Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 77: Summers Syndrome

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"Caliopie, open the door!" Her mother, Jeni, shouted outside her door, "What's going on!"

Her father, Devin, pounded on the door, "Cali, please honey, open the door!" he pleaded.

Fifteen year old Cali sat in her room as a storm raged outside, her hand on her head and her legs pulled to her chest! She hadn't meaned to do anything. This was all a mistake. A very awful mistake. She didn't even know she could do it!

"It's okay, whatever you did you do it?" Jeni asked.

"I don't know." Cali shouted, "I happens sometimes."

Suddenly, a boy about her age appeared in front of her.

"Who the hell are you?!" Cali shouted.

"Cali?! Who's in there with you!" Devin shouted.

"I'm Griffith. I know what you can do and I'm here to help you." Griffith smiled, extending a hand, "Come with me, have no time to waste. An evil trio named the Charmed Ones is out to destroy the world and you're the only one that can stop them." He smirked.


"Dean, what does that even mean?!" I asked over the phone. I was in the kitchen of the Manor as Leo sat at the table feeding Matthew peas. Piper was at the stove cooking bacon, which was really making me sick. Wyatt hadn't come down yet and Melinda was elsewhere, like she'd been recently. I was arguing with Dean about the sponsors and the heads of the paper taking their sweet time deliberating on whether I should be fired or not, "I don't have a job. No, that's what it means. Look, I'm thankful and blessed for everything the Bay Mirror gave me but I can't just wait around for them and you to decide my worth. I have a condo and a baby and..."

Wyatt walked in and kissed me on the cheek before heading over to his mother, "How long has he been on the phone?" he asked.

"Too long." Piper said, "And he's stressing himself out. Fix that."

"What am I supposed to do? He doesn't listen." Wyatt frowned, "He's stubborn. Besides, you know what this job means to him."

Piper exhaled, "Yeah, I do, but I also know what the stress of his job can do to him." She frowned.

"Where's Chris?" Wyatt asked.

"Something about a charge." Piper said, "He's not happy about it, either."

"And Melinda?" Wyatt asked.

"That I don't know." Piper shrugged.

"Seriously?! I understand. Thanks." I said hanging up.

"They're still deciding?" Wyatt asked, fixing a plate.

I nodded, "They are thinking long and hard about pun intended." I said sniffing the bacon, "Ugh. Gross."

"I thought you liked bacon." Wyatt asked.

"Morning sickness." Piper said, "There are saltines in the cupboard."

I walked to the cupboard and pulled out saltines, "Good, I'm going to talk to the guy that suing the restaurant." I said, munching on a cracker.

Piper cleared her throat.

"Do you think that's a good idea?" Wyatt asked nervously.

I looked from Piper to Wyatt, "Huh?" I asked.

"I mean..." Wyatt stammered, "I're stressing yourself. Maybe this is all more than you can handle. You're supposed to be relaxing. If we can just keep you calm until the second trimester..."

"Wyatt I'm doing this for the family. I owe you guys." I frowned, "This is my fault. Literally."

"He's not you, sweetie." Piper said, "And we'll find some way through this, we always do."

Leo stood and walked over to me, "Listen, Drake, you've got a lot on your plate, but sometimes you just need a little rest. We're not saying you're weak and you can't handle what's being thrown at you, you've already proved yourself, we're just worried." He said.

"The more stress, the more of a chance..." Wyatt trailed.

"I swear, after I make things right we can go on vacation or something. But right now, I really need to redeem the things he's done." I said quickly.

"Fine, but after this, the job and everything is out of your mind, got it?" Wyatt asked.

"Fine." I nodded, "I'm meeting Melinda at a lawyer's office. I got her a familiar lawyer."

"Family lawyer?" Leo asked.

"Nope, familiar." I smiled as I left.


