Charming the Halliwells

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Wyatt and Chris, in their infinite wisdom have moved Melinda, Bianca, the kids and I to magic school until something can be done. Bianca and I have scavenged the library looking for answers. The idea occurs to me that the answer will only be found in my family's book.

Speaking of family, Caleb and Brian have been working around the clock with the Halliwells to find a solution, and Caleb's son, Peter, is one of the `kids' we brought with us.

I've stressed myself. Nothing close to Bianca, though. The morning sickness is really kicking her ass. I think it's sweet. And odd. Her first pregnancy, though she has a son. I can say that now without feeling entirely too sad.

Matthew was always hers.

It's nearly two in the morning when I hear footsteps. I know it could be anyone, especially with it being Magic School. As I look up, I'm pleasantly surprised to see Steven makes his way to me. He stares at me, taking in the sight of me at the desk, reading the Grimoire.

"Do I have to tell Wyatt?" He asks, "It's two in the morning. What are you doing in here?"

I look back down at the books, "It's a library, so I'm reading the books." I say testily, "What are you doing up?"

Steven is quiet and takes a soft breath. I stare up at him, knowing that he's thinking something he doesn't quite want to say. He moves to the sofa just opposite the desk and I follow, book in hand. He stares at me, "Okay, I'm going to propose something. Something that you're going to hate."

"I'm listening."

"Big evil is brewing. Since the last time you faced him, Birnaz has to have grown in power and strength. If the rumors are true, he's building an army." Steven says slowly. He looks almost pained. As he clears his throat, he continues, "You and the Halliwells are beyond powerful. But even you can get overwhelmed, especially in your condition."

"Being pregnant isn't a condition."

"But being pregnant with a chance of dying is."

"Get to a point."

"You need to build your own army." Steven suggests, "I think it starts here."

I stare at him, trying to make sure I'm understanding him. He's suggesting that I recruit students to aid in this war. I understand why he was nervous about this suggestion. He knows I'd go nuclear.

To be quite honest, the thought crossed my mind more than once.


"Hear me out..."

I stand angrily and throw the book down beside him, "That's—no! I'm not putting all these kids in danger to win this."

"If you don't win this, we're all dead anyways."


"We're not kids, not all of us. We're old enough to fight for you. To follow you all into this. It's not just fighting for your family, it's fighting for ours, too." Steven says angrily. He sighs and looks at me, "Think about Peyton. And Matty. And Peter. If you're not smart about this, there is no future for them."

I watch as he stands and turns away from me.

"Get some sleep." He says storming away.

I watch. I know somewhere deep down that what he's saying is true.



Charmed Finale: Ever, Be Charmed



"I don't think that's a good idea." Wyatt says angrily.

He stares over the Book of Shadows at me as I pace in front of him. The thought is not exactly comforting to me either. Chris stands a ways off, leaning on the wall, while Phoebe and Paige are seated at the potions table.

The Haliwells have gone quiet. This is usually the point where everyone divides. I usually have Melinda to give me an honest opinion. But she's out of commission. The Power of Three is out of commission.

"I agree with Wyatt," Paige says standing. I stop pacing and look to her. She looks around at us, "Putting those kids in mortal danger—"

"They're not kids, nor mortals." Phoebe says calling our attention, "I'm not saying it's a pleasant thought and I'm not saying that the children should be involved but Steven and Drake are right. We're the most powerful witches in the world but if we get overwhelmed, who knows what could happen."

"I disagree." Chris says thoughtfully, "If we win this, we win this. We can't bring innocent kids into this."

"Do you think they'll spare them because they're `innocent'? In this situation, that doesn't register." I argue, "As a parent, I'm inclined to agree but as a parent, I'm also inclined to believe that we might not have a future for our kids if this goes bad."

"He's right."

We all look over to the door to see a familiar set of green eyes and long, raven hair. Prue Halliwell. After Peyton and Matthew changed reality, the story of Prue Halliwell changed as it was intended. Years after her death, she returned in the body of a comatose witch. She helped against the power of an Old One and disappeared. She was able to reconstitute her own body.

Until now.

She moves into the room, towards me. I can see why people find her so intimidating. She's a force. Phoebe embraces her and she looks to Paige, "It's not a pleasant thought. As the eldest of us, the thought of putting younger people you care about in harm's way is terrifying." She smiles to Paige, "But most times, you learn how strong they are."

"Prue..." Phoebe smiles, "I'm beside myself to see you but why are you here?"

"Big evil brewing." Prue says as she walks over to Paige and hugs her. She pulls back and looks at Paige, "It's scary. Everyone won't make it. But the alternative is letting others, witch and mortal, die."

