Charming the Halliwells

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"Why do you even have to work?" Wyatt ask as he watched Bianca and I work, "I mean, I'm a doctor."


I grunted, dodging an attack, "The practice isn't going to start profiting until a while into it." I said, throwing a fist forward!


"Concentrate." Bianca grunted, throwing her weight forward.


"But I'm still going to be teaching." Wyatt frowned, "With everything going on, maybe you should be unemployed for a while."

At that I stopped, gaining a punch in the jaw.


Chapter 80: Not Easily Broken


Wyatt put pressure on the ice pack, "Are you okay? You feel okay, right?" he persisted.


I grabbed the ice pack, "I'm fine." I frowned.


"Eh, ya takes your bumps." Bianca said, "Besides, we fight demons all the time and you got to get used to getting punched."


"Yes, now that I'm powerless." I frowned.


"You get premonitions again." Wyatt shrugged, "And I'm sure you'll get more."


"Quit complaining! At least you get super cool powers!" Bianca frowned, "Wish I was Charmed."


"Seriously?" I asked.


"Sometimes." Bianca frowned, "Luckily, I'm a kick-ass chick anyway."


I chuckled.


"Don't forgot we have the check-up tomorrow." Wyatt said placing his hand on my stomach, "So we can get little Piper checked out."


"Piper?" I asked.


"Yeah, I mean, we haven't really thought of names and I'm just throwing it out there." Wyatt smiled.


"What about Phyllicia?" Bianca suggested.


"No." I frowned, "Besides, we have time."


"You're right." Wyatt smirked, "I think you might be glowing a little."




"I think he's right." Bianca smiled.


"You're both crazy." I said, "Let's get back to the fighting."


"Hey guys." Chris said coming into the basement, "Hey guys. How're things going?"


"Look at Drake, isn't he all glowy?" Wyatt asked.


Chris looked me over, "Holy glowing Drake, I think he is." He smiled.


"I wish I still had my powers." I smirked.


"You mean my powers?" Wyatt smiled.


I sighed, "I wish I still had power. Any power." I frowned.


"You have premonitions." Wyatt offered.


"I occasionally see things. Things that may or may not happen, I wouldn't call it a power." I frowned.


"Then call it a gift." Chris said.


"Regardless, you need to train to protect yourself." Wyatt said.


"And I'm your girl." Bianca smiled.


I took a fighting stance, "Fine." I smiled.




Wyatt stood at the counter, sipping coffee while Chris stared out of the window. Wyatt was contemplating how he'd deal with all this new stuff. He didn't pay much mind to Chris staring out of the window. Chris looked out the window at the neighbors. They were new and about Piper and Leo's age. After all the fighting they had done with their previous neighbors, Chris kind of missed yelling at them. As dysfunctional as it sounds. Chris didn't live at the Manor anymore but it was his home. The man was mowing his lawn while the wife sat on the porch with a glass of wine. Wyatt joined him at the window, causing Chris to turn to him.


"What's up?" Wyatt asked.


"I'm just thinking." Chris frowned.

"About the new neighbor? She could be our mother." Wyatt smiled.


"No...I was looking at her, but I wasn't...I was thinking about me and Bianca." Chris said.


Wyatt nodded, "Hmmm, what about you two?" he asked.


"Well...I've been thinking it's time she moved in with me." Chris said bluntly.


"Wow, you're moving in with Bianca? I thought it would take you years...seriously, we all had a bet going on." Wyatt smirked.

"Funny." Chris said, "I just think it's time. I mean, you and Drake moved out together."


"True, but we needed the space." Wyatt said.

"I've got a two bedroom. I think Matthew and Bianca would fit nicely." Chris nodded.




I stood there, cleaning out my desk. I looked through the files and signed off my computer. I packed away a photo of Wyatt and I and looked around the room. I had spent the better part of my years in this office. It was the only job I'd ever known. My whole life had changed while I worked in this office. And my mind began to wander...this was the last time I'd be here.


"You know you're giving up, right?" Ian said at the door.


I smiled, "I'm just making their decisions easier."


"How do you know they haven't made their choice and just waiting for effect?" Ian asked.


"Either way, the stress it's causing me is too much." I grimaced.


"You are the best boss I've ever had." Ian said, "And I'm not just saying that because I totally made out with you..."


I chuckled.


"You have a knack for knowing what people need and need to hear." Ian said, "You leaving this paper is a crime."


