Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 73: The Long-Awaited


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"You fixed my...Wuvey?" Wyatt asked, surveying the bear.


I nodded.


"God, you're so hot. Can we give him to the baby?" Wyatt asked.


I hesitated.

"Oh, come on, that was one time and the bear turned me back." Wyatt sighed.


"I thought that was Leo' know what, sure." I said, "But if our baby turns out evil, I'm going to pluck out every hair on your body very slowly."


"Even my..."


"Especially those." I nodded.


Wyatt nodded, "You're dressed, does this mean you're going to see your brother..."


I looked at him oddly.


"...Caleb. Your brother Caleb." Wyatt finished nervously.


"No. I'm going to the office for a meeting." I said.


"What happened to working from home?" Wyatt asked.


"It's only going to be like an hour or two." I said, "Don't tell me you can't live without me for a few hours. It's not like we do anything anyways..."




"Sorry, didn't mean that." I said, "I'm just cooped up."


"I know we haven't had sex in a while, but I told you why. And I don't want to take you out because of...the...stuff. It's safer inside." Wyatt said, "As a matter of fact, might I suggest we start staying at Magic School or the Manor?"


"Can I suggest that you eat me out." I said quickly, "I'm not moving into Magic School, at least not this early."


"Hmmm." Wyatt said, pulling the teddy bear down over his private, "I think I need another shower."


"This is ridiculous. We need to just do it." I frowned, "But not now because I have to get to this meeting!" I said, heading for the door.


"Okay, romance!" Wyatt said, bounding for the door. He stood in between me and the door, "A whole day and night of romance! You might even get pregnant again."


"Fine, but..." I stopped and a strange look popped up on my face as I burped. As I burped, bubbles escaped my lips, "Oh Gosh, I'm so gay that I burp bubbles now!"


"No, mom did that when she was pregnant with me, it's in the book." Wyatt explained, "Is it weird that your pregnancy stuff turns me on?"


I chuckled to myself as I slid out of the door, leaving Wyatt smiling behind me.




As I sat in the office, waiting for the meeting to start. I was concentrating, trying to keep the nausea and burping up bubbles to minimum. I was also ready to freeze the room at a moment's notice. It took a lot of concentration, but I was managing until Carl sat down beside me.


"Hi." Carl said.


"Hi, Carl." I smiled.


There was a quick silence.


"So, you know what this is about?" Carl asked.


"Nope." I said quickly.


"Figures, I mean I haven't seen you...around." Carl said, "The wedding being a disaster and then your dad...I'm sorry about that."


I let breath escape me, "Thank you." I said, "Yeah, I've been on a break."


"I wish things would have ended better with us." Carl said.


"I was a drunken mess and I dumped you because I was still in love with Wyatt." I said quickly, "Could have ended better."

"Then, there was that part where I burst into Wyatt's house and told him that he'd leave you again." Carl said, "I was kind of mad."


"So I gathered." I chuckled, "I didn't mean to use you."


"I know." Carl smiled, "You're a great guy. Wyatt's treating you alright, right?"


"Wyatt's great." I said, "Are you dating anyone?" I asked.

Carl chuckled and looked down at his hands.


"It's cool. I didn't mean to pry." I said.


"It's just new." Carl said, "I don't want to jinx it."


"Hey!" Phoebe said, "Everybody, listen up."


It was then that I looked up and noticed that Phoebe had showed up with the cutest guy ever. He looked exactly like Ian Somerhalder. He stood with his arms folded and a devious smirk on his face, surveying the room.


"Wowzer." A woman behind me, Carolyn, said.


I chuckled, along with Carl and a few people around.


"Can I please have your attention." Phoebe said again, "This is...Dean. He'll be all of our boss."


"What? So, what happened to the other one?" A guy, Harry, asked.

"Well, since Elise retired and I'm busy writing another book, Jason Dean decided that we need new blood." Phoebe said.

"Is circulation down?" Ian asked.


