Charming the Halliwells

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"She's doing fine." Ava said, "She's a very good baby."

"Yeah, she doesn't like to be touched...changed or anything though." I said.

"It's normal." Ava said.

"I was wondering...about her powers."

"What about her powers?" Ava asked.

"She...there were powers in the womb. She hasn't done anything magical." I said.

"I'm not sure. She'll come into her powers when she's ready." Ava smiled.

"Thanks." I smiled, "You're giving her shots, right?"

Ava showed me the needle and was about to withdraw the blood when the needle disappeared from her hand and orbed into the wall!

"You were saying?" Ava asked.

"I also...need to talk to you." I smiled.

Chapter 93: Cross the Line


"All I'm saying is that it's about time for her wiccaning." Piper said, "You had one, Matthew had one..."

"Mom, she's shiny and new." Wyatt said, "There's still time."

"Where is my new granddaughter and son-in-law?" Piper asked.

"They're at the doctor's office."

"And you're not there?" Leo asked.

"He put me out." Wyatt frowned, "Besides, it was just a routine check-up."

"I'm sure he'll come around." Piper smiled, "You need anything before I leave?"

"No. I'm going to see him in a while." Wyatt said.

"Who says he'll want to see you." Chris said, orbing in.

"Chris..." Piper said.

"I'm here on a peace mission." Chris said, "You did something despicable to me, but you're my brother. No matter how stupid you are, you'll always be my brother."

"Did you give Bianca the same speech?" Wyatt asked.


"You'll forgive me but not Bianca?" Wyatt asked.

"She's broke vows."

"Right." Wyatt frowned.

"So did you." Chris said, "But you're not married to me."

"You should forgive her." Wyatt said quickly, "She loves you, despite yourself."

Everyone as silent.

"I think you're using the situation because you're afraid to have more kids." Wyatt said, "That's why you can forgive me and not her."

"Dude, you're so out of line." Chris said, disappearing in orbs.

"That would be my cue." Piper said leaving.

"Any ideas on how to save my marriage?" Wyatt asked.

Leo opened his mouth.

"Besides counseling, which we're going to." Wyatt added.

"I'm sure he misses you just as much as you miss him." Leo smiled.

"That dad, is impossible." Wyatt said, walking out of the room.


"For those who want the
truth revealed,
Opened hearts and secrets
From now until it's
now again,
After which the memory
Those who now are
in this house,
Will hear the truth
from other's mouths. "


Melinda stood in the attic, by the book. She chanted the words and waited. She wanted to see Dean's true feelings on witches. She wasn't sure about anything where he was concerned. She felt very deeply for him but she was still young. She was about to leave when Warren came into the attic with a sandwich.


"How long have you been here?" Melinda asked.


"Just dropped by to get a snack." Warren smiled.


"I've got to go." Melinda smiled, shutting the book and orbing away.


"Weird family." Warren smiled.


I walked in with Peyton, "Were you talking to yourself?" I asked.


"No, Mel was here. She vanished though."


"Magically?" I asked.


"Orbically." Warren said, continuing his sandwich, "I just came to see what all the chanting was about."


"There was chanting?" I asked.


"When I got here, she was finished." Warren said, "How's my new little cousin? Why were you there so long?"


"Coming into her power. The doctor had to talk to me about some things." I said, "I'm not sure what to do. I mean, Matthew wasn't this quick."


"Well, this is Wyatt's daughter." Warren said, "He's all brimming with power, so it would only be right."


"I just went from wondering why my baby hadn't shown her powers, to wondering what the hell she could do." I said.


"Listen, you and Wyatt are going to be good parents. How are you and Wyatt?" Warren asked.


"I want to punish him but all I really want is him to be with me and the baby and to forget everything." I said quickly, "Why'd I just say that?"


"I don't know but that's weird." Warren chuckled.


"Shouldn't you be in class?" I asked.


"It's a professional day, I think. I have a meeting with Penn." Warren said.


"Are you and Penn still..."


"Yeah. I mean, he's great, besides the whole married thing." Warren said, "He wants to commit to me."




"I'm ready. That's what I'm going to tell him today." Warren smiled, "Wish me luck."


"I can't do that." I frowned.


"You know what, fine. Don't wish me luck." Warren said, disappearing.


"Well, he's your cousin." I smiled to Peyton.


