Charming the Halliwells

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Steven: Everyone has their own demons, physical or mental. Nobody ever sees them coming and after they've attacked you, you know you'll never be the same. They change the whole landscape of your life.

Steven was putting his stuff in his locker, minding his own business. His friend Jeremy, leader of the AV club, joined him. Jeremy wasn't ugly, just an incredible geek. And being a red-head with glasses, he found his niche in AV club, thus making him geeky, or geeky to the popular kids.

"Incoming. Vin and his band of ubers." Jeremy said.

Ubers described a group of students that were uber cool in the eyes of the other students. The two main Ubers were Samantha Barben and Vin Sheer. They were the typical cheerleader and Jock.

"Hey guys, look, it's the orphan and the geek." Samantha chuckled causing the group to laugh. Vin just smirked and kept walking.

"It's like the ones that notice us tease us and the others don't even acknowledge we exist." Jeremy said, "I'm going to enjoy the day they're pumping my gas."

"Yeah." Steven said, shutting his locker.

Steven: Sometimes, we wake up with no memory of our own demons. They attack us so hard that nothing is left but the scars they make on us.

Wyatt, Peyton and I orbed into the Manor. Piper and Leo were coming down the stairs and Chris was coming out of the sun room.

"What's wrong?" Piper asked.

Before we could say anything, the Cleaners showed up.

"What are they doing here?" Piper asked.

"Our jobs." One of them said.

Peyton disappeared from my arms and I headed towards them but was taken off my feet.

"Don't worry. You will not remember." He said, waving his hands again.

Chapter 94: sHe Won't Go...


Steven: Some monsters are easily forgotten, but there are some that can never be forgotten...

I walked into the office, ready to start my day. I had a slight headache. When I got in the office, I found it disheveled. Papers were torn and thrown about. I slowly walked in, surveying the room. I walked over to Phoebe and waited for Dean to storm back into his office.

"What happened?" I asked.

"What?" Phoebe asked, "You don't remember?"

"Remember?" I asked, "Today's..." I looked at the calendar, "Okay, that's weird. I misplaced a day."

"You misplaced a day?" Phoebe asked.

"What happened here?" I asked.

"There was a riot." Phoebe said, "A riot that you caused."

"Phoebesaywhat?" I asked.


"Piper!" Phoebe said, walking through the door of the Manor, "Paige!"

"In the attic!" Piper shouted.

Phoebe and I walked up to the attic to find Wyatt, Piper, Paige, and Chris standing by the book. Phoebe and I walked over to them.

"Big trouble." I frowned.

"You don't remember our daughter?" Wyatt asked.

"Our daughter?" I asked.

"Piper, why don't they remember Peyton?" Phoebe asked.

"Who in the Hell is Peyton?" I asked.

"Our daughter, apparently." Wyatt said.

"Can someone explain?" I asked.

"The cleaners." Piper said.

"Of course!" Phoebe said.

"I know the exact spell for this." Paige said, flipping through the book, "Moments lost make witches wonder, warlock's plot or demon's plunder? If this is not a prank, help them to fill in the blank."


Steven: Anyone can be a monster, because when we lose ourselves, we always run the risk of becoming the monster

I was standing in my own living room now. I looked around and noticed that there was a playpen and toys and...a baby. Holy cats! It's Peyton. How could I forget Peyton? She's sorta my world. Wyatt orbed in behind me.

"How'd I forget my own child?" I asked, not sure of what I felt.

"I think I know how." Wyatt said.

"How?" I asked, turning to him. I paused when I saw a man in all white.

Wyatt turned to them, "Right. I was right." He said.

"The cleaners...You can't have my baby." I frowned.

"If you can't keep your baby under control..."

"I'd like to see you take her from us." Wyatt said, folding his arms.

"This is a friendly warning." The first Cleaner said, disappearing. The second one disappeared along with him.

"What are we going to do?" I asked.

"We are going to watch over the baby." Wyatt said, "Don't you remember mom's story about the dragon?"

"Apparently, something happened with the baby or else we would remember her." I said, frustrated.

"Just calm down." Wyatt said, "Now, what could have happened?"

"Maybe...I don't know." I frowned, "I'm taking off."

"No. We have to go through everything normally." Wyatt said, "Which means that you go to work and I pick out interior for the waiting room."

"I'm just supposed to go to work like nothing happened?" I asked.

