Charming the Halliwells

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"I don't know. A baby shower...for me?" I asked.


"It's customary." Piper said, "And I'll even throw it for you."


"That wasn't always the plan?" I joked.


"This'll be so great! We could..." Paige started.


"Keep it light?" I said, "Less stress, the better."


"Right. Simple and light." Piper nodded.


"Piper." I warned.


"Okay, fine. Light." Piper conceded.



Chapter 82: Books Of Shadows


Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda orbed in just as I was standing by the book. Wyatt walked over and greeted me with a kiss while Chris and Melinda came to stand in front of the book.


"Why is my husband in front of the book?" Wyatt asked, "You're free now. No more Charmed stuff for you."


"Well, your husband is looking for a way to come back from death." I said, "In all this family's magic...this family's magic...there's no way to return."


"Huh?" Chris said.


"Well, not in your book of Shadows, but maybe in my Grannie's Book." I said, walking past them.


Wyatt hopped in front of me, "You are not going anywhere but to sit down and listen to my mother planning a baby shower." He said.


"Now that would kill me." I smiled.


"Yeah, mom's planning a family event...probably should just let her be." Melinda smiled.


"So, how was the demon hunting?" I asked.


"Just like old times." Wyatt smiled, "How's your...telepathy?"


"It's okay. There's whispers in my head. Some moments, there's a roar and surge of voices, but it dies down." I shrugged.


"Have you tried to just listen?" Chris asked, "To accept it."


"What if I do and my head explodes?" I asked.


"What if you don't and your head explodes?" Melinda asked.


"Man do I wish I still had the power to blow people up." I joked.


"You love me." Melinda said, walking out of the room.


"Honey, are we moody today?" Wyatt asked.


"Are you patronizing me?" I asked.


"No, not at all sweetie." Wyatt said.


Chris chuckled.


"You do know I've gained the know-how to punch, right?" I asked.


"God, you're hot." Wyatt smirked.


"Oh crap." Chris sighed.


"Nice save." I smiled, "How'd the demon go?"


"Good. How's the shower going?" Wyatt asked.


"Ask Lieutenant Piper." I chuckled, "I..." I felt it at that moment. I heard the voice scream in my head.


"Honey?" Wyatt asked.


"An innocent. I can hear him." I said, "He's just a kid."


"Where?" Wyatt asked.


Before I could say, I disappeared in orbs and found myself in front of a man. He was cowering before another man, asking to please stop.


"Hey!" I shouted.

The demon turned to show that half his face was deformed and the other half was completely human. He materialized an energy ball and so did I, to my surprise. He looked shocked and threw the energy ball! I moved to the left to avoid it and tossed my energy ball at him, causing him to stumble back.


"Come on!" I said, waving to the man.


He ran over to me and we disappeared in orbs just as another energy ball scorched the wall behind where we used to be.



"You're not supposed to be bringing home innocents." Wyatt said calmly.


I waved to him, "Well, that doesn't change the fact that he's here!" I frowned, heading to the book.


"Fine, but you're going to let us handle this." Wyatt said.


"No dice. I heard him for a reason." I said with a defiant smirk.


"We're married, don't you think we should talk about this like adults?" Wyatt asked.


"Nope." I said flipping through the book, "It's just a thing."


"Maybe we could..."


But suddenly, a body fell out of the air and smashed to the floor of the attic. I moved from behind the podium next to Wyatt.


"Is...Is that..." I said slowly.


Wyatt bent down, trying to heal him, "He's dead." He said.


"Ian?" I asked.


Wyatt looked up to me, "I'm so sorry." He said.


My eyes bulged a bit and tears rolled down my face before my eyes landed on the whole in his chest. Wyatt looked to what I was looking at, then looked back to me.


"No. He couldn't have." Wyatt said walking to me.


I walked over to the potions table and grabbed two explosive potion before walking out of the attic.




Brian's door blasted off its hinges as I walked through the door. I looked around the apartment, which looked a mess. There was old pizza boxes and the place hadn't been cleaned in days! It was dark, the blinds were closed and I was beginning to have a major headache. A really bad one. It was like someone was shouting in my head! It was coming from the corner. I looked over to see Brian. He was a mess. As I walked closer, the headache intensified. I could feel his insanity. He was lost in his thought and not really sure I was actually there. I raised my hand to throw the potion but I hesitated. He wasn't sure if I was actually here. Something was fragmented.


"You made me...he was innocent." Brian blathered.


I walked closer to which he seized up, "Be still or I swear I'll vanquish you!" I said, putting my hand on his temple. I was flooded with images of me. I was talking and talking and talking and...commanding. Brian had been tortured mentally. I pulled back from him and looked at him with sympathy.


"You're here to kill me? He said you would." He said, not looking at me.


"He was wrong." I said, helping him up.




Caleb sat at his desk working on notes for the meeting he was holding in a few hours. He was working hard, trying to get as much work done as he could before the baby was born. He'd been a little worried because he hadn't talked to his brothers in a few days...or weeks...maybe a month. He'd been busy. Like father like son. It wouldn't have seemed that way a couple of years ago. He was the furthest thing from his father, but now he just like him.