Peyton giggled and things began to levitate in the room. Orbs surrounded the levitating furniture.


"Whoa." Wyatt said orbing in, "Is that my baby girl doing this?"


Everything slowly landed on the floor.


"Yes, she came into her powers at the doctor." I smiled.


"And what about my favorite guy?" Wyatt asked.


"If that's your way of asking am I still pissed at you...I'm not." I said.


"Can I move back home?" Wyatt asked.


"One step at a time." I frowned, "We have a lot of issues."


"I know but we're working..."


"Not us. This family." I said, "Do you know that Warren is dating a married man?"


"I thought he was a demon again." Wyatt said, "Can I hold my baby?"


I walked over and handed Peyton to him, "Of course, jerk." I smiled.


"You know, this is how Melinda came into her powers too." Wyatt smiled.


"I'm sure Piper was thrilled." I smirked.


"Well, the Elders gave her powers like me and Chris so we could fight evil." Wyatt said, "But you know the whole story."


"Speaking of Melinda...she was here for a split second and then she was gone." I said, "I don't understand."


Wyatt looked to the book, "I think I do." He said, moving to the book.


"You don't think she...I mean..."


Wyatt placed one hand over the book and the book flipped open to the truth spell.


"Dean." I frowned.


"I'll go." Wyatt said.


"No, Peyton needs daddy time. I'll go. I just need a quick orb." I said.


"What about after you talk to her?" Wyatt asked.


"I'll call you and you can orb me to the next location." I said.


"If you need me..."


"Got it." I smiled.


Wyatt waved his hand over me and the attic disappeared before me. I appeared in my office at the Mirror. The desk and everything was bare. I hadn't been back yet because I was working from home and nothing was there. I walked into the main office to gain stares from most of the people. They began to clap for me when they realized that it was me. I smiled and nodded, heading back to Dean's office. Melinda stood outside the door, no doubt waiting.


"I know what you're up to!" I said quickly.


"What are you talking about?" Melinda asked innocently.


"You cast the truth spell!" I frowned, "Personal gain! Haven't you heard about the bad things that happen when you use that spell! Hasn't Piper sufficiently warned you about personal gain?!"


"I have to know how he feels."


"But this is wrong. He won't remember." I frowned, "This isn't demon hunting, Mel. This could break you."


"It's a risk I need to take." Melinda said, "Thanks for caring so much, but this is something I need to do."


I nodded, "You're right." I said.


"Save your marriage while I save my potential one." Melinda said.


The door opened and two business men along with Phoebe walked out.


Phoebe stopped, "Drake, Melinda...what are you doing here?" she asked.


"I was just leaving." I smiled.


"I need to talk to Dean." Melinda said.


"Actually, I need to talk to you." Phoebe said to me.


"Okay." I said, following her to her office, "What's up?"


"That meeting was about you." Phoebe said carefully.


"Me? Again?! Are they trying to fi..."


"They want to promote you. Or something like that. Dean wants you to move to a higher circulated paper, maybe even a magazine." Phoebe said.


"That's...that's awesome." I smiled.


"This would mean you moving." Phoebe said quickly.


"You're kidding, of course." I chuckled. I stopped when I realized that she was not joking, "My life is in San know that!"


"Calm down."


"I cannot move! It's's not an option!" I frowned.


"I understand, honey, but..."


"No, buts. No thank you. I don't want to move."


"You'll just be an orb away." Phoebe said, "If the higher-ups want you to be promoted, you're probably going to be promoted."


I looked at her, very aware that what she was saying was true.


"They're giving you time to think it through, but honey, things have to change sometime."


In another office just down the hall...


"Come again?" Dean asked.

"I'm a witch. I ride around on a broom and wear a pointy hat." Melinda exhaled.


"Right." Dean smirked.


Melinda orbed from one side of the room to the other.


Dean stood, "Sonofa..."


Melinda felt so scared. She wasn't sure what he would think.


"My dad said you guys were...witches, but..."


"What?" Melinda asked.


"I've known you were witches but I didn't believe him." Dean said, "I mean...this doesn't change anything. It's a little awkward. You've kinda been lying."


"It's not just my secret."


"So why tell me now?" Dean asked.


Melinda looked away, "I cast a spell on you." She said sheepishly.


"You what?!" Dean said, "You cast a spell...on me?! Wh-wh-why would you do that?"


