Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 75: Look Who's Evil Now


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There was a huge explosion but nothing was affected. I had tried to go out of the door, very unsuccessfully, for hours now and I had come to the realization that the Halliwells had put me in jail. Somehow I didn't know what was going on. Someone was framing me. Someone had done horrible thing and...or maybe I had a worse disease than I thought I did. Maybe not taking my medicine was doing more damage than I thought. I could have done everything they said I did while I was passed out.


"Let me out of here!" I shouted.


No answer. No one there. They must be up to something.



As Warren shimmered in, he took in the sight of Wyatt by the book, Chris pacing back and forth, Melinda at the potions table, and Leo and Piper cuddled up on the couch. They all looked very worried and he wondered why they had called him. Just then, Kyle orbed in also. He took note that there was no Drake, either he wasn't in on this or he was the cause of this. Wyatt barely looked up but Chris came to a complete stop.


"Hey, thanks for coming." Chris said.


"Happy to help, I think." Warren said, "What did you need?"


"Something's wrong with Drake." Wyatt said, still not looking up.


"What's wrong?" Kyle asked, closing his eyes, "Why is he in a crystal cage?"


"You put Drake in a crystal cage?" Warren asked, shrugging, "That's one way to keep him from screwing around."


"This isn't about..." Wyatt began angrily, but he calmed himself, "He blacked out."


"You called us over here because he blacked out?" Warren asked, "Aren't you the doctor?"


"No, we called you because when he blacked out, he did bad things." Melinda said, "Really bad things."


"He semi-poisoned a man at the restaurant, causing him to sue us. He deliberately withdrew contracts to the bands at the club and somehow caused all my workers to get sick." Chris said, "And he very possibly killed Wyatt's charge."


Warren chuckled, "He wouldn't hurt anybody." He said.


The room was silent in contemplation.


"How can we help?" Kyle asked.


"That's the thing, we don't know." Chris said, "We believe he was possessed. The blackout, the sabotage..."


"We've tried every spell in the book." Melinda frowned, "He's still blowing the Hell out of those crystals!"


"I'll go and speak with the Elders." Kyle said, orbing out.


"Remind you of anyone?" Piper asked Leo.


"I'll try and remember something helpful." Warren said.


"You don't remember the source?" Leo asked.


"No, the source has protective magic. From the time we leave, we began to remember less and less about him." Warren answered, "You should try that with humans."


Wyatt huffed with frustration, "What good is being powerful if you can't help anyone when they really need it?" he asked.


"We're going to figure this all out." Piper said, "Maybe his astral self..."


"Killed people?" Chris asked.


"No, he wouldn't." Wyatt said, "We're running out of time."


"What do you mean?" Leo asked.


"I just feel like this is another distraction..." Wyatt said, thinking about it, "A distraction. It's not him."

"I know what you're thinking." Melinda smiled.


"Me too. How could we have not thought about this from the beginning?" Chris asked, "The Source has been trying to get to us and he's been using Drake to do it. The violent mood swings, the moral all amounts to someone else controlling Drake!"


"Question is, how do we save him." Melinda said slowly.




I blasted the door one more good time before it bounced off and hit me, causing me to fly backwards! I landed on my back in pain. I huffed in frustration as I sat up. This was the worst. I knew they trapped me in this room to save me and partly because they thought I was out of my mind. Maybe I was. Maybe I'm just as evil and disillusioned as the rest of my family had been. I stood again and cracked my neck, ready to fire again.


"Geez, it won't work already!"


I looked over to the chair in the corner and saw myself, sitting crookedly in the chair with my leg over the arm. The same feelings of dread and fear washed over me again. I slowly backed away, trying to bring my mind into what my eyes were seeing.


"Relax." He said.


"What are you?" I asked angrily.


"I'm just here to show you something." He said, standing, "The future."


"I can't see the future." I said.

"You just need to look deeper." He said, speeding over to me and placing his finger against my head!




"I can't believe you!" I said, throwing a dish at Wyatt, who ducked it.


"Drake!" Wyatt shouted.


