That's not helping." Wyatt said quickly.

"Just listen, I love the guy, I do. But I can see how happy he is with you and how happy he makes you and I would never do anything to tear you two apart." Chris said calmly, "I love both of you."

Wyatt nodded.

"Thank God," Melinda said, orbing in, "It's about time you two had that talk."

"I'll say." Wyatt said, "Where've you been?"

"Minding my own business." Melinda said, "So, now that everything's in the open, does that mean we can finally move on from this twisted triangle?"

"Yeah, we've got bigger problems." Wyatt said, "My husband's in the attic, doing God knows what."

"Are you sure he's in the attic?" Melinda asked.

"Yeah, why?" Wyatt asked.

"There is no one in the attic." Melinda smirked, "He pulled a fast one on you, bro."

"Crap." Wyatt said, disappearing in orbs.

Melinda smirked, "You totally lied, didn't you?" she asked.

"What?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, you love Bianca, but you're nowhere near over Drake." Melinda said, "I'm not saying it's okay, big bro, but you can't help how you feel."

"I meant it." Chris said, "I do feel a certain way for Drake, but it's time that I left that behind. Wyatt''s right, I had all those years to make a move and I didn't. The more I think about it, my soul mate is the mother of my child."

"I like you and Bianca together, as much as it pains me to say that. She's an assassin witch...but she's a good one." Melinda said, standing.

"Hey, where were you?" Chris asked.

"Ted." Melinda smiled.

"Again?" Chris asked, "Good for you."


To avoid Wyatt and Chris and Paige and Warren and...Henry (I really need to stop trying to escape from houses full of whitelighters.), I did a spell to get me to work. To my office. After throwing up for about five minutes, I started walking. It was a busy day on the streets, but nobody really noticed. There was a shout and I whipped around, chancing more sickness, and saw a young guy running through the alley ahead. I ran after him, slowly, but as fast as my legs could carry me. When I arrived at a dead end, the younger guy was looking for a way out. He was younger than me, maybe sixteen or seventeen, with dark brown skin. He was cute and most obviously gay. He wasn't very masculine, which isn't an issue or anything, but it was obvious.

"What is it?" I asked.

"These guys from school were beating me up," I shrugged, sounded about right, "And these two men appeared out of nowhere and chased me here."

Before I could ask what two men, they shimmered in between us. The demons were uber-demons, suped up and very muscular. They looked kind of unstoppable. They immediately began shooting fire balls, but I threw my hand up, freezing the fire balls. The demons, however, did not freeze. I threw the other hand up, causing them to fly into the wall! The fire balls unfroze and one clipped the kid. The demons rose to their feet and shimmered away. I walked over to him and helped him into the Bay Mirror, where we were immediately greeted by the staff. I ushered him into my office and sat him down in front of the desk.

"Drake!" Phoebe said, walking into my office, "You're not be here. Who's this?"

"I don't know." I said quickly, "Got any bandages?"

"I think we do...demon attack?" Phoebe asked.

"Sort of." I said.

"Demon?" The boy asked.

"He's an innocent." I said.

"That's what those things were?!" The boy asked, "Like, demons from Hell?"

"What kind of demons?" Phoebe asked.

"I don't know." I said quickly, "Some kind of super-demons."

"Super-demons?" Phoebe asked, thinking.

"Kind of deformed and very strong. Stronger than usual." I said, "They didn't freeze and I couldn't really blow them up."

Phoebe shook off a look of realization.

"What?" I asked.

Phoebe nodded, "I'll get the bandages." She said, leaving.

I turned back to the kid and examined his shoulder, "So, you were getting bullied?" I asked.

The kid sighed, "Don't pretend you care." He said.

I applied pressure to his wound, causing him to yelp, "Maybe I do." I said.

"It's not exactly a well kept secret, is it?" The kid said, "I'm obviously gay."

"Hi, gay, I'm Drake." I said, extending my hand.