"Yes, we can't alert anyone of what we've done." Wyatt frowned.

"Right, fine. What happened at your job?" I asked.

"Well, there was uh...lipstick on my collar."

I looked at him angrily.

"So wasn't from anything...I don't think." Wyatt said.

"Right." I said, "As comforting as that is...wait, a woman's lipstick?"

"Well, Chris forgot a special day between Bianca and him. She was all distraught..." Wyatt said quickly.

"Take the baby to the Manor, please." I said, grabbing my keys and leaving.

"Whew." Wyatt said, bending over to pick up the baby, "Daddy is a little insane." He said, orbing away.

Once they were gone, Moreau and Coleman picked the lock and headed inside.

"Where do we start?" Moreau asked.

"In the last place we'd expect." Coleman said deviously.


Steven:...The common misconception is that only one type of person can become something different, that only a person searching for something deeper can become something deeper.

I walked into work to find everything back to normal. It was very relieving to see everything back to normal. But as I walked in, I felt voices in my head. I mashed my hand to my head and looked down, trying to concentrate on centering myself. I was almost centered when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Phoebe.

"Are you okay?" Phoebe asked, "Come on, into my office."

I followed her and she shut the door and looked me over.

"You're shaking." Phoebe said.

"I'm a little stressed." I frowned, "My new power isn't giving me anything to work with."

"Can you still hear them?" Phoebe asked, worried.

"No, everything's fine now." I frowned, "Thanks."

"No problem. Why are you so stressed?" Phoebe asked.

"Charmed stuff. Nothing for you to get worried about."

"I'm still Charmed." Phoebe smiled, "And you're not bothering me."

"The cleaners came for Peyton." I frowned.

"Oh no!" Phoebe said.

"They wanted to warn us." I said, "Just like Wyatt."

"I think they're pretty good at dealing with us by now." Phoebe said.

"There's no way to stop them, is there?" I asked.

"Nope. Maybe we...hey, is the first time you're having this day?"

"It's the first time I can remember." I smiled.

"They took Peyton!"

"You can see why I'm on edge." I frowned.

"Why aren't you at home?" Phoebe asked.

"My husband thinks that we should go about this as normal." I said.

"He's right. Time travel of any sort is pretty dangerous."

"Can you really call this time traveling? I call it wicca-redo." I said, "And as much as I really don't know what's going to happen, I know there's going to be a major riot."

"A riot?" Phoebe asked, "At the job?"

"The very one. I just want to pulverize those cleaners." I said angrily.

Phoebe smiled, "I know the feeling." She said.

"What?" I asked.

"Your emotions, I just felt them coming from someone else. And someone else." Phoebe said, walking to the door.

I walked with her and stood in horror as I watched a riot in the office over staplers. The riot escaladed quickly and I shut the door.

"Are they...fighting?" Phoebe asked.


"We've got to get you back to the Manor." Phoebe frowned, ushering me out of the office and through the riot.


"Okay, so I know why I have lipstick on my collar." Wyatt said quickly, "My interior designer, the cute one...well, she's insane. She's saying that if I don't sleep with her, she's going to tell Drake that I've been having an affair with her."

"Thus the lipstick." Chris frowned, flipping through the pages of the Book of Shadows.

"Thus the thus." Wyatt said.

"What are you going to do?" Chris asked.

"I have to tell Drake the truth and hope he believes me." Wyatt frowned, "What about you?"

"Bianca is pregnant." Chris frowned, "That's why she was so mad when I didn't know tomorrow."


"I didn't know, but tomorrow."

Melinda growled as she walked through the door of the attic.

"What's wrong sis?" Wyatt asked.

"Dean. He's such a dick. We went to lunch and all I could think about is what he said. How he knows and I keep waiting for him to say something and he doesn't."

"Shouldn't you be happy he knows?" Chris asked.

"And he wants me to go away with him, possibly forever?" Melinda asked.

"When did he ask you that?" Wyatt asked.

"Tomorrow." Melinda frowned, "As if."

Wyatt and Chris chuckled.

"What?" Melinda asked.

"You're mad because your boyfriend knows your darkest secret and wants you anyway." Wyatt smirked.

"But he's lying." Melinda frowned.

"Does it matter?" Chris asked, "If he didn't know and you told him, to the same results, would you go away with him?"

Melinda looked to be thinking.

