Charming the Halliwells

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Wyatt was standing in the kitchen when I walked in. He was eating a piece of toast and leaning on the counter, reading the paper. He stopped when he noticed me and sat the paper down. I walked over to the cereal box and grabbed it.


"We're seriously doing this?" Wyatt asked.


"No, you are." I said, pouring cereal into a bowl.


Wyatt sighed, "You can't just spring a failed pregnancy on me and expect me've had years to deal with this, I've had days." He frowned.


"I didn't tell you to make you sad or mad or angry." I frowned, "I told you because I had to."


"Yeah, I know." Wyatt said angrily.


"I didn't...mean it like that." I said angrily, "We just got back here. You're moved in and this family is getting better. I do not want to mess it all up. I didn't want to mess it all up and I did."


"It wasn't your fault." Wyatt said.


"Really? You're going to tell me that my miscarriage wasn't my fault?" I asked.


"That's exactly what I'm saying."


"I was young and stupid and grieving my lost relationship or some angsty bullshit." I said, "I was pregnant at sixteen."


Wyatt looked at me and hugged me, "I'm not blaming you and no one's blaming you." He said.


"Because I was careless, we can't have children." I said.


Wyatt pulled away from me, "You think that's why I married you?" he asked.


"Yes. Because you wanted to share your life with me and grow old and have kids." I said.


"We can adopt. Besides, I'm not sure I want to try again." Wyatt frowned.


"Why?" I asked.


"You almost died." Wyatt said, "I'm not putting you in danger."


"I already told you, I want the danger." I smiled.


"Is that why you picked me?" Wyatt smirked.


"Yes, cause you're so dangerous." I chuckled.


"Kiss me." Wyatt smiled.


I leaned in to kiss him but stopped as Peyton began to cry.


"Remind me why we wanted one again?" Wyatt joked.


"You should go and see Chris." I said, "Now that you know how he feels, I think you can help him."


"You think he wants to see me?" Wyatt asked.


"You're his big brother, babe. I think he needs to see you." I said, walking back to the nursery.



Chapter 96: Hunter's Games


Wyatt orbed into Chris and Bianca's apartment. Leo and Piper weren't there, probably had to actually go to their jobs. Chris and Bianca were in the bedroom and Matthew was asleep. Wyatt had scanned and decided that the living room would be a good place to orb to. Wyatt walked over and surveyed the clean apartment. Piper's handiwork, no doubt. The door to the bedroom opened and Chris walked out. He looked like Hell warmed over. Chris stopped at his brother's sudden appearance.


Chris looked around, "What are you doing here?" He asked.


"I, uh, didn't know if I should come." Wyatt said.


"Sorry, I's been a rough week, bro." He smiled weakly.


Wyatt nodded and walked over, hugging him. They shared a nice, friendly hug. The first one in a while.


"Is there anything I can do?" Wyatt asked, stepping back.


Chris shook his head, "I'm alright but Bianca..."


Wyatt nodded.


"I think we just need to be alone with Bianca." Chris said.


Wyatt smiled.


"What me and Drake was stupid." Chris said, "You're my brother and she's my wife and no matter what, we shouldn't have hurt you back."


"Chris, don't." Wyatt said, "It's okay but don't pretend that it was all to hurt us."


Chris nodded, "It wasn't. I hurt Bianca deeper than even I meant to." He said, "It was stupid and juvenile."


"Chris, this wasn't your fault." Wyatt frowned, "These things just happen."


"I know how karma works, Wyatt." Chris said, "I don't want to talk about it anymore."


"Maybe we could hit the gym." Wyatt suggested.


Chris looked to the bedroom, "Bianca..."


"Needs some time." Wyatt said.


"Can't leave her alone." Chris said.


"I'll call Drake." Wyatt said.


Chris looked apprehensively at him.


"They have stuff they need to work out." Wyatt said.


"What about us?" Chris asked.


