Charming the Halliwells

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Wyatt and I lay in our bed naked. Peyton was very sleep and we were very naked. I was oddly uncomfortable. I hadn't exactly lost the baby weight. I wasn't way overweight, but I wasn't as skinny as before. It was weird. I didn't know whether it was a turn off to Wyatt or not. I mean, he didn't seem any different. More sexual than usual.

"So, does it bother you that I'm...bigger?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Wyatt asked.

"The baby weight is...well, not entirely gone and...I'm plumper." I said.

Wyatt rolled his eyes, "You seriously asking me this? Baby, you're just as beautiful as ever. More maybe." He smiled.

"That just gained you extra special sexual favors. Think we have time?" I asked.

"Always time for some Summers Lovin." Wyatt smirked.

I slid down and took his penis in my mouth. Before I knew it, his dick was fully erect and he was fucking my face. I was slurping and sucking and didn't notice Phoebe and Piper standing at the door until Piper squealed.

I raised up quickly, "Oh bollocks." I frowned.

Chapter 98: This Dark, Cole Place


"You should lock your doors!" Piper insisted.

"You should knock!" I said quickly.

"We just came by to see Peyton." Phoebe giggled. She hadn't been able to stop giggling.

"Only in this family do you have to lock your door to your room and not to front of the house." I said quickly.

"We really didn't want you to see that, which means please knock mom." Wyatt said.

Wyatt was still embarrassed. I could tell. He was as red as a tomato. We had gotten dressed in a hurry, which led to me wearing Wyatt's oversized shirt and him wearing my really tight shorts. He seemed to have lost his wood due to embarrassment.

"Peyton's in the nursery." I said quickly.

"Maybe we should knock first." Phoebe chuckled.

Piper chortled at that and they both went into the baby's room.

"So, you wouldn't want to finish would you?" I smiled.

"My mom's in the next room with my aunt." Wyatt smirked, "But later...definitely."

I was disappointed, but I understood. If my par...okay, now I'm sad. Idea!

"What's going on in there?" Wyatt asked.

"I'm late for work." I smiled.

"You work from home." Wyatt said, folding his arms.

"Then you're late from work." I smiled, heading back into the bedroom.

Wyatt followed, "Don't do anything. We're actually having productive days here. We don't need trouble." He said.

I frowned, "Why do you just assume?" I asked.

"Because I know you. Promise me." Wyatt said.

"No." I smiled, walking away again, this time to the kitchen.

Again, he followed.

"I'm begging you. Opening my practice is hard enough without Charmed problems." Wyatt sighed.

"Well, ya know what, sometimes the prophecy doesn't revolve around Wyatt." I said.

"What prophecy?" Wyatt asked.

"I don't know! It's a metaphor." I frowned, "Just trust me."

"I do, but I know how magic works." Wyatt said.

"And I don't?" I asked.

"You really don't care."

"True." I shrugged.

"Can I at least ask what you're about to unleash on us?" Wyatt asked.

"I need to talk to somebody who died." I said slowly.

Wyatt studied me.

"I know what you're going to say but you don't understand." I said, "Your parents are here. Mine aren't."

Wyatt looked at me sympathetically.

"Don't look at me like that." I frowned.

"I'm just wondering if this isn't like Prue. Everytime you try to summon one of them, something or someone else comes through." Wyatt said.

"Yeah, but she was reincarnated and found and..."

"Yeah, yeah, don't spoil the whole story for those who don't know." Wyatt smirked.

"There's just two of us." I smirked.

"Maybe you can never summon them because you're not supposed to." Wyatt said, "They're keeping you from moving on."

"Yeah, well, I miss my mommy and my daddy." I frowned, "And I'm going to summon them so I don't feel so alone."

"You've got me and my family as well as your brothers." Wyatt said quickly, "And what about the precious, screaming bundle?"

"I love Peyton, but she's a baby. You and your family are family but it's not the same thing. And my brothers are preoccupied."

"Like one with a baby and the other in the looney bin?" Wyatt asked, "Your words, not mine."

"We really should work on getting him out of there." I nodded.