"He's right." Dean smiled, standing behind Ian.


"Uh, I better go." Ian said, shaking my hand, "Good luck." He said, leaving.


"Interns." Dean smiled, "is there anything I can say to make you stay?"


"No." I said simply.


"This company..."


"...turned its back on me after one mistake." I said, "I've given everything I had to this company and this company has helped me in ways that...that I can't explain. Maybe it's time. Maybe I need to try something else."


"It's going to be Hell finding someone to take over after you." Dean said.


"You'll find someone." I said, "They might not be as loved as me, but..." I smiled.


Dean laughed, "You're really funny." He said.


I nodded.


"Gonna try one more time...please come back." Dean asked.


I shook my head, "Door's always opened." I smiled, picking up my box and moving past him. As I was on my way back to the Manor, I started thinking and ended up somewhere different. As I put my stuff down in my condo, I looked around at my bedroom. I hadn't been here in a while, not to stay. I sat on my bed for a split second until I heard something slide in the living room. I got up quickly and walked into the living room. I walked to the center of the room and looked around. Before I could think, someone knocked me to the ground. I looked up to see Coleman, the witch-hunter that almost killed us in the explosion!


"Did you miss me?" Coleman asked.


I waved my hand instinctually, but nothing happened.


"Lose something?" Coleman smirked.


"How'd you get in here?" I asked.


"Easily." Coleman said, "I used to be a private eye and a cop. Helped that you hadn't been here..."


"So, you waited for me?" I asked.


"Yes, actually." He said, wielding a knife, "Time is nothing when you're killing evil."


"I'm not evil."


"Magic is evil. Only God should have that type of power. My family has been hunting down witches for centuries." Coleman said advancing towards me, "I watched. I waited."


I turned and ran into the bedroom, slamming the door and locking it. He began banging on the door and shouting for me to open it. The knife came through the door just inches away from my face and I staggered back, trying to catch myself. I wished I could be at the front door, just so I could run out and soon I was standing at the door, watching Coleman bang on the door!


"Hey!" I shouted, causing him to turn to me. He looked taken aback and threw his knife at me, causing it to fly right through me. I waved mischievously and travelled back to my body. Agent Coleman looked around the room, trying to find me. Suddenly, I opened the door and side-kicked him to the floor! I tried running to the door, but he caught my foot and pulled me to the floor! We both tried to get to our feet, Coleman hung onto me. I elbowed him, causing him to stagger back! As I got to the door, it slammed as I opened it. Coleman threw me to the floor and I slid. He grabbed the knife from the door and stabbed me in the shoulder, throwing me to the floor!


"You put up more of a fight than the others." Coleman said, advancing towards me again.


"Wyatt..." I said as my wound healed.


"What the..."


I slumped over. Wyatt orbed in. Coleman threw the knife at him but it stopped in the air and reversed itself! It slid into Coleman's gut! Wyatt rushed to me, putting his hands over me. Nothing happened and he grabbed me and orbed away.




"What do you mean there's no body?!" Wyatt said angrily, "He attacked my husband and now he's out there somewhere waiting to do it again!"


"I'm sorry, Mr. Halliwell. We're doing everything we can." The officer said.


"Thanks, Hank." Henry said as Hank left, "It's okay Wyatt, the doctor said he's..."


"Stable? If he's so stable then why is he not awake?" Wyatt asked.


"He's sedated." Paige said, "He's sleeping."


"We've got to do something." Chris said quickly.


"We can't kill a human." Phoebe said.


"He's right." Bianca said, "He attacked Drake in Drake's own house. He's a witch hunter and he's zeroed in on this family."


"I agree, we have to do something about him." Piper said, "Not necessarily kill him, but do something."


"Are we sure we can't kill him?" Melinda joked.


"Mel." Leo frowned, "Where does this leave the baby?"


"He was thrown around a room!" Wyatt said angrily, "This is why I didn't want him to leave the house."


"Wyatt, honey, he'll be alright." Piper said.


"Mom, either him or the baby, or possibly both, will suffer and maybe die." Wyatt said, "It's not too late to just..."


"No." Piper frowned, "It's not going to be that know the sex."


"We need to find Coleman and fast, other witches could be in danger." Melinda said carefully.


"I'll get Prue, Tamora and Kat on it." Melinda said, orbing away.


"Where do we go from here?" Wyatt said.


"How about down to the precinct?" Inspector Moreau said, walking up with Darryl Jr.


