Charming the Halliwells



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"She's not something! Somebody do something!!!" Piper said frantically.

"There's nothingó"

"No! No! You are going to save her!" Piper shouted.

"Maybe this time, we can't." Brian said sadly.



Coming Soon...Chapter 106-110


"We need to find anything to save her!" Wyatt said angrily, "She's my little sister...I can'tó"

Drake (V.O.): We's what we do! It'sóIt's what we do.

There are screams as shots of Drake, Wyatt, Chris, Melinda and Steven are shown to be shouting to the sky as it swirls and turns dark.


"This scientist...they've found a way to eradicate warlocks. And maybe even demons!" Chris says breathlessly.

"What's this mean?" Levi asks.

Wyatt (V.O.): It means that this could be over soon...sooner than we thought.


"I want to make you a real part of this family." Drake said cheerfully.

"We both do." Wyatt smiled.

"What's that mean?" Steven asked with intrigue.

Aer (V.O.): I'm a demon. I can't give you what they can. I've watched over you since the day I left you and you've been searching for this. Embrace it. The only thing I can give you is this...this second chance.


Drake (V.O.): There is no other option...

Chris (V.O.): ...We'll fight. We may even die...

Wyatt (V.O.): ...But nothing is more important than family!


With a sudden fiery explosion, Wyatt and Drake's condo, The Manor, and Chris and Bianca's houses are blown apart, leaving only cinders falling from the sky.

"We spare the Charmed Ones for one reason, to bring down the Triad! We cannot let them push us to extinction!"


Bianca (V.O.): One way or another, it's going to end now. I don't have a good feeling about this.

"My wife! The woman I just brought in who was in labor!" Chris snapped at the oblivious nurse, "The red-headed woman!"

"I'm sorry sir, but we don't have any red-headed nurses on call right now." The nurse said, startled, "I'll get the authorities."


"Chris, I love you." Drake said sadly.

"It doesn't matter. If we don't do things, if we don't...we could lose everything!"

"We're going to be those best friends that sit on the porch of the Manor, watching our kids play in the yard," Drake said angrily, "I cannot watch this! I was this, after Warren died, and it only hurts."

Chris (V.O.): There's nothing we can do. If we attack, they kill Bianca and my unborn daughter, they hold out on the cure and they reveal us on live television.

Drake looks up at him with a startling realization.


Peyton shields the twins as Drake orbs into a live broadcast of the five o'clock news.

Drake (V.O.): Fear is the only thing that can kill hope. I change my mind. I change everything about that notion. It's always been in front of us.

Drake is quickly followed by Wyatt, Chris, Levi and Steven. Across the world, people gawk at the sight.

"My name is Pahras Halliwell...and we need your help." He pleads.



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