"So, we throw them into battle? It's not a smart plan." Chris frowns, "Sorry, Aunt Prue, but it's not sound."

Of course Chris is able to speak out against her. Watching her, I can't help but draw similarities between them. It's eerie.

"Not all great plans are sound. Sometimes you have to trust fate."

"If we're going to do this, we need to prepare them." Paige nods, "It's good to see you, Prue."

"Good to see you, too, Prue." Paige nods with a smile. She promptly orbs away.

Before any of us can speak, the doorbell rings. We all look to each other before we head downstairs. Prue leads the charge, followed closely by Phoebe. Prue opens the door to see an African American woman with a nearly bald head and honey-colored eyes and an older, portly Caucasian man with a handlebar mustache.

The two of them stare at us, as we do to them.

"Can we help you?" Prue asks, sizing them up.

"Halliwells?" The woman speaks, "Our names are Idris and Carlton. We're—"

"Hunters." Chris frowns, "Talismans."

We all stare at them, Wyatt and Chris push themselves in front of me. Phoebe takes a defensive pose, as Prue prepares an attack.

"We're not here to fight." Carlton says quickly, "We're here to prepare a truce."




After the Hunters leave, we all regroup at Magic School.

Prue seems happy to be near her family again and it warms my heart. She explains to the family that the Hunters have become aware of what Hans and Kimberly did, though they cannot find Hans. They explain that what the two did goes against everything they believed.

They didn't fully trust us, of course.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige all agree that we should proceed with caution but Phoebe argues that she read them, as did I, and there was no deception. I felt it too. They were clean. They were honest. We all agreed to join forces with them.

My Brothers are very skeptical, especially barely knowing who Prue is.

"So, we take these kids and train them to fight for us and we make a `truce' with Hunters, most of which want us dead?" Brian asks, "And I'm the crazy one?"

"We've got to be ready for the battle." I argue. The lot of them stare at me. I look to Wyatt, "I'm not sitting back while all Hell erupts."

"I figured you'd say that. I had this whole speech prepared—"

"I need to have your back, for—"

"And I'm not going to say it." He finishes, "Nobody knows what's going to happen. If I die—"


"I want to die looking at you."

We both go silent. It's when I realize what I always sound like. Hearing him say it lights a fire in me. No one is going to hurt him or any of us, especially not my children. I will murder and maim. If it comes down to us or them, they don't have a chance.

"None of are dying." Piper says angrily, "Not you two, not Chris, not Melinda. None of us!"

"Piper." Leo coos.

"She's right." Paige says, "This family saved a lot of lives, including some of its own. We've lost too many people. They died to save us, to teach us. I, for one, am going to make it count."

"We all are." Phoebe nods.

"So, what's first?" Chris asks.

"The sisters will start training the young witches and Wyatt and Chris will start rounding up the magical community," Leo says with a nod, "As will I. Brian and Caleb, you need to find Hans from what Idris told us."

"I'm going."

"Like Hell!" Wyatt, Chris and Caleb say together.

"Do either of you really think you're going to win this argument?" I ask, "The Summers Brothers will handle Hans."

Wyatt moves to me, "Babe, are you sure about this? This is stressful. With what happened with Peyton and the fact that you have two inside you right now..."

"Caleb's not going to let anything happen to me." I say with a nod, "But this is literally the last time we have children. Ever."

"Agreed." Wyatt smiles.

"We need to get started." Phoebe says, calling our attention, "I'll go and check on Melinda."

"No, I will." I say softly. I look to my Brothers, "DO NOT LEAVE without me."

The two of them nod.

I leave them and head towards Melinda's room. As I step into Melinda's room, I can hear her shallow breathing. The same chipper but neurotic girl is laying on a bed, fighting for her life. I move over to kneel beside her and she rolls over on her side to look at me.

"You're glowy."

I smile at her, "Mel—"


I nod, "Did I ever tell you that you're tough. So much braver and tougher than me?" I ask.

She laughs, "I guess I really am going to die."

I frown at her, "No, I'm just rehearsing what I'm going to say at your wedding." I watch her face turn to confusion. I sit on the floor with my legs crossed, "I think we both can agree that you were, or are, in love with Dean. I shouldn't have been angry at you, I shouldn't have felt betrayed."

"It was a long time ago."

"I love you, Mel. And you're not going to die. We are both going to survive this and have three kids each and—we survive. It's what we do. It's why I'm meant to be in this family." I says with a nod, "I've always wondered how I got so lucky and how I could possibly prove myself. I was a Charmed One and then I wasn't."

She stares at me.

"Don't worry, this is going somewhere truly flattering for you," I chuckle, "I wish I was as brave as you. As strong as you. You have the sweetest parts of Leo and the strength of Piper. The Twice-Blessed. Daughter of a Charmed One. A Charmed One."