"No, we just want to keep up this momentum." Dean smiled, "I'm a big fan of this paper. The things you've been doing, the articles, the in-depth interviews...I think the Bay Mirror has the potential to be read around the world. We've already got celebrities working for us."


I rolled my eyes.


"I was thinking maybe we could interview celebrities. They pass through, right?" Dean asked.


"But what about the news?" I asked.


"I'm not saying we devote the paper to celebrities, maybe just an article or two." Dean explained, "I've been watching this paper for quite some time and I think now is exactly the time to make a big move."


"I thought we were getting a show." Carl said, "Well, not us, but Pahras."


"He is. And you'll be coming up with questions and some of you will be producing, but I want this move to be bigger, to be something that hasn't happened in the media world before." Dean said.


"Connecting the media sources...that's kind of brilliant." I said out loud.


"Thanks. I kind of hoped you'd all think that." Dean smirked, "I think I've taken up too much of your time already. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to stop by my office. Other than that, thank you for your time."


Everyone began to leave. But as I was walking out of the door, Phoebe ushered me over to them and I smiled as she introduced us.


"I know who you are." Dean smiled.


I smiled politely, "I hear that a lot lately." I chuckled.


"I bet. I can't really open a magazine, especially lately, without seeing your face." Dean said, "I'm sorry for your father's passing."


"Thanks." I said, getting lost in his gorgeous eyes. My eyes quickly wandered to his v-neck shirt, which barely slid over his nice pecs. He was talking the whole time, but I was lost.


"Hello?" Dean asked, waving his hands in my face.


"Sorry. I've just been really out of it lately." I said.


Phoebe looked between us.


"I've got to get something from my office and go back home." I said, "but it was so have no idea how nice it was to meet you." I said, leaving as quickly as I could.


"My dad said your family was strange but..." Dean chuckled.


Phoebe chuckled too, playfully punching him on the shoulder. I walked to my office and shut the door, turning to see Ian sitting at my desk.


I chuckled, "What are you doing?" I asked.


"Well, the desk out there has no privacy." Ian smiled, "You're not going to fire me are you?"


"No, take all the privacy you need. Do you, by any chance, know where the new letters are?" I asked.


"I was getting ready to give them to Phoebe." Ian said, "But since you're here." He said, standing and handing me a manila envelope, "Instead of getting less popular in your absence, you're more popular."


"Probably just more condolences." I smiled.


"I really am sorry about your dad. I know how close you guys got." Ian said, "My dad died a while ago."


"I'm sorry." I said slowly. I walked over and patted him on the back, "You don't have to..."


"I was just out of high school. In college, actually. He was killing himself to put me through school. I had a job and everything but I was a partier." Ian explained, "It's not really important. He died and it was the single worst event in my life."


I looked at him. He was reliving it, I could tell.

"But it hurts less every time and now I'm an assistant." He chuckled, "I'm working towards something and he gave me the strength and the drive to work towards what I want."


"Maybe," I said, sitting on the desk beside him. He stood and moved in front of me, "You're the best assistant I've ever had. I think by now, you're more than that."


"I hope so." Ian smiled.


"Wha-what're you..." I said before he pressed himself up against me. He pushed his lips against mine and inserted his tongue into my mouth before I pushed him away, "Ian! Ya can't...I am married!"


"Sorry! I was the moment and you were standing there looking all hot and..." He stammered, "Besides, you dated Carl and you were married!"


"I was also separated!" I said, slapping him on the chest.


"I just...I'm fired, right?" Ian asked.


"Yes!" I sighed, "No. But I do have to tell my husband."


"You're going to what?!" Ian asked, "Now that's just cruel."


"I can't lie to him. He so saw this coming!" I said, "You should probably guard your face." I said, leaving.




When I walked into the manor and sat my keys down. I heard voices in the sunroom and hurried, thinking there was a demon. When I got there, I was shocked to see about twelve women in lingerie. Chris, Warren, Henry Jr., Wyatt and Kyle sat, clipboard in hand, discussing them. I coughed, alerting them and the girls to my presence. I raised my hand and froze the girls, then looked to the guys.