I picked up a vase to throw it, but it orbed out of my hand. I then walked over and picked up a glass, hurling it before he could orb it. As I threw it, it orbed from the air and came back at me! I quickly jumped out of the way! Wyatt extended his hand, but I knocked it away.


"I'm so sorry." Wyatt said, with tears coming down his face, "It was only one time. Everything's been so crazy and we haven't had time for each other..."


"That's what this is? I don't have time to spend with you twenty-four hours, so you go out and..." I frowned, "Two kids, a Private Practice, A tv show, a book, and a whole lot of demons and you let it end like this?"


"Don't...don't say end." Wyatt said angrily, "We can fix this."


I shook my head sadly, "No, we can't." I frowned, "I married you because you wanted to marry me. You wanted a family...I gave it to you. What did I do wrong?"


"Nothing. You were...are perfect!" Wyatt stammered, "Everything I want."


"I've trusted you as long as I've known you. I've loved you for longer. I gave you every part of me and you threw it away!" I shouted, "That's the thing about being all powerful, you don't know how it is to lack power."




"You can sleep on the couch tonight. But you're looking for a new place tomorrow." I said, leaving.


I watched myself and Wyatt fighting and it sent shivers down my spine. The other me stood at my side, looking equally pained. There was something to his pain, though. It was more than the pain of watching.


"Ready for the next one?" He asked.




Wyatt stood, knocking on the door. He couldn't open it and he couldn't orb in. He was very worried because this seemed so wrong and now that everything was so weird, he felt very nervous about the whole situation. He pounded on the door, but there was no response, not even a yell. The family had began to gather in the hall, watching Wyatt pound on the door. Wyatt grabbed the handle and was sent flying back into the wall! He stood and walked over, raising his hands to the door. The door budged long enough for him and the family to see another Drake standing beside an unconscious Drake. The women gasped while the men looked at the scene, wide-eyed. The slammed shut again!


"That explains everything." Chris frowned, "And opens so many more questions."




Drake stood against one of the columns in the living room, looking down upon Wyatt, who was sleeping. The look of disdain and utter frustration on his face was a new sight to even me. His arms were folded and he looked so angry and hurt. Drake looked deep in thought and Wyatt was just waking up.


"Hey." Wyatt said, "You didn't sleep, huh?"


Drake shook his head.




"You need to go." Drake said sadly.


"What?" Wyatt asked, "What about the kids? What are we going to tell the kids?"


"The truth." I frowned.


Wyatt looked at me fearfully, "We need to work this out and do what we can for the kids." He said.


"I am thinking about the kids." Drake frowned, "I'm thinking more about the kids than you are."


Wyatt stared at me, "Think about you really want me to go?"he asked.


"No." Drake said quickly, "But you have got to get the hell out!"




Drake walked over and grabbed a couple of bags from the corner and placed them at the door.


"When are we going to tell the kids?" Wyatt asked.


"You can come by after work. But I so want you out by then." Drake said walking and standing by the living chair.


Wyatt nodded and got up, walking over to the door in his pajamas. He took one last look back, pleading with Drake, who was beside himself. He was near tears, both of them were. Wyatt picked up the bags and left, shutting the door behind him. Drake stood, his eyes fixed on the door as a potted plant wilted and the pot exploded before he slid down against the column.


"Breaking heart in an empty apartment..." The other Drake said.


I looked over at him, "...the loudest sound I never heard."


"You shouldn't be surprised...I am you." He said.


"You don't sound like an apparition or a person from my head, you sound like me." I frowned.


"This is your future." He said quickly, "And this." He said waving his arms. An image of me with blacked out eyes stood in the middle of the attic. The Halliwells stood around, the sisters clutched the book. Wyatt and Chris looked on in horror as something happened, a supernova and suddenly everything blew up!


"No." I said quickly.


"Yes." He said, "Face it, kiddo, you're meant to destroy everything they've built."


"Not no, I'd never do that, even though I wouldn't." I said, facing him, "Wyatt would never do that to me. What are you?"


"Damn it," He smirked, "I almost had you."




Wyatt, Chris, and Warren walked cautiously through the Underworld, trying of find Drake. They had been searching for over an hour and that was about fifteen minutes after they were able to get into Wyatt's room. They were getting closer, they could all feel Drake. They could also feel something dark, darker than they were used to.