I look away and fiddle with my thumbs, "I want Peyton to be like you."

"When you find Hans, kick his ass."

I laugh as I stand. I lean over her, kissing her forehead before I leave the room. I run right into Wyatt, who stares at me impassively. I open my mouth to speak but Wyatt latches onto me. It's intense and overwhelming and welcomed. The kiss lasts until neither of us has a breath. Afterward, he lean into each other, his forehead on mine.

"I'm afraid." Wyatt says breathlessly.

"Me too."

"There's nothing I can do to—"


Wyatt's forehead nods, "I thought not. I wish I could freeze time, you know? Make this moment last forever. Just you and me."

"We have the next sixty years."

"Yeah." He continues to nod.

I pull away from him, "Don't be afraid. Nobody in this family dies easily. And rarely is it permanent." I say with amusement.

Wyatt stares at me. His expression instills a very slow sense of sadness in me. It's haunting. I pull him into yet another kiss, a shorter one before staring at him again.

"I'm sorry for every moment I was an idiot, where we weren't together." I say softly, "But we have the next sixty plus years to make up for the mistakes."

Wyatt nods.

"Now, Mama's boy, go and save the world."

Wyatt laughs before orbing out. I feel a very slight pain in my stomach and pull my hand up to my growing belly. The pain intensifies slightly before dying.

The worst possible time.




Caleb, Brian and I shimmer in the middle of an abandoned warehouse, the warehouse the hunters occupied previously. The warehouse is filled with Hunters, all of whom pause and ready their weapons upon us.

"Wait!" Caleb says throwing his hands up, "We're here for Hans."

There's a low murmur.

"Why would we do that!?" A Hunter shouts.

"Has he been sickly? There's a reason for that." Brian shouts.

"He raised an ancient demon," Idris' voice calls from the balcony near a large office on the second floor. Carlton appears beside her. Idris speaks again, amid murmurs, "Hans and Kimberly, in the wake of Coleman's death, brought a dangerous demon into our world!"

"Coleman died at their hands!" Another Hunter shouts.

"Coleman was an extremist!" Carlton's voice booms, "He initiated the war, he attacked unprovoked. If we murder indiscriminately, we're just as bad of monsters as we believe to them to be."

"What would you have us do?" Yet another hunter yells.

"Help us." I say simply.


"Yes," Brian interjects, "Help us. The Ancient demon is building an army. By tomorrow morning, the demons will launch a full-scale assault on the world. Millions will die."

There's a louder collective murmur as the news spills out.

"We have garnered a truce. We will help them defend our world!" Idris says loudly.

"If anyone has a problem with directly saving the world, please leave now." Carlton shouts.

There are less than a dozen that leave. I move forward, leading my brothers up the stairs and into the office. The office is dimly lit with candles and my eyes land on Hans, who has the same sickly appearance as Melinda. Though, his illness is further gone. His pale skin is filled with veins and blisters.

"What a coupe." He coughs.

"Hans. Your actions are despicable. Reprehensible. Abhorrent." Carlton hisses.

"Save your pious, self-righteous indignation!" He sputters, "I did what was necessary."

"How'd that work out for you?" I ask.

"And here you are, to kill me." He says with amusement, "They sent the D-List witches, the evil brothers."

I can practically hear the anger in my brothers' heads. It's erupting and Brian's thoughts scare me.

"If I hold out a bit longer, I'll take this little witch with me."

He's reprehensible. I can feel anger shoot through my body and it sinks down deep into me. I want to murder him. It passes through my mind.

Until I hear it.

I want to do it, you know, atone. This is all my fault. I have to end this!

As Caleb is thinking it, Hans says it. I watch as Hans reaches down in his holster and retrieves a gun, pushing it against his chin.

I look away as the trigger pulls.




When we shimmer back into Magic School, Melinda is on her feet, albeit moving very slowly.

Brian joins the rest of the Halliwells in training the children. Caleb breaks away from them and moves towards the dorms. I quickly follow him and grab his arm. He stops and turns to me, a cloudy expression on his face.

"I know that you heard." Caleb snaps, "I don't want grief about it. I don't regret it."

"Thank you."

Caleb's eyes narrow on me, "What?" He asks.

"You did it so that I didn't have to. I wanted to."

"I didn't do it for you," Caleb says with a horrified expression, "This family has become my family. They took care of you when I couldn't. I didn't do it for you. I did it for them."

"Whatever the reason, thank you."

"Go and be with your husband. Enjoy your daughter."

He turns and walks away. I'm not sure how I feel.




