Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 78: Call of the Sea

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Wyatt was in the nursery at his and Drake's condo, fixing up some fixtures. Leo had been there with Chris earlier, but now they had gone and he was here, still working. He kind of enjoyed the quiet. He'd been looking after his charges while vanquishing demons and being on call all day and night. That's when he wasn't fixing up the practice and trying to look after his husband. He also had family stress, which didn't do much for his stress. If he had to rate his stress level, he'd say about eight or nine. He wasn't complaining; He just was trying to keep everything together. All these things in his life were great, but stressful. He savored the moments of quiet. Suddenly, a voice shouted his name. It was in his head. His charge. He sighed with exhaustion and orbed away.

Somewhere off the shore of the Pacific...

Samantha was a mermaid that found love. She was, if she had been born on land, Hispanic. She had dark hair highlighted with blonde and she was around 5'8. She had blue eyes. She made a deal with a sea hag and actually won. She had been living with a good man for two years and had a child with him. She was a fashion consultant at an up-and-coming service. She was enjoying her life until a few hours ago. Tess, a two hundred year old sea hag, now stood over her unconscious body. Tess was the sea hag who granted Sam her life. Tess was an older lady, but still looked pretty good.

"How did you come by her?" Tess asked.

Drake stepped out into the light. He pouted a little, "Like catching fish in a barrel." He smirked.


I was sitting on the floor with Matthew, playing on his baby mat when Wyatt orbed in with an unconscious woman. She was very pretty and I wondered if she was a charge or an innocent. I picked Matthew up before walking over to him as he laid her on the couch. He walked over and pecked me on the lips.

"What's with the unconscious chick?" I asked.

"She's an innocent." Wyatt said, "I fought off a sea hag to get to her."

"So, you pissed off a sea hag and brought what she wants here?" I asked.

Just then his beeper went off.

"Seriously? You can't just dump her here!" I frowned.

"I have to go, honey." Wyatt said apologetically, "It's a 911." He said, orbing away.

As he orbed away, the door shut and Bianca and Chris came through it and stood beside me.

"What's with the unconscious chick?" Chris asked.

"Innocent." I frowned, "They're like flies."

"Ooooh, I think she's waking up!" Bianca said, watching the girl.

Chris and I watched her too. As she violently awakened, she took one look at me and screamed! I was taken by surprised by her and she jumped over to the other side of the couch, still screaming!

"Hey, we're not going to hurt you!" Chris said, trying to calm her down.

"He did this to me!" The girl shouted, pointing directly at me.

"Whoa! I never touched you!" I frowned, "It was my evil twin, I swear."

"You really expect her to believe that?" Bianca asked.

"No, but it's true." I frowned, "There's another me out there, I swear."

"You're the Charmed Ones..." She said.

"Yes." I said.

"Why would you do this to me?" She asked.

"What did we do?" Chris asked.

"You killed my husband and knocked me out!" She shrieked.

"Listen, the other me...didn't you sense something evil about him?" I asked.


"Do you still sense that?" I asked.

"No." She said, standing, "I'm sorry. I'm...not new to magic, I used to be a mermaid."

"Really?" I asked.

"I found love." She said quickly, "I have a family...I had a family..."

"I'm so sorry." I frowned.

"It's not your fault...or, maybe it is." She said, sitting on the couch and sobbing into her hands.

"What do we do now?" Bianca asked.

"We let her grieve." I said, walking into the sunroom. Bianca and Chris followed.

"We might not have time to let her grieve." Chris said, "We should hit the book."

"Imagine if it was Bianca and Matty." I frowned, "She just needs a minute."

"Wait," Bianca said, "She said her husband was dead, not her kid."

"You're right." I said, "One of us has to go to get him."

"You should go." Chris said, "I'll call Wyatt and we can work on finding the Sea Hag."

I nodded and headed back in the sitting room, "Mermalady. I'm sorry to...but we have to get to your kid." I said softly.

"Oh God, I almost forgot!" She said, standing, "And my name is Samantha...Sam."

I nodded.


As we walked into the elementary school, I felt an eerie sense of dread. I looked around at the barren halls and watched Sam through the glass window to the office. After a few minutes, Sam came back out and told me that she had to go to his homeroom. I nodded and told her that I would wait here. I stood, ignoring the eyes of the people in the office. I turned to walk back outside when I came face to face with myself.

"Hello very similar lover." He smirked.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Fishing." He said seductively, "You know, you need an insurgence of leather. Just because you're a househusband now doesn't mean you have to let yourself go."

