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City of Heroes - Book 1

Awakenings - Chapter 14

Kissing, on the top of a skyscraper, with the moon over head and a warm breeze blowing against my skin, was intoxicating. For the past hour we'd kissed, touched, and held each other. I wanted to stay up there forever, but my stomach had other ideas. After the hundredth gurgle interrupted a perfectly good kiss, I sighed.

Urioch chuckled. "It is obvious that a person cannot live on love alone."

"I'd try," I complained, not wanted to get up.

"We can continue this while fulfilling our need for nutritional intake." Pulling me up with him, Urioch oriented himself.

"We can make-out while we eat?" That sounded kinky, but fun.

He shook his head, a bemused smile curling his lips. I wanted those lips on mine again. "No, we can make love in many ways. A romantic dinner is one of them."

"Where do you come up with this stuff from," I laughed, following him into the air.

"A consistent diet of Romance Novels," he replied, taking my hand. "Dinner."

I nodded, letting him lead me through the darkness. I recognized the restaurant before we even got to the landing pad. "Skylines?"

"Convenient location, excellent food, and I could confirm seating availability while we flew." It was so unfair that he could link into the internet through his communicator and do everything by thought. That neural interface was cool.

We landed as another couple came out. It still amazed me how so many heroes looked just like normal people when they weren't using powers or wearing costumes. They gave our interlaced fingers a brief glance, and the woman smiled. "The salmon is excellent," she commented to us before taking her date's hand.

"Thank you," Urioch replied before they disappeared in a swirl of light as we got to the door.

"Teleportation," I asked as Urioch let go of my hand to open the door.

"Apparently," he replied, his hand sliding back into mine as we walked around the dining area to get to the Maitre'd.

"Good evening gentlemen," he greeted us as his eyes flickered momentarily to our hands. Was I being paranoid? "Do you have reservations?"

"Yes, under Urioch."

He tapped his display and nodded. "Table for two."

Before he could summon the hostess, I saw Mr. Baciloro come out of the kitchen and spot us. His face lit up and he raised his arms. "Jason!"

I let go of Urioch's hand as Mr. Baciloro closed in and gave me a hug. Were all Italians like that? Every member of the Baciloro family I'd met would settle for nothing less than a bone aching hug; even the women. "Hello, Mr. Baciloro."

He frowned at me. "Sal, Jason. Sal!" He looked at Urioch, shrugging. "I tell him Sal, and he still calls me Mr. Baciloro." As usual, he didn't give anyone a moment to respond, he just clapped his hand on my shoulder and kept going. "You never come in to eat when I'm here."

"I only come through Steel infrequently." That wasn't really true. I was in Steel several times a week, but I usually ate at the Cauldron. I didn't want to make a habit of living on credit.

"And you only eat lunch. I know. I know." He sighed dramatically. "Well, at least you are here tonight." He smiled at the Maitre'd. "Franco. Anything they have is on the house."

"I already noted it," Franco replied. He had our menus, which Sal took.

"Where are they sitting?"


"Follow me!" Sal wove his way around the tables, saying hello to a half dozen people on the way, and stopped at a window side table with a great view of the moon. "Manny has come up with a salmon in alfredo sauce that is to kill for."

I was a little confused as Urioch stood behind the chair, holding it. Sometimes I was really dense. I think I turned three shades of red as I sat down. Sal pulled out Urioch's chair. Urioch smiled at Sal's gesture. "Thank you."

"So you've finally brought us someone special." Could a person die from blushing? "Michelle will be thrilled. She has been driving me crazy with trying to find you a nice young man."

And he wondered why I was never there? I wanted to crawl under the table. Maybe if I thought hard enough I could bend light and make myself disappear.

"You take good care of our boy," Sal warned Urioch with a wave if his hand for emphasis, "He is a gift from God." Handing us our menus, he brought his hands to his chest. "If you have any troubles, you come to me. Goda il vostro pasto!"

Urioch watched Sal as the man laughed and chatted his way back to the bar. "He seems quite fond of you."