"It was the only way to see how you'd react." Melinda frowned, "I'm so sorry."


"'ll what, tell me and then I forget or something."


Melinda was silent.


"Wow. How many times have you done this?" Dean asked.


"Just this time." Melinda said.


"You know what, the secret I can deal with but you casting a spell on me is just too much." Dean said, "I thought I meant more to you."


"You mean everything to me."


"Start from the beginning." Dean said.




I called Wyatt to orb me to Warren and he did. Warren was shocked to see.


"What're you doing here?" Warren asked.


"I came to talk to you." I said quickly.


"Well, I can't talk now." Warren said, "I have a meeting."


He walked away from me but I followed. I followed as he opened the door and was prepared to say more but I saw what he saw...His teacher, Penn, with another student. When I say with...I mean in the biblical way. I averted my eyes, but Warren couldn't.


"Warren..." Penn started.


"Freeze him." Warren said.


"Can't." I said quickly.


"I've got to be going, Professor." The girl said, wiping her lips off as she exited by us.


"Penn, what...the...fu..."


"Warren." I warned, "I think we need to go."


"Not until I get to punch him." Warren said angrily.


I pulled him out of the room and asked Wyatt to orb us home.




A clock smashed against the wall.

"Son of a bitch!" Warren shouted into the air, "I can't believe this!"

"Karmically you were dating a married man." I said slowly.

Warren looked at me.

"Sorry." I said sheepishly.

"Drake's right." Wyatt said, "Can you not break anything else? The wiccaning..."

"Screw the wiccaning." Warren raged.

I folded my arms.

"Sorry. It's just...I developed feelings for him." Warren frowned.

"And he was married." Wyatt frowned.

"Mr. Moral compass." Warren said, walking to the door.

"Where are you going? We need you here for the wiccaning." I frowned, "Dammit."

"It's not going to matter. We've got all the good in the world on our side." Wyatt smiled.

Piper, with Peyton, Leo, the sisters and their husbands and kids, and Steven walked in with smiles on their faces. I smiled as I took the baby. Phoebe asked where Warren was and I informed her that he wouldn't be coming.

"Are you ready?" Piper asked, standing by the book with Leo.

I looked to Wyatt and nodded, "Yes." I smiled.

"I call forth from space and time
Matriarchs of the Halliwell Line
Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends
Our family spirit without end
To gather now, in this sacred place
and help us bring this child to grace." The sisters chanted.

The attic was filled with women from the Halliwell line. I smiled when I saw Patty and Penny.

"I'd like to add something." I said, stepping forward, "In this place and time, I call the Summers line, to welcome my daughter here."

Suddenly, there were more ghosts, this time with men and women and I noticed my mother and father, as well as my grandmother.

"Awww, look at her. She's even more beautiful up close." Mom said.

"Yes, she is." Patty smiled.

"Shall we start?" Grams asked.

"Yes." I smiled.


When it ended, I had come home. Wyatt had come too but left when he charge called for him. I was happy with the way things had turned out. I walked into the living room and stood in the middle, looking around. I'd come a long way. I walked over to a picture of me and Wyatt.

"You'll love him into it kills you." Chris said, orbing in.

I turned to him.

"Sorry to peep, but I was...well, watching you." Chris said.

"Any reason why?" I asked.

"The baby just had a wiccaning. Demons galore plus you live alone." Chris said, "You honestly think neither Wyatt nor I watch you?"

"Hadn't spent a lot of time thinking about it." I smiled.

Chris pointed to the picture, "Everything about him is prophesized. Never gives the rest of us a chance." He said.

"A chance for what?" I asked.

Chris was silent.

"For what, Chris?" I asked.

"They deceived us. They took us from each other and you don't even care." Chris frowned.


"And you just let me go." Chris frowned, "Don't you miss how it used to be? What we could have been."

I shifted uncomfortably, "Chris...I'm with Wyatt." I said unsure.

"I don't care anymore." Chris frowned, "At this point, neither should you." He said, pinning me against the wall, "Tell me you don't feel it when we're around each other."

I averted my face.

"Tell me you haven't thought about this." Chris said, his face so close that I could feel his breath.

"You don't know what you're asking." I said, looking at him.

"I know exactly what I'm asking." He said, putting his hand under my chin and raising it up.

"Once we do this...we can't go back." I said, pushing my lips into his.

To Be Continued