I watch from the doorway as the sisters and their husbands reconnect. They seems so happy. They have the children with them.

I turn and walk away from them, down into an office, where Melinda and Bianca are talking with the rest of the younger Halliwell children and my brothers. They all stop and wave at me. I smile and wave at them.

Brian walks over to me with a smile, "Hey, join us!" He smiles.

"I—I have a few stops." I say with a smile.

Brian nods and we both go silent. He quickly clears his throat, "I'm—I don't think I've thanked you...for bringing me in on this. The way we met—"


"No, I just think you're awesome. You and Caleb and the Halliwells." Brian says nervously, "I had a good childhood, pretty good. But I don't know if I ever felt like I belonged. Nor did I feel normal. You and Caleb make me feel like I do belong."

"I would have found you. Thousands of waves of demons could have come at me, and I would still have found you."

"I know." He nods.

"I love you, Brian. Nothing will never change that."

"I love you, too."

We both neglected to see that Caleb is walking up. He comes to stand between us, his arms over each of our shoulders.

"Awww, I'm filled with brotherly love!"

"Bite me, big brother." I chuckle, "I think Mom and Dad would be proud."

"I wish I had gotten to know them."

"Us too." Caleb jokes, "They'd have loved you. Minus the crazy."

I elbow Caleb, "You're a jerk."

"I'm a brother," Caleb smiles, "So, if we win this, what next?"

"God, a nap." I say with exasperation.

Both of them laugh.

"Marriage? Kids?" Brian asks.

"Not again." Caleb frowns.

"No?" I ask.

"Well—maybe with a background check. I'll have you read her." Caleb says quickly, "I'll be Brian's wingman. I can help him find love."

"I'll take it." Brian laughs, "So, I don't think any of us is saying the obvious..."

The last time any of us was in a battle of this size, Caleb was stabbed and Brian killed our Father. It wasn't the family's shining moment. I have high hopes that they will do a lot better now.

"I want the two of you to do me a favor." I say causing both of them to look at me with trepidation, "Watch each other's backs. If something happens, get each other away from the fight."

They nod. I sigh with relief as I pull myself from Caleb's grasp and smile to them, "Have fun, kids."

The both of them nod and move back to the rest of the group.

I move on to see Wyatt and Chris teaching Levi and Steven. Chris is teaching Steven to throw lightning while Wyatt is teaching Levi how to move speedily with his orbs. When they are finished, the notice me.

Steven defies my expectations. He reminds me of myself. It's eerie how much I care about him. It's kind of like I adopted him. At the age of sixteen, he's on his way to becoming so much better than I was at sixteen. From prostitute to beautifully evolved young man.

I walk over to them, smiling all the way.

"Hey! Did you see how incredibly awesome I am?" Steven says smiling, "And Levi! We're going to kick ass tomorrow."


"Fine, Dad!" He says with annoyance, "You've got to admit, I'm going to be awesome."

"I want you to be careful. You and Levi and the rest of the students." I say softly, "I'm not explaining to Aer why you're not alive."

"Like he cares." Steven says hugging me. He pulls back and Levi moves to us, "You need to be careful. If something happens to you..."

"It won't."

"Come on, it's you we're talking about."

Chris and Wyatt chuckle behind him. I stare at them and the sputter to a stop.

"I wish we could have mortals help us, you know. There'd be no chance of—who am I kidding."

"He'll be okay, babe." Levi smiles kissing Steven's temple, "We'll fight demons, eat pizza and makeout."

"Gross." I frown.

"Goodnight." Steven laughs as he and Levi pass me.

I watch them leave before moving to Wyatt and Chris. They've plopped down on either side of a red sofa. I walk over and plop down between them. I look between them. It's ironic, really. Wyatt leans over and lays his head in my lap, against my stomach. Chris leans his head on my shoulder.

This is always where my heart leads me.

My best friend and my soulmate.

We're enjoying the quiet. It's when I realize something. I remember something I've heard. There's something that I've never dared to think about. It's the answer.

It's risky.




The next morning, everyone wakes up and readies themselves.

Chris, Wyatt and Melinda go over the plan with the witches. He explains that the demons will come full force, immediately. Phoebe has forced a premonition and explains that the demons attack at eleven in the morning.

An hour from now, near Golden Gate Park.

The students are naturally terrified and the magical creatures are hesitant but ready. I'm ready myself as ten minutes pass. I feel extremely nervous. In my nervousness, I move into a vacant classroom and set up a large circle.

"Hear these words, hear my rhyme, bring the family through space and time."

At my words, a great gust of wind swirls as Warren, Peter, Caly, Patty, Penelope as well as Peyton and Matthew. The six of them stare at me.

"I need your opinion."




