Charming the Halliwells

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"Why are you mad? You're acting like Chris!" Wyatt frowned.

"Stop it. You do not get to make me feel like the one that's screwing everything up!" I said angrily.

"Fine, so you know. I'm not sorry." Wyatt said, "This thing between you and Chris isn't some light, fun thing. This ends marriages!"

"I'm not screwing him! He is my best friend. I love him." I frowned.

"You're not physically screwing him." Wyatt said, "But your connection to him is more than what you say it is! I can see it. Everybody can see it."

"You're looking for something where there's nothing." I shouted, "That's it! You don't get to make me feel like this anymore." I said, walking to the bedroom.

"Do not walk away from me!" Wyatt said angrily as the wall to the bedroom exploded into pieces.

Wyatt and I looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

Chapter 92: When he was Mad...

I stood, staring at the hole in the wall. It was the worst thing to have happened in this condo. After getting the baby to calm down, we decided that Wyatt should sleep at the Manor. Leo had come to fix the door and I was standing there watching the hole, making sure it didn't move. The baby was sleep and I was waiting for Leo to get back with the tools. I looked away from the hole when Chris orbed in.

"So, Wyatt's camping at th..." He stopped, "He did that? Are you hurt?"

"No." I said softly, "It wasn't a kill shot."

"I can't believe he did that."

"It was an accident." I said.

"It's always an accident." Chris said quickly.

"He didn't mean to. He was mad." I said, "We both were."

"I feel like I ended two marriages." Chris said.

I looked at him, "No. Nothing has ended." I said, "They made a mistake."

"They tried to keep us apart." Chris said, "You're my best friend and you were dying and they kept me busy so that their insecurities wouldn't be compromised."

I nodded, "But you don't throw it all away." I said quickly.

"This isn't just Wyatt leaving his clothes around. This is up there with cheating." Chris said.

I folded my arms.

"You're going to forgive him just like that? You're going to keep your anger." Chris frowned.

"Drake's right." Leo said walking in with tools, "You don't walk out. You fight for your relationship."

"Some things shouldn't be forgiven." Chris said, orbing away.

"She hurt him." I frowned, "She hurt me."

"I think you and Wyatt need to see a marriage counselor." Leo said.

I chuckled, "A marriage counselor?" I asked.

"Yes, he can help you sort out your issues." Leo said, "I'd advise Chris, too, but he doesn't seem to want to hear my opinion."

I nodded.

"Plus the added stress of almost dying and just having a baby...there's bound to be some stuff you need to discuss." Leo said, "Some things that even I can't get you to say."

"My life went from...well, something like One Tree Hill meets Sex and the City to Desperate Housewives." I said, "Too much drama."

"Maybe you need..."

"Maybe it's time to end it." I said quickly.

"What?" Leo asked.

"I mean, if he can't trust me, what's the use of trying so hard?" I asked.

"Because you love him." Leo said, "You love my son and he loves you."

"Maybe that's not enough anymore." I frowned, "Maybe it's not enough for him to say sorry, except this time he's not even saying it."


"I've got to get the baby up and start on my column." I said, walking to the nursery.


"He said that?" Piper asked.

"And he's serious?" Paige asked.

"Of course he's serious." Leo said.

"What Wyatt did was...pretty bad." Phoebe said.

"But divorce?" Piper asked, "They're just getting started!"

"Where's Wyatt?" Leo asked.

"He went to get some things before heading home." Piper said, "I talked him into going back."

"What are we going to do?" Paige asked, "We could trap them in the ghostly plane."

They looked at her.

"Hey, that's how Chris was conceived." Paige added.

"And still not the worst idea." Phoebe chuckled.

"It's up there." Piper frowned, "I think we need to intervene."

"You think we need to meddle?" Leo asked.

"Not so much meddle, as help." Piper said carefully.

" know that won't help." Phoebe frowned.

"I've got to do something." Piper said, "I can't just stand around playing with my thumbs."

"What can you do? What can any of us do, Piper? This is their problem. Only they can solve it." Paige said quickly, "Our interference can only hurt."


There was a knock on my door at the condo. I had just finished changing Peyton and laid her back down. The good thing about newborns is that they sleep a lot. I hadn't really left the house with the baby unless someone orbed me to the Manor. Wyatt, in addition to making a pact, was busy with the new practice. He was also still teaching at Magic School. Chris was searching for what he wanted to do. He didn't know if he wanted to close P3 once and for all or keep it going. Bianca was doing well at her job and being a mother. Wyatt, Chris and Melinda were demon hunting and helping their charges. I laid the baby down and walked into the living room. I had been a lot freer than I had been before death. I was looking at life so differently. Everyone was right, I died. But I came back. I walked over to the door and opened it to see Steven.