I groaned. "God knows why. All I did was help out during the power outage." Okay, so I healed his granddaughter. Would they have treated a doctor like this? "All of a sudden, I was a member of the family. I finally had to tell them I was gay, because any time I showed up, he was introducing me to a niece."

Urioch smiled. "It appears the family took the news well." I wasn't all that happy that Urioch found my discomfort amusing.

"I stopped coming because I was scared to death he'd import a nephew from Italy and I'd run out of excuses." The waitress poured our waters. "Thanks Alicia."

"Let me know when you're ready to order." She smiled at Urioch, sizing him up, and then left us alone.

"She wasn't wearing a name tag," Urioch observed, sipping his water.

I shrugged. "She works the lunch shift on days she doesn't have class. We had English 101 together last year."

He just smiled at me, and we settled into an uncomfortable silence. It was uncomfortable for me at least. Urioch seemed more than comfortable; he seemed at peace. Finally, I couldn't take the silent gaze and soft smile a second longer.


"I am enjoying the view."

I frowned. "You're looking at me."


God! I was blushing again. I took a sip of my water and realized I was sweating. I never had a problem with him watching me at the apartment. He always kept an eye on me when we were on patrol. What about being out, in public, and having the most beautiful man on the planet smiling at me, that made me feel so nervous? "This is going to take some getting used to."

"What is?" He leaned in.

I shrugged. "The hand holding and stuff. Having people comment on 'us'. It's different in real life than it was in my head."

"How so?"

"I don't know." I looked about, worried that everyone was staring, but they weren't. Other than the stray glance, I didn't think anyone was paying us any attention. "I guess I'm worried people will think we're weird, or deviants, or something."

Urioch sat back. "To any normal person, Jason, we are. I am an alien, working as a paranormal police officer, in a society of humans. Any time I step outside the apartment, I am met with curiosity. Occasionally I am met with fear, distrust, or even open hostility. I do not think my choice in partners will significantly change that reaction."

I sighed. Whenever I thought my life was difficult and bizarre, Urioch reminded me how little I knew about it. "You're right. I keep forgetting what it's like for you."

"What it will be like for us," he corrected. "You will never have a normal life with me, Jason. I can hope that it will be a happy one, but I cannot promise you normal."

I smiled, quoting Shaed, "Normal is boring."

"If you would be more comfortable, Jason, I will not be demonstrative of affection in public." He wasn't going to take it away now that I was getting it. Fears or not, I wanted it all.

"I just need to get used to it all, Urioch. It's only been a week." I shrugged, and grinned as I heard Sal laughing at another table. "I should have warned you about Sal."

"I am glad you did not. I enjoyed the surprise." Looked back at Sal for a moment and nodded. "Never undervalue the importance of contacts and good acquaintances, Jason. A strong network of friends is invaluable."

Dinner was, as all meals were at Skylines, incredible. Urioch had the salmon. I tried to eat my way through a plate of stuffed shells, but no one could eat that much. I knew from experience that they reheated really well the next day for lunch.

I eyed the cart rolling our way with a sense of doom. I was stuffed. Eating only a bite or two of desert wouldn't happen. "I'm glad we can fly home. I don't think I'd fit in a car."

Not only couldn't I have fit in a car after desert, I wasn't sure I was going be able keep my pants buttoned. We flew home, over stuffed and sleepy, with doggie bags. I groaned as we got into the apartment. "I think I'm going to explode."

"My belt is uncomfortably tight," Urioch agreed, while taking the doggie bags to the fridge.

"I'm going to get into something forgiving, like extra large sweats." I waddled into my bedroom, or at least if felt like I'd waddled, and got out of my clothes and into some sweat-shorts. Even underwear waistbands were too tight. Coming back out, I collapsed on the couch. "It's great food, though."

"Yes, the food is excellent, even if the portions are unreasonably large for a single sitting." Urioch disappeared into his bedroom and came back out similarly attired. God he looked good without a shirt. I'd have loved to have seen him in a bikini on the beach. "Would you like to listen to some music?"

