City of Sin

by Marred Beauty

Author's Note:

This is completely fiction. Any reference to any real life instance is completely coincidental. If you're not of legal age or it is illegal to view such material, please leave.

Everything Has a Beginning

I stare out at the river as it passes by, tickling my toes, massaging my feet, as it takes it course down the meadow. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn up to see my best friend of 17 years, Marlina, looking back at me with tears in her eyes.

"I'm so, so sorry Chance," she finally whispers.

I look back to the river as it curves gently to meet the road ahead. Las Vegas...the City of Lights, City of Sin, World-Wide renowned casino city. The city of beauty, or marvel, or riches, and the city that took everything I loved. My mom, dad, brother, sister, everything. Every last one of them I lost to this damned city. Why? Because we were only trying to protect some tourists from muggers.

"Chance?" Marlina asks.

"It's time Marlina. I've had enough."

I just start walking off and leave her standing there. Under normal circumstances, I would comfort her, I would walk her home, tell her everything was ok. But not now, not anymore. The old Chance is no more. I have been scarred for life, and that curse I shall bear alone.

"Chance! You are so going to make us late! Hurry up already!" that's Marlina for you folks, typical girl next door, with stunning looks and a heart of gold. The girl you'd want to take to your parents, the girl you would caress at night, the girl you would do in a heartbeat...if you were straight of course.

"I'm coming damn it. Not my fault the alarm didn't go off!" that's me, classic hopeless romantic, searcher of souls, devourer of pizza.

"Honey, you have to press the red button to set it. You know the one that says 'alarm.'" I scowl and she smirks at me. Typical day for us, joking around and everything.

'Yeah, laugh while you can. Just remember, eat my dust!" I rush to my motorcycle and try and rush off like the maniac I am, or was. I don't know anymore, so much has changed since that day. But that's behind me now. Only to look ahead.

"You freak! Put on your helmet. You know it's not safe."

"Quit being a grandma and just come along already. No need to be jealous. Oh yeah, do you need a ride. I mean, after all, Steve is looking after it for you, isn't he?" Steve was the 20 year old technician down the street. And boy was he hot! He knew it too, and you know what they say, if you've got it, flaunt it. You'd never catch him without a string of 30 or so 'chicks'....or with a shirt for that matter, no matter if it was raining and sleeting.

"Oh don't tell me you don't have the hots for him! Everyone does, and I mean everyone."

"Awww, poor wickle Mawina has a cwush. Aww, isn't that cwute!"

"You'll regret that bitch!"

"You only wish I was your bitch!"

"Hell yeah, and who doesn't?" That made me blush. You see, ever since that day, I've been working out, seriously, hardcore and everything. I had been taking martial arts and karate sine I was 7, but now, I seriously got into it, along with body building. I've developed a nice body and all, so she rubs it in. Futile really though, I never saw myself in that light. God knows how others look at me.

"Shut up and get on!"

"Oooo, do I get to touch you ass! Oh, I'm there!" We both laugh at that little crack; we get along so well, sometimes too well. It even creeps us out, it's like we know what the other is thinking or doing.

"Hands off. This ass is reserved."

"Who's the lucky guy?"

"Wouldn't you like to no?"

I snicker out aloud and regret it immediately. I am probably the most ticklish person alive, and Marlina knows the places where it hurts most.

"Give up?"

"Yes, lemme go. You know I hate that."

"And he wonders why I do it?"



"I don't know him yet."

"Will you ever? Seriously, I worry about you."

"I take my time. Stop being so envious of me. You'll get your choice after me naturally."

"You know, if I didn't love you so much, I'd have to kill you."

After our lovely little, or not so little, banter, we arrived at the college. Ironic isn't it, a college in a city that teaches you lies and trickery. Oh well, whatever floats your boat.

"Marlina, take care ok?" I softly say to her as she gets off.

"Oh Chance, I'll be fine. Its you I worry about. And don't tell me you can take care of yourself, I know you can. That's not what I'm worried about. You have to learn to love baby. It's the only way."