"Son of a bitch!" I said, walking into the attic with Phoebe, "I thought I had my power under control."

"You caused the riot?" Wyatt asked.

"And there's lipstick on your collar." I frowned.

"Uh...about the collar."

"Not the time." Chris said, "Right now, we've got to figure out how to save Peyton."

"Why can't we do what the Charmed Ones did?" I asked.

"I don't think that would work again." Phoebe said, "They'll be ready for that."

"How about we erase them."

"You haven't read the book lately, have you?" Melinda asked.

"No, I've been getting laid." I frowned.

There were chuckles.

"I'm not Charmed anymore. To be honest, I never was. It was always meant to be you." I said, "I have very little power now."

"Bitter?" Chris smiled.

"Not in the least." I smiled, "How am I supposed to protect my child from the cleaners? They're invincible and they're coming for her."

"Hey, what's going on up here?" Piper asked, entering the attic.

"Piper, where's Peyton?" I asked.

"Downstairs watching tv." Piper said, "What's going on."

"Crap." I said, running out of the room. I ran down the stairs and into the conservatory to see Peyton watching a wizard fight a big snake. Suddenly, the snake disappeared from the tv and appeared outside. The gang were behind me and showed up in time to see the snake slither away.

"Was that a dragon?" Piper asked.

"No, that was a basilisk." I frowned.


Steven: Good intentions. Everybody starts with good intentions. The thing is, to get something we've never had, sometimes we've got to do something we never did.

"If we don't do something, the cleaners are coming after my child." I frowned, flipping through the Book of Shadows.

"Your child?" Wyatt asked.

I sighed, "There's the first Witch and some golem, but no basilisk." I said.

"I'm sure it's in there." Piper said, "You just need to calm down."

I chuckled, "The next person who tells me to calm down..."

"Will get blown up?" Melinda smirked.

"I am so warning you..." I frowned.

Peyton began to cry.

I walked over and picked her up, rocking her, "Honey, daddy's trying to save you." I said slowly.

"Calm down, you know what happened at the office." Phoebe frowned.

"You think I really care about anything else right now?!" I said, freaking out, "I'm sorry but this is bad."

"He's right, but we're not letting the cleaners take Peyton." Wyatt said.

"Is the first witch still around?" I asked.

The sisters looked to each other.

"Nevermind." I frowned, "How about we cloak him."

Piper walked over and put her arm around me, "Honey, we're not letting this happen. No way."

"It happened before." I frowned.

"We'll find a way out of this. We always do." Phoebe said.

"No, we don't. Peter," I frowned, "So excuse me if I freak out at the potential of my daughter being taken."

"Drake..." Wyatt said.

"No, we understand." Paige said, "It's time that we end this. We need to summon the cleaners."

"We have to stop the big snake first."

"All you have to do is..." Piper began but Phoebe came over and clamped her hand over Piper's mouth.

"I think they should find out themselves." Phoebe said, "It's the only way to prove that they can handle having the baby."

"Big hint, it's not a Charmed problem." Paige said.

"We find the snake." Melinda said.

"Then what?" Chris asked.

"We vanquish it?" Wyatt asked.

"It's not your problem, not the Charmed Ones. It's our problem." I said.

Wyatt nodded.

"This is insane, you can't go alone." Chris frowned.

"We'll be alright." I smiled to him.

Wyatt looked between us, "Right, that's not annoying." He sighed.

"Peyton," I said to Peyton, "We need to find your friend...your icky, icky friend."

Peyton orbed us away.

"Go!" Piper insisted.

Wyatt nodded and orbed out behind us.

Piper turned to Chris, "You tell me what's going on right now." She frowned.


I orbed into plain sight with Wyatt right behind me. I looked around. We were by the center of town. Cars were overturned, there was debris everywhere and it looked like World War III. People were running or had run away.

"Wow." Wyatt said, looking around.

"I think she's giving you a run for your money." I frowned.

There was a loud hissing noise in the distance.

"What was that?" Wyatt asked.

"I'm thinking a really big snake..."

"No, with Chris." Wyatt said.

"Don't know what you mean."

"Cut the crap. You're trying to get back at me." Wyatt said, "I get it, you're mad. You're flirting with Chris to get back at Me and Bianca..."

"I'm not just flirting, I kissed him." I smirked.

Wyatt was silent and looked away.

"And I liked it. How does it feel?" I asked.