"Now's not the time." Phoebe said quickly.


"And besides, we weren't there." Paige said politely.


"I'm sorry this happened, but one has to wonder what would make a decorated cop and PI turn into a lunatic." Inspector Moreau said.


"Is there a reason you're pissing us off?" Bianca asked.


"A lot of unsolved cases with your names on them. Whatever crime syndicate or whatever you're up to, I'm going to figure it out." Inspector Moreau said, "It makes me wonder if this guy was even there."


"What?" Piper asked, "What do you mean?"


"Maybe Mr. Summers..."


"Halliwell." Wyatt said angrily.


"...Halliwell. Maybe he figured out the family secret and you got a little rough." Moreau said.


"You think I did this?" Wyatt asked, trembling with anger.


"You might want to control your temper. If your husband dies, then you're the lead suspect and hitting a cop isn't something you want to try to live down." She said, "I hope you everything works out...for everyone's sake." She said, walking away with Darryl.


"We're going to help with the potion." Chris said as he and Bianca left.


"That's a good idea, Me and Leo will stay with them." Piper said.


"And we're going to do some digging of our own." Paige said, walking to Phoebe.


"What kind of digging?" Piper asked.


"Don't worry." Phoebe said as they left.


"Why do I feel like their digging is going to get us all into bigger trouble?" Piper asked.


"Trust them." Leo said quickly.


"Right." Piper said.




Chris stood at the book while Bianca stood over a potion pot and stirred. Matthew was in his playpen. Tamora and Kat Mitchell, as well as Prudence Johanna Halliwell had gone to Drake's Condo to search for clues. This was daunting. All either of them were worried about was if Drake and the baby would be okay. Matthew even seemed pensive. Maybe he sensed it. They weren't sure. Chris took a quick break to look over to Bianca. He loved her. How could he not? Bianca must have noticed and looked over to him. They shared a stare and a smile.


"What?" Bianca chuckled.


"You're beautiful." Chris smiled.


"Best thing I've heard all day." Bianca smiled.


"You are. You are so beautiful." Chris said, walking over to her, "And throughout everything, you've stuck with me. I guess I should have realized this all along."


"What are you...what's with all the compliments?" Bianca asked.


"I haven't been the best boyfriend..."

"'re great." Bianca smiled.


"...but I would make an excellent husband." Chris said finally.


"What?" Bianca asked.


Chris got on one knee, "I wanted you to move in, but now that I see you...I see you...will you marry me?" he asked.


Bianca smiled through tears. She had waited for that since he left her at the altar! She was ready to marry him years ago, but now they had that chance. They could be a family. They could start something new.


"Please say yes." Chris laughed.


"Of course!" Bianca said, hugging her.




They both looked around to see a demon in a trenchcoat.


"Who are you?" Chris asked.


"The end." The demon said, firing three fire balls at once!


Bianca and Chris dived out of the way! Bianca stood up and ran to him, trying to approach him with hand-to-hand combat, but he was too fast for her! She barely got one hit in before he grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her! A bone or two cracked and he threw her face first into some boxes. Chris stood and lightning shot from his hand and electrified the demon, but nothing happened! Chris looked from his hand to the demon, who now had him by the throat!


"You cannot grasp the concept of me." The demon said, "I am evolution."


Chris punched him, causing minimal damage, but causing the demon to stagger back. A knife came out of nowhere and went into his side. He groaned and disappeared quickly.


"What...was that?" Bianca asked, holding her arm.


"That was a demon the warned us about...the super demon." Chris panted, "This really sucks."




"Get him into the E.R." Ava's voice said.


"Is he going to be alright?" Wyatt's voice asked.


"We need to get him to the E.R." Ava said quickly.


We were moving past doors and we settled in a room. The room wasn't important, not even to define. The pain was important, excruciating! I felt like I was about to die.


"Scapel!" Ava's voice said.


"You can do it baby!" Wyatt said.


I pushed and pushed and felt all of it. Don't know why I pushed, but I did. I felt the incision and saw the blood and before I could do anything else, I saw a head with hair and I felt tears. I heard the baby cry. In a rush, I felt light and the room grew darker.


"Drake. Drake! What's wrong! Ava, do something!" Wyatt shouted.


"I'm trying! He's hemorrhaging!" Ava said, "Wyatt, stand back!"




Just then, the monitor flatlined Wyatt's shouts and the flatline..