Tristian, Mel, and I sat on one side of the table and Jeffrey Stephens and his lawyer sat on the opposite side. Jeffrey was a portly man whom was also balding. He seemed rather uptight and like a snob. He leaned in his chair, probably to support his weight. His lawyer was a shark. I knew her by reputation. Tristian seemed relaxed and still looked really good in a suit. Melinda was nervously tapping her fingers on the table. The negotiations had broken down and Tristian had explained the situation to them, minus the magic, and had gotten the price down to fifteen thousand dollars. The problem was that Piper's restaurant would take a very big hit. People would lose their jobs and Piper could possibly lose the restaurant, despite it making her money anyways.

"Look, it's that or no deal and I sue you well enough to own your little restaurant!" Jeffrey said snidely.

"We can't afford that." Melinda pleaded.

"My client and I are sorry, but we won't go any lower." His lawyer, Shepard, said.

"Even though it was my fault?" I asked.

"Especially because it was your fault." Jeffrey said, "You almost killed me! You think because you're a celebrity that you can do what you want. Well, you can't."

"His being a celebrity shouldn't have anything to do with..." Tristan started.

"Is your client going to pay up?" Shepard asked.

"We just can't." Melinda whispered to Tristan, who nodded sympathetically.

"My client..."

"I'll pay it." I said quickly.

Tristan and Melinda looked at me oddly.

"Drake, that's a lot of money!" Melinda said.

"Drake..." Tristan said.

"I'll have the money wired into your account by the end of the day." I said.

Jeffrey whispered to Shepard, "Fine, but by the end of the day." Shepard said, closing her briefcase.

"I hope that next time, someone takes you for everything you have." Jeffrey said, standing and leaving with his lawyer.

"You shouldn't have done that." Melinda said.

"This restaurant is Piper's dream." I said.

"You don't have that money! You're on leave from your job, Wyatt's in the middle of opening a practice, and you have a child on the way!" Melinda frowned, "I get that you feel guilty but none of this is your fault."

"She's right." Tristan said, "That guy didn't deserve to win this."

"But he did." I said, standing, "He's right. I can't run around doing what I want anymore. This breaks me financially but if it fixes anything, it's worth it. Besides, Wyatt still teaches."

Melinda and Tristan stood.

"Thank you." Melinda said, hugging me, "You're a better person than you give yourself credit for. I've got to get back to work. Thanks for letting me do that."

I smiled weakly and nodded, "But out for allergies." I chuckled.

Melinda nodded and headed out.

"That was a great thing you did." Tristan said, "We should get together under nicer circumstances."

"Yeah." I smiled.

"Are you happy?" Tristan asked.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Are you happy?" Tristan asked, "Is Wyatt making you happy?"

I nodded, "I'm pregnant." I said.

"Again? The guy has super sperm." Tristan smiled, "I'm glad."

"Are you happy?" I asked.

"Rich and..."

"Sweetie, I said happy." I smirked.

"Lonely." Tristan said.

"I do have a guy that would be perfect for you." I smiled.


When I finally made my way into the Manor, Wyatt was standing with Piper and Leo. The looks on their faces were sympathy mixed with some happy emotion. Could have been pride.

"I can't believe you would do that." Piper said quickly, "I don't know if I'm more proud of you or mad at you!" she said, hugging me, "I appreciate this, but it wasn't your fault honey."

"Piper's right. You need the money." Leo said, "We're prepared to pay you back."

"I don't want your money." I said, tearing up, "I didn't do it so that you can pay me back. I did it because it was the right thing to do."


"Piper, this restaurant is your dream. If you had never met me...this wouldn't have happened." I said softly.

"You really think that? You do remember the stories of when you were younger, how the Source came back and destroyed...If I had never met you, it would have happened anyway." Piper said, holding my face, "If you hadn't been around, my family wouldn't be as happy as it is now."

"We can use the money for the practice..." Wyatt started.

"No." I frowned, "That's for your dream."

"What about yours?" Leo asked, "Your dreams shouldn't have to take a backseat for this family's."

"My dream was being a part of this family." I said quickly, "And I'm going to fight like Hell to stay in it." I said, heading up the stairs.