I nodded absently as the effect of pasta and cheese hit my system. Next to warm milk, creamy Italian food was the surest way to put me to sleep. "Note for the future," I chuckled as Urioch lit a couple candles and settled down on the couch with me, "Romantic dinners should not include heavy Italian food."

Urioch looked at me curiously. "Why not?"

"I'm too tired afterwards to do anything romantic."

Urioch smiled, pulling me over onto his chest while we lay on the couch. That was my favorite way to spend a quiet evening. Urioch would lie on the couch, reading, and I'd lie against him, listening to something or reading my own book. "I believe the idea is that you are left too calm and sated to 'get away'."

"News break," I retorted, propping myself up to look at him, "I'm not trying to get away."

"I noticed," he whispered, pulling me the few inches it took to bring our lips together. He tasted like alfredo sauce, chocolate and a couple other things. We should have brushed. His hands wandered my back as I pressed myself more completely against him. My overstuffed stomach wasn't pleased, but I loved the feel of his flesh against mine. I nibbled his soul-patch, along his jaw, and began suckling on his ear. I felt him throb against me, and his grip became more demanding.

I pulled off his ear. "Wow. Are they really that sensitive?"

Urioch smiled, looking a little glazed. "When I am in a receptive mood, my ears are very sensitive."

I leaned back in, running my tongue around the edge of his ear, from the lobe to the point. Urioch groaned. I whispered to him as I kissed my way back down. "How sensitive?"

"Sensitive enough that it would be unwise to continue this game," he said, pulling me from his ear. I sat up, finding him hard beneath me. Maybe there were a few ways to unlatch his patient self control.

"Why?" I wanted back at his ears. My nipples were a hot spot, but if his were his ears, I wanted to find every possible way of making them buzz.

"I do not want to request something of you that you are not ready to give." I leaned back in, chewing on his other ear. He moaned.

"I want you Urioch, every painful inch." I ran my teeth along the edge of his ear, nipping at the tip, and he gasped. "I want new memories." I ran my chin back along his ear and sat back, grinding myself against him. "Just take it slow, and stop if I ask."

Though his eyes were glazed with desire, he studied my face. "Are you sure?"

I nodded. "Make love to me, Urioch." Pushing his sweats down, I ran my hand along his shaft. He closed his eyes, a soft sigh leaving his lips as I got a really good look at him. I wanted that in me. He looked nothing like Craig. Craig, thank God, had not been huge and he'd been cut. Urioch's cock was long, thick, veined differently than mine or any picture I'd seen on the web, and the head was a bit more flanged. All I knew was that I wanted to taste him.

I kissed my way down his body, enjoying the unusual musk that was rising from him, and kiss him. His fingers slid though my hair as he sighed. "Oh, Jason..." I licked him slowly; eyes closed, and just let my empathy expand. He tasted so good. It wasn't quite the same as a man's flavor, but it was close. I would get used to the difference.

Urioch pulled me off him, after several minutes of lavishing his cock with my lips, and kissed me. "Let us go to the bedroom, Jason."

He carried me there, one arm holding me to him while we kissed, his other hand gripping my shorts and pulling them past my knees. I ended up on my back, naked, with Urioch pressed against me as we kissed.

I was gone. Craig had fucked me, body and brain, for two years. Marauder had given me a few hours of attention and lust. I wanted the rest of it. I wanted the love, the lust, and I wanted to fuck. I was actually aching for it. I humped up against him as he chewed on my shoulder. His hand slid down between us and he dipped his fingers in the pool we were making on my belly. Shifting his weight, he kept one thigh between mine and began teasing me open slowly while we kissed. I stiffened each time he touched my entrance, but after minutes of slow, circling motions, I relaxed. I gasped into his mouth as his finger breached me.

"I won't hurt you," he whispered, lightly flicking at my hole with his finger, barely going in, slicking me every few strokes in.

