Charming the Halliwells

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"I call upon the power of all duality, release the magic collected in the tomes. Give unto me the power to break the spell that bound us together." Dark Drake said, slicing his hand over a pewter cauldron. He waited for a tick and nothing happened.

"It didn't work?" Caleb asked.

"Apparently not honey." Josie said, walking to Drake, "Why didn't it work?"

"I'm missing something." Drake said, "Perhaps a word or..."

"Intent." Brian said, "Nothing's worth nothing without intent."

"Are we listening to crazy big brother?" Josie asked.

"Perhaps he's not as insane as you think he is." The Seer said.

"What? No, he's bonkers." Josie said, "Or maybe he's not."

"What are you thinking?" Drake asked.

"Our mission statement." Josie said, "We came to help the other you, not to let him die. I think we have to intend to help them."

"He cannot be bogged down by such mortal delusions." The Seer said, "He has to think about his position."

"He wouldn't be in this position if he hadn't been trying to save himself." Josie said.

"She's right. I have to find another way to destroy them." Drake said, "I can't let this sway me. Our mission statement must change if we're to survive."

"I think you're wrong." Josie said, "I think you're dead Source walking."

Drake held his hand out and squeezed, causing Josie to fall to her knees. Caleb ran to her side and Drake let her go.

"All that bad is making you crazy!" Josie gasped.

"No one is taking what I've spent years building." Drake sneered, "This plan will continue as I originally planned."


Chapter 90: The Birth of Hope


"Wyatt..." Ava asked.

"I don't know yet." Wyatt said.

"If we wait too long we lose both of them." Ava said, "We can't lose both of them. Have you thought about names?"

"Peyton Hope." Wyatt said, "We're not losing either of them."


"NO!" Wyatt shouted, "You get in there and save him!"

Ava looked shaken, but nodded before walking away.

"I'll go and apologize." Leo said, walking away.

"Wyatt, that was uncalled for." Piper said, "We're all here for you but you can't treat people like that."

"I'm not losing him." Wyatt frowned, "He promised."

"Drake can't control..."

"No, not our Drake." Wyatt frowned.

"What?" Piper asked.

"You didn't." Melinda said, appalled.

"He did." Chris frowned.

"What did he or didn't he do?" Paige asked.

"He gave the Book of Shadows to Evil Drake." Chris said, "Without consulting us."

"He what?!" Phoebe asked.

"You didn't!" Piper said.

"It was the only way." Wyatt said.

"It wasn't just your book." Tamora said quickly.

"So, you would let him die?" Wyatt asked.

"We would have found a way." Prue said.

"I can't believe you." Melinda sneered.

"Believe it." Wyatt said, "And I'd do it again."

"Wyatt, you gave the book to evil. That was our family's most important heirloom." Piper said, "What did he promise?"

"To save my husband." Wyatt said.

"He didn't." I said, standing beside Peter.

"He's right." Josie said walking up with Caleb.

The Halliwells stood together.

"We didn't come to fight." Caleb said.

"You're the enemy." Warren said.

"No," Josie said, "We've come to help you."

"Why now?" Piper asked.

"We've been biding our time." Caleb said, "Our powers don't work on each other, me and Drake."

"So, you've been helping him out of the goodness of your heart?" Chris asked.

"No. We've been taking notes." Josie said, "We came to help Drake. Our intentions were to go undercover and help Drake, your Drake. But my Drake soon became overcome by the powers he possessed."

"And since our powers don't work on each other, he only thought I was under his control." Caleb said, "He's corrupted by the power."

"He's letting the Seer guide his desire to be powerful." Josie said, "He's near unstoppable and with the books..."

"He said..." Wyatt started.

"He lied." Josie said, "To understand, you have to know our past. He was little more than a slave to our reality's Wyatt. A husband. The story starts when the Charmed Ones perished..."

"I know the story." I said.

"They don't." Peter said.

"He's been a spy the whole time." I said, "I knew he wouldn't betray me."

"I've never been prouder." Peter smiled.

"What do I do? What can I do?" I asked.