"We've got other things to do." Wyatt said.

"Right. Well, I'm sure I can get Piper and Phoebe to babysit...wait, my parents haven't seen the baby! I should take Peyton to meet them! I've got to dress her up and put little bows in her hair..."

Wyatt nodded.

"Shouldn't you be somewhere, honey?" I asked.

"Oh, right! Um, I will see you later." Wyatt said, kissing me.

"Clothes." I said before he left.

"Right! Clothes!" He commanded. In bright orbs, his clothes changed and he was fully dressed now. He then kissed me again and orbed away.

"Now to get the baby!" I smiled, heading to the nursery.


I had cleaned and dressed the baby, with help from Piper and Phoebe and I had come back to the Manor while they had gone to Halliwell's. I found myself in the attic, lighting candles. I sat Peyton down a few feet from me and walked over to the book. I had tried to find my Book of Shadows, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I'd have to have a conversation with Brian when I got the chance. Or Caleb. I began chanting the words. The wind began to pick up and I smiled to myself and continued the chant. I hadn't really thought of what to say. I'm sure they knew about Peyton and everything, but would I acknowledge it? The other stuff, I mean. Like their eldest son in the loon--psychiatric ward. Suddenly, a mist enshrouded a figure and when the mist settled, it was...

"What in the hell are you doing here?!" I asked.

"Apparently," Cole Turner smirked, "You called me."

"I didn't call you, I called my parents!" I frowned, "Wyatt is going to be so pleased with himself."

Cole stared at me.

"You're not evil again are you?" I asked.

"I was never evil."

I stared at him.

"Okay, that once. But no more after that." Cole said.

"What about when you trained your son in demonics?" I asked.

"That...wasn't me." Cole frowned.

"You...what?" I asked.

"That's why I'm here."

"You're here because I botched a spell." I frowned.

"I'm here because I need to find out who was impersonating me." Cole frowned, "I moved on long ago."

"After you helped find Prue, or Prue-incarnate." I said.

"My story never ends." Cole said, looking around, "Piper hasn't changed a thing."

"Can we get back to the I've been impersonated thing." I frowned, "Say I'm stupid and actually believe you. You died after you helped the Charmed Ones one more time...Who would want to impersonate you, knowing you were dead?" I asked.

"Someone who wanted to use my and Phoebe's son." Cole frowned, "Whose kid?"


"Aren't you..."

"You've been around centuries, you should know exactly how I got this kid." I said.

"It's extremely rare, but then, so was sleeping with whitelighters and demons. This family breaks most of the rules as they come." Cole said.

"I've got to tell the Charmed Ones. I'm so not equipped to deal with this." I frowned.

"No. You can't tell any Charmed Ones." Cole said, "Not until I'm vaya con Cole."

"You want me to lie to my husband?" I asked, "And are you jacking my style?"

"I want you to help me find out what's going on." Cole said, "I want my name cleared."

"Why does it matter? They're dead now. We killed it." I smiled.

"Someone took my face and made my son hurt his mother." Cole frowned, "And who says it's dead?"

"Who says it's not?" I asked.

Peyton giggled, cracking the tension.

"Cute." Cole smirked.

"Where do we start?" I asked.

"Where all demons are."

"No. I hate the Underworld." I frowned, "It's dark."

Cole looked at me.

"I'm the funny one." I said, "We're going to need help."

"You're a telepath, right? You can use other's powers." Cole offered.

"I have no idea how to go about doing that yet." I replied.

"Yet? How long do you plan on living?" Cole said.

"Everybody's a comedian." I chuckled, "Warren."

"What are you doing?!" Cole asked, "He..."

"We need someone who can do damage and since you won't let the Charmed Ones, either generation, help, we need someone else."

"What about your brother?"

"What about your son." I frowned, "Look, I can fight a little, but if it gets rough down there and you flicker out, I'm all alone. I'm not even supposed to be going down there." I sighed.

"Fine." Cole said.

"Warren!" I said again.