He chuckled, "Whitten. My friends call me Whit." He said, "If I had any."

I nodded, "So, they were making fun of you because you're gay?" I asked, "Bullying sucks. Being gay sucks! This whole world sucks."

"I really understand." I smiled.

"You understand?" Whit chortled, "How would understand? You have a freakin office with...stuff. Aren't you like a celebrity?"

I chuckled, "What's my celebrity status got to do with me understanding?" I asked.

"You don't know what my life is like, little gay boy..." Whit raged.

I smirked and leaned on the desk. He watched me as I took the picture on the desk and turned it to show him Wyatt.

"What's that?" Whit asked.

"That, my clueless side-kick of the day, is my husband." I smiled.

"Your, you mean to tell me you're gay?" Whit asked.

"Oh come on, I can't be that masculine." I said, "I know I'm not macho at all."

"No, you just seemed normal." Whit said, "Not like...Wait, your husband is white?"

I looked at him carefully, "Yeah, why?" I asked.

"I don't know...there weren't enough black guys?" Whit asked.

"Ouch." I said quickly. I thought about it for a second. I dated black guys in college; it wasn't like I intentionally didn't date that many black guys. It's just the way it worked.

"I mean, that's gotta be harder, for both of you." Whit frowned, "He looks like a total jock, sexy and all, but I'm won't really date white guys."

"Then you're shutting yourself off to love." I said, "Oh gosh, I sound like Phoebe and Coop."

"Give me a gangsta any day of the week." Whit smiled.

"Then you're ignorant." I said, "Kid, you can't just say that you're not attracted to somebody. I dated black guys and I loved it, but Wyatt is where my heart is."

"But don't you feel like, maybe, you're selling out?" Whit asked.

"Because I followed my heart? No." I said, "Besides, all the `down-low, denying everything while marrying a woman' jazz didn't agree with me. Sooner or later, you're gonna realize that you need something better than all that, Whit. Nobody should have to deal with that."


"No still. I fell in love with Wyatt when I was so young and the thing is that I didn't have to sacrifice love or self-worth or any part of my culture to be with him." I said.

"Didn't you?" Whit asked, "How often do you go to the black part of town? The place you grew up."

I sighed, "We didn't all grow up there. I'm from Oklahoma." I said.

"How...rural." Whit said.

"You know, you remind me of me. The wit and attitude." I said, "Minus all the femininity."

"So, you're one of those gays?" Whit asked.

"Those gays?" I asked.

Whit stood, "The gays that look down on the others for not being a man." He said, "I'm just as much of a man as you are! I just don't..."

I froze him, "I could have sworn I said the exact same thing when I was younger." I said, "Very annoying."

"There you are." Wyatt said, appearing at the door, "You aren't supposed...why is that guy frozen?"

"Because he's lecturing me on tolerance." I said, "At least I never got my ass kicked when I was in high school...and I lived in Oklahoma, not California!"

Wyatt walked over and examined the frozen boy, "What did you say to him?" he asked.

"That he reminded me of him. Without all the extra femininity." I said.

Wyatt chuckled.

"What?" I asked.

"You were totally in choir in high school." Wyatt said.

"And?" I asked, offended, "Okay, so choir, not all of us were jocks. Besides, I didn't wear skinny jeans until I was at least in college."

"And don't think I'm not grateful for you wearing skinny jeans, but lots of straight people wear them." Wyatt said.

I playfully slapped his chest, "You know what I mean! He accused me of selling out." I frowned.

"What?" Wyatt asked, looking from me to the picture, "Sold out...he didn't like that you married a white guy?" he smiled.

"That's funny?" I asked.

"Yeah." Wyatt said, "Did you ever stop to think that maybe he was jealous?"

"Of me? He doesn't even know you..." I said, contemplating.

"No, silly, of me." Wyatt said, "Do you ever notice the shear amount of women that look at you in stores or when we're walking down the street? The guys that look at you when they realize that you're not straight? You may be blind to how hot you are, but nobody else is."