"It feels like you intentionally hurt me. And definitely Bianca." Wyatt said.

"Like you didn't hurt me?!" I asked.

"I never thought you'd find out!"

"That doesn't make it better!" I shouted, "Nothing is making it better."

"So, what, you're having an affair with my brother?"

"No! Yes! I kissed him. We kissed and then we both knew it was a bad idea and we stopped. Because he loves Bianca and I love you but you hurt us!"

"I don't think I can deal with this. We feel more toxic than anything." Wyatt said, "I'm staying at the Manor."

"And I'm staying at the condo." I frowned.

"I'm so angry with you..." Wyatt said, "I would do anything to keep you but you're doing anything to leave me."

"I could lie and say it meant nothing, that I felt nothing, but I'd be lying." I said slowly, "He's the only one who hasn't put me through the ringer."

"When this is over...I need some space." Wyatt said.

I nodded.

"From you, not the baby." Wyatt said.

"I don't expect anything more."

"We've hurt each other." Wyatt said, "We just need space."

Just then, there was a bunch of screaming and Wyatt and I took off towards the sound of it.

I stopped him, "Don't look into his eyes." I said.

Wyatt nodded.

We ran to a park to see that the Snake had made a nest.

"Didn't know they did that...I mean, made nests." Wyatt mumbled.

I then noticed that it was curled up. This huge snake was curled up and I couldn't see the head.

"You okay?" Wyatt asked.


"Maybe I can vanquish it." Wyatt said.

"I think only she can." I said.


"Your mom told us about that, remember how she defeated the Dragon?" I said.

"I did." Wyatt said, "Oh!"

I stared at him.

"You want me to do it?" Wyatt asked.

"I'll make sure she's looking." I smiled.

Wyatt sneered, "Fine!" he said.

Wyatt inched closer and closer to the giant snake. The snake freaked me out. I was glad Wyatt would do it. I pulled the baby up and showed her Wyatt inching closer to the snake. Wyatt waved his hands in the air and yelled to the snake. The snake's head rose from its gigantic body and hissed.

"Peyton, the mean old snake is gonna eat daddy." I said quickly.

The snake lashed out at Wyatt and its fangs stopped just before hitting Wyatt! Orbs encased the giant snake and it slumped to the ground, disappearing.

"We did it!" Wyatt said, coming over and kissing Peyton, "Good baby! That's my girl!"

"Too bad that it was too late."

Wyatt and I turned to see the Cleaners standing before us.

"No! We stopped it." I said.

"Innocents were hurt." One said.

"Magic was revealed." The other said.

"Wyatt, get us out of here." I said.

Wyatt grabbed me and we orbed away. Once we were in the Manor, we walked to the conservatory.

"What's going on?" Piper asked, rising with her sisters, Melinda, and Chris.

"The Cleaners!"

Suddenly, they were there and Peyton disappeared from my arms and they were gone!

"We all remember." I frowned.

"What're we going to do?" Melinda asked.

"I call upon our witchly powers, the time is right for in this hour, we summon the cleaners to our side and bring back what they try to hide." I chanted.

Suddenly, the cleaners were in front of me.

"'d you..." The first Cleaner began.

"I want my daughter." I frowned.

"We cannot..."

"You know who my husband is, right?" I asked.


"If you kill either of us, more will be called." The Cleaner said.

"You think I can't obliterate every one that comes?" Wyatt smirked.

"You cannot handle this baby. She's more powerful than..."


Wyatt raised his hand.

"Okay. But if she undoes the shroud that protects magic..."

"She won't." I frowned.

"So be it."


Steven: Monsters are inherently bad. They're born bad and stay that way. That's a lie. Most monsters are just like you and me. You more than me.

"Are you sure this is it?" Moreau asked.

"Yes, It's their book of dark magic." Coleman smirked, "We finally have all the proof we need."

Steven: We've all got demons and we're all fighting to just stay above the curve.

I stood, watching Wyatt pack his things. I cried. He walked over and kissed me on the forehead before orbing out. I broke into hysterical tears.

Steven: Sometimes, the most unexpected pleasure turns a monster into a martyr.

"Yeah doctor, we brought her in because she's pregnant." Chris said.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Halliwell, but your wife has lost the baby." The doctor said.

Steven: And sometimes karma catches up to you...and brings you back to the human you were before you were anything else.