"Thanks for getting me fired." I frowned, "You're a penis."

"Oh, sweetie. I don't care." He said, "Everything was taken from me and I came here to warn you about Wyatt, about what he turns into...and you're living this totally different life. The life I should have had."

"So, you're jealous?" I asked, "Get over it."

"If you think I'm anywhere near done, you better think again, cupcake." He said, "Just like everything I had got taken from me, you're going to lose everything."

I chuckled, "My job? You think that's everything?" I asked.

"I'm not that stupid. I know how much everything in our lives means to us." He said looking to my stomach, "And I'm going to take each and every one of them!"

"You're not seeing the bigger picture, cinnamon roll," I said quickly, "You're not me. You might've been me sometime in your past, but you couldn't be further from me. You lost your humanity and that, my evil friend, has always been our strength."

He chuckled, "You know how dangerous we are, so you might not want to piss us off." He smirked.

"You know how dangerous I am." I frowned, "You can't beat me."

"I don't need to beat you. Your child will kill you." He said, "I've seen the birth myself and you won't believe the amount of blood."

I was silent.

"Tch, tch, give the little critter life and she gives you death." He said, "Kind of poetic, don't you think?"

"Leave." I frowned.

He smirked, "Don't combust the messenger." He said, turning to leave.

Sam walked up just as alternate me disappeared, "Was that you? The you that...he was here?" she asked.

"Who's he mommy?" The little boy asked.

"Jakob, this is Drake Halliwell." Sam smiled, "Drake this is my son Jakob."

"Hi, Jakob." I smiled.

"Where's daddy?" Jakob asked.

Sam and I looked at each other, not sure what to even say.


I stood at the doorway of the sitting room, watching Jakob sob into his mother's arms. She sobbed too, finally feeling the loss of her husband. I imagined if that was me and my that I knew it was a girl. What a way to find out, having your doppelganger tell you. I put my hand on my stomach at the thought of losing Wyatt. Losing anyone else. I walked into the room and over to Sam and Jakob.

"Sam, could I talk to Jakob?" I asked.

Sam looked from Jakob to me, "Yes, of course." She said, "Could I have a glass of water."

"Yeah, the kitchen is just through there." I said, pointing towards the kitchen. I sat down beside Jakob, "I'm sorry about your dad."

"Thank you." He said sadly.

"I know how you feel." I said quickly.

Jakob looked at me with skepticism.

"When I was younger, my mother died." I said, causing his expression to soften, "And recently, I lost my dad."

"Was it the same bad man?" Jakob asked.

"No." I smiled, "Or maybe yes. It doesn't matter. I know how you feel."

Jakob sniffled.

"That's why I'm going to bring this guy down." I said, "I'm going to have a baby too..." I paused, "I want to see my baby."

"Who is he?" Jakob said, "The monsters in stories always have names."

I looked at him nervously.

Just then, Chris orbed in and he was all wet, "We have a huge problem." He frowned.

"Why are you all wet?" I asked.

"Where'd he come from?" Jakob asked, shocked.

"Wyatt is a fish." Chris said calmly.

I stood with a very angry expression on my face, "A fish?! What do you mean he's a fish?!" I asked angrily.

"We said the spell to find the Sea hag and he jus..."

"The one that Piper's stressed over and over not to say because it turns one of the casters into a mermaid? You did that spell?" I asked.

"Yeah, totally forgot about that." Chris said.

"Why is Wyatt the mermaid? I mean, there's nothing cold about his heart." I said to myself.

"And there is about mine?" Chris asked.

"No! But we both know you're more inclined to become a magical creature." I explained.

Chris nodded.

"Magical creatures?" Jakob asked, causing us both to turn to him.

"Where's Matthew and who is that?" Chris asked.

"Bianca. And this is Sam's son, Jakob." I said.

"Mermaid? Your friend is a mermaid? How cool!" Jakob said enthusiastically.

"He doesn't know?" Chris asked.

"Know what?" Jakob asked.

"Nothing." Chris said quickly.

"Wait, what are you two?" Jakob asked, "Are you mermaids? Ooooh, are you werewolves?"

"No!" I chuckled.

"Well, once my mom was a wendigo." Chris said.

"Wendi-what?" Jakob asked.

"Basically a werewolf." I said, "You shouldn't be—holy crap, my husband is a fish!"

"Husband?" Jakob asked.

"Discussion for another time." Chris said, "He's tracking her as we speak. She's close."

"When you say close..."