Knock, Knock


Caleb looked up to see his brother, "Hey Drake." He smiled.


"Hey." Drake said, "How are you doing?"


"Busy. You?"


"I could..."


"No, no, come in." Caleb smiled, "So, what brings you here?"


"Brian. I think there's something wrong with him." Drake said worriedly.


"Why do you think that?" Caleb asked.


"Because he's speaking in tongues and knocked me out." He said, "He helped the other me get my identity."


"What?" Caleb asked.

"Now they all think I'm the evil one and he's the good one." Drake frowned, "I don't know what to do."


Caleb looked him over, "What do we do? How do we get your identity back?" he asked.




I stood with Chris, Bianca, Wyatt, and Melinda. Brian stood far off from the rest of the group. Chris and Melinda had taken the innocent back to Magic School. They had pieced together the story, with the help of the sisters. Apparently, the demon was half human and looking to leave his human half behind. He had murdered everyone in his family. The sisters said that it happened before. The demon would come here next. We didn't have much time before the demon came for his innocent.


"So...your brother's...insane?" Bianca asked.


"My brother is, in fact, insane." I frowned, "And it's all my fault."


"You didn't..." Wyatt began.


"No, not me, that son of a bitch who screwed with his mind." I frowned.


"How did he...I mean..." Bianca stammered.


"I'm guessing we share a power." I said, "He's just way better at it than I am."


"He's a telepath?" Chris asked, "That's really the opposite of good."


"I couldn't kill him. He's...a part of me. More so than my doppelganger. I owe him so much." I said, "Because of some prophecy, he was cast out of our family. If it weren't for me being born, he seriously wouldn't have been given up."




"It's true." I frowned, "But if I die, I'm taking that look-alike bastard with me."


"Nice act." Caleb said, standing at the door.


"Caleb. Me." I said, "What do you mean it's an act?"


"You're not who they think you are." Caleb frowned, "You're evil."


"What?" Wyatt asked.


"He switched identities with the real Drake." Caleb frowned.

"That's insane!" I objected.


"Do something!" The other Drake shouted.


Caleb threw his hands forward and sent me flying away. Wyatt orbed a couch in front of me and I landed on the couch! Caleb grabbed Bianca's mind and made her punch Chris to the floor! Wyatt walked toward him and stopped suddenly. Another demon had shimmered in beside Caleb and punched him to the ground. Wyatt waved his hand, causing the demon to combust in a flurry of orbs! Caleb laid on the ground, unconscious, as I walked over to Wyatt. Bianca helped Chris up.


"He wasn't strong enough." Dark Drake said, "Even with me using and boosting his powers."


"I'm going to stop you." I frowned.


"You're going to die trying." Dark Drake smirked, "All I've got to do is sever the tie before you kick the bucket. I've got two new powers and you're down a few."


"Two? He only has one." I frowned.


"That you know of." He said, bending down and disappearing with Caleb in flames.


"Oh no!" I said, "The Forsaken."


"He was here! They were They're not the same." Brian said insanely.


I looked over to Wyatt, who just nodded back.


"He's got my brother." I frowned.


"How?" Melinda asked.


"Caleb's new power." I frowned.


"Oh, baby, I'm sorry." Bianca said, checking Chris' nose.


"Yeah, just a little shocked." Chris said, "So, lemme get this're down one brother and the brother that you do have is a loon?"


"He's not a loon! He just...really has been through a lot." I frowned looking over to him.




"You're so...far away..." Marsha Ambrosius sang onstage. She was singing her new hit Far Away. Wyatt, Chris, Melinda, Bianca, and Warren sat with me in a booth at P3 while everyone else was out on the dance floor or at the bar. We had been having a very good baby shower and it was even better with Marsha Ambrosius singing on stage. Despite everything that had happened, I was intent on having a normal shower.


"Did you enjoy your shower, baby?" Wyatt asked.


I smiled, "Better than I ever thought possible." I said, kissing him.


"How's the eyes babe?" Bianca asked.


"Fine. Black, but fine." Chris said, fingering his black eye, "Battle wound."


"Yeah, and that battle just got more personal." I said.


"We'll get him back." Melinda smiled.


"Yeah, I'm just wondering in what condition he'll be when we get him back." I said, "I don't think I can take losing another relative."


"Don't worry, you won't." Wyatt said, hugging me.


"I can't help but wonder what they're doing." I said, looking out at the dance floor. The sisters and their husbands were dancing slowly to the song. I smiled. Somehow, this had to come out good.




"It's like reasonable doubt ya know." Dark Drake said, "They think you're insane. Now all you have to do is look pretty and wait."


Brian nodded.


"Once we have the Halliwell's Book of Shadows, we'll know how to sever the connection. We'll also need the Summers Book of Shadows." Drake frowned, "Drawing the power from both books should make us unstoppable."


Brian walked over and tried to grab the book, but it flew off its stand and slid across the floor.


"We're going to need the other book first." Caleb said, "Then we'll be able to prove who you really are."


"Deep inside, I think they know." Drake smirked.




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