"I know," I moaned, as he pressed his finger completely in, tentatively exploring inside me.

I was panting by the time he pressed a second finger in. I felt so loose, but I knew we had a long way to go before he could try getting in. Craig had never been patient. I was lucky if he used soft-soap or cooking oil. He never took the time to relax me, or prepare me. A rough fingering to get some lube in, and that was it. I supposed I should have been happy for that. The first time, with only his precum and sweat as lube, had torn me pretty badly.

Urioch bit my nipple, chewing and sucking on it as he pressed his third finger in. I cried out. It wasn't that it hurt, but the intensity level was building. He pulled off my pec and looked into my eyes as he began to twist his fingers in me. I clenched and relaxed as he hit spots in me I'd forgotten.

He pulled out his fingers, taking up most of the pool we had leaked while he'd fingered me, and slicked himself . He looked into my eyes as he slid between my legs. "Do you want to turn over? It is easier to be mounted that way."

I shook my head. "Craig always fucked me from behind. I want to look at you and know it's you."

He nodded, setting his jaw as he pulled my legs up, bracing himself with his arms behind my knees. "I love you, Jason." My response was a loud, gasping groan as he pressed in. It hurt, but once his head was in, my body just accepted what was happening. He held there, just inside of me, whispering words of love in more than English, until my breathing smoothed out. I just stared into his eyes, reminding myself he wasn't Craig.

"Go slow." I tried to relax as he pressed in, rocking just a little forward and back. Each repetition he slid a little deeper. By the time he was half way in, I was finally getting into it. I'd gone completely soft when he first pressed in, but I firmed back up. "God," I moaned as he rubbed against my prostate again. He was still finding the angle. All of him was feeling good, but when he brushed me right, I knew it.

I wasn't sure he'd ever make it all the way in. I wanted to be able to take him. It wasn't just a want; it was a need. He kept sliding in, a little deeper every few minutes, until finally he stopped, and I felt him resting against me, panting slowly. With his eyes closed, he drew in a deep breath as he pulled all the way back, and then pressed in for his first full stroke. I thought I was going to pass out. I felt like I was only getting out of his way during one long plunge to my heart. Words were long forgotten as he began to move faster. Whatever the angle was, he'd found it because I felt like my body was one overtaxed nerve ending, but not in a painful way. I wanted to cum so badly, but it wasn't happening. Urioch fucked me forever, to the point where I couldn't even think words, let alone make them, and my mouth was dry from crying out, moaning and making noises I didn't recognize. His aura flared, lifting him slightly from the bed as he pounded into me with abandon. He reached between us and gripped me, stroking me in tempo to his plunges, and I blew.

I think I came so hard that it shut down my brain, or maybe I just passed out from the change of blood pressure. I came around with Urioch pressed against me, still twitching inside of me, whispering his love in several different languages. That was sexy as hell.

"Earth to Jason!" Lenny snapped a bar towel at me to get my attention. "Where are you man?"

"Sorry," I mumbled, dragging my attention back to the present. "No where."

Coming close, Lenny leaned in. "Are you okay? You were pretty freaked yesterday."

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay. I'm sorry about running out on you." He shrugged, but I could feel his concerned. "Let's just say that I wasn't prepared to meet 'the ex' in such a compromising position."

"Ewww," Lenny concurred while making a face, "Yeah that sucks. You're okay though, right?"

I smiled, my attention drifting again, and nodded. "Yeah Len, I'm doing great."

I woke with my head on Urioch's chest and my leg draped across his hips. He was on his back, one arm out and one holding me absently, making the most adorable warble, burble sound. I had no idea that aliens could snore; the musical undertone was soothing. My back was stiff, and my ass ached, but I wasn't about to complain about either.

Urioch made love to me for half the night. We only fucked once, but he held me, kissed and caressed me through a few unexpected aftershocks. I never thought I'd cry because something felt so good. I did. All I could think was how I'd spent so long being fucked by someone who never kissed me or even bothered with a wrap-around. I'd expected to be scared, or angry, but grief caught me off guard. At least I said "I love you" a lot more while we made love than I said "I'm sorry" for the moments of emotional upheaval.