"Oh, yeah, honey, what are you doing here?" Wyatt asked, standing and walking to me.


"Me? I'm just coming from getting felt up." I said, walking away from him and to the girls, "What's with the girls?"


"Well, we're not all gay." Henry Jr. said, "Or married."


"Yeah, cause most of you are bi." I snapped, "Which is creepy. Who here isn't gay?"


Chris, Henry, and Kyle raised their hands.


"Right." I said, gaining some frowns. I turned to Wyatt, "You...oooh, tell me what is going on now!"


"That's an angry face." Henry said, leaning over to Chris, "Should we orb away?"


"Probably." Chris said.


"But this is so much more fun." Warren smirked.


"What do you mean you got felt up?! By who?! Was it that douche from your job?" Wyatt asked angrily.


"What's with all the freakin chicks? Are you switchin sides or something?" I asked.


Wyatt rolled his eyes, "You're being a dick!" he frowned, "These girls are models and they're here for a single policemen's benefit."


"They have a benefit for that?" I asked.


"No! Did you fire that douche?!" Wyatt asked.


"No." I said simply.


There was a collective "No way!" from the guys.

"What? I told him not to do that again and..."


"Was this before or after you putting your underwear back on?" Wyatt asked casually.


My mouth dropped, but I shut it quickly and smiled angrily. I raised my hand to unfreeze the room and walked to the stairs.


Wyatt turned me around to face him, "Look, sorry, but that really pissed me off. I told you that it was going to happen and you ignored me." He said.


I laughed, "It's like...the more you're with me, the more of a douche you become and I know that I've been really hard to live with lately, but seriously? Nice thing to say to somebody who's carrying your baby! Did we also forget to mention I'm a guy?! Because let's add that to the conversation! I'm a guy, carrying another guy's baby, and he's accusing me of sleeping with my assistant! I'm carrying a human being inside of me, one that makes me burp bubbles and throw up all day and my nipples are sore and I don't even know how much longer I can do this." I said angrily, "This is all too much for me. I never wanted anything so much, but I don't know if I can lose myself to save us. This is me. Minus all the mood swings and the throwing up, this is me! And every time I show emotion or do something that you don't like it's wrong! I get it, you're the angel and I'm the dark thing we're supposed to be fighting, but if I have to hear how I don't do what you say, what's right...Dammit! What about what I know?" I asked, "I will do anything to save us, but I won't bury myself and I won't beat myself up anymore. I'm not a good person..."


"Stop." Wyatt said.


"...I'm not. And I'm sick of pretending that I am." I said, "I'd rather give into my darkness."


Wyatt's eyes watered, "Don't do this to me! We've survived everything and you don't know if you could be with me now?" he asked.


"Not if this is the only option, not if I'm always the one doing everything wrong." I frowned, "I'm a little over-emotional right now, but I am gaining weight everyday in places that I would rather not even see and I walk in to find my gay husband looking at half-naked chicks! This is crazy making."


"Okay, so I was looking at women, doesn't mean..."


"You haven't touched me in...a long time. `Because I'm pregnant' and `the stress'. I just got tongued down by my `friend' and now I come home to find my husband looking at girls! That's like treason." I said quickly.


"Look, we just need to talk. I know you're mad..."


"Mad?" I chuckled, "I'm pissed. And there is no diamond or flower that's going to make me any less pissed!"


"So, what, are you leaving me?" Wyatt asked.


"You are so not getting off that lucky!" I said, pushing past him, "I'm going to do something bad. Something really bad. And I'm going to enjoy it!" I frowned, grabbing my keys and leaving.


"Great." Wyatt said.


Chris walked over with Warren and the others, "What was that about?" he asked.


"I don't know." Wyatt said sadly, "For a minute, I thought he was going to leave me."


"He still might." Warren shrugged.


They looked at him.


"Do you ever think before you speak?" Wyatt asked.


"I find that useless." Warren said, "Dude, I think your pregnant husband needs to get laid."


"It makes sense." Kyle said, "All the tension and frustration built up and nowhere for it to go..."