"Watch." Peter said, "Fight."

I followed Peter, who had moved back into my hospital room, "Fight?! How am I supposed to fight?" I asked. I was emotionally unstable. I didn't know whether I wanted to cry or punch something.

"You were given gifts...use them." Peter smiled.


Dean hurried through the hospital doors and over to the waiting room. He was panting because he rushed right over when he'd seen what was all over tv.

"Melinda." He panted, kissing her cheek, "I came as fast as I could. How is he? Is he alright?"

"He's in a coma." Melinda said, "Sounds like some cheesy soap opera."

"But he's going to make it, right?" Dean asked.

"We're not sure." Piper said.

Dean extended his hand, "Hi, I'm Dean." He said, shaking her hand.

Piper smiled weakly, "You look like your father." She said.

"Thanks? Is that a good thing?" Dean asked.

"Yes." She said.

"You must be Wyatt." Dean said, "I saw pictures. He talked about your family a lot."

"Wyatt. I need to talk to you." Bianca said.

"Now's not..."

"It's important." Bianca said.

"Fine." Wyatt said, walking off with them.

"Wonder what that's about." Chris said.

"I think you should follow them." Warren said quickly.


"Just trust me bro." Warren said, walking over to his mother.

Chris walked to the secluded hallway where Wyatt and Bianca had gone. He stopped at the sound of Warren's name.

"...What do you mean he knows?" Wyatt said angrily, "Did he tell..."

"No. But he says if we don't, he will." Bianca frowned.

"We just need to find a way to shut him up. He can't tell Chris or Drake that we made a pact to keep them apart." Wyatt said.

"Now would this be a violent way?" Bianca asked.

"No!" Wyatt frowned, "Someone's coming."

By the time they walked over to the corner where Chris had been listening, he was already gone and they made their way back to the rest of the family. Wyatt and Warren exchanged angry looks.

"What was that about?" Chris asked.

"I just wanted to apologize again." Bianca lied.

"Have we heard anything on Drake?" Wyatt asked.

"Drake's fine." I said quickly.

"Drake!" Wyatt said walking over and was about to hug me when I backed away, "What's wrong?"

"The books. We have to stop him from severing the tie." I said, looking to Josie and Caleb.

"We? You're in the hospital. Where's the baby?" Wyatt asked.

"The power of three plus a few Summers, it'll do." I said, "Pregnancy spell is working overtime."

Wyatt looked me over.

"How are we going to get the books back?" Melinda asked.

"We're going to take them." I frowned.

"What can we do?" Phoebe asked.

"Stay here." I said.

"Stay here?" Piper asked.

"Please." I said. She nodded, "Thank you."


Fenrir, Breen, and Loren met up outside in the attic of the Manor. They had been searching for Drake or any of the Halliwells, but they weren't there and neither was the Book of Shadows. They'd search every Halliwell house only to discover that the Halliwells were away.

"You found no one?" Fenrir asked.

"I checked all the apartments." Loren said.

"I checked their places of employment." Breen frowned.

"Perhaps they are on to us." Loren suggested.

"I don't like this." Fenrir said, "Something has gone deathly wrong."

"Maybe they're luring us." Breen said.

"They're not the only ones." Dark Drake smirked, flaming in with the Books, the Seer, and Brian.

"Mutiny." Brian said loudly.

"Your highness..." Fenrir said, falling to one knee with the others.

"So, you're the ones who're trying to take what I fought so hard to build?" Drake asked.

"What would you have me do with them?" The Seer asked.

" backstabbing bit..." Loren hissed.

"Whoa! You can't talk to my friend like that." Drake said, "Apologize."

"The Seer has been working against you, my liege." Loren said quickly.

Drake turned to the Seer, "No, she's been working for me, cutie pie." He said, "I knew there would be resistance. There always has been...I needed someone to control the situation against those out there who wished me ill will."

"There are others." Breen said.

Drake walked over and grabbed him by the neck, "Not anymore, cupcake." He said, throwing him back against a sewing machine!