When I got up to the attic, Wyatt orbed in front of me. He didn't say a word, he just hugged me. I took in a deep breath and pulled away, heading to the book.

"What are you doing?" Wyatt asked.

"I need to know how to beat him." I said, flipping through pages, "He has to die a bloody, bloody death."

"I thought we agreed..."

"I can't." I spat, "I'm not letting him ruin anything else."

Wyatt walked over and slammed the book, "You need rest." He frowned.

"I need to find..."


"Please." I pleaded, "He's taking everything from me. He can't take my baby."

"If you keep this up, he'll take our baby permanently." Wyatt frowned, "When I was knocked out in the cave, I astral projected here. I saw Aunt Prue."

I watched him.

"She said that I had to save the baby to save you and I'll be damned if I lose either of you!" Wyatt said angrily, "Please. Go and relax."

"One go with me." I said slowly.

"Anything for you." Wyatt as he took my hand and led me from the room.


I awoke with a start. Something was wrong. Wyatt's arm tightened but I quickly stuffed a pillow into his grip and watched his clamp down on it. I walked into the hallway, hearing no one. Everyone must have been out, which wasn't common these days. I tip-toed to the attic and pushed the door open to reveal the other me standing in the middle of the attic. He looked to be waiting for me. I walked quickly to the potions table and picked up an explosive potion.

"It's not going to kill me." He smirked.

I held on to the potion, "What do you want? Why are you doing all of this?" I asked.

"I'm not doing it to you; I'm doing it for you." He said.

"How about you die...for me." I said angrily.

"Should have seen that coming." He nodded, "Don't get me wrong, I'm not the evil here. Think about it...Your family is dead. But has anything significantly bad happened to the Halliwells?"

"Don't put this on them. You want my baby." I frowned.

"I just can't get anything past you." He said, "Do you know how I got here? I pretended to die."

"I don't care."

"Because Wyatt killed me and our baby." He said.

"What?" I asked.

"Love to say that I hate him, but the love is still there." He said, "The Halliwells feud destroyed my family, took everything from not only me, but from the world. If they're good, I'd rather be evil."

"You're wrong." I frowned.

He moved close to me, "Sooner or later, he will kill you too." He said quickly.

"No! That was another Wyatt, just like you're another me." I said.

He chuckled, "He took our child away from me! But it's okay because after birth kills you, I'm taking your baby." He smirked.

I was silent.

"It's harsh. Are you going to cry?" He asked, mocking me.

"No. I'm just going to kill you." I said, tossing the explosive potion onto his chest, causing him to blow backwards over the bookstand and through the window! I ran to the window and looked down to see broken glass and Chris staring up at me with Bianca and Matthew.

"Baby!" Wyatt said as he rushed to the attic door, "What happened?"


After I told my story, Chris, Bianca, and Wyatt looked at me with disbelief. Matthew looked between us with confusion. Chris and Bianca were shocked to see me fall out of a window. I tapped my foot, bored, trying to speed along their consciousness of the whole situation. Assuming this was true, everything he said, it could never happen in this reality. I felt bad for him (Self-pity), but it didn't excuse what he was doing now. He has to be stopped. I don't want my son or daughter to be raised by that thing. It used to be me, somewhere down deep, I was there, but he wasn't me anymore.

"He's not..." Chris started.

"I know." I said quickly, "He is the furthest thing from me."

"The things I did in the future keep getting worse." Wyatt said softly.

I walked over to Wyatt and knelt down in front of him, "Wyatt, you know how this other me is the furthest thing from actually being me? I need to you to listen to every last word I'm saying, baby." I said, looking into his eyes, "He is not and will never be you! I love you...I could never love him."

Wyatt nodded and kissed me.

"So, what do we do now?" Bianca asked.

"He's not just going after me; he's making it top priority to screw with as many people as he could." I explained, "He's my doppelganger."

"I think we need to put crystals around the house." Chris said, "Every house with a Halliwell."

"I think that's a good..." Wyatt said, but he was struck by lightning through the hole in the window and slammed into the attic wall!