"We're both men." Wyatt said, "And besides, we're brothers. Just don't ever do it again. I mean it."


"Right. Promise." Chris smiled.




I stood in Chris and Bianca's kitchen, cooking breakfast. I was getting good at it. The bacon was on while I pondered the rest of the day. Wyatt and Chris had hit the gym. I liked it when Wyatt was all buff and sweaty. Hypocritical, I know, since I had a strong aversion to the gym. I hadn't exactly lost all the baby weight yet. It was an insecurity. I was a little weird about being here. After all, I had made out with Chris and Bianca had conspired with my husband. We'd all made mistakes. That's what I kept telling myself.


"What are you doing here?"


I turned to see Bianca looking totally disheveled and I smiled, "Cooking." I said.


"Everybody knows you can't cook."


I nodded, "Touche." I said, "But things change."


"Like friendship into adultery?"


Again, I smiled, "Depends on your definition of adultery." I said, turning to the bacon.


"What, are you here to help me? Like one of your readers?" Bianca asked, sitting at her table, "I mean, I lose a baby and you've miraculously lost one too..."


I smashed the pan against the stove and turned angrily to her, "Nothing like that is a miracle!" I shouted. I composed myself and walked to the table, looking her eye to eye, "Don't ever talk about my baby like that. I swear I will kick your ass, girl or no girl."


Bianca folded her arms and sat back.


"I kissed your husband. I did...but that does not give you the right to say shit like that to me!" I protested. I figured Matthew was sleep so I reigned the volume back in, "You think I want to share tales of miscarriage? I wish I hadn't. I was young and not ready. Didn't want it yet. And it hurts to think about. I can only imagine what you feel."


"You're right, you can only imagine." Bianca said, leaning on the table.


"Like me or not, I know what it feels like." I said, "And just to make this clear, Chris and I kissed because you and Wyatt betrayed us."


"We didn't..."


"What would you call it?!" I said loudly.


"We wanted to avoid all this!"


"This wouldn't have had to be avoided if you would have just trusted us." I spat.


"Well, we did trust you and look how it turned out!"


"You didn't trust us. You still don't." I said, "I am married now. I have a child."


"Yeah, so when are you going to lose the baby weight?"


I stood and walked over to the stove, taking the burning bacon off the stove.


"Sorry, I'm just having a really bad...year." Bianca frowned.


"I know the feeling." I frowned, "It's been a mix of everything good and bad."


"I'm sorry about..."


"It's okay. I'd rather you get the anger out. I deserve every word you say." I nodded.


"No, you don't."


"But you don't deserve what happened to you." I said, "It wasn't your fault."


"Everybody keeps saying that..." She trailed.


"They're right." I said.


"I guess it's for the best, Chris doesn't want kids. Not yet, at least." Bianca said sadly.


"No. That's not true." I frowned, "He wants kids. He's afraid."


"I know."


"I think he realizes it now." I smiled.


Bianca smiled up at me. I dumped the steaming bacon in the trashcan and beamed at her. She seemed so vulnerable. I'd rarely seen her like this. It made me think of how much hurt she endured. I didn't know what was happening to me at the time but she did. To watch it happen must have been. I stopped. Bianca looked at me strangely and I announced someone was at the door. She looked back and stood beside me. The thought pattern was foreign. In a second I pushed her to the floor before a barrage of bullets came through the door! A bullet clipped my shoulder and I fell to the floor. I screamed for Bianca to go for Matthew, who had began wailing from his room. Bianca disintegrated from the room. A blonde woman with scarlet highlights stepped through the door with a leather get-up and a semi-automatic. She also wore sun glasses. She smirked at me and I threw myself in a heap behind the couch. Telepathy wouldn't work on guns. I had to find another way. I closed my eyes quickly...


"Hey!" I said, appearing behind her.