I smiled, "I don't know if you noticed this or not, but I'm pregnant and bloated. I don't understand, though. A kid this young, you'd think he would be more progressive. He's so young and he's so...his view of the world, it's not one that even I had and I grew up somewhere that's not San Francisco. One of the gayest places."

"I guess that would explain me." Wyatt said.

"How'd you find me?" I asked, "Dumb question..."

"Better question, how'd you get here?" Wyatt asked.

"Did you go back to the hospital?" I asked, "I thought you were going to get your job back."

Wyatt looked at a loss, "This isn't about me, you know you're not supposed to be there." He said.

"Wyatt." I warned.

"Now's not the time to talk about this." Wyatt said.

"Hmph." I said, "Fine."

"That's it?" Wyatt asked, "You're not going to press it?"

"Nope." I said.

Whit unfroze and stopped, looking around, "What happened? When did your husband get here?" he asked. He paused and stared at the door.

Wyatt and I looked to the door, "Oh, Hey Ian." I said, waving to my assistant.

Wyatt looked from Ian to me and back to Ian.

"Holy guacamole, has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like Zack Conroy off The Bold and the Beautiful?" Whit asked, amazed.

Ian chuckled, "I've heard that one." He turned to Wyatt and I, "Boss, I thought you were taking a break."

"I am." I nodded, "I just came to see if everything was alright."

"Everything's fine." He said, putting a hand on my shoulder, "You should be at home with your family. I'll take care of everything here."

"Thanks." I smiled, "Can you tell Phoebe that Wyatt came by and that I'll see her later?"

Ian nodded, "Anything for you, boss." He smiled.

"Okay, this is getting ridiculous!" Wyatt said, grabbing my hand, "Come on, Whit." He said, pulling me out.


"He's my assistant!" I said, annoyed.

"He's your work eye-candy!" Wyatt said, "Now, I know why you like work so much."

"Oh, come on!" I sighed.

"He is yummy." Whit said.

"Quiet!" Wyatt and I said simultaneously.

"He's just really nice." I argued.

"Yeah, I can tell. He'll do anything or you!" Wyatt argued back, "He gives me the creeps. He didn't really acknowledge anyone but you."

"He didn't know you or Whit." I said quickly, "What was he supposed to say?"

"How long has he worked for you?" Wyatt asked, folding his arms.

"A year or two." I said, "He's just an assistant until he can find a position on the staff."

"So, he's going to be another Carl?" Wyatt asked, slapping his hands to his face, "Just great."

"Over exaggerating?" I asked.

"No. I don't think I am!" Wyatt said, "I'm not a jealous guy, but seriously...what is he? Twenty one?"

"You two are insane." Whit said, walking to the door, "Good luck on reaching that anniversary thing."

"Freeze!" I said quickly.

"Or what?" Whit asked, turning to us.

I waved my hand at a piece of plaster, causing it to combust and fall to the floor in pieces.

"Dude, seriously, what the fu..."

"Demons are after you. You're not safe out there, douche." I said angrily, "You're going to sit your skinny ass down while I have a talk with my husband, got it?"


Whit reluctantly nodded and walked back to the couch.


"You can't talk to people like that." Wyatt frowned.


I sniffled.


"Are you crying?" Wyatt asked.


"You are attacking me...for no reason." I said, wiping my eye.


"And I'm the feminine one." Whit sighed.


"It's hormones!" I said angrily.


"What are you, fifteen?" Whit asked.


"Do you seriously want to piss off the guy who can blow you up?" I frowned.


"You live here?" Whit asked, "And you're crying...if I lived here, I'd never cry."


"That is it." I said, freezing him, "That kid..."


"Can you two please shut up." Chris said, walking in carrying Matthew, "Everyone in the house can hear you."


"We didn't know anyone else was here." I frowned.