"Plus, he might cheat." Warren said.


Once again, they all looked at him.


"Hey, he's getting dick thrown at him think it's the baby?" Warren asked.


"My baby wants my husband to get laid by other people?" Wyatt asked.


"Well, maybe he wants his daddy happy." Chris said, "Maybe it's for you and people just keep getting swept up in it."


"I think I second Warren on getting your husband laid." Henry Jr. said.


"You better do something before he does something bad." Chris said.


Wyatt rolled his eyes and headed out of the door.


"Twenty bucks he doesn't get to him in time." Henry said.


"I'll take that bet." Warren smirked.




I threw clothes back on the bed, trying to find the best, sexiest outfit I could. It had to be...well, kind of slutty, but still enough to tell everyone that I'm a...I don't know. I wasn't very good at this, I guess. But I'm going out. I'm going to have fun. And I'm not going to feel bad about it. Seeing Wyatt oogling girls was eye-opening and the fact that we hadn't had sex in a while...I mean, I could be sexy! I'm as sexy as sexy can get. As a matter of fact, I can be a downright sex puppy.

"What are you doing?" Wyatt asked, looking to the bed, "You're leaving?"


"No!" I said, picking up some leather pants. That was my go-to sexy thing, leather pants, "I'm going out."


"Out?" Wyatt asked, trying to comprehend, but he only sighed, "Is this about earlier? I told you..."


"You know what, it's not. Not anymore." I said picking out a tight red shirt, "I just need to loosen up."


"What if I said I didn't want you to go out? What if I think it's too dangerous." Wyatt asked, folding his arms.


I smiled politely, "I'd pretty much say get over it." I said, laying the leather pants and red shirt down.


"You're wearing that?" Wyatt asked.


"I think if I go out in nothing, people'll think I'm a little crazy." I smirked.


"Please, don't do this. I'd rather you just yell at me." Wyatt said with frustration.


"Done yelling." I said, "What shoes? Snow boots are for girls right? Dammit. What the Hell, I'm going to a gay club."


"You're...what?! That's worse than you going on a date." Wyatt said, shocked, "Those places are like sex incarnate."


"I call upon the lighter powers

In this time, bring the power,

Make me some boots that I can use

And turn them back after their use." I said, causing snowboots to materialize in my hands.


"Personal gain!" Wyatt detested, "That's so clearly personal gain."


"Relax! They're going to disappear just after their use." I said, "I don't get to keep them."


"You're really going to do this? You're going to risk our marriage?" Wyatt asked.


I sighed, "I'm not risking my dick." I smiled, "I'm just going out."


"You know what, fine." Wyatt said, throwing his hands up, "I'm going to finish what I was doing and then I might go out with the guys."


I nodded, "If that's what you want." I said slowly.


Wyatt sighed, "You know that's not what I want." He said, "But you're making it this way."


"So I can't go out just to go out? Wyatt..." I stopped and closed my eyes. When I opened them, he was staring at me. I walked to the bed and grabbed my clothes.


"What is the point of all this? To teach me that I'm a dick sometimes?" Wyatt asked.


"No, this is to teach you to trust me!" I shouted. It echoed through the whole condo. We just stood, looking at each other.


"I can't help it." Wyatt said, "I keep waking up asking myself if you'll be there. If you'll meet someone that you love more. Or that you have more in common with."


"You mean evil?" I asked.


"No. I mean successful and strong and..."


"Well, then you are an idiot." I frowned, "You're strong and successful and one day you are going to realize that underneath all this, I'm just a walking curse."


"A curse?" Wyatt asked.


"Something in me is evil. I can't tell if it's a spot on my soul or if it's more, but one day...You are going to wake up and find out that you like women again. That there's something you miss or something they can give you that I can't."


"Like what?" Wyatt asked.


"Normalcy." I frowned.


"You're so cute when you're dumb." Wyatt said, taking my head in his hands, "I'm not interested in anyone else, idiot. I love you. You are the most beautiful thing I've ever had the privilege to know. You are the most not-evil person I know and the fact that you worry about it shows me that you're not evil! I will keep you with me until the day that you die. There's really no me without you."