Chris and Bianca were taking off their feet by a huge gust of wind! Suddenly, I was engulfed by a ball of water. I couldn't breathe and could barely move. I tried kicking out of the ball, but I couldn't! Suddenly, I disappeared in a burst of orbs and appeared beside the toddler Matthew. I grabbed him in a bear hug! I had forgotten about him in all the marriage and pregnancy. He was my life at one time and I had barely even acknowledged him as of late. He'll always sort of be my baby. I can't believe that I'd neglected him this much! I looked over to see a teenager moving her hands. I raised my hands to blow her up, but stopped. She was only a kid. Another kid appeared next to her. I concentrated on my hands and suddenly, the girl was thrown off her feet and into the wall! Chris and Bianca fell to the floor. The teenage boy looked to me and produced an energy ball. Wyatt threw his hands forward, causing the boy to bounce into a sitting chair! The girl was getting up and I froze her! The boy disappeared. Wyatt fell back to the ground.


While Kyle healed Wyatt, I sat on the bed next to them, stroking Wyatt's hair. The girl was still frozen, which I totally attributed to the baby. Chris, Warren, and Bianca were in the attic, trying to identify the demon. From him blinking in and out, I figured it was a warlock. Wyatt had nearly been killed by the lightning strike. The girl was one of Kyle's charges. She had gone missing a few hours ago. Her parents were looking for her. She was a new witch and hadn't grasped the concept of magic fully. Wyatt healed quickly and began to move.

I pushed him back down, "Lay down." I said.

"I'm alright." Wyatt said weakly.

"No." I frowned, "You're not ready."

"You're cute when you worry." Wyatt smiled.

"Then I must be sexy." I smiled.

There was a scream a thud from upstairs!

"Stay with him." I said to Kyle. I raced out of the room and up to the stairs to see Warren had the girl in a bear hug from behind and Chris attempted to talk her down. Bianca sighed and pushed Chris out of the way, slapping the girl.

"Please shut up! You're scaring the child!" Bianca frowned.

"What's going on?" I asked, walking into the room.

"She unfroze and started fighting us." Warren struggled, "We're trying to tell her that we're not evil."

"Did she tell you how she got into the hands of a warlock?" I asked.

"Hemzine." Chris said, "And we think he's looking to turn her before her window is up."

"Her window?" Warren asked.

"When a witch gets their power, there's fourty eight hours before the witch is designated good or evil." Chris explained, "She just got her powers and from the looks of it, she's an elemental. He probably wanted to kill her and take her powers."

"Take my powers?!" Cali shouted, "You're the ones who want to take my powers and kill me!"

"And Hemzine told you that, right?" Bianca asked, "Tell me why, if he was trying to help you, did he take you out of your home?"

"To train me to use my powers." Cali said.

"So, he took you away from your family to train you?" I asked.

"I hurt my dad." Cali said, "And he told me what you are."

Chris brought over the Book of Shadows, "The most powerful witches of good magic?" he said.

Cali's eyes perused the entry and looked to us, "It says three sisters." She frowned.

"Yeah, that's so out of date." I said shaking my head.

"If they weren't good, would you still be alive?" Bianca asked.

"I can answer that, `no'." Warren frowned, letting her go.

"Why would he lie to me?" Cali asked.

"Because he's evil." Warren said, "And you almost killed my cousin."

Cali looked like she was about to cry.

"Oh crap, I didn't mean to make the chick cry!" Warren said, "It's okay, we've all almost killed each other."

"You didn't know." I said.

"What am I?" She said, standing.

"You're a witch." Bianca said.

"A very powerful one." Chris said, "We can help you."

"No!" Cali shouted, "This is all...too much!" she said, rushing past us and out of the house.

"Where has Cali gone?" Kyle asked, walking in with Wyatt.

"You need to find her." I said, "Protect her. The warlock is going to come for her."

Kyle nodded, disappearing in orbs.

"What do we do?" Bianca asked.