"So, what did you do this time?" Chris asked.


"Why do you automatically assume it's me?" I asked.


"Did you know that he has an assistant that is in love with him?" Wyatt asked.


"He does not!" I frowned.


"And you're jealous." Chris said, "That's your theme of the day."


"What?"I asked, looking between them.


"Nothing." Chris chuckled.


My eyes centered on Wyatt, "Okay, okay! Me and Chris had a talk." Wyatt sighed.


"What kind of talk?" I asked.


Melinda orbed in, taking me by surprise, "Just tell him! Chris and Wyatt had a talk about Chris' obvious crush on you." She sighed.


I rolled my eyes, "Tell me you didn't." I said, lightly punching Wyatt's arm.


"It's not exactly a secret anymore." Wyatt said, "I've seen the way he looks at you."


"Really? This was the topic of discussion?" I asked, "And since when did I become an object?"


"What?" Wyatt asked.


"You act like I'm going to cheat on you! Have I ever cheated on you before? No? That's right, I didn't!" I shouted, "Oh God, and for you two to talk to about one of you getting me is annoying. I would have thought more of both of you."


"I'm sorry, but with all the hot guys running around here...and you've been so different lately, not yourself." Wyatt said.

"I'm sorry too." Chris said, "And bro, did you just call me hot?"


"No. I'm talking about all the rest of the guys who keep coming after my freakin husband." Wyatt said politely.


"I never say anything when guys come onto you." I said.


"You're right. You get mad and I end up sleeping on the couch." Wyatt chuckled.


"Listen, I can clear this up." Chris said, "Wyatt do you love Drake?"

Wyatt replied in the positive.


"Drake do you love Wyatt?" Chris asked.


I shrugged, "What in the hell have I been saying?" I asked.


"Then I don't see the problem." Chris said, "You love each other and as long as you both have each other, you'll be okay."


"I'm sorry I made you cry." Wyatt said quickly.


"I'm sorry I didn't introduce you to Ian. You usually don't care about work..."


"Don't care? I just don't want to turn into...this." Wyatt frowned, "Your work is the most important thing to you and I want to know all about it, but I figure that if I crowd you, I might lose you."


"Most important thing? My work?" I chuckled, "That's wrong. You and this baby and the rest of the family is more important. These innocents, they're more important. And you're not crowding me, Wyatt."


"Last time you were pregnant..."


"Yeah, then you were crowding me." I said.


"We've got to figure out what these demons are and why they're after Whit." Wyatt said, "From what you've described, they sound like the government demons."


"The ones that pass on the virus? I thought that virus was eradicated." Chris said.


"So, do you think maybe all the uber-demons weren't eradicated?" I asked.


"That's exactly what I think." Wyatt frowned, "That is really annoying."


"I think I'm going to be sick." I said, standing.


"...Morning sickness?" Chris asked.


"Probably from the conversation we just had." I said, "That was really awkward and the next time you two want to pick something to fight over, don't pick me. Flattering, but really awkward." I said, leaving.


"I'd just go with flattering." Whit said.


"Who's the guy?" Melinda asked.


"Whitten, our innocent." Wyatt said.


"Do you think you can sub in for Drake?" Chris asked.


"What?" Melinda asked.


"I'd rather have anyone but Drake helping right now." Chris said, "What if he gets sick or something during the vanquish."


"Do we even know who we're vanquishing?" Melinda asked.


"There's got to be a source and with our pooled powers, we can at least find the source." Wyatt said, "And Chris is right, Drake shouldn't be in on this."


"I'm not trying to piss off Drake...He'd probably kill me." Melinda said, "Literally."


"And I'm the one in high school." Whit said.


"Where is that freezing power when you need it?" Melinda asked, rolling her eyes.


"Just saying, this guy isn't going to just stay home. He's pretty kick-ass." Whit said dreamily.


"What is going on lately? A married, pregnant man is getting more action than I am." Melinda frowned.