She turned to me and aimed her weapon. She fired a few shots, that went right through me as I disappeared. While she was turned, I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife off the cutting board and launched it at her! I stuck into her arm as she fell backwards through the door. I yelled for Bianca, who came running into the room with Matthew. I was on my way to check out the body when she sprang to life, firing one last shot from a pistol. The bullet stopped in mid-air and reversed its trajectory! The bullet killed her and she sprawled out on the floor.


"Is she..." Bianca asked.


I walked over and surveyed the body, "Yeah and you won't believe who this chick is." I said, snatching the talisman from her neck, "She's a hunter. A witch hunter."


"How'd she find us?" Bianca asked.


"Take Matthew and go to the Manor." I said.

"What? What are you going to do?" Bianca asked.


I grabbed a piece of paper out of her bra, "I have an address." I said leaning downward.


"What are you doing?" Bianca asked.


I placed my fingers to her temple and was flooded by images. An address. More than that.


"The brain lives for so long after your body dies." I said, "They're having a meeting."


"Who's having a meeting?" Bianca asked.


"The hunters." I said, "I've got to go."


"What?" Bianca asked, "You can't walk into a den full of hunters! That's suicide!"

"We have to know what's up. This is more than a meeting." I said.


"We should wait for..."


"No, chances are that the hunters know what the Halliwells look like." I said, "It's gotta be someone else."


"Wouldn't they know us too?" Bianca asked.


"Not as easily." I said, walking to the door.


"Wait. You'll need a way in." Bianca said, "You can't teleport."


"I'm thinking that once I get in, there won't be any magic allowed. The talismans, hunters use them." I explained.


Bianca nodded, "You can barely fight. You have little active power. And you won't even be able to use the powers you have!" She said, "I'm coming."


"Fine." I said, "But get dressed, take the baby to the Manor, without alerting or telling of our plan and meet me at this address." I said, handing her the address, "No Halliwells, I mean it." I said, heading for the door.




I waited outside of the abandoned warehouse, waiting for Bianca to come. I hoped that she wouldn't teleport because it might set off some alarm. I was nervous. I would be powerless...even more powerless than usual. Totally powerless. I brought two athames with me. I was dressed in a pectoid leather jacket and jeans, with a plain white shirt and combat boots. I figured we had to look like Hunters. And that show with the two brothers always had them looking super casual. I liked the look, had even worn it sometimes. I wondered what it would look like inside. I had seen more than a few hunters, male and female, already head inside. The warehouse was by the water and very big. The windows were cracked out and boarded up. I looked up when someone touched me on the arm. I looked to Bianca, who was clad in a plain white t-shirt, black jeans and stiletto heels.


"Nice outfit." Bianca shrugged.


"Back at ya." I said, "How was Peyton doing?"


"Leo was playing with her and Matty when I left." Bianca replied.


I nodded, "Ready?" I asked.


"Are we sure about this?" Bianca asked, "We're powerless in there."


I pulled out an athame and handed her one.


"We're going to kill humans?" Bianca asked, "Not that if it comes down to us or them, I'll flinch but..."


"I'll be fine." I said, "And we're going for the hurt, not the kill."


"Right. But you do know we're bringing actual knives to a gunfight." She added.


"Anything goes wrong and we bail. Fast. If we get separated, run and get help."


"What about you?" Bianca asked.


"I'll be okay." I nodded, "Let's go. I can hear somebody speaking."


Bianca and I headed inside. Someone was already speaking, but we were too far back to see who it was. The room had to be filled with hundreds of hunters. Bianca looked amazed. I wasn't far behind her. I knew there were hunters, but not this many.


"I know that most of you are newly recruited and no little to nothing about the magical abominations!" a familiar voice said, "Some have had family killed by these magical creatures and you are not alone."


I tried to analyze the voice as we crept closer the front of crowd. I wanted to see this guy's face.


"I've killed many of these creatures. They are, above all else, abominations! These witches, running around with powers only our lord should have."


I stopped when I heard the voice again. I knew that voice! Bianca stopped to, asking me was everything alright. I frowned and turned away from the speaker.