"We wait for her to call us." I said looking over to Matthew. I smiled at him and he chuckled.


When Caliope returned home, she found it empty. Her parents were probably out looking for her. She began sobbing and collapsed onto her bed. How could he use her? He was supposed to be her second chance at life. This new life was so appealing from the way he explained it! Even though she totally hated Twilight, she had hoped that Hemzine would be her Edward. Thunder and lightning cracked through the air as the rain began. She stiffened when she felt another presence in the room. She whipped around to see Hemzine.

"Are you okay? Those horrible people..."

"You left me there." Cali said, "You left me with those horrible people!"

"I...had to. You survived quite well." Hemzine stammered, "What was I supposed to do? They're the most powerful..."

"Good witches?" Cali asked.

"Did they tell you that?" Hemzine asked, "And you believe them? They think you're stupid."

"Or you do." Cali said.

"You doubt me?" Hemzine asked, "I have weathered storms for you."

"Storms that you've help me create." Cali frowned.

"I asked you were you afraid before this started..."

"You left out the part about you being...a Warlock?" Cali asked.

Hemzine swatted her into a standing mirror, "Guess I'll have to do this the hard way." He said, walking to her with a small dagger.

A few inches away from her, he stopped when a burst of orbs appeared between them. Kyle tackled Hemzine to the floor and the athame slid out of his grasp. Kyle wrestled with him until Hemzine threw him off! Kyle crunched across the glass as he got to his feet. Hemzine disappeared and appeared behind Kyle, catching him in a full nelson!

"I'm getting her power!" Hemzine smirked. His smirk soon turned to one of pain and horror as Cali stabbed him in the back! Power slid out of the athame and into Cali!

"Bastard." She swore, dropping the athame.

Kyle picked up the athame and smiled to her, "My name is Kyle," he said, "I'm your whitelighter."

"Whitelighter?" She asked.

Before they could go any further, Hemzine stood. He made a fire ball in his hand and was about to throw it when it combusted!

"I don't think you'll need that." I smirked.

Hemzine smirked and concentrated. When nothing happened, he looked distraught, "Why can't I blink?!"

"I think I know." Kyle said, handling the athame.

Wyatt smiled before tossing a potion at the warlock, causing him to vanquish in fire!

"What just happened?!" Cali asked.

"Magic. Good magic." Chris smiled.


"So Cali is doing well?" I asked, "Good. I'm glad you're helping her Kyle. I just hope she doesn't blink away. Maybe we can do something about that power. Not tonight though, tonight I'm fixing my friend up. Yeah, well if you need me and Wyatt, call. Okay, bye." I said hanging up. I walked out of the bathroom and sat at the table with Tristan, Wyatt and Carl. Tristan and Wyatt had caught up again and had even scheduled a time to go to a game. Carl was going with them and I wasn't. Believe me, I wasn't worried or bothered by that. Carl and Tristan were becoming fast friends and even had a lot of chemistry. I smiled to myself. All my problems weren't solved but it was good to be able to fix something. They were talking sports and I couldn't help but be happy. Bad things were coming, but in that moment, it didn't matter. At the same time, Melinda Halliwell walked into the Bay Mirror and made a bee-line to Dean's office. She burst in without a thought and saw that he was talking to some guys in business suits. It didn't escape her that he was gorgeous!

"Look, Drake didn't say those things!" Melinda said.

"Can we re-schedule?" Dean asked the other people in the office. They nodded and dispersed, "I..."

"I mean, he did but that wasn't him! He's the sweetest, most caring guy ever and he's smart and if you fire him, you're losing something so special. It's a bad business move! It''s...after what he's done for the paper, he..."

"I know." Dean said.

"You know?" Melinda asked, "Then why..."

"It's not just up to me. If it were, he'd be back already." Dean said, "Are you his..."

"Sister-in-law." Melinda said.

"Maybe you'd like to talk this over...over dinner." Dean suggested.

"Fine." Melinda said, "But you're buying."

Dean nodded, "Okay." He said.