"Can we go back to the pregnant thing?" Whit asked.


"No." Melinda, Wyatt, and Chris said at the same time.


"We need to write a spell to find these demons." Chris said, bouncing Matthew.


"We can help." A demon said, causing them to turn. There were three demons.


"Wyatt, I think you should vanquish them now." Chris said.


"Right." Wyatt said, raising his hand.


"Wait!" One of the other demons shouted, "We need your help."


Wyatt looked between Melinda and Chris, "With what?" he asked.


"The source wants you dead." The last demon said.


"And you don't?" Melinda asked.


"Of course." The same demon said, "But infecting these demons was a bad idea and he only did it as a distraction."


"He?" Melinda asked, "I thought we were more progressive than this."


"Source?" Whit asked.


"Of all evil." Wyatt said over his shoulder before turning to look at the demons, "A distraction?"


"And what do you mean he infected the demons?" Chris asked.


"To distract you." The first demon said, "And he is biding his time. His seer has foretold that many months from now, after he reveals himself, he will..." the demon stopped.


"What?" Wyatt asked.


Chris looked at him, putting everything into place, "Many months? Don't you get it?" he asked Wyatt.


"The baby." Melinda said slowly.


"Okay, what baby?" Whit asked.


"Me and Drake's." Wyatt said angrily, "And you don't care about that part?"


"No." The middle demon said, "We are, in fact, demons."


"He's got a point." Whit said.


"I swear if you don't shut up..." Wyatt said through gritted teeth.


"The demons the Source infected aren't just going after witches. They're destroying our allies." The first demon said, "The Source perfected the virus with an alchemist, made it no longer contagious except through a potion that the Source used."


"He's been testing on demons?" Melinda asked, "So, it's not contagious anymore? So, what's the problem."


"When you put a shark into a lake, what happens?" The middle demon asked.

"Okay, but all this is lost on me. A distraction for what? He can't be just
biding his time and do we know him?" Chris asked.


The demons looked to each other.


"If they're taking out demons, then why would you stop them?" Whit asked, "I mean, yeah witches too...but why not just unleash the demons on the other demons, then vanquish them?"


"Because they won't just go after the demons." Wyatt said, "They'll kill anything in their way."


"There's something they're not saying. I can feel it." Chris frowned.


"There's another, one demon that didn't mutate." The middle demon said.


"What's that mean?" Melinda asked.


"It means there's a super-demon walking around that looks normal." Wyatt said, "All the powers of the super-demons, but none of the weakness."


"Yes," The first demon said, "The last distraction."


"The source..." Chris started.


"We cannot say." The last demon said quickly.

"How many distractions are there?" Wyatt asked.


"Do you want our help or not?" The second demon asked.


Wyatt, Chris and Melinda looked at each other and nodded.


"Follow us." The demons said, shimmering out.

Chris put Matthew in the playpen and looked to Whit, "Ask Drake to take care of the baby, please?" He asked


"And not a word." Wyatt said, taking Chris and Melinda's hand and orbing away.


I walked back in the room after they'd gone to find Whit playing with the baby. I looked around, trying to figure out where everyone had gone. When Whit noticed me, he looked away from me quickly and continued to talk to the baby. This wasn't the first time that I'd been ditched because I'm preggo.


"Where'd the gang go?" I asked.


"They, umm...went to work." Whit said.


"Wyatt's a teacher and his class was over an hour ago. Chris, while it's still plausible, is the owner of a club and wouldn't just leave in the middle of a vanquish. Melinda...well...she might just leave." I said skeptically, "Wanna try again?"


Whit looked to be thinking.


"As comical as you are, if you don't tell me where my husband is, I will say a spell to turn you fifty and break your bones with a sledgehammer." I frowned.


"You have some issues."


"I was just in the bathroom puking the better part of my brain out." I said, "What happened after I left."

"I think there were some demons and then they left." Whit said, "They didn't want you to go because..."