"Hey," I said, walking in with Wyatt, Melinda, Chris, Josie and Caleb, "Leave some for us."

"I was wondering when you would show up."

"I was feeling a little down." I said.

"I was talking about my brother and the master betrayer." Drake frowned, "Send a girl out to seduce a guy and love ensues."

Caleb looked a little shaken by the comment, as did Josie.

"And you two," He said, gesturing toward Wyatt and I, "You just can't keep your hands off each other, can you? Personally, I'm for Drake and Chris. But that's just me."

"I always figured that." Wyatt smirked.

"You're looking a little run-down there, my delicious little doppelganger." Drake spat.

"Still got one more thing to do." I frowned.

"You want the Books? Come get it." Drake said.

At once, a fight broke out! There were energy balls and fire balls flying everywhere! Melinda had thrown Fenrir and Breen across the room into an old tv set. Chris tossed Loren away, leaving Brian and the Seer. Brian shot energy at Wyatt, who ducked and sent a wave of energy at them, to which they ducked it! Drake smirked and disappeared in flames and I disappeared in a red light. Chris orbed Breen into the broken sewing machine, causing him to combust in fire. Loren grabbed Melinda and threw her to the floor! From the floor, she orbed a bicycle into him, causing him to fall to the ground! She grabbed an explosive potion off the floor and threw it, causing the demon to explode! The Seer grabbed a sword and held it to Wyatt's throat.

"I've dreamed of this day." The Seer smirked.

Josie came up behind her and punched her, "Dream on, bitch!" she said, throwing her hand forward and creating a portal, which sucked The Seer in and spat her out the ceiling!

"Excalibur!" Wyatt said, orbing the sword to himself, "I'm going to enjoy this." He said sliding it into her chest!

The Seer gasped and fell backwards, disappearing with a flame. Fenrir had Caleb on the ground. Wyatt threw Excalibur and it took a slice off Fenrir! He growled and shimmered out. When I rematerialized, I was in my house, next door to the Manor. We were in my room, which was decorated very differently, a lot more modern than I had it. The owners, Two men and a woman, were stretched out so that the child was in the middle and the parents were on the outsides. There were holes in their chest and I immediately knew who did it.

"It seems like so far away...doesn't it. It always has." Drake said, sitting in a chair and looking down, "Astral Projection...a decent novelty."

I took a step but stopped.

"Every villain starts off as a hero." Drake said, "They go into the world and figure out that the world is colder than they thought."

"I want...the books." I frowned.

"They're mine. They were given to me." Drake said, "Which means they can't have them back."

"But since it's yours, it's also mine." I smirked, "Book." I said, causing the book to lift into the air and glide to me.

The book stopped in mid air, "I finally have what I break the connection." He smiled.

"I thought all you needed was the books." Drake said.

"I call upon the ancient forces of power, reaching vast and into infinite with glower, take all that we have in common and break the hold that sets us common." Drake said. He was then illuminated for a split second before returning to normal.

"You got what you want." I said.

"I don't belong here. Kill me." Drake said.

I looked at him shocked. This is why he wanted to sever the spell? I could never kill myself.

"I can almost read your mind." Drake said, "I don't belong here. I never have. The only reason I stayed so long is because Josie can't get us back somewhere that doesn't exist anymore. The longer I stay, the more corrupted I get."

"I know what you did for me." I said.

"I saved myself. If anyone else was Source, we'd have never survived." Drake said, "I was really good at being evil. Once I'm gone, the Underworld will be in disarray again. Ample time for you to attempt to raise a child. There will be no supernatural threat."

"I know."

"Helped that I had your dark side in me."

"I call upon the ancient powers, take away malice from him so that he may be guiltless again." I said, causing dark matter to rise from him and surge into me. It felt...complete.

"I could never take all the darkness out of you." He said, "I think your dark side is what makes you different. You're no Halliwell, not really. You're a Summers at heart. Don't forget that."

I looked at him oddly.


"Give me the book." I said.

"Which one?" Josie asked behind me.

We both turned to her.

"You betrayed me." Drake said.