"It seems whoever I love dies."

"I haven't..." I immediately close her mouth with my hand.

"Don't even say it. Never."

"Alright baby, just take care ok?"

"I'll be fine. You have my cell number right?"

"Chance, I've known you for mine and your whole life. What do you think?"

"Ok, ok, I get the point. Have fun."

"Don't break any hearts Chance."

"Like that's going to happen."

We leave each other after that. I head off to study law. How fun! Not! And so my dull life begins anew....

3 hours in and I find myself standing at the cafeteria. I spot Marlina and whoa, who's that with her? Can we say hottie?

"Umm dude, you're blocking up the line."

I'm pushed out of reverie and quickly proceed through the lunch line. I'm not even sure what I'm getting, my eyes are like fixed on that angel. I start to walk towards where their at when I just stop.

How long are you going to make Marlina be your shadow? How long are you going to keep her single? Haven't you done enough damage here? It was your parent first, then your siblings, and now your best friend. She's probably going to end up dead too, like the others. They were saving you when they died. You had to be so in lust with the that boy that you couldn't even tell you were putting everyone in danger by trying to save him.

No, it's my damn conscience.

That's right. And I'm back with a vengeance. Let her be. Let her get a boyfriend. Just because you can't doesn't mean she shouldn't be able to.

I swerve off to a side and throw the lunch that I just got out into the trash can. I head outside and just start walking and thinking of course.

What can I do?

Other than cry, not much.

Stop, please.

Why should I? Why should you get to live and they die when they were so much better than you?

Please, leave me alone. Leave me be.

Tell me Chance, why? Why shouldn't you die? Why don't you try and get revenge?

Revenge is wrong.

Revenge is wrong? What kind of baby are you. Think Chance, you know how to fight. Thank God you know that at least.

So, what should I do?

Now we're talking. Who's your hero?

My dad.

Perfect, why don't you become like him?

You mean, like protect the citizens of this town?


But it's Las Vegas, it's too big.

That didn't stop you dad.

But he knew everything. I don't know much except to fight.

Who's to say that's not enough?

But, that's absurd.

You're such a wuss Chance. You'll never be more than a low life.

NO! I'm better than that.

Who are you trying to fool Chance? It's not working. Don't you really think Marlina's gotten tired of you?

But she's my best friend. Best friends don't leave each other.

Listen to yourself, you crybaby. I can't believe your 18.

What do you want me to do?

Fight without sight. Listen to the wind. Befriend gravity. Defy physics. Learn to live. Never see with those cursed eyes again.

Then it is done?

Yes, now go.

I ran out to my motorcycle and hopped on. I came to Marlina's house in record time. I went up to my room in their house (since I was guardian-less, her parents took me in) and gathered all my stuff. I quickly scratched her a note. With everything packed and the room sparkling clean, I left with a heavy motorcycle and a light heart. For the first time in my life, I was doing the right thing. No longer would Marlina be under the curse that lived within me. She was long last.

....I Love you Marlina.



Marlina's Viewpoint

"Come on in. I don't know where he went. This isn't like him to just ditch me. Something important must have happened. I mean he won't even pick up his cell."

"Aren't you a little worried?" That's Dustin. What a hunk! And not only that, he's charming and brilliant. What more could you ask for?

"If it was anyone else, yes. But this is Chance we're talking about. He just goes off sometimes to the river and he can take care of himself. It lets him think. He often leaves his cell too."

"Wow! Your house is so neat."

I quietly laugh. He's so adorable. I unlock the door and step in. Sure enough, Chance's cell is sitting on the counter.

"What did I tell you? That bitch, he's going to pay."

I pick up the cell and start walking outside to the riverbed. A chill makes its way up my back. Something feels very wrong, very, very wrong. I rush to the riverbed but Chance is no where in sight.

"Marlina, is something wrong?"

I can hear the anxiety in his tone. Unfortunately, I don't know how to calm or soothe it.