"...Because I'm pregnant!" I said excitedly, "I am going to kill each one of them."


"Don't. They're only trying to protect you and your baby, which by the way, I really need some clarification on." Whit said, "Guys don't have babies."


"I do." I said quickly, "He's not my baby, but the kid you're holding came from me."


"Witchly things?" Whit asked, "They don't, uh...come out of your they?"


"No!" I chuckled, "They come out of my stomach."


" have a womb? But no vagina?" Whit asked.


"It's magically there, I guess." I said. I hadn't really thought about it, "I haven't really thought about it."


"You don't think very deep do you?" Whit asked.


I smirked, "I just don't second guess myself." I said.


"I wish I could tell you where they are, but personally, your husband kind of terrifies me." Whit said.


"You know, I do think black guys are sexy. I mean, Michael Ealy and Shemar Moore and...Wyatt does it for me, ya know." I explained.


"I'm sorry," Whit said, setting Matthew back into the playpen, "For saying that. After meeting your husband and seeing him in person, the way he cares. The way he loves you. The way you look and love him. I was wrong, I think."


I smiled.


"But what's with you and that Chris guy?" Whit asked.


I chuckled.




Wyatt, Chris and Melinda materialized in the Underworld just after the demons had arrived. The demons, paranoid, looked around slowly, making sure they weren't being watched. This was an act of treason, not just going against another demon, but the Source of All Evil. It wasn't the first time demons had gone up against the Source in some way, but it was the first time, they thought, that the demons had gone to the Charmed Ones with this particular Source. This Source was different. He was cold and uncaring, not uncommon for a source, but he was less of a man and more of a portal for power. His appearance wasn't foreign to them, but it was shocking none the less. It shocked them how this Source could come to be. He had come a while ago and had planned everything out meticulously. He was precise and...evil. He probably already knew what they were doing; he probably knew so long in advance. He didn't need a seer, not really. He seemed to know things.

"This had better not be a trap." Wyatt said, glancing around.


"If it was a trap, we'd have killed you already." The first demon said.


"Where are the demons?" Chris asked.


"I'm sure they're here some—" The middle demon said, but he stopped when a pained expression flashed across his face and a fist punched through his chest, causing him to burst into flames!


The two demons knocked the normal demons onto either sides of the room! Wyatt, Chris and Melinda took a fighting stance as the demon turned their attention to them. Wyatt waved his hand causing one of the demons to fly back and crash into the floor! Melinda ducked a fire ball and did a cartwheel to avoid another fire ball. Chris ran to the demon and punched him quickly, giving him a swift kick to the stomach, but it didn't hurt the demon! The demon reared back and slapped Chris a few feet away! The demons got up, sending fire balls at the massive demons, but they dissipated into the demons. The demons growled and raised their hands to attack, but Wyatt raised his too causing the demons to slow down.


"The spell!" Wyatt said, causing his siblings to gather round.


"Man-made demons we call you near

Your murderous streak now ends here

We call upon the powers,

Come to us here,

End this man-made evil,

Bring the world away from their fear." They chanted.


The demons convulsed as mini-explosions happened all over their bodies! The demons shattered, leaving black outlines of them as bone and deformed flesh feel to the floor and melted. The outline vanished, leaving nothing.


"That is disgusting!" Melinda frowned.


"Thank you." The first demon said as they stood in front of the Charmed Ones, "We couldn't have defeated them without your help."


"Of course we could have." The second demon said, "It's a shame that Marix had to die."


"What now?" Chris asked.


"We go back to being enemies." The first demon said, "I thought that would be obvious."


The second demon smiled, "Yes, we've already endangered ourselves enough." He frowned.


"This place gives me the creeps." Melinda said, looking around.


"What is it?" Wyatt asked.


"You can't feel it?" Chris asked, glancing around, "We're not alone anymore."


Wyatt paused. They were right, something was with them now. That something was evil, yet familiar. It was haunting and cold.


