Charming the Halliwells

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"Maybe we should call them back to their time." Wyatt suggested.

"They need to defeat the demon in the past first. They have to." Chris said, "And bringing them back now guarantees that they won't have achieved what they set out to achieve. Who knows how much the world has changed already?"

"Chris is right." Melinda said, "So, that brings us back to the question we're all asking: What do we do?"

"The sisters will be back when they're done." Leo said, "Until then, we should do everything normally."

"Aren't you worried?" Henry asked.

"No, the sisters are constantly defying the odds." Leo said warmly.

"I'm not entirely sure this isn't something set up by the Elders. Smells like a set-up to me." Coop said.

"So, that's it? We just wait?" Prudence Johnna asked.

"No. We find a way to defeat Dark Drake." Leo said, "That's number one."

"Right...cause it's that easy." I smiled.

Suddenly, there was a flurry of orbs and a body slumped over in front of us.

Chapter 86: Death's Day


"Is he alive?" I asked.

"No." A voice behind Chris said. A tall man in black robes walked from the back of the squad.

"No." Wyatt said, trying to heal him.

"He's dead." The man said.

"How do you know? Did you kill him?" I asked.

Everyone looked to me.

"We're not all seeing the Mr. Death?" I asked.

"So, you have heard of me?" He said quickly.

I was stunned.

"What...what's going on?" Leo asked.

"Death." I said.

"You can see him?" Wyatt asked, "Why can't I see him?"

"Only those next on his list can see him. And Piper." Leo said, "Why is he here."

"I'm here to take a soul." He said.

I relayed the message.

"Why is Drake seeing him?" Wyatt asked, alarmed.

"I don't know." Death said, holding something back.

"I don't trust you." I said, "You know something."

"I know only what I'm supposed to." Death frowned. He waved his hand at the body and the guy's soul appeared.

"Holy Cats, you are Death." I said quickly.

"Only people marked for death can see death." PJ said.

"No. No!" Wyatt roared, "You can't have him."

"I have to go. I have an appointment with Steven Tremble." Death said, dematerializing.

I walked over to the map and put the scrying crystal over it.

"What are you doing? You can't scry unless..." Melinda said.

"I have a name." I said, ignoring her. The crystal dropped and I walked over to Wyatt, "I need a lift."


Wyatt and I orbed into an alley.

"We never really talked about the blank out." Wyatt said, "I mean, you thought you were Chris' husband."

"I thought a lot of things." I frowned, "Is this going to be a thing?"

"Yes, it could potentially turn into a thing!" Wyatt frowned, "You thought he was your husband. I mean, do I need to start fighting now or do you want me to wait?"

"I was amnesiac, Wyatt."

"And you picked him." Wyatt said.

"You know what, I'm dying in a few weeks and I really don't need this." I said without thinking.

Wyatt looked absolutely floored. We watched each other and I knew it hurt him. It hurt me. I had a big mouth and I looked away from.

"Hey, what..." A shout came from down the alley.

Wyatt and I took off down the alley. I waddled really. When we got there, Wyatt immediately waved his hand and caused the demon to fly back into trashcans!

I walked over and to the guy and helped him up. He was bleeding and wearing some seriously baggy pants and a shirt with a zip-up hoodie. He was Latino and had a low cut with beautiful brown eyes.

"That dude is insane!" The boy said. He must have been somewhere near fifteen.

"It's okay now." I said.

Wyatt was about to blow him up when the demon shimmered out.

"What were you doing back here with him?" I asked.

"I was minding my own business." The boy spat.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"That's personal information." He said defensively.

"You can trust me. I'm good." I frowned.

"No, I can't." He said.

"I can help that." Wyatt said pointing to the little guy's neck.

(Don't tell him anything, Steven.)

"I know your name is Steven." I frowned.

"Given." Wyatt shrugged.

(Don't tell him why you were here.)

"Why...were you in the alley?" I asked.

"Drake..." Wyatt said softly.

"Who was that guy and how did he just disappear?" Steven asked.

"Wyatt." I said.

Wyatt nodded and disappeared in orbs, appeared behind us and grabbed us both.


