Charming the Halliwells

Chapter 79: Bruised

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I stood in the shower at my house. The water beat down on me gently as I washed the soap off my body and lathered my hair with shampoo. I couldn't see anything, but I felt something move past the glass door. I quickly washed the shampoo out of my hair and called out to Wyatt. There was no reply. I turned the water off quickly and slipped out of the shower and into a towel. I looked around, wondering if I was losing my mind. Maybe I hadn't felt something. Maybe I hadn't...maybe...Suddenly, a masked man jumped out at me! I tried to freeze the man but it didn't work and he slashed my arm! I crawled backwards, getting to my feet and running as fast as I could to the living room where the masked man grabbed me by the back and threw me forward, causing me to tumble over one of my green living chairs. I kept tumbling and hit my head on the wooden coffee table. I came around just as the man plunged a knife into my chest!




"It was really realistic." I frowned.


Wyatt stood at the island in the Manor staring at me. He had awakened me after I woke him up by screaming and flailing like a little girl. It was one of the realest dreams I'd ever had and I knew it had to mean something. Piper, Melinda, and Leo had left already and Chris was sitting at the table with Matthew and Bianca.


"Maybe it's because you think you're going to die." Bianca said, "Which, by the way, you totally aren't."


"Could be just some dream." Chris said.


"I don't think it was." I frowned.


"There is the obvious thing." Wyatt said.


"Obvious thing?" I asked.


"The guy under the's gotta be you." Wyatt said, "And it happens in the condo, which you..." he stopped.


I looked down, "Say it." I frowned.


"It's okay to be afraid to be there. To even be alone." Bianca said, hugging me.


"Maybe it's time to move back." Wyatt said, "Maybe your subconscious is telling you that..."


"I'm tired of being afraid?" I asked, "I'm having dreams of being murdered in my own home and you want me to go back there?!"


"I'm not asking you to do anything you don't want to do." Wyatt frowned.


"I think he's right, Drake." Chris said, "Maybe these dreams..."


"I'm not going back." I said angrily. I left them and retreated back upstairs.


"I'm worried about him." Bianca said quickly, "I mean...he's avoiding his issues."


"One really big issue." Wyatt said, "It's not normal, but nothing about this whole situation is normal. My husband is pregnant while an alternate future version of himself is plotting our demise."


"True." Chris said, "Very true."


"We need to get him back to normal." Bianca said. Wyatt and Chris looked at her, "Well, normal for him."


"Can one of you stay with him? I really have a lot to do figuring out this whole private practice thing. I'm meeting mom and dad for help." Wyatt said.


"I could always cancel..." Chris started.


"No. I'll stay." Bianca said, "I'm off and Me and Matthew would love to stay here for a while."


Wyatt kissed her on the cheek, "Thank you." He said, orbing away.


"Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" Chris asked, hugging her.


"Yes." Bianca smiled, kissing him, "You can show me later."


"Yes I can." He smiled, orbing away.

Bianca looked to Matthew, "Ready to help Uncle Drake?" she asked.


Matthew smiled to her.




I stood at the book, looking for anything that could ward off the other me. I knew Wyatt was he always was so annoying. I was afraid to go back there because I just know something extremely bad is going to happen there. But this has to be what he wanted, to take me out of my element. Making me feel afraid in my own home...


"Are you looking for anything in particular?" Caleb asked, walking in with Brian.


I shut the book, "No. Why? What are you two fine gents doing here?" I asked.


"We came to ask you for something." Brian said.


"Really?" I asked, "What?"


"We want you to...umm...summon mom and dad." Caleb said, "Brian wants to meet them."


I looked between them, "Are you sure that's a good idea?" I asked.


"Why wouldn't it?" Brian asked.


"Well...Dad wasn't exactly keen on us finding you." I said without thinking.


"Ouch." Brian said. I could tell he was genuinely hurt.


"I'm sure it's not what...It's...Dad wanted to keep us all safe." I said.


"From me?" Brian asked.


"Including you." I said apologetically, "All of us."


"How about we let mom and dad decide." Caleb said politely.