Suddenly, Warren shimmered in. He quickly charged an energy ball, ready for whatever was there. When he realized it was Cole, the energy flickered out and he stood, watching his father's ghost.

"What did you do?" Warren asked angrily.

"I was trying to bring my parents here and I brought your parent here." I frowned, "Now we have a problem."

"This douche helped teach me evil."

"It wasn't him."

"Come again?" Warren asked.


As we walked through the caverns in the Underworld, I found myself in the middle of an awkward silence. We had been walking for about thirty minutes with Cole leading the way. He knew the lay of the land more than either of us. As I looked at Warren, I wondered what he was thinking. I couldn't just go into his mind. That would be unethical. But if he didn't know...

(Keep your eyes on him. This has to be a trick. I can't let him hurt Drake.)

I was a little insulted. I wasn't some kid to be looked after. I had a baby, who I had left with Tamora. I listened in more.

(He has some nerve coming back here with all the stuff he's pulled.)

"I know you must have questions..." Cole said, turning to us.

"Actually, I do." Warren said, "What's the game?"

"What?" Cole asked.

"Is this another plot?" Warren asked.

"! I'm here because what I told you was real. I didn't go on a road of redemption just to screw it all up." Cole frowned.

"Road of Redemption?" Warren asked.

"He went to find Prue." I said, "It's a long story."

Warren looked at me unsure.

(Have you tried your telepathy on him) Warren asked telepathically.

"I did but he's a ghost. No brain pattern." I said.

(Have you been reading mine?)

I ignored him, "What are we looking for?" I asked.

"A shapeshifter." Cole frowned.

"Wouldn't he be dead?" Warren asked, "Didn't he get vanquished?"

"Believe me, you didn't vanquish him." Cole said.

"He went poof." I said, gesturing wildly, "I saw it."

"A fabricated light show." Cole frowned, "He's still here."

"Who knows who else he's been shifting into it." Warren frowned.

"But this guy's been around since before we were the Charmed." I said, "Is he that low on the totem pole?"

"Well, he has to use other demons." Warren said, "How do we vanquish him? He evaded a vanquish before."

"First we have to find him." Cole said.

"I don't think you'll have to wait."

Cole turned and we looked to them. I said them because another Cole was standing there with three demons. It was eerie to see two Coles. I looked to Warren, who looked angry. I looked between them.

"This is so screwed." I frowned.

"I didn't think you'd come, not after so long." The other Cole said.

"Fierol." Cole said with contempt.

"I was wondering when you would slither back down here, you traitor." The other Cole smiled, "I never thought you would wind up here willingly."

"Look, I don't want to break up this demon vendetta, but I've got places to be." I frowned, "Besides, if you've heard one demonic threat, you've heard em all."

"I don't think you've heard this one yet." The other Cole, Fierol, said reaching into his robes and pulling out a small, shiny bauble. I quickly noticed that it was a lamp.

"Where'd you get that?" I asked.

"Won't matter in a few seconds." Fierol said, stroking the genie's lamp.

A very voluptuous woman appeared out of smoke next to him. Warren and I were already closing the distance between us, but I heard the wish, one that sent a chill over my entire body:

"I wish the Charmed Ones dead, all of them, except the one that stands before me."

He smirked, but nothing happened.

"I said..."

"I heard you," The genie said, "And your wish was granted.

I looked to Warren, who was already looking at me.

"Get out of here!" Cole shouted.

Warren grabbed me and we shimmered away.

"How..." Fierol asked.

"Drake is not a Halliwell, not in blood." Cole smiled, reaching his ghostly hand out and knocking it across the room!

"I wish to bind him to the Underworld!" Fierol said quickly.

Cole tried to disappear, but couldn't. So he grabbed the lamp and disappeared into the caverns.


I walked through Halliwell Manor, I saw the bodies of the Halliwells spread out. Piper died sitting on the couch, while Melinda died upstairs by the book with Chris and Wyatt. Matthew and Peyton were still alive. The best I could figure is that they were too powerful for genie magic. I couldn't speak. I was in total shock. Leo was there with me, though. Warren had gone to see about the rest of the family.