"Can you sense that?" Chris asked.


"Yes." Wyatt and Warren said together.


"Sense this!" A demon said, shimmering in with three other demons from nowhere and sending energy balls their way.


Wyatt stepped forward, his shield protecting them. He raised his hand and a shockwave vanquished all the demons! They walked forward into a room that was decorated to look like a room. A seer, who was in the corner with her crystal ball, looked up immediately. The other Drake stood above Drake, his hands over the Drake's head and his eyes were closed. The seer yelled for more demons and they appeared in an instant and a fight ensued. Inside my mind, I found myself feeling very unnerved by the doppelganger standing a few inches away from me. There was creepage.


"You never had me." I frowned, "As soon as the fight happened, as soon as I saw it, my whole body shouted that it wasn't possible."


"Even with all the fighting?" He asked.


"What are you?" I asked.


He chuckled, "I'm you, sweetie." He said.


"You're not me, not entirely. Where are you from?" I asked.


"I'm you in the future!" He frowned.


"You're lying. I know when I'm lying." I said angrily.


He surveyed me, trying to figure out what to say next.


"Reveal what he has not said, open the door to his mind." I said, causing flashes to hit me. There was death and pain and then nothingness.


Outside, Chris orbed a jagged piece of rock from the ceiling and made it go into the last demon, vanquishing him!


"We have armies." The seer said, "We can do this all night."


Suddenly, there was a wave of energy that took everyone off their feet! I woke up with a start and looked around at the mayhem! Everyone got to their feet and Wyatt, Warren, and Chris stood, watching my doppelganger, who was holding his side.


"Get away from my husband!" Wyatt shouted.


"I am your husband." The other me smiled, turning to me, "I'll be seeing you." He said, flaming out, followed by the seer. I was left wide-eyed.




I sat in the living room of the manor, looking into the fire. I was thinking to myself. How'd this happen? How could I become something like that? I only looked away when I heard footsteps. I looked over to Chris and back at the fire.


"You okay?" Chris asked.


I inhaled, "I think the universe hates me." I frowned, "What are you doing here? I thought the whole family went out to the restaurant for the birthday."


"We are, I just stopped by to get something. You're not going?" Chris asked.


"No." I said, "I sent him a present, but I don't think I'm going to make it there."


"Wyatt let you out of his sight?" Chris asked.


I chuckled, "After much protest, he agreed to leave his grown husband at home alone." I said, giving a weak smile.


"It's weird seeing him. What is he? Is he the future or..."


"He's the Source." I frowned, "And he's me from another reality."


Chris looked at me.


"He's what I could have become." I frowned, "What I still might."


"You'll never be him." Chris said, "You are kind and caring..."


"You think he didn't start that way?" I asked.


"But, when I'm around him, I feel despair and evil." Chris said, "When I'm around you, I can feel the goodness in you, even when you're yelling. Face it, you're love."


"Thanks." I said quickly, "We're going to have to fight him."


Chris nodded.


"How am I supposed to defeat myself?" I asked.


"You know Wyatt nor would any of the rest of us hurt you." Chris frowned, "I think it has to be you."


"You should get going to the party." I said quickly.


Chris got up to leave, but instead walked over and sat down beside me, putting his arm around my shoulder, "It can wait." He said as we both looked into the fire.


Across town...


"You're insane. Think about it. Why else would you be seeing your brother all day and all night?" Drake said, pacing back and forth in front of Brian, "It's a shame too. Poor thing, your parents never wanted you. Your brother doesn't want you..."


Brian was in a crouched position on the couch, his hand hugging his knees. He looked fearfully. He had tried to remove his brother from his apartment, but found that Drake was untouchable, his hand went right through. He had tried to leave, but was followed everywhere he went and Drake wouldn't stop talking! He was at the brink. Wherever he went and whatever he did, Drake was there, goading him.


"If you really want me to love you, you're going to do something for me." Drake said, stopping and standing in front of him, "You and me, kid, we're going to get along just fine." He smirked.