Charming the Halliwells

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I sat on my bed, trying to drown out all the thoughts swirling around me. There were just so many voices and they were all saying different things. I barely had time to think about the very real baby in my stomach. I barely had time to think at all. Wyatt had gone to get Phoebe in the hopes that she could help me with this, but I wasn't the optimist that he was. Brian had left the house alone and as much as that worried me, I was glad his thoughts were gone. They never ended. I was trying to concentrate when Wyatt orbed in with Phoebe.

"OW! Stop! You could have called or...something." I frowned, pressing my temples.

"Sorry, babe." He said turning to Phoebe, "This is really kicking his butt."

"I see." Phoebe smiled, "Hey honey. I remember a similar situation. I blocked myself off from all of it."

"How'd you get through it?" I asked.

"Chris got a potion that stopped it."

"Past Chris, right?" Wyatt pouted.

"Honey, now's not the time." I said, "What's this potion?"

"We'd have to ask Leo." Phoebe said, "He's the only one besides future Chris that knows."

"Great, so, to magic school?" I asked.

"Not me. I have a job." Phoebe smirked.

"If I wasn't so mental right now, I'd have a kick-ass come back." I smiled.

"The Mirror really wants you back." Phoebe said, "They've..."

"I don't want to talk about it." I said, "It's somewhere I don't want to go."

"Fine. But we shall talk about it later. Also, something weird is going on with Warren..." Phoebe said, "Wyatt, can you get me back to work?"

"Sure, Auntie." Wyatt said, "Thanks for your help." He said, pecking her on the cheek and waving his hand to her, causing her to disappear in a flurry of orbs.

I stood, "To magic school we go!" I said, grabbing his hand and orbing away with him.

Chapter 83: Grown-up Pains


Wyatt and I orbed into Magic School and were shocked to find that we'd orbed into a fight. We quickly pulled two students off each other. The student I was holding was more muscular than I was, but I pulled him back like it was nothing. It helped that Wyatt was holding the other guy, who was just as muscular. I knew these kids. One was named Bright, because of his powers to cause light. Well, to cause fireworks that could possibly burn if aimed to. Wyatt held him. He was of Hispanic descent and had curly black hair and a beautiful smile. He had brown eyes and a slight mustache growing. Another was a boy named William, or Liam to his friends, who was an empath. Last time I saw him, he was fighting to control his power. He was of Irish descent and had red, spiky hair. He had the most intriguing blue eyes. I wondered why they would be fighting each other.

"What's going on here?" Wyatt asked.

(I could have kicked his ass)

"I'm sure you can." I said to Liam, "Why were you fighting?"


"A girl? Seriously?" I asked.

"Not a girl, my girl!" Bright spat.

"She said you two broke up!" Liam shouted.

"Are you two broken up?" I asked.

"We were, for a split second." Bright said angrily, "Then the vultures came."

"Bite me!" Liam said.

"Look, I'm not your guidance counselor...really, but it sounds like you should be mad at Leia not each other." I frowned.

"Well said." Wyatt smiled.

"Thank you." I said.

"Hey!" An Indian girl said, turning and leaving the group that had watched the fight.

"That must be Leia." I sighed, "You should all go back to class. NOW!"

"Good job, babe." Wyatt smiled.

"Yeah, they were all giving me a headache." I said, turning to Liam, "How are you? Last time I saw you, you were dealing with your powers."

"I've got it under control." He said, unruffling his shirt.

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"I've learned to control them." He smiled.

"Your lip is busted...Wyatt." I said.

Wyatt put his hand over Liam's lip and it healed.

"How do you control it?" I asked.


"What's going on here?" Leo asked, walking up.

"I better go." Liam said, leaving quickly.

"There was a fight?" Leo asked

"Among other things." I frowned, "How'd he learn how to control his powers?"

Leo smiled, "Still having trouble with your new power?" he asked.

"Yes, he is and we're here to ask you about some potion Aunt Phoebe used to control her power." Wyatt said.

"Well, it wasn't to control her powers, it was to block certain people from it." Leo said, "And I wouldn't advise it. You were given these powers for a reason."

"Was the reason murder?" I asked.

Leo chuckled, "I don't think so." He smiled, "Have you tried letting go?"

"Letting go?" Wyatt asked.

"Giving in, letting the voices in." Leo explained.

"Oh, no, that's not for me." I frowned, "I like my mind intact."

Leo smiled, "Sooner or later, you have to give in to it." He said.

"It could be dangerous for the baby." I said, "I'm going to pass."

"Can I?" Leo asked sticking his hand out to my stomach. I nodded and he placed his hand on my stomach, "It's almost time."

"Yeah, is it weird that I'm nervous?" I asked.

"Me too." Wyatt said.

"It's perfectly normal." Leo said, "I was nervous with all my kids."

"Good because I'm sweating bricks." I frowned.

"Well, what's bothering you?" Leo asked.

I shrugged, "Everything. I mean, I barely did it with Matt before. He was alright, but I'm not sure I did everything right." I said honestly.

"You were a great dad." Leo smiled, "And you were, for lack of a better word, a single father."

Wyatt looked to the floor, "It's okay. I deserve that." He chuckled nervously.