I smiled as I realized there was another thing about Urioch that was the same as a human. His morning wood pressed against my thigh. I shifted, taking a better look at the muscle that had fucked a few of my demons away. My finger traced down the thick left vein, and then back up the right one. I looked at it closely. Not that my lust was sated, my curiosity was in overdrive. He had two slits? Maybe it was one but bisected. The dual ridge looked like the difference between a single barrel and a double barrel shot gun. Two tubes, that was for sure.

Urioch moaned softly as I kissed my way down his shaft to get to his scrotum, and he spread his legs slightly. His balls were definitely bigger than mine, but the sack pulled up tight to him as I played with them. He was restless, and I could feel him waking up. I pulled away from his shaft, not sure if I was overstepping.

"You do not have to stop," he mumbled. His eyes were closed, and he breathed deeply as I returned to my explorations. He moaned as I took one of his balls into my mouth and rolled it about.

That was too much for me. Though his cock was definitely becoming the "other white meat" for me, I wanted his lips. "Good morning," I whispered, brushing my lips against his before his arms wrapped around me and pulled me in.

He kissed me back, smiling as we finished. "Good morning." Ugh, alien morning breath.

I looked at the evil clock, just to confirm that I didn't have time to do anything I wanted to do. I sighed. "I have to leave in a half an hour to get to class."

"Then we had better get up," he replied, sitting up with me still against him. I moaned as his shaft slid past me and nestled between my cheeks as I settled into his lap. I could have kept him like that for a lot longer. He curled down, kissing me again. "Thank you."

I smiled. "For what?"

He throbbed against me and smiled. "For loving me, Jason, and for trusting me enough to be here."

"I don't want to be anywhere else," I sighed, wrapping my arms around him and holding myself there.


I snapped out of my happy placed and looked at Janet. "What?"

Pouting at me, she sat down. "I've been talking to you for the last five minutes."

"I didn't see you come in," I mumbled, feeling my cheeks heat up.

"Obviously," she huffed, "you were miles away." Shaking her head, she smiled. "Where ever you were, it was obviously a good place."

"Oh yeah," I sighed happily, "a very good place."

Janet looked at Lenny and rolled her eyes. "He got laid."

"That's none of your business, Miss Nosey." Was it possible to burst a blood vessel in your face from blushing?

"Uh huh," she replied while sipping her coffee, "like we were at all surprised when you and the muscle elf started sucking face at Cryptic."

"That wasn't planned," I objected, taking up my mug defensively.

"How long have you two been playing behind the scenes and not telling us?"

"We didn't," I insisted, putting down my mug after taking a swig. "You found out he was interested the same time I did."

Janet shook her head. "How the hell did you guys hold out so long? Anyone with eyes could see you were both long gone."

I shrugged. "Urioch didn't want to put me in a disadvantage."

Janet sighed. "Big, beautiful and honorable? What kept you from jumping him?"

"I was scared to death he wouldn't be interested." I saw no reason to lie about it now.

"So this really is your first time together?" Lenny looked skeptical.

I groaned. "Yes, damn it. I went home, we had a big talk, went flying, made out, had dinner, made out some more, and then I spent the rest of the night learning how many languages Urioch could speak while burning my brain out with sex." I took another swig of my mug and looked at them petulantly. "Happy?"

Janet grinned. "Yes." She took another sip. "So, how many can he speak?"

I sighed, unable to stay angry when thinking about it, "Over twenty."

She grinned at Lenny again after studying my face. "He'll be useless this evening. I think we should just send him home."

I walked in, dropping my book bag on the counter, and smiled at Urioch. He was on the couch, reading something other than a trade paperback. As I came around to claim a welcome home kiss, I caught sight of the cover of the book and stopped.

"The Joy of Gay Sex?"