Chris pointed over my shoulder. I turned around to see water combining to make a figure. The figure turned into an old woman with busy silver-blonde hair. It wouldn't have been such a shock if her skin complexion wouldn't have been dark, despite being pale. She looked Hispanic, but very pale. She wore rags and raised her hand at me. Chris pushed me out of the way as a giant orb of water slushed into Chris and he was encased in water and struggling to breath. The Sea Hag shot a orb of water at me, but a giant pink shield rose around me! I swung my hand, causing the hag to disappear in orbs and slam against the wall! I took a minute to gather myself before holding out my hand to Chris, who disappeared and reappeared on the floor beside Jakob! The water which encased Chris splashed as it hit the floor and I watched as the Hag disappeared. I then ran to Chris and checked him out.

"Is he alright?" Jakob said from behind the couch.

"Yeah, he's alright." I nodded.

As Chris was coming around and Sam was entering the room again, the Hag materialized behind Jakob and disappeared with him.

"JAKOB!" Sam shouted.

"Okay, that's not good!" I frowned.


The Sea hag threw the boy to the ground. She walked over to Drake, who was sitting on her throne-like seat. He pouted a bit and smirked. Drake stood and let her sit. He then walked over to the water and began to play in it.

"Just what are you?" The Hag asked.

Drake kept playing with the water, "I'm the Source of All Evil."

The Hag looked taken aback, "The Source died many years ago." She said.

"Yes, the sisters called all the white magic in the world and vanquished him forever." Drake smiled, "I'm a different kind of evil."

"If you are indeed the source...what do you want with me?" The Hag asked.

Drake stopped playing with the water, "Demons always think it's about them." He said standing, "The other one will be here soon."

"The other?"

"The twice-blessed." Drake answered quickly, "If I'm right, they've done a spell and he's a fish."

"What role do I play in this?" The Hag asked.

Drake turn his head to look at her over his shoulder, "My dear, you're just a pawn." He said.

"You brought them to kill me?!" The hag asked.

Drake pointed to the boy, "He's the son of a mermaid. An innocent. Their innocent. When they come, there's a good chance you'll die." He shrugged.

"How dare you." The Hag frowned.

Drake's eyes went black, "Keep talking, cookie." He frowned. He then shook his head, causing his eyes to go back to their natural color, "I found myself questioning why I came here, what my ultimate goal is and it's never been clearer than this moment, this single moment."

"And your reason..."

Drake looked at him before flaming away! Just then, Wyatt swam in. He looked around. He noticed the boy on the ground and looked to the Hag.

"The twice-blessed!" The Hag said, standing.

Jakob lay on his stomach, looking into the water at Wyatt and his tail.

"Don't worry, kid." Wyatt said, "Kyle!"

After a few seconds, Kyle orbed in with Chris and I. The Sea Hag threw an orb of water at us and Kyle was now encased in water. I threw my hand as another orb came at me and I disappeared in orbs. Chris threw his hand at her, causing her to fly backwards and skid against the floor! When I orbed back in, the hag looked to be making a run for it, but the other me flamed-in in front of her and she began writhing in flames.

"You son of a..." I said angrily.

He faked a frown, "I just saved your life." He said, "This is only a distraction, pudding pie."

"A distraction?" Chris asked, joining me and Kyle.

"Did you chance a glance at Wyatt?" he asked.

We all looked to see that he was gone.

"He'll leave you. The Wyatt you know will eventually leave you." He said, "This game was fun...we should play more often."

We all just stared at him.

"TTFN." He smirked, flaming out.

"How do we get Wyatt back?" Chris asked.

I put my hand to my stomach and suddenly, I disappeared. I reappeared on the beach. Out a little ways, I could see Wyatt laying out on a rock. I waved my hand to the shore and Wyatt disappeared in orbs and landed on the beach.

"What..." Wyatt said, "Drake..."

"You don't get to leave me." I said calmly.


"No!" I said, "I can't lose you now...Do you know what I'm going through?"

"Open Drake's heart to me

Reveal the secret that it holds,

Bring forth the passion of love's fire,

That we both feel each other's desire." Wyatt said.

Suddenly, there was magic over both of us and it exploded into each of us, knocking me down. Wyatt turned into a very naked man.

"Oh God, I've been taking you for granted...I'm so sorry." I said quickly.

"You're scared...everyday." Wyatt said, "I'm not doing all I can to protect you."

"Please come home." I said.

"Only if you're there." Wyatt smiled as he grabbed my hand and we orbed away.