"Call my mom and dad. The number is on the fridge."

I rush back into the house and upstairs. I open the door to Chance's room. The sight that meets me chills me to the bones. I back up until I hit something. I swerve around and find myself in Dustin's hand.

"Their on their way. What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost?"

I break the embrace and run into my room. There, on my bed, is a letter.


I've been dreading this for so long. I scramble to open it up and I finally get the seal undone. A torn picture falls out. Tears stream down my eyes. I slump to the floor. This was ours! Our picture. I get up and proceed to the secret safe under my bed and open it up. I take out a torn picture and place it next to the other one. The picture that we promised we'd both have no matter what. The picture that bore our tie. The picture that held the bonds of us together. One side, my side, was of Chance. The other, Chance's side, was of me. Together, they showed us hugging and smiling in the background when we were only 10. I pick up the letter and start to read...

Dear Marlina,

I'm so sorry I never saw it before. I was too conceited and self-centered to even think of how you were feeling. Seeing you with that guy at lunch made me realize what I've been keeping you from. I'm a curse that should never, ever, know the meaning of love ever again. Don't worry though, I still have our memories. Don't try and find me though, please. This is my life to live Marlina, and I should live it alone. Forgive me.


Yours always and true, Chance

P.S. I love you Marlina. Never forget that.

Back to Chance's Viewpoint

I love you Marlina.

I shot up out of bed. Drenched in sweat again? That's like the third time this month. Oh well. I feel my way around and lead myself to the bathroom where I grab my towel and dry myself off.

"Having trouble sleeping again Chance?"

I merely nod.

"Want help?"

I shake my head.

"Well get cleaned up and back to bed. You need the rest."

I simply nod and continue on.

Where am I? How did I get here? What happened? When is now? I'll tell you, just listen. It's been a year now, a year since I ran away without a trace of where to go. I was just riding along aimlessly when a drunk driver hit me. I never saw it coming. It just happened. Of course, being cursed, I could not die, and I lived. But to never see nor talk again. The doctors say that I might yet get both of them back. But I've given up hope, a long time ago. I live with Prof in the suburbs of Las Vegas; it seems I cannot escape the place. He took me in, gave me shelter and food and clothing, no questions asked. I unfortunately chose the name Lance, so as to keep my true identity hidden. I feel terrible for lying to people, but I have no choice. Prof is the only one who knows my story. He didn't even ask. I decided to tell, and for that I am thankful. But I fear he too may be cursed. He has explained to me over and over that it is not true, but I have that strange feeling in my stomach. I have learned to over see it though; I have learned to do so many things. I have learned to be graceful, even dance in battle, when fighting without the use of sight. Over the course of the year, I developed a keen ability to feel around me without using my body, to listen to the smallest things, to see through sounds and touch. And for that, I have Prof to thank. He readied everything.

Tonight will be the first night I venture out into the night. The first night to try out what I am to become. It was my will, and Prof's wisdom that brought it all together. When I laid the plain out for him, he was skeptical at best at the beginning, but as time wore on, he saw how determined I was and conceded. He designed the costume which is rather simple. All black, a flowing cap, a skin-tight leather suit, a bandana to cover the eyes and 2 daggers, 1 katana, 4 guns, and a pouch to carry other essentials such as bullets. He took me to practice, taught me all the different ways to use the weapons. I suppose I've become a killing machine.

Corny isn't it? I mean we've seen the whole Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Daredevil things. But this is reality, and who is to say that movies have a footing in such reality? Laugh if you want, but I will not rest each night until people are at peace in this city of horrible memories, the city of sin, my city.

...I know you'd be proud dad. Mom, I promise you no more children will be hurt as long as I live under my watch. Bro, no more rapes. Sis, no more robberies. This I promise to you. And Marlina, I'm returning, but as someone else...someone who you will know as Sin...

Author's Closure:

This is my first story and I know it is a twisted spin-off of Daredevil, but oh well. Should I continue? Email me your thoughts and comments to