"What's going on?"

I turned to see Wyatt's ghostly form standing beside his parents, sister, and brother. I wasn't capable of actual words.

"Are we..." Piper frowned.

"Oh my gosh." Melinda said, covering her tears.

"What happened?" Leo asked.

"I--I don't know." I stammered, "There was this genie. And this demon made a wish."

"What kind of wish?" Wyatt asked.

"For the Halliwells to be dead." I frowned, "That's why you're all dead and we're not."

"Don't panic." Leo said, "This can all be undone. We just need to get the genie's bottle and reverse this."

"How? All the power hitters are dead." I said, looking to Wyatt, "Sorry."

"What were you doing in the Underworld?" Wyatt asked.

"Long story."

"We're dead. We have time." Chris frowned.

"What about the children?" Piper asked.

"They're fine." I said, "Cole came to us."

"Oh god." Piper said.

Suddenly, the rest of the Halliwells appeared in front of me.

"Did I hear Cole?" Phoebe asked angrily.

"He came to me and said that the him that was here before wasn't him, so he enlisted Warren and I." I said.

Warren then appeared next to me, "And it was a trap. I don't know why dad didn't come back with us." He said, "Henry, Henry Jr. and Coop are looking after the bodies."

"So, we need to reverse this." Paige frowned, "I don't like being dead...not yet."

"Right. So, we need to get the lamp." Warren said.

"Why isn't he dead?" Paige asked.

"Because he had an addendum to the spell that keeps him alive, which was meant for me." I said, "I wonder what he wanted."

"Not the time." Chris frowned.

"Right! Umm, we need more fire power." I said.

"Bianca is out of town, but she could wisp back." Chris said.

"Or your brother." Phoebe said.

"Baby, you can do this. You've been training." Wyatt said.

"What?!" the Charmed Ones said quickly.

"He can take this guy." Wyatt smiled, "Our lives are literally at stake."

"I'm not going to let him go against this alone." Paige frowned, disappearing.

"Where'd she go?" Piper asked.

"We don't have time to debate or speculate." Chris frowned.

"That settles it. I'm going down into the Underworld." I smiled.

"You're not going alone." Warren nodded.

I grabbed his hand, "Beam me up, Scotty." I said as we disappeared.


Paige had appeared quickly. She was looking around the Penthouse, but couldn't see any sign of life. She could hear a baby crying though and she assumed it was Peter, Caleb's son. The sound got closer and closer until Caleb walked into the room with the baby. He was on the phone while feeding the baby. He jumped at the sight of Paige and ended the call.

"Are you a ghost?" Caleb asked, "Oh god, what happened?"

"I'm dead...again." Paige said irritably, "Long story, your brother is in trouble."

Caleb nodded, "Given, what killed you this time?" he asked.

"Demon, powered by a genie." Paige frowned, "And your brother is going to the Underworld to find the demon."

"By himself?!" Caleb asked.

"No, with Warren, just the two of them."

"I need to help them." Caleb frowned.

"I was hoping you'd say that." Paige smiled.


Warren and I appeared in the Underworld. We began our search for Cole. It was dark and depressing here, yet another reason to never come back here again. Wyatt was right, I could do this. Warren was here too. No need to bring anyone into this. Warren seemed unaffected by our surroundings, which I equated to him being here a lot. I couldn't stop worrying about the babies. Leo was capable of protecting them but I was still worried. All the more reason to hurry this along.

"The Underworld is huge." I said.

"Very astute." Warren smirked.

"No, I just mean that the genie bottle could be anywhere." I said, "It's going to take us forever to find it."

"The demons must have it." Warren said, "We just need to find them."

"No, Cole would probably find it." I said, "Maybe I could use my power to find him."

"Telepathy? He doesn't have a body." Warren said, "How can that work?"

"Magic." I smiled.

I pushed my mind all the way through the caverns, trying to find the demons. It stopped at a demon, Fierol. His mind was angry and it took me three seconds to realize that he didn't have the bottle. I also felt Cole. He was running...with the lamp. As I was pulling away, I was horrified to find out that they sensed me doing magic! They were coming.