40 Minutes Later...


"Are you sure about this?" Paige asks, "You deliberately didn't tell Wyatt and the rest of the family about this. Does that ring a bell?"

"No." I say as I stare at the News 9 logo. I take a deep breath before turning to her, "Paige, it's time. We, witches, been saving the world for millennia. Hiding in the shadows and tiptoeing around the mortal world."

"There's a reason."

"Yeah, there was." I nod, "You can leave, if you want. But we can win this. There'll be no wondering."

"This could open a whole `nother can of worms."

I nod before turning and marching through the New 9 doors and into the studio. Two guards move towards me but I enter their minds and they step out of the way. A quiet goes over the studio as I march over to the news desk and stand behind the reporters.

They both wear a bewildered expression.

"I'm going to make this short and sweet." I say waving my hand at the desk. It levitates in a burst of golden orbs before falling down to the ground again. The anchors scream and run away. I take a deep breath, "My name is Drake Halliwell. I am a witch. The world is full of witches and magical creatures, including demons. In around fifteen minutes, there is going to be an invasion of sorts. Demons will appear in Golden Gate Park. They are going to appear and start attack any and everyone in their path. I'm giving you the choice. We need your help. They won't stop until they've won. And neither will we. Help us or run."

"And...the mic drops." Paige frowns, "We have to go."

"Goodnight and good luck."

I walk over to her and grab her hand, orbing out with her.




Paige and I orb into Golden Gate Park as demons shimmer in, covering the whole of the park. Paige and I join the family. They're the only witches in the park...for now. The demons ready their fireballs.

Paige moves to the sisters and I move to Wyatt, Melinda, Bianca and Chris. I watch as a large demon, Birnaz, moves to the fore front. He laughs maniacally as his eyes appraise us.

"The Charmed Ones. You believe you can defend against us? You may be power, but we are numbers! We will crush you."

"Maybe us," Wyatt says as demons shimmer in behind us, "Okay, probably us."

"But not them." Chris smirks.

The glamour wears off and hundreds of students appear on one side of us and Hunters on the other. The demons are obviously shocked. Birnaz is thrown, but not completely.

"Do you think I wouldn't feel them?" He smirks, "I will drain them and you."

"Fall in!"

Everyone's attention goes to the small army of S.W.A.T members, as well as actual citizens with varying weapons. Wyatt looks to me and I'm unsure if he approves or disapproves. Melinda and Chris grab Wyatt's shoulders and I grab his hand. He looks down at it and smiles before his attention turns back to Birnaz. Wyatt lifts his hands, causing a wave of kinetic energy slice through the demons, thinning their ranks.

It, however, did little to Birnaz.

The battle ensues as they rush into battle. Demons continue to appear as a veritable light show erupts. I lose sight of many people as I duck fireballs. I quickly duck a demon's punch, twisting his arm around and pushing my palm into his chest. He stumbles back and lightning strikes through his chest.

I look over to see Steven. He smiles and I watch as a demon runs towards him. I lift my hand to save him but Levi orbs in quickly and disappears with him. The demon rolls across the ground and to his feet, trying to find Steven.

I smirk at him, reaching into his mind. I lift my hand slightly and a fireball appears in my palm. The demon's eyes grow wide as I launch it back at him. He screams in agony as he combusts.

I begin to move forward, ducking another attack just as an energy ball sails into the demon. I look up to see Melinda nod as she ducks another attack. I return the favor and we move forward.

"DOWN!" A voice shouts.

I, as well as a group of students, duck out of the way as a hail of gunfire rings through the air. I stare towards the SWAT team to see Agent Moreau. I laugh as I run forward. I duck as a dagger moves towards my head. The dagger goes into a large green demon behind me. The dagger pulls itself back into the hands of the person who threw it.



"Wyatt, he's overwhelmed!" He points towards the most prominent light show.

I push my way through the battle, performing the occasionally attack. I stop ask Prudence (the second) beam in and out before knelling in a swift movement and punching a demon in the groin. She literally jumps into the air, kneeing him on the way up.

The Twitches, Tamora and Kat, orb in and out, working in tandem. Kat freezes large groups of demons while Tamora sets them ablaze.

As I press on, I duck out of the way of a beam of energy cutting down a group of demons. Brian is busy attacking another group and I see a man heading towards him with a dagger. The demon stops mid-stride and plunges the dagger into himself. Caleb moves to Brian's back, so that they are back to back.

Chris is levitating above the battle field, releasing waves of electricity, which bounces from demon to demon! Bianca, ever the assassin, is teleporting through the field, slicing demons to pieces with a large, serrated dagger.

A large explosion alerts me that Wyatt is not far off. I run towards it.