"Hey!" Steve frowned as we orbed in the attic, "Where in the Hell am I?" he asked, looking around. He walked to the window and looked down, "Holy Hell, we're in suburbia!"

"Are not!" I frowned.

"We kinda are." Wyatt smiled.

"Yeah, but I don't like it when he says it." I frowned, "Listen kid, we saved your life! We should've earned your trust a few minutes ago."

"You didn't though." Steven asked.

"We are witches." Wyatt said, "Like I suspect you are."

"Witches?" Steven laughed.

"And what attacked you was a demon." I frowned.

"Now that I believe." Steven said.

"He'd better be glad I can't freeze and/or blow him up." I smirked.

"You're going to blow me?" Steven asked, "Which one of us is paying?"

"What?" I asked.

"Hey," Chris said walking into the attic, "And who's the...urchin?"

"Prostitute." Wyatt said.

"Prostihuh?" I asked looking to the young boy. He looked even younger than before.

"Don't judge me."

"I wasn't." I said, "I'm not."

"You were." Steven frowned.

"Okay a little but you're so young!" I said quickly, "Do your parents know about what you do?"

(My parents died.)

"My parents..."

"Died. Yeah, got it." I said slowly.


"Your parents are dead." I said, "What about your relatives?"

"Don't have any."

"Foster parents?" I asked.

"Had some. Left them a long time ago." Steven said.

(Prick molested me.)

"Oh. I'm so sorry." I said.

Steven turned to Wyatt, "What's his deal?" he asked.

"He can hear your thoughts." Wyatt said, folding his hands.

"You're reading my mind?!" Steven asked.

"So, this homeless, orphan prostitute is our innocent?" Chris asked looking him over.

"Innocent?" Steven asked.

"As it turns out, not so innocent." I said softly.

"Look, I don't need you judging me." Steven said.

"You're a...what, fifteen year old prostitute?" I asked.

"Sorry buddy, but there's a little judgment." Wyatt smiled.

"The only reason I'm still here is because of that creep trying to gut me." Steven said.

"Listen, if you promise to let us help you, we will vanquish the demon." I said.


"Gank. Kill. Remove." I added.

"Oh. Fine. But I'm fine just like I am." Steven said.

"Clearly." Chris said quickly.

"What is this, the house of Smug?" Steven asked.

"More like Casa De Halliwell." I said waddling to the book.

Chris and Wyatt giggled.

I stopped and looked at them, "What?" I asked.

"Nothing." Chris chuckled.

"No, what?" I asked.

"It's waddle. And as hot as you are, it's funny. Because you waddle." Wyatt smiled.

"Did you just call him hot?" Steven asked, "And why'd he waddle?" He stared at me for a minute before his eyes grew large.

"Say one word and I'll...scratch you." I said angrily, "It's really not funny. Fat, pregnant and powerless. Don't think I'm not taking note of this and when I'm back in fighting action I'm kicking somebody's ass."

"You're pregnant? Holy shit, you douches are witches." Steven said.

I burst into tears.

"Oh Honey..." Wyatt said walking over and putting an arm on my shoulders. He looked over to Steven, "Say you're sorry or I'll send you somewhere really hot."

"Sor-ry." Steven said, "Do pregnant dudes do that a lot?"

"Yes, and we also punch things." I frowned.

"Do pregnant know, exist?" Steven asked, "And I take it that you two are..."


"Gay." Steven said.

"That too." Chris added.

"Is this like a sex cult?" Steven asked, "I'm not into that freaky sh..."

"That's our brother." Wyatt frowned.

"Right." Steven said.

"I so miss that freezing power." I frowned.


I waddled into the kitchen and happened upon Bianca feeding Matthew. She was stunning. I wondered how Wyatt could go from her to me and be happy about it. I'm no slouch in the looks department, but she's really hot. I wondered if she was prettier pregnant. This family had come so far and it was getting better all the time, even though it seemed like I was losing people right and left. I also wondered if I would be the last tragedy. If so, I could see how poetic it was. I more than wondered a lot of things.

"Oh, hi." Bianca smiled up at me.

"Hey, wook at wittle Matthew. He's getting so big!" I said, causing him to laugh, "And how is mommy?"