"Hey. I got your address from Chris." He smiled.

"Hey, come on in." I said, letting him in, "Not that I'm not ecstatic to see you, but what're you doing here?"

"I just wanted to drop in." Steven smiled, "I heard you had the baby...and I haven' know.."

"She's through that door." I said.

"Thanks." He said, heading towards Peyton's room.

Suddenly, there was the sound of orbs. I turned to see Wyatt with yellow roses.

"This is just the first wave." Wyatt said quickly, "There's candy an a watch and...I'm sorry."

"For?" I asked.

"For the pact I made."


"What?" Wyatt asked.

"You lied to me." I frowned, "Wyatt..."

"You've lied."

I stared at him.

"It's not...I didn't mean it like that." Wyatt said, "I just want to do whatever it takes to make this up to you."

"Leo wants us to see a marriage couselor." I said quickly.

"And what do you want?" Wyatt asked.

I looked up at him, unsure what to say. Suddenly, there was a clash, accompanied by Peyton's cries. Wyatt and I hurried to the room to find Steven laying in shelf debris. Peyton's shield was up and there was a robed man standing over Steven. Wyatt waved, causing another shelf to smash into the robed figure! The robed figure disappeared in smoke and I ran to Steven. Once I was sure he was breathing, I went to the baby. Wyatt rushed to Steven and began healing him. I picked up the baby and began rocking her.

"Peyton!" Steven said, lunging forward, "Is she okay?"

"Yeah." I said, "What happened?"

"This thing attacked me from behind." Steven frowned.

"We need the book." Wyatt said.


"So, you didn't see the demon?" Piper asked.

"He was robed." I said.

"And there was no face?" Chris asked, flipping through the book.

"No and he was standing over Peyton, trying to take her. He attacked Steven." I said, motioning to Steven.

"Ow." He said quickly.

"Did you see any powers being used?" Leo asked.

"No. He was shocked to see us." I said quickly.

"Why would he come into your house to steal your baby, but not expect you two to be there?" Steven asked.

"Good question." I frowned.

Suddenly, Caleb shimmered in with his baby, Peter Davenport Summers. He was a little cutie and I had forgotten that I was going to watch him while Caleb got some work done.

"Caleb..." I started.

"You forgot?" Caleb smiled, "What's going on?"

"Demon after the baby." I said, "I'll still watch him though."

"No. He's asleep. Maybe he'll stay sleep long enough to finish some work." Caleb said quickly.

"Leo and I would love to keep him." Piper said.

"You...would?" Caleb asked.

"Well, of course." Piper said, "And we've raised three really good ones."

"Not doubting your skills, really, I's a bit of a shock." Caleb said.

Piper chuckled.

"But as long as you're offering." He said, sitting the baby seat down and handing the bag to Piper, "Thank you so much. It'll only be an hour. I'm so backed up."

"Let's make it two. You need a little rest." Leo smiled.

"Thank you. You guys are angels." Caleb smiled, "He's sleep. His diapers in the bag. Everything, in the bag. Thank you again. Drake's so lucky."

"You both are." Piper smiled.

"Bless you." He said, shimmering away.

"That was unexpected." Melinda said.

"He's going through a lot." Leo said.

"He needs all the help he can get." Piper said.

"Thank you guys." I smiled, "Back to the baby at hand..."

"Well the demon should try again. We need to set up the demon detector Paige made when Wyatt was born." Piper said.

"We just leave her?" I asked.

"We'll be right here." Wyatt said, comforting me.

Chris groaned.

"Something you want to say, Chris?" Wyatt asked.

"Oh boy." Melinda frowned.

"Yeah, you two-faced back-stabbing walking ass of betrayal." Chris spat.

Everyone was shocked.

"If he would have stayed dead, I would never have gotten to say goodbye because you and my wife are little bitches." Chris frowned.

"Chris!" Piper said.

"Ooooooh boy." Melinda repeated.

"The only reason we did it is because you can't decide if you're straight or bi or what. You can't decide if you're trying to steal my husband. Which is weird because you already have a wife. And a child." Wyatt said angrily.

"That's none of your business!" Chris shouted.

"Stop it! Seriously, you both pick now?" I asked.

"Drake's right, now's not the time." Piper said angrily.