"They're coming!" I said, "And Cole has the lamp."

"Where is he?" Warren asked.

"He's up ahead." I frowned, "Be ready."

"Won't help."

We looked to the tunnel ahead to see Fierol standing with four other demons. He was visibly upset. Warren looked to me and I nodded. He sent a fury of energy balls at the demons! Some of the demons were hit and some weren't. Two out of the four were throw backwards into the walls of the cavern. The other two advanced on us. I told Warren to go after Fierol. I ran over to the two demons and elbowed one while I ducked another's fist. I grabbed the other demon's fist and punched him in the face. I pulled him against me, throwing him against the wall and was grabbed from behind. Suddenly, the demon and I levitated into the air. I elbowed him again and he dropped to the floor. I levitated in the air above the fight. The two demons who had been fighting me were looking up at me. They quickly formed fireballs as I dropped to the floor! I looked between them and leapt into the air, flipping while levitating. The demons had thrown their fireballs and they had hit each other, causing them to explode in a fiery death. I dropped to the floor again and looked over to Fierol, who had Warren unconscious on the floor. Fierol had a fireball in his hands.

"Why are you doing this? What did you stand to gain by slandering Cole?" I asked.

"Not everything is about you." Fierol smirked.

"Okay, then why do you still look like Cole?" I asked.

"Because I've extended my power. I'm stuck." Fierol asked.

"Why?" Warren asked.

"Would you have followed us any other way? We need you to outlive your destiny." Fierol asked, "You could reach your full potential, be the demon you were meant to be."

I looked to Warren, who looked to be shaking with anger.

"Don't listen to him." I said, "True, your father was a demon, doesn't mean you have to be."

"Drake's right." Cole said, walking with the genie's lamp, "You don't have to be your demon half. You can be the human half. That's what makes you powerful. I never wanted this life for you. I'm proud of the man you've become."

"Me too." I said quickly.

"In seconds, it won't matter." Fierol smirked, "Give me the lamp or I will kill him."

"I don't think you will." Caleb smiled, appearing next to me, "I think you want to put out that fireball. Or better yet, vanquish yourself."

"I do." Fierol said firing the fire ball at himself and vanquishing himself.

"Thank you." Warren said.

"No problem. Sorry I'm late." Caleb smirked.

"Here." Cole said, tossing the lamp to me, "I think you need to make some wishes."


"So, what happened to the lamp?" Wyatt asked.

Wyatt, Chris, Bianca, Melinda, Warren and I were sitting at the club. We were in a booth enjoying a local band. I hadn't really been out since the baby was born, so it was a re-acquaintance with the outside world. I had wished for the wishes before to be undone. Everything was back to normal, or what we perceived as normal. We all decided to go out and have some fun with celebration. Cole and Warren had interaction before I sent him back, but he wouldn't say what was said. I respected his privacy.

"It's at Magic School." I said, "They wanted to study it."

"I can't believe we all died today." Melinda frowned, "Talk about an awakening."

"I just wish someone would have let me know!" Bianca said, "My husband was dead."

"Not for long." Chris said, kissing her.

"My baby pulled out a big win for the team." Wyatt smiled.

"Did he also tell you that he levitated?" Warren asked.

"Baby, you got another power?" Warren asked.

"No. At least I don't think so. In heightened moments, I've always been able to use the power of the original Charmed Ones." I said, "I still don't understand it, really. I mean, how did all their blood fit me?"

"Fate. Destiny." Bianca said.

I nodded.

"So...Cole came back to clear his name...I..." Wyatt started.

"Don't say I told you so." I said, "Everything happens for a reason. No matter how off the wall the things that happened are."

"So, where do we go from here? Do we vanquish humans or do we let them vanquish us?" Warren asked.

We all looked to each other. That was the sixty million dollar question, wasn't it.

"I say we deal with it as it comes." I frowned, "I can't see killing humans, but if it comes to it..."

"Don't. Maybe there's a way to stop it before it gets there." Wyatt smiled.

"Maybe." I said, "Hopefully.