"Tired. Having a baby is...well, you know." Bianca said, "Was that insensitive? I'm sorry. I didn't..."

"It's okay." I nodded, "I mean, it's a true statement."

"What does it feel like?"

"What?" I asked.

"Pregnancy?" Bianca asked.

"The worst best thing ever." I said, "There's throwing up, crying, tenderness, aching back and foot...but there's also a living being growing inside of you. It feels natural, even for me. And when the baby comes out it feels like your universe is made and all you want to do is protect him." I said, staring at Matthew, "You'd do anything for him."

Bianca nodded, "I'm sorry about how Matthew was born. I know you...I could tell...and it was so apparent that you were devastated and I didn't help. I was just in shock and then I was afraid." She said.

"You didn't do anything." I smiled, "And as horrible as it felt, I don't regret it."

"Is this pregnancy any different?" Bianca asked.

"Nope. It's still blessed...apparently." I smiled.

"I was afraid I wouldn't have a connection like you and Matt had because I didn't birth him. Still am."

"You will never have anything like we'll have something better." I smiled, "And this baby is going to be so special. Just like Matt."

"Yes, she is. And she's going to be loved."

"I know." I said, getting teary, "I have something to ask you. You know what could happen to me."

Bianca was listening.

"Will you be my baby's godmother?" I asked.

Bianca laughed a little.

"Is that a no?" I asked, confused.

"No! Of course it's a yes! I just...really didn't expect it." Bianca chuckled, "Of course!"

I hugged her.

"I better go. I left the guys upstairs with an innocent that I don't exactly trust around my husband."

"And you trust him around mine?" Bianca asked.

I nodded and walked out of the room. As I got to the stairs, I turned to see Warren shimmering in.

"Where in the hell have you been?" I asked.


"Powers of this witch rise

Unveil what Warren has concealed."

Suddenly, thoughts...very steamy thoughts and images flashed through my head and I sat on the stairs.

"Are you okay?" Warren asked, rushing to me.

"You've been having an affair with your married professor." I said.

"I thought we weren't going to use powers on each other!" Warren frowned, "You didn't get all that from the spell."

"Actually...I did." I said, standing, "Okay, Warren, this is not okay."

"I don't need your permission." Warren said defensively.


"I don't want to talk about this!" Warren said, shimmering out.

There was a crash and I moved as quickly as I could up the stairs. When I got to the Attic, Steven was huddled up on the floor while Chris and Wyatt were taking on the demon. I stayed back, trying not to get in the way. Wyatt saw me and motioned me to stay back. Chris threw his hand in the air and sent him sailing. Chris shouted to me that this demon was Mirkin, a low level demon for hire. The demon got to his feet and headed after them, blinking around so that they couldn't use their power on him. I waddle as fast as I could over to the sword in the stone and, with a little resistance, pulled it out. I tossed it to Wyatt and he decapitated the demon, causing him to disperse in flames. I looked on, stunned.

"'re witches." Steven said from the floor.


"It didn't work." Dark Drake smiled, "Good."

"No, it didn't." Melinda said.

Dark Drake turned to see Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda, "What took you so long?" he asked, "Where's my seer?"

Wyatt pointed to the corner, where the Seer was frozen.


"Listen, if you don't want us to vanquish you..." Melinda started.

"You can't or you would have."

"We need your help." Chris frowned.

"To save myself?"

"No. To save Drake." Wyatt said seriously.

"Now we're getting somewhere." Dark Drake smiled.


I stood next to the book, scribbling in notes of stuff I'd learned and updating the entry of my family. It said that my family was morally challenge, more or less. I updated it. I also added stuff about our Book of Shadows. I looked up only when there was a slight wisp.

I looked up to see Death, "I was wondering if I had chosen right." He said.

I smiled.

"You saved him."

"It wasn't his time." I said, "You leaked his name so I could save him because it wasn't his time. They've found him a good home not far from here."


"Why didn't you just ask?" I asked.

"Because sometimes, when it's hopeless, is when you get a good look at what's possible." Death said.

"What are you saying?" I asked.

"There's still hope." Death said, wisping away.