"And don't think I'm not happy about not being a single parent." I smiled, "I just...I want to make a great person. Matt was totally luck. Luck can't strike twice."

"In this family, luck is what we run on...literally at times." Leo smiled, "You're both going to be great. Trust me."

"I've got some stuff to do. Want me to drop you off at the Manor?" He asked me.

I shook my head, "I think I have business don't mind me being here, right Leo?' I asked.

"Not an issue." Leo said, "Help yourself."

Wyatt grabbed my arm as I was leaving, "You're not gonna run away with a high schooler, are you?" he smiled.

"No. I want to know how my former student learned a level of self-control that I can't." I frowned.


Chris and Bianca orbed into the Manor with Matt, to find Melinda standing by the book. They took in the sight of Piper's youngest child standing before the book before Bianca put him in the play pen.

"Where's Drake and Wyatt?" Chris asked.

Melinda shrugged, "Haven't been here all day. Drake's still twitchy with other people's thoughts." She said, "Why, what's the problem?"

"Somebody did a power swap spell. We're thinking it's Wyatt." Chris said walking over to Melinda and the book.

"Nobody's been here." Melinda said, "Your powers are wonky?"

"Guess who orbed here?" Bianca smirked.

"Wait, your powers are really switched? I thought we were talking hypothetical." Melinda said, "What happened?"

"We were arguing and then we weren't." Bianca said.

"We were talking. Loudly." Chris corrected.

"You just love picking fights." Bianca frowned.

"Were you doing it in front of Matty?" Melinda asked.

"What's that got to do with anything." Bianca asked.

"Because it's exactly what Wyatt did to Mom and Dad." Chris said looking to Matt, "What did you do, little guy?"

"Matt, you put mommy's power back right now!" Bianca said.

Melinda chuckled, "Smartest kid living." She smiled.

"Enjoy it while you can." A voice said, causing them to turn. There was a giant, black man standing across the room from them.

"Hey, how'd you get in here?" Melinda asked.

Suddenly, he shot an ice ball at Melinda, causing her to dive out of the way. The ice ball smashed into the large window and shattered it! Bianca tried to teleport out, but instead orbed out and back into place. The demon looked at her and brought his hand forward, causing ice to encase her! Chris conjured a dagger and threw it at the demon, striking in the arm! The demon cried in pain and pulled it out of his arm. He walked over to Chris and grabbed him, causing Chris to kick him and push off and fall to the floor. Matty stood in his playpen, pointing at his mother and causing the ice to shatter around her. She threw herself back into action, engaging in hand-to-hand combat! She didn't miss a step but was overpowered as the demon threw her back against a wall! Melinda threw her hand in the air as another ice ball shot at her and stopped it, causing it to disappear in orbs and shatter against the demon's head! The demon shimmered out, leaving them in chaos.


"Meditation? That's all you can give me?" I asked.

Liam smiled, "You have to be centered." He said.

"For what?" I asked.

"To accept the power." Liam said, "You haven't accepted it."

"I can't." I said, "I'm not strong enough to wield this power."

"You wouldn't have been blessed if you weren't ready." Liam said, "You told me that."

"I lied." I frowned.

"No, that's the thing, you didn't." Liam said, "I don't have this thing down packed, but I do know that you have to let yourself feel it all." Liam explained, "You can't be afraid. You're the one person I'd never think would be afraid. You taught me not to be afraid."

"What did it feel like?" I asked.

"Acceptance." Liam smiled.

I nodded.


"You're kidding." Wyatt laughed, "This kid's a genius."

"And this new demon isn't kidding around." Bianca said adding a heat pack to her back.

"He shoots ice?" Wyatt asked.

"He shoots ice well." Chris frowned, "First time I've actually seen ice powers."

"What was the argument about?" Melinda asked, "I mean, you never said why you arguing."

Chris sighed, "Bianca wants more kids." He said.

"And you don't?" Wyatt asked.

"Not right away." Chris said, "I'm just getting the hang of one kid."

"We can do this." Bianca frowned.

"But can we do it continuously?"

"It's only two more. I want three." Bianca said, "I want to be pregnant before I turn sixty."

"You will be, we just can't afford to do that yet." Chris said, "We're not ready for three."

Bianca was silent. Before another word could be said, the demon shimmered in and knocked Wyatt to the ground! Chris and Bianca moved beside each other and Melinda orbed a lamp into his temple, but it had little effect on him! Chris and Bianca were blasted backwards by a sudden burst of energy! Melinda walked out and the demon shimmered in front of her and grabbed her by the throat! I orbed in just in time to see this.

"Hey, large muscley demon!" I said, causing him to turn to me, "Crap." I said quickly.

He came towards me but Melinda orbed a dagger off the table and into the demon's back! The demon dissipated in a burst of flames.

"What'd I miss?" I asked.


I sat with my legs crossed, meditating. I could feel all those minds. I had been struggling so hard to keep the voices out of my head and now I couldn't help but feel that Liam was right. I wasn't afraid of anything. Not anymore. I opened my mind, let all the voices into my head! There were screams and shouts and...whispers. I let all the voices wash over me. In an instant I was lost in the voices. Suddenly, one voice was very clear.

(Help Drake, help me!)

"Drake!" Wyatt said, shaking me lightly.

"I need to help him. Caleb needs me." I frowned.