"I'm not going to hurt everyone here." I frowned.


"Fine, we'll summon them ourselves." Caleb frowned.


I inhaled, "Fine. But when this blows up..."


"It won't." Caleb said.


"Please." Brian said quickly, "I need to meet them."




"They're my blood." Brian said, "Don't get me wrong, my adopted parents were kick-ass but I need to know where I come from. Am I anything like I look like them." Brian pleaded, "I will never know anything about myself if I don't know them first."


I looked at him sympathetically, "Brian. I don't want you to be underwhelmed. They're good people, but..."


"I should have the chance to decide for myself." Brian said testily.


"Hear these words, hear my cry, Spirits from the other side, come to me I summon thee, cross now the great divide!" I said a little quickly.


Instantly, my parents appeared before us just as I remembered them. Bianca also walked in with Matthew.


"Caleb, Drake." Mom smiled to us and her eyes landed on Brian, "Oh my...Brian."


Dad looked angrily between Caleb and I.


"They look like me." Brian said.


"I thought I told you..." Dad started.


"I know what you told me." I frowned.


"What did he tell you?" Brian asked.


"Not to find you." Dad said quickly, "You've put everyone in danger."


"You knew about the other me." I frowned, "You knew he has been the source all these years."


"No, we knew only what we could remember." Mom said.


"You told him not to find me?" Brian asked.


"Why would you do that, dad?" Caleb asked.


"You know, doesn't matter. I wanted to meet you two because I figured you could let me know who I am, but I don't think I want any piece of you." Brian said storming out angrily.


"I told you..."I started.


"Can it!" Caleb said, turning to Dad, "Why did you have to be such a dick?"


"Bringing him into your life is dangerous." Dad said.


"He's a nice, semi-normal guy." Caleb spat.


"Beware the death of the fallen one, it will bring rise to the three that will overshadow the world, rain chaos down upon the likes of good and evil. The purest of the family will fall, the youngest will be the most powerful and he shall be destroyed by power." Dad shouted, "That is coming!"


"Right, so the youngest...Drake. Why don't we all stop living to protect Drake!" Caleb said.


"Hey!" I frowned.


"I'm sorry, but seriously. We're all protecting you but who's protecting the rest of us?" Caleb asked, "Brian is our big brother and he's getting the short end of the stick!"


"You would let your little brother be destroyed by the power just to save the feelings of your big brother?" Dad asked, "Not defeat, destroy!"


"So we're going to protect him forever?" Caleb asked, "I'm sorry but I can't put my life on hold anymore."


"No one asked you to." I frowned, "I never asked you to protect me!"


"Why don't we all calm down?" Mom said softly.


"I agree with Mama Summers." Bianca said, "Everybody is just too wound up."


"He's always been your favorite but to hear it...that just sucks." Caleb frowned, leaving.


"Caleb!" Dad yelled after him.


"I told him that was going to happen." I frowned.


"And you!" Dad said, "Do you think I'm just handing down prophecies all willy-nilly? This is real. You never got the difference between real and fantasy because you lived in fantasy, but this is real."


"Screw you!" I shouted.


"Drake." Mom said.


"No! How dare you come here and yell at me because I don't live in the real world! I virtually have no job, an alternate me is killing people, and there's a strong chance I or my unborn child won't make it through my pregnancy! So don't you dare say that I don't know the difference!" I shouted. I felt a sharp pain and grabbed my stomach.


"Drake." Bianca said, "Calm down, are you alright?"


"I'm sorry." Dad said, "You shouldn't have found him."


"He killed you." I frowned, "He found us."


"He killed me?" Dad asked.


"He was misled." Mom said.


Dad looked to mom and then me, "My death signaled the rise of the fallen ones. The forsaken." He said.


"Where have I heard that before?" I asked.


"The blonde Charmed Ones?" Bianca asked.


"No." Mom said, "The true Forsaken Ones."


Bianca seemed to be trying to figure this whole thing out, just like I was.


"Us." I frowned.


"You and Drake and Wyatt?" Bianca asked.


