Charming the Halliwells

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"Well, Dean, I can't come into work. That was the deal. I send in my column from here. No. I know, and I'm glad I could get my job back. I am. But I'm not ready to leave my baby." I said into the phone, "Thank you. I'll see what I can do about the meeting. Thanks again." I said, hanging up the phone.

Wyatt walked around the corner and smiled while feeding the baby, "Dean still trying to get you back at work?" he asked.

"Yes. And I'm not ready." I said, "I died and was brought back by my nephew. And then after my alternate vanquished my brother's wife, he died. And all of this is happening while I used my powers to wipe one of my brother's minds."

"It's been a rough couple of weeks." Wyatt said, handing me the baby, "Worth it, though, right?"

I cradled Peyton, "So worth it." I smiled.


Chapter 91: After Happily Ever After


Wyatt and I orbed into the family room of the Manor and right into an argument. Chris and Bianca's argument. They seemed to be arguing more and more these days. Chris hadn't been the same since I died. It changed him a little. It changed everybody. I died, but was brought back by Matthew. Don't think the irony was lost on me. I birthed him and he birthed me. He did something that no other mutant, besides alchemists and necromancers, could do. He brought me back. I felt different. I was so happy just to be here. Wyatt was protective as always but it didn't bother me. I had barely taken Peyton anywhere because of germs but I figured it was time. Caleb and his baby, Brock, were okay. He didn't take Josie's passing well. Luckily Brian was a help. He didn't remember the things he did because I used a spell to extend my powers to bind his thoughts. I made a barrier to keep his thoughts away. Piper and Leo looked to be shocked by the fight and were excited to see us orb in.

"Drake, Wyatt..." Piper said.

Leo, Chris, and Bianca looked our way and smiled.

"Hi guys, where's Matthew?" I asked.

"Upstairs taking a nap." Bianca said.

"Wyatt, I need to talk to you and Bianca." Chris said, heading up the stairs.

"We'll be back." Wyatt said, following them.

"Why were they arguing?" I asked.

"Maybe Bianca breathed." Piper smiled.

"He's been a little different..." Leo said, walking over and taking the baby.

"Really? I just thought that was the Piper in him." I smirked.

"Funny." Piper said moving to Leo and the baby.

"So, how is Brian?" Leo asked, looking at the baby.

"He's doing good." I said, "It's Caleb I'm worried about."

"I understand. To be honest, I'm a little worried about him too." Piper said, "I was thinking about going to see him."

"I'm sure he'd like that." I smiled.

"Right after we finish kissing our new granddaughter." Piper said, kissing the baby.

The doorbell rang. I told them that I'd get it and walked over to the door, opening it.

"Holy cats." I said quickly.

"Aren't you gonna invite me in?" Steven asked, "They might think I'm soliciting."


"What do you mean you know?!" Wyatt asked, "How do you know?"

"Because you geniuses talked about it in public." Chris frowned, "And what did you think? You could make us not be friends? You two are...sneaky bitches."

"Did you just call me a bitch?" Bianca asked, offended.

"You're lucky I haven't told Drake yet." Chris said angrily.

"Told Drake what?" I asked, walking into the room with Steven.

"Hey, it's Steven." Wyatt said, "How are you doing, big guy?"

"I'm good." Steven smirked.

"Tell me what?" I asked.

"Tell you that Wyatt is too damn lucky to have you." Chris said, orbing away.

"What's really going on?" I asked.

"He's mad and taking it out on everyone." Bianca said.

"Mad? Why is he mad?" I asked.

"We've just been arguing and I've been winning." Bianca said.

There was a cry coming from downstairs.

"That would be Matt." Bianca said, walking to the door, "I should get him."

"Why is Steven standing there?" Wyatt asked, "Is he in trouble?"

"No. Just visiting." Steven smiled.

"How nice. I think he's our Billie." I smiled.

"Or a former prostitute in need of friends." Steven said.

"Or in need of guidance." I said quickly.

"It's funny cause you're not pregnant." Steven said, "You look good for a dad."

"Hey!" Wyatt said.

"Just sayin." Steven frowned.

"No strenuous activity." I said, "Stitches."

"Right. Still don't understand, but okay."

"What's that?" I asked, walking over to the potions table.

Wyatt picked up the letter and read it, "Melinda...that brat!" he said angrily.


"She found out there's a plot to steal the baby." Wyatt said, "Loren is working with parasite demons."

"'ve got to be kidding me!"

"Melinda went to the demonic market place." Wyatt read.

"By herself?" I asked.

"Sound familiar?" Wyatt asked.

"Paige." I said quickly, "We've got to get to her. You've got to get to her."