He looked up, nodding. "Gay Erotica, like straight romance, conveys some very unrealistic ideas of sex. I thought it would be best to read a more definitive resource on the topic."

He was researching how to make love better? How could it get any better? I sat down on the arm of the couch, caressing his skull with my fingers, as I looked at the page he was reading. "I'm not sure that's fair."

Closing the book, he looked up at me from his lounging position. "How so?"

"You have access to manuals on how to make my toes curl and my brain shut down, but there aren't any manuals on how to make love to an alien with pointy ears." I was only teasing, but it did make me think about the fact that I really had no one to go to with questions or to share notes.

"Does that bother you?"

"Not really," I hedged, tracing my finger down his forehead to stroke a brow. "I just don't want to do something wrong."

Reaching up, Urioch took my hand in his and kissed it. "Just do what you think you will enjoy, or think I will enjoy, Jason. If I do not like it, I will tell you."

I nodded at the book in his lap. "See anything you might enjoy?"

He smiled. "Many things."

That sounded promising. "Like what?"

Flipping open the book, he stopped at a page with two men sucking each other; sixty-nining. "This looked like a good place to start."

I liked that idea a lot. He didn't even make it off the couch. I slid down him, tossing the book aside, and nuzzled against his jeans. We spent a good thirty minutes licking, kissing, tasting, sucking, and otherwise devouring each other. Yeah, he got me off first, but I really didn't see it as a competition. When he blew, I had done something I never imagined doing to Urioch. I had only been teasing his hole the way he'd done to me, but on an up thrust, I slipped in and all he did was groan around my dick and keep going. I finger fucked him for the final few minutes he lasted, and sank in to my palm while he spasmed around my finger as he came. As I sat up and turned around for some more kissing and cuddling, he chuckled. "I like this book."

I lay there, enjoying the afterglow, and wondered just how open Urioch was to it all. He seemed so open about everything that I realized I didn't know nearly enough to keep up with him intimately. It sucked having issues. Even if he wasn't exactly human, he liked the things we did. I eyed the book on the coffee table and knew I had a lot of reading to do.

"Your blood work is excellent, Jason. I think we can take you off the neural stabilizers." Dr. Leonard closed his chart. "Do you have any questions for me?"

"Yeah," I shifted uncomfortably on the examination table, "I think I want to get vaccinated for hepatitis."

Dr. Leonard blinked for a few moments in silence. "May I ask why?"

I shrugged. "I'm having regular sex now, and I'd rather be safe than sorry." Yeah, I'd been catching up on my remedial reading on gay sex. I'd never even heard about hepatitis or several STDs that had nothing to do with HIV. Hell, some of them could be contracted even if you used condoms.

"You realize that you will not be able to donate blood, even in emergencies, once you've been inoculated."

I nodded. "I'm not allowed to give blood now. HIV's been cured for almost a decade, and gay people still can't give blood without lying about their sexuality."

"May I assume by your statement that your partner is a man?"

I nodded.

"Is he human or non-human?" He gave me an apologetic smile. "For a regular person, I wouldn't even ask, but in the hero community." He shrugged.

"If it makes it any easier, I'm dating Urioch."

He nodded. "Ask him if he will release his records to me. He isn't one of my patients. I would like to make certain he isn't hosting any viral or bacterial agents that might be harmful to you."

I stared at him for a while. Alien VD? That had never entered my thoughts. "I'm sure there isn't."

"You're probably right, but if you're going to take the precaution of Hepatitis Inoculation, you might as well cover all your bases. We have inoculations for several human-alien communicable diseases, and I would like start you on those as well." He flipped open my chart and wrote on it. "You realize the Hep A/Bs are actually done over a six month period, shots for A and B strains?"

"Yeah, I got the info off the web."

"I'll send Sara in to give you your first shot." He looked at me. "Talk with Urioch, Jason. I'm sure that I'm being paranoid, but there have been cases of cross species infection."

What had I gotten myself into?