"What's going on?" Bianca asked.


"I know him. He's tried to kill me more than once." I frowned, "Coleman. The guy who blew up the wiccan circle and tried to kill me in my own house!"


"Oh god, if he sees you...Let's go. We've heard what we needed to hear." Bianca said, pulling me away


As we got to the door, someone threw themselves over the door. I immediately recognized Agent Moreau right away.


"You can't leave. I won't let you." She said.


"Let us?" Bianca asked, heading towards us.


I pulled her back.


"I can't let you leave and hurt others." Moreau said, "I would have never guessed that you were witches, that you could so openly hurt someone...kill them."


"We don't." I said.


"Coleman and I found your Grimoire!"


"My family's Book of Shadows?" I asked, "Let me guess, only you could touch it."


" did you know? Am I..."


"No. That book only allows good to touch it. It only allows someone who doesn't want to hurt me and my family to touch it." I explained.


"The spells inside..."


"My family wasn't exactly good or bad. So, yes, it has spells both good and evil. It has entries on everyone. You're wrong. I don't hurt people. I do vanquish demons." I said.




"Aren't equipped to handle true demons. That's why we have the power. We're like all other humans, we can be good or bad." I said.


She looked to be searching for truth.


"Witches!" a woman shouted.


Carefully, Moreau slid from the door. Bianca and I dashed through the door! As we hit the pavement, a gunshot rang loud and we both stopped. I felt a very searing pain in my abdomen. I pressed my hand against my abdomen and brought it out to see blood. My legs felt wobbly as I fell to the ground. Bianca was pressing me to get up and pulling me. Apparently, we were still in the power-zapping boundary. She was pulling me for life or death before we both disappeared.




"Well, I'm just glad you two can finally be around each other again." Melinda smiled, "It's good to see my brothers back together."


Wyatt and Chris chuckled. Their chuckling came to a stop when Bianca and I appear out of nowhere.


"Drake?! Oh god!" Wyatt said, running over and placing his hand over my abdomen.


After three minutes, the wound healed and I sat up.


"What the Hell!" Wyatt said loudly.


"What's going on, Bianca?" Chris asked.


Bianca began telling our story. Wyatt got angrier and angrier while Chris looked to be trying to sort out the important parts.


"So, you went off, without any power, and infiltrated a den of hunters?" Melinda asked, "And Drake got shot?"


"Yes." Bianca and I said.


"What in the Hell were you thinking?!" Wyatt shouted, "You could have been killed! That was the stupidest thing you've ever done, both of you! And what if Coleman would have noticed you while you were in the big crowd?! Seriously, do I have to bind you to the house?"


"Why don't you just bind me to the kitchen?" I asked, "I'll be barefoot and pre..." I stopped.


"I'm just glad you're all okay." Chris said, hugging Bianca.


"Chris is right." Wyatt said, "But next time you think of a plan...don't. Leave it to the Charmed Ones."


Bianca and I smirked to each other.




I stood at the nursery door, waiting for Peyton to cry. I wished that she would cry. I wanted to be near her. Almost dying...again, felt terrible. What I did was reckless and senseless, but I learned something. The hunters were planning a genocide. I needed to stop this, at any cost. My daughter's world couldn't be a world like that.


"Arms folded, standing at the door." Wyatt said groggily standing beside me.


"You've got bed head." I smiled.


"Why don't you?" Wyatt asked.


"Insomnia." I smiled, "We can't let Coleman do this."


"We won't." Wyatt smiled.


"This is like some screwed up metaphor for civil rights or something." I said, "Either Coleman or us. We're not all going to make it."


"We don't kill humans." Wyatt said, "Which, I can't believe I have to say again."


"Wyatt, I love your optimism but think about it. It's us or them this time." I said, looking at him, "And it's time that we see the difference between you and me."


"Yeah? And what's that?" Wyatt asked.


"I make the hard choices because you don't have to." I said, leaving him at the door.