"The reason he didn't want to a reunion." I said, "The reason our family is prone to turning evil...It's us."


Everyone was quiet.


"But you would never..." Bianca started.


"Not in this reality." I said slowly.


"I think we need Chris and Wyatt." Bianca said.


"No. We've got enough power here." I said.


Suddenly, Chris orbed in with a disheveled woman. She was a blonde woman, not much older than us. She had piercing blue eyes and a very symmetrical nose. Odd even. It supported her blackened eyes.


"Honey, this isn't the time for innocents." Bianca smiled.


"Peter? Caly? What's going on?" Chris asked.


"Family reunion from Hell." Bianca frowned.


Chris looked from them to me, "Why are you holding your stomach? Are you okay?" he asked.




"And before you lie, remember that I've known you since we were babies." Chris said looking to Bianca, "What's happening?"


"His brother wanted to meet the parents. Things went south and there was stress." Bianca said patiently, "Then there"


"News?" Chris asked.


"Nothing." I said, "I'm fine."


"You should call Wyatt." Chris said quickly.


I sighed.


"I think he's right." Caly said, "Or maybe they should take you to the hospital."


"No. I'm fine." I frowned, "What's her story?"


"I can handle this if..."


"No." I said quickly.


Chris looked from me to Bianca and my parents then sighed, "This is Talia. She's my charge and she's in trouble." He said quickly. He explained that Talia was immortal, meaning that she had lived for many centuries, much like a vampire, though she didn't need to feed. It was her wiccan power to live forever, provided that she was never hurt beyond healing. Extreme cases could kill her, like having her body ripped apart or a really intense acid bath. She had fallen in love with a demon. The demon was half human and had attacked her.


"So, he just attacked you?" I asked.


"He didn't mean to...he really loves me. He's just..."


"Stressed?" I asked.


"Don't try to psychoanalyze me! He loves me and I love him. What he did was wrong, but it wasn't unforgivable." Talia said indignantly.


"Has he done this before?" Chris asked, "All those times you said a demon attacked you...was he the demon?"


Talia was quiet. My eyes shot to meet Chris' eyes and we both took in the situation.


"What's everybody doing up he..." Piper said, walking in with Leo, "Oh my God, Caly? Peter?!" she said, walking over and hugging mom, "And lady I don't know! What's going on?"


"A lot." I frowned.


"Why're you holding your stomach?" Leo asked.


"Drake, is everything alright?" Piper asked.


"I brought my parents here to meet my new big brother and dad ran him off, which caused a rift in the Summers family." I frowned.


"And her?" Piper asked, pointing to Talia.


"My innocent." Chris said.


"Talia...the immortal?" Piper asked.


Chris nodded.


"All this stress isn't good for you and the baby." Leo warned.


"Leo's right." Piper said.


"I'll be okay. I just need to undo all of this." I frowned.


Piper and Leo exchanged glances.


"What do we do first?" Bianca asked.


"I think we should help the innocent first." I said, "Piper, Leo can you stay here with my parents?"


"Of course." Leo smiled, "It'll give us a chance to catch up."


"Right." Piper smiled.


"Maybe you guys could catch up at Magic School." Chris said, "We don't want anyone to see the...dead parents."


"Good idea." Piper said, leading them out.


"Do you need to talk?" Chris asked.


I shook my head.


"Are you sure?" Bianca asked.


"We need to be helping Talia." I said turning to her.


Just then, Wyatt orbed in, "What's going on? Mom and dad..." he stopped, "Are you okay?"


"What?" I asked.


"I can just tell something's wrong." He said, "I think you're a little in pain. You haven't been stressing have you?"


"My parents are at Magic School because my brothers and them got into a big fight, Chris has an innocent...and these things usually come in threes." I frowned.


The doorbell rang.


I smashed my hand on my head.


"Calm down. I'm here now." Wyatt said, hugging me.


"It's Darryl...and some chick." Chris said at the window.


"I wonder what he wants." I frowned.


"Stay here with the baby." Chris said to Talia.