I grumbled as I scrubbed my costume in the hottest water I could stand. I was sore, slicked with burnt oil and lubricants, and it had nothing to do with sex. Clockwork Princes could be messy to take down if you got too close. "What do they use? Motor oil is easier to clean," I complained as Urioch came into the bathroom. Hardly anything stuck to his armor, and what did stick he could usually burn off with his energy blasts. My costume wasn't damaged by much, but that didn't mean I wanted to wear an oil soaked costume.

"Let it soak, Jason. BioTech promised to bring us a solvent that would work." He turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature. "It is more important that you get the chemicals off your skin than out of your costume."

I shoved the argumentative grey material into the water and climbed into the shower. He was right, of course. Urioch was always right. "Do you always have to be right?"

Urioch slid the door closed and picked the lava soap. The stuff could rub you raw, but it also cut oils and shit better than just about anything else. "I suppose not."

He began scrubbing my back, washing me quickly and efficiently. I turned around and he continued. I could have washed my own chest and such, but I liked the attention. "Sometimes you sound more like a computer than a person."

I spread my legs a little as he knelt down, continuing his washing. "You are fortunate I am not a computer, Jason."

I turned around again and he worked his way back up my legs. I was beginning to really enjoy this. "Why's that?"

Standing up, his soapy fingers slipped between my cheeks and brushed my hole. I moaned, and he pressed his now rigid cock against my hip. "A computer would express no interest in this." He pressed his finger in, and I whimpered.

"I'd die of sexual starvation," I moaned as he switched to liquid soap and started fingering me more diligently.

He brought his lips to my ear as he pressed into me. Had we really only been having sex for less than a month? I couldn't remember what it felt like not to have a dull ache back there. "So would I," he whispered, and then thrust half way in. I cried out, rested my cheek and hands against the shower wall, and closed my eyes. God. I loved being fucked.

We probably wasted way too much water, but as we finally dried and got out, I found I just couldn't walk. My legs were still trembling. "How do you keep getting better at that?" I had to sit on the john and wait for my legs to recover.

Urioch, for all his control and logic, was one hell of a fuck. Once we'd established I loved it, and that I wasn't going to freak out or have emotional breakdowns each time we made love, Urioch allowed his passions to come more freely. He was still breathing hard as he got out of the shower, toweling off his chest. "Practice, Jason." He smiled. "You are providing me with plenty of opportunity to perfect my skills."

I smiled. How could I not love a man who strove to perfect his abilities to leave me limp, spent, sated, and happier than I'd ever been in my life? "I wish I could do half the things to you that you do to me."

He looked at me curiously. "I do not believe I have ever discouraged you from anything you have wanted to try."

I shook my head. "That's not what I mean. I mean... just by being you, and being with me, you make me feel more alive... and loved... and..." I couldn't really find the words. I shrugged. "I'm just not all that to you."

Urioch put his towel on the hanger and ran his fingers through my hair. It was finally the perfect length. I could style it, keep it clean, and it looked great, but there was no fuss required. "I would not put my efforts into pleasing you, Jason, if I got nothing in return."

God. I sucked at this shit. Why couldn't I just say things? "I guess I don't feel like I'm giving back as much as I'm getting, Urioch." My legs felt stronger, and I pushed myself off the seat. I looked up into his eyes. "You filled a major hole in me, in my life, that I could never have filled on my own. It's corny, but you complete me. When we're together, sex or no sex, I feel whole." I shrugged. "I just hope I give you something close to that in return."

He pulled me in to a slow, moist, sensual kiss. That was another thing he'd mastered. He could shut down my brain and make me weak with just a kiss. "You are all that to me, Jason."

His eyes nearly glowed as he gazed into mine. I smiled, knowing it didn't matter what we did as long as we were together. "Hungry?"


"Let's go to Skylines. I think Sal will have a fit if we don't show up soon."

He smiled, noting the twinkle in my eyes. "You plan to lull me into a state of food induced lethargy."

"It worked last time."

"True," he replied, sliding his hands down to pull me against him, "I have no regrets."

"Neither do I."