"Oh no!" The demons said before screaming and combusting!


"That's not...right." Melinda said, creeped out.


"Leave this place!" A dark, baritone voice said coldy.


"Who are you?" Wyatt asked.


"I am the darkness that has tasted the light, the apex of true power, the First of the true evils! And I am coming for you." The voice said, "I'm coming for the Son of the light, the true sight of the world..."


"You can't have him." Chris said, "You won't."


"You can't stop me!" The voice said, causing wind to pick up, "You won't see me coming."


Before they could say anything else, magic erupted around them, engulfing them in orbs and soon they disappeared.




"You got designer shades,
just to hide your face and
you wear them around like
you're cooler than me.
and you never say hey,
or remember my name.
its probably cuz,
you think you're cooler than me."

"Dude, you got Mike Posner!" Wyatt said enthusiastically.

Chris smirked, "Was there ever any doubt?" he asked, "So, is Drake mad?"

"I don't know." Wyatt said, "He hasn't really said anything. He didn't act mad."

"Strange." Chris said, "We're not going to tell him all that we know, are we?"

"No." Wyatt said, "There's no need to tell him. I know I should tell him everything, but he's sick. All I want to do is protect him."

"Are you sure we can do that?" Chris asked, "You felt that thing, too."

"Yeah, I did." Wyatt said, "It's evil."

"And I felt like I knew it...the evil." Chris frowned.

"We're going to fight harder." Wyatt said, "We've got to fight for each other. And..."

Chris looked behind Wyatt, "Everything worth protecting." He said.

Wyatt looked over his shoulder to see Drake sitting in a booth laughing with Warren and turned back to Chris, "Yeah, everything." He said, looking past Chris.

Chris looked back to see Bianca dressed up and waiting for him, "Night, bro." he smiled.

"Night." Wyatt said, walking over and sitting with Warren and Drake.

"So, Whit is back at home." I said, "I couldn't bring myself to wipe his memory."

"Good, I think he needed to see you. See that he could make it." Wyatt smiled.

"Oh, crap, you're going to get all afterschool special. I've got a date." Warren said, leaving.

"Even he could be changed and he was all the way evil." Wyatt said.

"No." I said quickly, "I'm not ready to forgive him."

Wyatt nodded.

"Is this going to be a thing? Every time I get pregnant, you and the rest of the group just going to drop me?" I asked.

"I'm not sorry." Wyatt said, "If I have to piss you off to save you and my baby, then I'll take it."

"I'm not mad." I smirked, "I think it's cute...mildly annoying, but cute. It's sexy, too."


"Yeah, I miss sexy Wyatt." I chuckled, looking to the stage.

"I just...I don't want to stress you more than you already are. I cannot control myself with you, you're like a drug to me." Wyatt explained, "And I think we both know there's stress and heat and all kinds of things in our sex. Our love."

"Is that why you're all jealous?" I asked.

"What I won't give you, there's millions of guys that will." Wyatt said.

"Ditto." I said sadly.

"You're the only one I want." Wyatt said, "Wait, rewind, did you say every time you get pregnant? Who says I need more children?"

I chuckled, "Wyatt, you want kids. If I couldn't give that to you, then..."

"I want you." Wyatt said, putting a hand gently on my cheek, "We don't need any more danger."

"Maybe I want the danger." I said, "Maybe you're not the only one who wants a family."

Wyatt nodded, "One crisis at a time." He smiled.

"You know stuff I don't know. You learned something from the demons and as much as I want to know, I don't think I can handle it." I said, taking his hand into mine, "I know what you need. We were talking about jobs and...You need a private practice."

"How'd you..."

"I just did." I said, "It makes sense. You're on your own time and you could still teach a little. With your charges and the just need something that's easy. As easy as your life and being a doctor can get."

"I love you." Wyatt smiled.

"Ditto, kid." I said, hugging him.