"Chris, go and get Warren. We need to see if we can I.D. the demon." Leo said.

"Fine." Chris said, orbing away.

"Everybody else...find something to do!" Piper commanded.


"You're my favorite pupil." Professor Penn smiled, kissing Warren.

The two were stretched out across his desk, making out. They had become so close, despite objection from Drake. It was Warren's decision and he felt prepared to make it. He knew that it was probably a bad idea, but it was his idea. Penn was married and had kids. This wasn't anyone's ideal situation.

"What can I say, I guess I'm a teacher's pet." Warren smirked, kissing Penn.

"I've always been partial to apples." Penn smirked.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door before Chris pulled it open.

"Whoa!" Chris said, closing the door.

"Who was that?" Penn asked.

"My cousin." Warren said angrily, "We'll have to meet again later." He said, grabbing his bag.


Everyone was doing something. Wyatt was making a potion for me because of my lack of power. Leo and Piper were babysitting the kids. Melinda was at the restaurant. Steven sat a few feet from me. He looked nervous. I didn't have to read his mind to see that.

I walked over to him, "Hey. Are you okay?" I asked, "I know this demon thing is...daunting."

"No, I'm just trying to figure out a way to be useful." He smiled.

"You're useful." I said, "I just want you out of the line of fire."

"You know, after my mom died, I went into the streets. There wasn't a lot of good people." Steven said, "But you're a really good person."

I smiled, "I've been thinking...and it doesn't add up." I said.

"What doesn't?"

"The demon was shocked to see us. And he didn't attack the baby...he attacked you." I said.

"Yeah, so?"

"He wasn't after the baby." I said, realizing what the situation was.

I turned and started walking over to the book, but stopped when the demon appeared before me and slapped me a few feet away! Steven stood and ran towards me, but the demon caught him and shimmered away. Wyatt and Piper ran into the room and over to me.

"What happened?" Wyatt asked.

"Demon!" I frowned, "Bad demon!"

Chris and Warren orbed in and surveyed the room.

"Bad, bad demon!" I said quickly.


"What do you want from me?!" Steven shouted. He was alone in the cavern. The demon had taken him but had also left him there alone. It was odd that the demon hadn't killed him yet. Steven wished he had a power...any power. He wasn't sure if he was going to make it out of the cavern alive.

The robed figure spoke, causing him to turn, "Only to show you truth." He said.

"Truth?" Steven asked, "Why am I here?"

"What do you know about your parents?" The figure asked.

"Mom died. Dad died..."

"That's it. That's just it. He didn't die." The figure said, "He is me." He said, taking off his hood and revealing himself to be an older version of Steven.

"Oh shit." Steven said carefully.

"You look like your mother...and me. A mix, really." He said, "I'm Aer, your father."

"Why kidnap me?"

"Would you have come willingly?" Aer asked.

"What do you want from me?" Steven said, still in shock.

"Time." He said, suddenly flying across the room.

I ran over to Steven, "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Don't!" Steven said, "He' father."

"He's a demon." Chris frowned.

"I know."


I stood looking at the newly fixed wall to my bedroom. It seemed like a long journey, from then to now. Then. The beginning. We hadn't killed Steven's father, but we did put a mystical restraining order on him. Steven was shaken. I could feel it dripping from him. Chris had separated from Bianca. It was sad. Leo was right...they needed counseling too. I had made a decision about a lot of things.

"Dad does good work." Wyatt said, causing me to turn to him, "Are you still mad?"

"I am...there's not a word for what I am." I frowned.

"I was hoping we could talk." Wyatt said, "Just you and me."

"We need counseling."

"I agree." Wyatt said, "We need to iron out our issues."

"Until...I don't want you here." I said quickly.

"You're kicking me out of our home?" Wyatt asked.

"No. I'm asking you to leave. Just until I can get a grip on all this." I said sadly, "I can't love the things you do, even if I love who you are."

Wyatt nodded, "I'll get some stuff and be out of your hair." He said angrily.

"Don't be..."

"What? Mad?! I can't be mad that...we said vows! For better or for worse." Wyatt said, "I can't believe you would throw it all away."

"I'm not. I am fighting to fix this!" I said angrily, "I'm fighting my ass off for this marriage. While you were off making secret pacts, I have been in this marriage fighting for it."



"Every time things get hard you go right to kicking me out!" Wyatt said, "Everything I do is wrong. I just want you so bad."

"That's it. But you don't see that you already have me." I frowned, "Get your stuff. I've got a deadline." I said, heading into the living room and leaving him standing in the hall.