The sounds of a pistol gives me pause. As I move forward, I see that Idris is kneeling beside Carlton, whose body is eviscerated. She's shooting her pistols in the multiple demons. In anger, I raise my hand and the group of demons flies off their feet. She raises her arm, revealing a crossbow attached to her sleeve. She immediately begins to fire.

As I'm running, I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder, causing me to launch forward and trip over a body. From the ground, I see that Professor Michaels is sprawled on the lawn, pale with his eyes and mouth frozen open. I know it's not just any demon attack.

From the ground, I pull the knife out of my back and my hand drops to my side. I can see so many bodies lying around me, students, hunters and citizens. I can feel the blood draining from my body and I close my eyes.


The Ether...

I groggily stand, watching on as demons mangle our troops. My heart falls into my stomach and I feel extremely sick.

"Don't be a little bitch, strudel."

I seize up and turn to see Dark Drake. I stare at him, trying to understand.

"You're not dead."

"Duh, I just got stabbed in the shoulder!" I say angrily, "I can't do this now! There's—"

"I know what's going on!" He says as he comes to stand just in front of me. He eyes me, appraises me, "It's funny."

"What is?"

"The person you are is so far from who I became." Drake frowns, "I never meant to become the person I did."

"There a point?"

"Point is, we were always meant for a greater purpose. I was meant to make you fight, fight not to become me."

"And me?"

"Do you think it's a coincidence that fate put you with the most powerful witches in the world? They're meant to save the world. You, my clueless friend, are supposed to change it."

I stare at him, taking in what he's saying. Somehow I just understand. He's not being cryptic. I wonder if anything he says is cryptic.

"Look around, kid. You did this."

I look around and put my head down.

"You've got the wrong idea, this is a good thing." Drake says. I frown at him and he throws his hands up, "Don't get me wrong, it's sad to see this death. But you brought mortals and witches together. You united both sides against the common enemy."

"What did I do?"

"Something wonderful," Drake says as he moves to Professor Michaels, "You know, I didn't start out hating Wyatt. In fact, I'm not sure I ever did. I thought he would drive you further down but...he built you up. You bring out the best in him in a way I couldn't with mine. You saved him and he saved you."

"At his worst, I'm sure he loved you."


"He's Wyatt."

He stares at me, like I'm staring at him.

"Wake up. Fight. You deserve this. Save them."



As my eyes open, I realize demons are crowding me. A blast of energy explodes, throwing them backwards through the air. I roll to my feet and grab my back. The wound, as it were, is healed.

I move again. I bulldoze my way through the fighting and finally make it to Wyatt, who is very overwhelmed and being attacked by Birnaz. I run to him, launching three energy balls at him. I kneel to him as his breathing quickens.

"You cannot win."

Melinda and Chris orb in beside me. Chris immediately drops to heal Wyatt. Birnaz takes the opportunity to attack the Charmed Ones, sucking the life from them. A bit of it leaks to me and I feel the life being sucked from me. The impact of it hits him like a truck.

"The power..." His eyes land on me, "I want more."

"Come and get it." I say as I orb away.

I appear in the sunroom of the Manor. I quickly thank my babies as I move towards the stairs. Just as I reach the stairs, a gust of wind knocks me off my feet. As I get to my feet, Birnaz stands over me. I look up and spit blood at his feet. He chuckles and I orb upstairs.

I can hear him cursing downstairs.

I wave my hand at the book, sending it to Magic School. I try to stand and as I do Levi and Steven orb in front of me. Steven moves towards me, to help me to my feet. I'm about to talk to him but my eyes fall behind Levi, to Birnaz. There's not time to yell out to him as Birnaz pushes his talons through Levi's chest.

Steven cries out and tries to run to him. I grab him and whip him around and orb him to Magic School. Birnaz moves forward and I stumble backward, leaning on the book stand.

"You put up an impressive fight. Humans are predictable, for the most part. This is unexpected." He tilts his head and stares at me, "But your unpredictability is over. This is the same over and over."

Birnaz lifts his hand and my soul feels torn. I watch as the Charmed Ones orb in in front of me. The Original Charmed Ones enter just beside them. They all hold hands and I move up to do the same. I'm between Wyatt and Paige, linking the originals and the new.

"Halliwell witches, stand strong beside us, Summers Tribe along beside us, we call you near. Vanquished Birnaz to his darkest fear." They began to chant.

As we chant, I can feel every Halliwell, past and present, as well as the Summers. The power coursing through the seven of us becomes unstable as Birnaz lifts his hand, trying to siphon the power.