Coleman had found his way into the hospital, impersonating a nurse. He stood over Drake, ready to inject him with cyanide. He didn't know how he was going to get past all the witches outside, especially since he had found that they were looking for him. He was about to inject Drake when...


I shot up and looked quickly to Coleman, who had a syringe in his hands. I knocked it out of his hands and kicked him in the stomach!


"I've got charms to keep you from hurting me!" Coleman said, standing.


I hopped out of the bed and hit him in the face with my palm, "I'm gonna give you a good ole' mortal ass-whoopin." I frowned, grabbing him and throwing him into the counter! I grabbed him again and threw him to the floor!

Just then, the door flew open, "What's going...Oh my god!" Piper said, freezing Coleman.


"Are you alright?" Wyatt said, running to me.


"Peachy." I said.


"How'd he..." Leo asked.


"We can do this." I said, "We can beat me."


They all just stared at me.




As I put stuff on my bed. I had moved stuff to the Manor while we stayed and now we were moving back. Wyatt was out getting groceries and Chris was helping me. Coleman was now in an asylum.


"This is the last of it." He said, putting a box down.


I turned to him, "Thank you." I smiled, "You didn't have to..."


"It was this or watching Warren burp words." Chris said.


"What about Bianca?" I asked.


Chris smiled, "Why did you want to move back?" he asked.


"I was afraid to be by myself. Cause I scare myself, apparently." I frowned, "I'm not scared anymore. I kick ass...daily. This me is just another thing to kick at."


"What about the uber-demon?" Chris asked.


"We'll face it, like we always do." I smiled, "Now about Bianca..."


"We're getting married." Chris smiled.


I hugged him quickly, "That is awesome! Finally!" I said, "When?"


"I don't know." Chris said.




"We haven't discussed it." Chris shrugged.


"Chris, you've got to do it soon. Tonight." I said.

"What?" Chris asked.


"Vegas...Something." I said.


"Wait, what? Why!?" Chris asked.


"I had a premonition." I said, "I die when my child is born."


Chris looked at me, processing everything.


"I want to see you happy because I know Bianca makes you happy." I said, "You shouldn't wait. Tomorrow is not promised."


"How can I...when you're..."


"I love you, Chris." I smiled, "I don't say it enough."


"I love you, too." Chris said, "What about P3?"


"Wyatt, Warren and I can do it." I said, "Just go and be happy."


"Thanks." Chris said.




Drake: Happiness hit her like a train on a track |Coming towards her stuck still no turning back| She hid around corners and she hid under beds


Wyatt stood with Piper and Leo, who were giving him ideas. Even though he was getting what he wanted, he wondered was Drake okay.


Drake: The dog days are over | The dog days are done | The horses are coming | So you better run


Warren sat with Seann, whom he hadn't seen in a while. They both smiled playfully.


Drake: Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father | Run for your children, for your sisters and brothers


Drake sat at the table in his condo, looking over job listings. He was confused and hurt, but knew that this was the step he had to take.


Drake: Leave all your love and your longing behind | You cant carry it with you if you want to survive


"Stop it! Stop!" Brian shouted.


Ian fell to the floor in front of him, "What are you doing, Drake?!" he asked.


Dark Drake stepped in front of both of them, "Do it. Do it or I swear I'll take everything and everyone you have and you'll be back to having nothing." He smirked.


Brian looked insane. He was dirty and an all around mess. He took a step back but Dark Drake crossed his arms. Ian screamed in agony as Brian blasted him to pieces


Drake: And I never wanted anything from you | Except everything you had and what was left after that too, oh


Inspector Moreau stood outside the door, watching the man working meticulously in the room. She asked the guard to be let in and he obliged and as she walked in, the man stopped working.

"Why are you trying to kill the Halliwells?" She asked.


Coleman turned to her, "Because they're witches." He said simply.


Drake: The dog days are over | The dog days are done | Can you hear the horses? | Because here they come


"He's great up there and he's through the first trimester!" Piper said as her husband, her sisters and their husbands, her sister's children, and Melinda watched Drake perform.


"He's awesome." Wyatt said.


"To the Halliwells!" Prudence smiled.


Drake: The dog days are over | The dog days are done


Chris and Bianca stood before a priest in Vegas and he'd asked her is this what she wanted. She had agreed, anything as long as it was with her.


"I do!" The both said together, sharing a kiss.


Drake: The horses are coming | So you better run