"Darryl, my man, what's up?" Wyatt said. We all decided he should answer the door. I stood farther back beside the table with the flowers on it in the hallway. Chris and Bianca stood in the entrance of the sitting room.


The woman, a brunette African American woman in about her mid-thirties, pushed her way in. She was maybe 5'8 with brown eyes and a beautiful face. She wore a suit, but more feminine. She made her way between Wyatt and I, opposite Chris and Bianca.


"Come in." Wyatt said politely to the woman.


"I'm Inspector Moreau." She said, "And you are the infamous Halliwells."


"Excuse me?" Chris asked.


"Your names are all over unsolved cases." She smiled, "You also seem to be around more crimes..."


"Exactly what are you trying to say, inspector?" I asked testily.


She smiled to me, "I don't know what's going on here...but whatever this family is into, I'm going to figure it out." She smiled.


"I'm sure I don't know what you mean." Wyatt smiled politely.


She chuckled, "I'm sure you don't." she said, walking to the door, "You coming Morris?"


Darryl mouthed, "I'm sorry." As he left with her.


"She's pleasant." Bianca frowned.


"I would probably have made fun of her in high school." I frowned.


"This is bad." Wyatt frowned, "This is Inspector Sheridan all over again."


"We can only hope." I frowned.


They looked at me.


"Oh come on, I'm not serious." I said quickly, "And even if I was..."


"We save her kind." Wyatt smiled.


"Right." I said.


"What's wrong?" Wyatt asked.


"Tell them." Bianca said.


"Tell us what?" Chris asked.


"We haven't got time." I said.




Suddenly, there was a scream and the sound of wrestling upstairs! Wyatt and Chris orbed, while Bianca disappeared.


"Am I the only one that can't teleport?" I asked, causing myself to disappear and reappear in the attic.


"Honey?" Wyatt asked.


"Innocent!" I said, pointing to the innocent on the floor and the demon stand above her.


"Stay out of this!" The demon shouted.


"Leon!" Talia yelled from the floor.


I threw my hand up, but instead of the demon blowing up, Wyatt was thrown back by a mini explosion! I looked to my hands and ducked a fire ball! Chris waved his hands, causing the demon to fly across the room.

Talia stood and yelled, "NO!" as she grabbed Chris' hands.


Leon shimmered away quickly.


I helped Wyatt up, "What in the Hell was that?!" Wyatt growled.


"I don't know. I mean, lately, my powers have been off but..."


"Because it is not your power." Sandra's voice before she orbed in surrounded by other Elders.


"Come again?" I frowned.


"Your powers are off because they were never yours to have." Odin frowned. He was always the surly one.


"What do you mean those aren't his powers? He's had them forever." Bianca said.


"And why would you wait so long to let me in on this?" I asked.


"We are sorry, but thought it would work itself out in time." Sandra said.


"But when it didn't...we figured we had to say something, especially..." Kevin, the youngest said.


"Since you have traveled transdimensionally." Odin said.


"You got something to say?" I asked.


"I don't understand why you were chosen above millions to be a part of something that should have been for the purest of souls." Odin said.


"What're you trying to say?" Wyatt ask angrily.


"In light of him turning dark..." Odin began.


"But it's not him." Bianca frowned.


"Yes, it is." Odin said quickly, "It's who he has the potential to be."


"You can't honestly believe that." Wyatt frowned, "You can't believe that he..."


"Everyone has the capacity for evil." Sandra said softly.


"Some are more prone to it." Odin smirked.


"So, basically, you all think this?" I asked.


"Drake..." Sandra began.


"No. I mean, you're right..."


"Drake." Chris said.


"...I mean, honestly. He's me. He's who I can be. Honestly, I can see his point of view." I frowned.


"What?" They all said in unison.


"You implanted a baby in me! You watched me many times do I have to go through stuff? Now my powers aren't mine?! Seriously?" I asked.


"We are sorry..."


"I don't care." I frowned, "How do we get my powers?"


"A simple spell to call your powers." Sandra said calmly.


"Powers of the witches rise

Course unseen across the skies

Come to us who call you near

Come to us and settle here.