"You talk purty." I smiled, "But I've still got to go."


Wyatt dropped his hand and turned away, "Why?" he asked, turning with his hand on his hip and other under his chin.


"Because we need to learn how to trust each other." I said, "You have to learn to trust me."


"Do you really think, in your condition, going to a crowded bar with half naked men?" Wyatt asked.


"At least there, I might get felt up." I smirked.


"Not funny." Wyatt said, "Not fair, either. I don't want to hurt the baby."


"You're a doctor, you know that's impossible." I said.

"So, unless I have sex with you, you're going to go to the club?" Wyatt chuckled.


I paused.


"What?" he asked.


"You sound like..." I started, "Unless I have sex with you?"


Wyatt sighed, "I didn't mean it like that." He frowned.


I nodded, "You know, the day I start begging my husband for sex is the day I let a demon take everything from me." I frowned.


"You have a disease that can kill you and the baby! Stress triggers it. I need you to be here." Wyatt said.


"I get that. But sex isn't going to kill me...not our sex." I said.


"I can't." Wyatt said.


"Well, then you need to get to the guys, don't you?" I said dejectedly.


"Drake." Wyatt said.


"Bye." I said, walking to the bathroom. I quickly put on the clothes and walked out into the room. I threw the clothes on the bed and walked over to the dresser, looking for anything in the drawer. I felt hands grab me and shove me against the wall! I was face to face with Wyatt now. Wyatt looked at me angrily, so angrily that it sort of scared me. He then kissed me so hard, I thought our head would pop off. In the midst of our monster make-out, he took my body in his hands and hoisted me against the wall, to which I wrapped my legs around his waist. He took his lips away and started sucking on my necking and I moaned from the pleasure! He grabbed at my tight shirt, ripping it wildly and unbuttoned the leather pants. I tried to help him while steadying myself but I knocked the mirror off the wall, along with everything from on top of the dresser! Wyatt grabbed my hands with one hand and ripped my underwear with the other hand. My breath quickened as he reached my dick and began to stroke it gently, picking up rhythm. I moaned, which he seemed to really enjoy. He smirked as he quickly unbuckled his pants and they fell to his ankles, revealing that he hadn't put on underwear and his dick was extremely hard. It may have been the hardest it ever was. Quickly and roughly, he slid into me. I groaned a little as he shivered and began to move his dick in and out of me slowly. He immediately began to go deeper, faster, and rougher! It didn't hurt, it was extremely good. Suddenly, he stopped and carried me to the bed, his dick still inside of me. He pulled out, and lay me on the bed, quickly flipping me over so that I was on my stomach.


"Are you...that position doesn't hurt does it?" Wyatt asked.


"No." I exhaled.


"Good." He smirked.


I was on all fours when he grabbed me and pulled me back into him! He inserted himself again, this time plunging so deep into me that he didn't stop until he was fully inside me, until I could feel his pubic hair against my ass! He began to pound my ass! I was lost in time and speechless as he, possibly for the first time, fucked me! It got so good and rough that the only thing I could say, and I screamed it, was his name. He pulled me up so that my back was against his chest and his hand was wrapped tight around my chest, holding me in place as he hammered me. I looked back to see his face in ecstasy and I kissed him, remembering how he tasted and how much I missed it. I didn't know how long it went on, I just wished it wouldn't stop. I began to tighten, as did he. He reached around and began to jack me off hard at the same time he began gasping for air and his whole body tightened inside me as he came. I followed a few seconds later. He gently laid me down and cuddled up next to me as he was still inside me. For about fifteen minutes, we just caught our breath.


"You better hurry, if you're still going to the club." Wyatt said behind me. I could tell that he was smiling.


I chuckled.


"I didn't hurt you, did I?" Wyatt asked.


I turned as much as I could, "Can we not fight anymore? That was worse than any demon." I frowned.


Wyatt nodded, "You got it, babe." He smiled, leaning down and kissing me.