Fire and Electricity crackles, causing sparks to grab at Birnaz. His hand lowers and the electricity begins running the length of his body. A red, fiery effect flows through his body, just behind the electricity. The elements begin to run through the entire room, knocking things off the shelves and catching the attic on fire.

"Get out of here!" Piper shouts over the electricity.

"We're not going anywhere!" Melinda shouts back.

"I've seen this. I know what's coming!" Piper yells.

"We're here, together." Chris says softly.

"At least Drake!" Paige shouts, "One of us has to survive this!"

My hand tightens on Wyatt and Paige's hand. Wyatt laughs.

"Of course." He says.

"Get ready!" Phoebe yells.

I feel the Wyatt and Paige's grip tighten on my hand as Birnaz distorts and combusts, causing a huge explosion, not unlike the explosion in the park. I hear the screams of the others as the light of the explosion becomes too much!

I open my eyes to see that I'm lying in a crater. Everyone with whitelighter genes is standing, sustaining a forcefield. Piper, Phoebe and I stand as the four of them weaken and sink down. Piper moves to Melinda, Phoebe moves to Paige and I grab Chris and Wyatt.

I look up to see that the Manor is in rubble. The crater is the place where the Manor used to be.

"What's wrong with them? Why—" Piper looks to Phoebe, "Phoebe!"

"They're alive!" I say quickly, "They've overexerted themselves."

Thunder crackles overhead as dark clouds gather overhead. Lightning begins to strike all over the city and gale force winds whip rain around so bad that I can barely see the Halliwells. Piper's phone rings as I stand. I know this isn't normal.

"Leo! What do you mean? He's—what?!"

"Steven." I say turning to Piper. She stares up at me and nods. I begin thinking, "I'm sending you to Magic School."

"What? No, you're coming with us." Phoebe frowns.

"No, Phoebe. I have to save him." I frown. I raise my hand, "Magic Sch—"

"You're not going alone!" Phoebe says as she stands.

"What?" Piper asks, "You're both insane."

"Piper, regroup. Count the losses and wait on us." Phoebe says.

Piper nods. I lift my hands, causing everyone but Phoebe and I to disappear in golden orbs. Phoebe grabs my hand and nods. As we disappear in orbs, we reappear in my condo. Phoebe moves to the window, as do I. We stare at the window as clouds swirl overhead.

"We have to stop him." Phoebe says.

I back away from the window as I see static flash on the window, "Phoebe get away!"

But before she can move, a flash of lightning surges through the window, and in doing so, shatters all the other windows. Phoebe is taken off her feet and rolls over my dining room table. I rush to her, trying to wake her up but she's barely breathing.

I raise my hand, sending her, too, to Magic School.

Lightning crackles overhead and I know where he is. He's on the roof. I disappear in orbs yet again and appear on the roof. I see him levitating at the end of the roof. Electricity surges around him, making it hard to get to him.

"Stevie!" I say causing no reaction whatsoever, "Steven Thomas!"

"Get out of here, Drake."

"No." I say angrily, "Stop this! You have to stop this!"

"Why?" He asks.

"Because this isn't you! You're going to hurt someone and I can't let you."

"Kill me."

"No, I won't."

"Why not? I have no family and the one person who's ever loved me is gone."

I laugh, causing him to turn to me. His eyes are white, with lightning crackling within them. I stop as he watches me.

"This is funny to you? My pain?"

"No, you're just an idiot." I say with amusement. Steven glares at me. I take a deep breath, "He's not the only person who cares about you! I actually love you."

"The little prostitute who you can fix?! That's not love."

"The incredible young man who can save himself." I say angrily, "You want love, you have it. You want family, you have it."

"I'm not family."

"Yes you are." I nod, "If you want to be a formal part of our family, I'll adopt you."

Thunder cracks overhead and a piece of lightning strikes a few inches in front of me, throwing me back.


I stand, ungracefully, and limp towards him, "Can't do that. I can't let you lose yourself." I frown, "I thought you were like a brother."


"But you're not. You're what I'd want my son to be like, without the prostitution."

The storm lessens and I know I'm reaching him.

"You're lying."

I shake my head, "You want to see?" I ask.


I close my eyes, drawing all the feelings I have inside, any feeling I have for him and send it to him. It's like it impacts him. He staggers a bit. I pull up all the heartbreaks, pull every ounce of hurt and happiness I have and send it into him. This time it takes him off his feet. I run to him, kneeling and taking his head into my arms.

"How—how do you do it? How do I do this?" He asks.

I pull him close, "I know. I know, Steven."

Steven breaks down into my chest. I can literally feel his pain. I can feel it break inside of him.

It breaks my heart.




7 years later...



Wyatt and I bring Steven into the Manor. The whole family is waiting for him. Steven has just graduated college, after majoring in Computer Science.