In the darkest time and in the darkest hour

I call for my true witch's power!" I chanted.


Suddenly, Wyatt, Chris and I gasped and inhaled again as a burst of light hit us! I staggered backwards when the power hit me and shook my head.


"There..." Sandra said, "Blessed be." She said as they orbed away.


"So, what can you do now?" Bianca asked.


"I'm afraid to find out." I frowned.




I stood, playing with Matthew. We were in the sunroom. We hadn't spent as much time as I would have liked, but I missed the little guy. He came from me, which was still kind of odd for me. He seemed happy and well-adjusted and that was enough for me. I couldn't bring myself to think too much about it, to remember the hurt. Because it, well, hurt. Without looking, I realized Talia was behind me. It was instinct.


"I've always wanted a baby." Talia smiled.


I turned to her, "My nephew. Great kid." I smiled, "Why didn't you ever have any?"


"The life of an immortal isn't one I would ideally pick and I didn't think I should force that on another human being." Talia said sadly.


"What's it like? Can you die? How...How old are you?" I asked. She sighed and smiled, "I'm sorry. I just..."


"Two hundred." Talia smiled, "I can die but it's very hard. And it's...lonely."


I nodded.


"Leon promised we'd have kids. More than one so they wouldn't get lonely." Talia smiled, "And we'd be there because..."


"You never age and neither does he because he's a demon." I said slowly.


"He's not like the others." Talia frowned, "He loves me."


"Demons don't love." I frowned, "Half-human ones do but it's not enough."


"What do you mean?" Talia asked.


"Being a demon is the opposite of love and struggle inside can lead to dark places. Even darker...He hits you." I frowned.


"He doesn't mean to. He just gets so riled up." Talia frowned, "And I'm immortal, what does it hurt?"


"It hurts everything." I said quickly, "Your dignity, your mental state...your heart."


"It's worth it to know that he loves me." Talia said.


"It'll never be worth it." I said quickly.


"It's easy to say when you're surrounded by family. Mine died centuries ago." Talia snapped.


"Mine died months ago." I frowned.


"I'm sorry." Talia said apologetically.


"Hey, what are you two doing?" Wyatt said, coming through the sitting room.


"Any word on Leon?" I asked, putting Matthew down.


"His true name is Onis." Wyatt said, "He should be easy enough to vanquish."


"Vanquish?" Talia said, "You can't!"


I raised my hand to freeze her, but she didn't freeze.


"Why don't you two come up?" Wyatt said, heading upstairs with Talia.


I nodded and grabbed Matthew, seizing up! I was thrown forward! I was standing with Wyatt in the hospital. Chris and Bianca stood a few inches away from us and Piper and Leo were on the other side. Paige and Phoebe walked in with flowers. Melinda was in the bed.


"Hey!" Paige and Phoebe said.


"How are you?" Paige asked.


"And where's..." Phoebe was about to ask.


"He went to the cafeteria." Melinda smiled, looking down at her baby, "I can't believe we all had three kids."


"I guess the Charmed lines continue." Wyatt smiled.


Everyone nodded in agreement. Suddenly, I was back in the Manor, holding Matthew. Matthew looked at me anxiously and I smiled to him, heading up to the attic.




When Matthew and I got in the attic, the discussion was already going on about what to do with Onis. Talia was firmly against his vanquish while Chris and Bianca firmly believed they should vanquish him. Wyatt was on the ropes. I completed the circle.


"What do you think?" Bianca asked.


I looked around at them, "Couldn't we do what we did with Warren?" I asked.


"Well...he's still an abusive jerk." Bianca frowned, "We can't let her stay with him."


"Not our call." Wyatt said quickly.


"It is our call if she wants our help." Chris shrugged.


"But I never asked for your help." Talia said, "I just want to be left alone with my boyfriend."


"I don't like the idea of her being with him either, but it's her life...very long life." I said quickly.


"He's..." Talia began.


"...A bad man!" Chris said, "What do I have to say to get it through your immortal head? You should be smarter than this, Tal! Even as a human, he's a bad person. We care about you..."