"We need you, too." Wyatt frowned, "Warren's deep in study mode, Tam and Kat are busy, Henry is busy, Phoebe's children are busy..."

"I can't leave Peyton." I said quickly.

"I could go." Steven said.

"No!" Wyatt and I said at the same time.

"I guess just me and Chris..." But before he could finish a chair smashed against his head and he fell to the floor. Loren waved his hand and sent Steven and I fly across the room! He stood over Wyatt and tossed an energy ball down but I threw my hand up and stopped it before it hit Wyatt! It stopped in mid-air and reversed itself, causing Loren to fly a few feet away!

"Whoa." I said, looking at my hands.

Loren got to his feet and shimmered away.

I walked over to Wyatt and checked on him. He was out cold.


"You're wasting your breath? Why can't we just wait for Wyatt?" I asked.

"Because we don't know when he'll wake up and Melinda is in very real danger." Leo said.


"Look, sweetie, I know you don't want to leave your baby, but if you don't...I lose mine." Piper frowned.

"Melinda's like a sister to me." I said, "Fine. Where is this demonic Market?"

"I think I could get us there." Bianca said.

"Fine. I just need a minute." I said, holding Peyton.


An explosion rocked the demonic market place. It was half a potion and half a spell. As soon as we were in, Chris began vanquishing demons with streams of electricity! Bianca shot energy balls and used a knife in close combat. I threw potions. It felt weird not being able to cause the explosions. I wondered if we were here with Wyatt, would the place still be standing? They took out the strongest immediately and it was a trap. We walked down the market place, vanquishing a demon here and there. I looked up to the castle on the hill. I grabbed Chris' hand and all three of us orbed up to it. When we got inside, two demons were siphoning power from Melinda, who was dressed in black leather and a blonde wig! I threw a potion and vanquished one and the other disappeared. We ran over to Melinda and helped her up.

"It's a trap! They're after the baby!" Melinda said, gasping for air.

"Hold on." Chris said, orbing us out of the room.


"Leo, I hope everything will be alright." Piper worried. She and Leo had just sat the baby in the playpen next to Matthew.

"Everything'll be fine." Leo said walking to Piper.

"Look at them. They're so innocent." Piper smiled, "Remember when that was Wyatt and Chris?"

"It feels like a lifetime ago." Leo smiled.

Suddenly Leo began to convulse! He slid down. Piper looked up to see the parasite demons. She raised her hands, but nothing happened! She soon felt her powers slipping away and she, too, slumped to the floor. The parasite demon walked over to the playpen, but a blue shield raised over the kids! The parasite demon raised his hands and began absorbing the power of the shield. Suddenly, a pink shield popped up around them also. The parasite demon absorbed it too.

"The power..." The parasite demon said.

"You just don't know." Wyatt said, waving his hand.

The parasite demon just smiled, "Gonna need more than that."

"How about three." Chris said, walking over with Melinda.

The three joined hands and began to chant the power of three spell. Nothing happened. The Crone shimmered in next to the Charmed Ones and told them to continue, while she channeled power to him. The parasite demon exploded and the baby began to cry! I walked over and picked Peyton up and Chris picked up Matthew.

"What happened?" Piper asked, standing with Leo.

"We did it." Wyatt said.

"Yes, so it seems." The Crone said.

"Tell the demonic community that the baby is off limits." Leo said quickly.

"Do not worry. No demon in his right mind would attack you." The Crone said, shimmering away.


Chris was sitting on the porch thinking to himself. He wondered how everything had happened. Drake had almost died and he couldn't enjoy his friend because his brother and wife were trying to separate them. It made him wonder if Bianca had anything to be worried about.

"Hey," I said sitting next to him on the steps outside the Manor, "I'm just going to ask you...why are you so mad at everyone?"

"I'm not mad at everyone." He said, "I'm not mad at you."

"You've been short with Wyatt and Bianca and...well, just them. What did they do?" I asked, worried, "Did they..."

"No." Chris chuckled, "Nothing like that."

I sighed with relief, "What has you so mad?" I asked, "I mean they love us and everything should be okay because I'm not dead and..."

"They made an agreement, a pact, to keep us apart." Chris said, "They've been keeping us busy so that we won't be around each other."

I looked at him, confused, "What?"


When Chris and I walked in, Wyatt was talking to Bianca. He smiled to me, but I looked away quickly.

"Guys. Can I see all of you in the family room?" Piper asked.

Chris, Melinda, Bianca, Wyatt, Leo and I took seats in the room and waited for Piper to start.

"We went to the past." Piper said, "You remember, someone was changing the past."

"And you won't tell us anything." Chris said.

"Well, now's the time." Piper smiled weakly, "It was Matthew."

Everyone turned to look at Matthew.

"And Peyton." She added, "They were trying to save us."