The world has greatly changed since magic was revealed to the world. The world, as it turned out, was ready for magic. It wasn't totally accepted but our battle with demons in Golden Gate Park earned brownie points. Demons aren't a mainstay anymore, though there are the occasional threats.

Wyatt and I adopted Steven just after the battle, just in time for the birth of our twins, Portia and Pandora. Wyatt decided to focus on his practice, though he still teaches on occasion. Leo has asked if Wyatt wants to take over when he retires. I have become a talk show host, after revealing magic to the world. The ratings speak for itself. Currently, Peyton is seven years old, whereas the twins are six.

Chris and Bianca thrived after the battle. In addition to Matthew, who is eight years old, they have another son and daughter, Mitchell and Melanie. Chris really enjoyed teaching Steven and went into teaching at magic school and taking care of charges. Bianca opened up an art gallery downtown and her gallery is the toast of the town.

Melinda married Ian Dean and the two have a two-year old daughter named Phoebe. Melinda still works with Piper, now as co-owner. The two are currently expecting their second child.

Prudence and Parker moved to New York, while their younger sister is now in college in Boston. Tamora and Kat are in college in Boston as well and Henry Jr. works with Henry, who is now the police chief.

Brian did, indeed, get married. He married the hunter, Idris. They have two children, Caly and Alan, ages four and three. He moved into working with Caleb.

Speaking of Caleb, he is now married to a woman named Farrah. Farrah is a woman beige skin, no doubt from being mixed raced, and long brunette hair. Peter is now seven years old and has a sister named Carly.

The sisters are very much the same, though Prue is more active in their lives. Being able to explain her death and sudden reappearance.

"Hey, what are you doing in here?" Wyatt asks.

I'd been staring at the moderately new countertops, remember how short of time it took to rebuild the Manor. It's surreal to have a child graduate and not be a hundred years old. I have to think about my life sometimes and appreciate it.

Wyatt hasn't changed much, in appearance. He's begun to wear his hair longer, mostly up in a short ponytail. He's got a goatee that he's obsessed with. It's adorable.

"I just needed to take a minute."

"Are the kids too much?" Wyatt asks, "You know how they are when they all get together."

"No, it's not them." I say with a smile, "Isn't it weird? Steven graduated."

"I sure hope so, he was there long enough."

"Says the guy who went to medical school." I say with a smirk. Wyatt moves over to me and embraces me. I sigh, "It's weird. So weird."

"We're adults."

"Again, weird."

"We've come a long way."

"Yes, we have boy scout." I say leaning up and kissing him. We break the kiss when Steven comes in with Pandora on his shoulders, Portia under his left arm and Peyton on his leg. I laugh, "What are you doing?"

"Bonding." He smirks, "What're you two doing in here? Are you two doing grown up exercises?"

"Ha Ha!" Wyatt says walking over and grabbing Pandora and Portia, "Come on, girls. We're going to scope out that cake."

The girls cheer and follow him out of the room. Steven walks over and leans on the island. I lean on the island beside him.

"Are you packed?" I ask softly.

Steven looks over before looking forward, "I'm just an orb away." He says just as softly.

I nod, "I know."

"Dad, it's not permanent. Who knows, I might be back." Steven says quickly, "I'd really like to say thanks, you know?"


"For loving me, I guess. For taking a chance on me."

"You're going to make me cry."

"I love you, Drake."

I can feel the tears in my eyes, "Or bawl."

Steven hugs me, "There's a party. With cake. I'm there." He says leaving me in the kitchen.

As I watch him leave, I move to the counter and dab my eyes with a paper towel. The door swings and I turn to see Chris standing there, staring at me. He moves around the counter and pulls me into a hug. He pulls away with a smirk.

"You're such a girl."

"Bite me, prick." I chuckle, "Isn't this—"

"Weird? Yeah. He was just sixteen. And Matty was just one."

"You remember that time you guys trapped me in my room?"

Chris shakes his head, "No. No. That would not work here." He stares at me, "Are you coming out there?"

"Chris, I love you. You've been my friend for so long and I cannot imagine my life without you. Or Wyatt. Or anybody out there."


Chris lightly punches my shoulder before moving out of the room. I nod and follow him. I walk through the doors and the whole family is sitting around the cake, waiting. The door opens and all the kids run in.

"Where'd they come from?" I ask.

Wyatt moves behind me and wraps his arms around my waist, "They were running around. I thought they'd need some air." He whispers.

"At night?"

"Oh yeah." Wyatt laughs. He lifts his hand, "I should get the door."

Prue laughs, "I've got it." She says turning and waving her hand at the door.

The door slowly closes, like it always has.





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