"It doesn't get better." I frowned.


"It has to." Talia said, "It will..."


"It won't." I frowned.


"You don't deserve to be abused." Chris frowned, "No one does."


"What do you know!" Onis said causing us to turn, "You don't know us! Talia, are you actually buying this crap!? I love you, you stupid bitch!"


"That's love." Wyatt said.


"Get your ass over here, you dumb bimbo!" Onis shouted.


"That is enough!" I shouted, waving my arms. Again, nothing happened, "Crap."


Onis sent a fire ball at me, knocking me off my feet! Before Chris could wave his hand, Onis shimmered out and behind Chris, knocking him to the floor! Bianca fought him hand-to-hand, blocking his attacks and landing a punch here or there. He picked her up and threw her across a table! Wyatt raised his hands, but stopped.


"What are you waiting for?" I shouted.


He looked to Talia, who ran to Onis, "Stop!" she shouted.


He backhanded her to the ground and began choking her. She gasped for air and I shouted to Wyatt to do something. He waved his hands, causing Onis to combust in a flurry of orbs! Talia fell backwards to the floor, sobbing. I walked over and kissed Wyatt, who seemed shocked.


"Thanks for never being that." I smiled.




I stood in the hall of magic school with my mother and father. I had told the Halliwells all about the new information regarding the Forsaken and now I had another problem to deal with. I was standing in the Main Hall waiting for my brothers. Suddenly, my brothers shimmered in arguing. They stopped at the sight of my parents and I.


"I thought were grabbing a bite." Brian said.


"Sorry, but we need to work this out." I said quickly.


"What's to work out? They didn't want me and they didn't want us to be together!" Brian said angrily.


"How can you think that?" Mom asked, watching Brian look to dad, "Look, he has his reasons."

"It's not just to protect them, it's to protect you!" Dad said angrily, "This isn't the life I wanted for you."


"But it's my life." Brian said, "I want to know my family."


"What do you want to know?" Dad asked.


"Everything." Brian sighed.


As my parents and Brian began talking, Caleb pulled me away.


"I'm sorry for everything I said..."


"It's okay." I smiled.


"It's not." Caleb frowned, "I love being your big brother and I love it when I can protect you and help you. There's no better job, but now we have another brother."


"I get it. A new order." I said, "I do."


"Now we can all bond." Caleb smiled.


"Not quite yet." I said, "There's something I really have to do." I said, turning and walking away.




"Well, it was just a dream

Just a moment ago

I was up so high

Looking down at the sky

Don't let me fall." B.O.B sang onstage.


"You amaze me every time, how'd you get B.O.B with everything going on?" Wyatt asked.


"I'm amazing." Chris smiled.

"Yes, you are." Bianca said, kissing him passionately.


"So, what happened to Talia?" Warren asked.


"She's figuring her life out." Chris said, "She's going to counseling."


"Good for her." Wyatt smiled.


"What about Drake?" Bianca asked.


"You guys..." Warren said, running up, "You've got to see this!" he said, ushering them to the office.


"They say what goes up

Must come down

But don't let me fall

Don't let me fall." B.o.B sang.


Dean stood in front of many people at his press conference, which was to acknowledge the growing concerns about Drake's job status. Drake waited while Dean gave his speech.


"Drake is a very talented individual and our paper is lucky to have him, but he's on suspension until we can get this whole mess sorted out." Dean said, "He..."


I stepped up and told him I'd take it from here, "There's a lot of speculation about my status and the Mirror and I just wanted to say that my ride here has been the most fulfilling and..."


"What are you..." Phoebe started.


"...I was blessed for all the time I got to spend here with these wonderful people, but that advice was so not me. The last few days I've been wondering who I am and who I could actually be. Who I want to be. And I can't make these mistakes, not anymore. I love my job, but it's time that I move on from it. I offer my resignation and thank everyone for enjoying this ride with me. Thank you."


"Well it was just a dream

Just a moment ago

I was up so high

Looking down at the sky

Don't let me fall..."