"I had to. I was losing you to the dark side." Josie said.

"Goodbye Josie." Drake said, extending his hand causing her to explode in a fury of fire.

"I summon the power that be, bind this person from inner creativity. Bind him so that he may never do harm." I chanted.

"I knew you'd do that." Drake said.

Suddenly, I doubled over in pain. It was a sudden and deep pain in my stomach! I immediately knew what it was.

"What's happening?" Drake asked.

"The baby." I said.

Wyatt orbed in, holding his side, "I felt...are you okay?" he asked.

"The baby." I said.

Wyatt tried to grab me but his hand went right through. He looked at me for a second before it registered.

"You have to get to him!" Drake said.

I disappeared in a red aura.

"You must..." But before Drake could repeat himself, Wyatt telekinetically grabbed him and strangled him, "But..."

"You lied to me." Wyatt said, "You caused all of this!"

Drake tried to speak but couldn't. He suddenly, combusted in flames. Wyatt looked at what he'd done and orbed away.


"This doesn't make any sense!" Piper said, "I saw him leave!"

"We saw Astral Drake leave." Paige said.

"We need a decision." Ava said. She was standing before them, ready to go forward with the c-section.

"Do it." I said, materializing, "Save the baby."

"Drake..." Piper said.

"Do it, now!" I frowned.

"He's right." Wyatt said, orbing in behind me.

"Alright!" She and the other doctor said, starting the c-section.

"Why didn't you..." Wyatt started.

I pressed my hand to his lip, "We knew this was coming." I smiled, "Peyton is going to change your life, sweetie. And I couldn't be any prouder."

"I don't want to lose you." Wyatt cried.

"You won't. I'm always gonna be here." I said, kissing him.

"He's bleeding out." Ava said.

"Get the crash cart!" Ava's apprentice said.

Wyatt and I turned to them. They pulled out the baby out of my stomach and I smiled, before fading out.

"Drake!" Wyatt screamed, "Drake, baby, come back! Drake!"

Wyatt began sobbing uncontrollably. He threw himself on my body.

"I'm right here." I shouted, "Wyatt!"

"He can't hear you."

I turned to see Death, "No! No, not now! Can't I just see her?" I asked.

"I'm sorry."

Peyton began to cry very loudly and I chuckled through tears. I saw a huge white void open up and Death gestured to it. I stood in front of it for a few minutes before moving closer. Just as I was about to go through the portal, Chris and Matthew orbed in. Chris walked over and began sobbing and before Chris could stop him, he reached down and touched me on the face...


A few weeks later...

[Song begins to play Turning Tables by Adele]

"Mom, you're spoiling her!" Wyatt smiled as he stood behind the couch.

"We can't help it," Leo smiled, "She's just so cute."

"We have a grandson and granddaughter now!" Piper smiled.

"Too bad Drake had to die for her to be born." Wyatt said sadly.

Piper and Leo looked at each other.

"But I'm over that." Wyatt smiled.

"You have a brand new daughter, honey." Piper smiled.

"She is awesome isn't she?!" Wyatt smiled.

"Guess who's walking." Chris said, orbing into the room with Bianca and Chris.

"Awww really?" Piper said.

"Look at my little niece." Chris gushed, "We were going to the zoo, want to come?"

"Sure, we will." Piper said.

"I think I'd better take little Peyton Hope home." Wyatt said grabbing her diaper bag, "I'll see you guys later." He said, taking the baby and orbing out. He arrived outside the door and used a key to get in. When he walked in, he slid the baby bag down and walked over to the computer desk.

[Song ends]

"Hey, honey. How'd it go?" I asked.

"Good. Everyone's good." Wyatt said, kissing me, "They want to see you but I told them you weren't up to it yet. Getting any work done?"

I took the baby, "I'm on deadline but I can't stop kissing her little face." I said, "And yours too."

"I love you." Wyatt said.

"I love you, too. And my little princess. Hey, babe, can you close the door?" I smiled.

"Anything." Wyatt smiled, waving his hand and causing the door to shut.