Fic: Closer IV

Closer IV

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: Fiction.

Rating: R

Fandom: American Idol Slash

Summary: Heejun Han never went out at nine.

Author's Notes: I apologize for the racial remarks ahead of time. I am sure Heejun's mother is a lovely person in real life; just not in this story. Also, this work is completely unbeta'd and to be honest, I'm not completely satisfied with it, but hopefully it'll get better.

Closer III

Los Angeles, CA 2010

"Don't close the damn door!"

Heejun sighs deeply. He doesn't even have to turn around to know it is his arch nemesis Johnny Keyser yelling at him. As much as he wants to close the elevator doors to just spite Johnny, he's a much bigger man and holds the doors open for Johnny.
Johnny charges inside and without even saying word slams his fist on the button numbered one.

"You're welcome," Heejun whispers aloud.

Almost immediately, Johnny is in his face. He grabs Heejun's shirt collar and pulls him closer until his lips are inches away from his ear.

"Don't you fuckin' mock me," he hisses.

"I wasn't mocking you, Johnny," Heejun responds.

Johnny, satisfied with the response, lets Heejun go. Heejun adjusts his shirt and steps away towards the back of the elevator. He's humming a song to himself when Johnny interrupts him and catches his attention.

"I saw what you did last night."

"Excuse me."

"You and Phillip," Johnny says, turning around to face Heejun, again. "I know what you're doing. Trying to start a bromance thing with Phillip so it can take you far. Well, it isn't going to work. I've gotten him already."

"What are you talking? This ain't Survivor. We don't need to form alliances," Heejun responds. "And if the only reason why you're friends with him because of this bromance thing that you think will take you far, then you aren't a true friend at all and don't deserve him."

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Johnny is now inches away from Heejun, again, and in his face. "Are you obsessed with my bro or something? You want to suck his cock or something?" Heejun is completely silent, turning away to avoid looking at Johnny. "No?"


"Then fuckin' stay away from him!" Johnny yells at him before getting off the elevator.

"I wish I could," Heejun murmurs to himself then presses the button for the fifth floor.

He is no longer hungry. Thanks to good ole Johnny, he has just lost his appetite for breakfast. He is heading to his room when a new and unfamiliar face breezed by. If there is one thing he's really good at, it is his photographic memory. He remembers everything. This dark haired man with a beard and glasses he has never seen before. If he has to venture a guess, this man must be Phillip's roommate who has just arrived last night. Surreptitiously, he follows the man down the hallway. When the man turns around, Heejun leaps to hide behind the wall. He emerges just in time to catch a glimpse of a guitar case by the foot of the bed. Yes, Room 513 is Phillip's room, just six doors away from him. He waits nearby, pacing back and forth. When the door opens, he perks up and speeds up towards Room 513. He is met with disappointment when only the man comes out.

"Good morning," the man greets.

"Good morning," Heejun returns the greeting.

"I'm Adam Brock from Washington."

"I'm Heejun. Heejun Han from New York."

"Big city."

"Not really."

"Where about-"

"I haven't seen you around," Heejun interrupts Adam, "you just arrived here?"

"Last night."

"I thought this was an all-male floor, but I thought I saw pretty lady last night."

"That must be my wife," Adam says, blushing.

"You're lucky you can have a room with your wife."

"Oh, no. She's not staying."

"Then you must be lucky to have a room all to yourself."

"No. I have a roommate. Kid's name is Phillip Phillips from Georgia. Can you believe that's his name? But he's mad talented."

Heejun smiles, thanks Adam, which leaves the man with a baffled look on his face, and walks away. Suspicion has been confirmed. Phillip Phillips is staying in room 513. He returns to his room to freshen up and is thankful to find Colton still sound asleep by himself and no one else. A few splashes of water on his face and Heejun is ready to go downstairs for breakfast. When he arrives, he immediately seeks out Adam. When he finds him, he sits down without even asking for permission. Chances are high Phillip will choose to sit with his roommate. Chances are high up until the point when Johnny sits down at the table next to them with his fangroup of girls. As Johnny sits down, he turns around to give Heejun a smug grin. Heejun ignores him and shifts his attention to his plate of omelets and toast although his appetite still hasn't returned yet. He's playing with his food, trying to keep busy, when Haley jumps out of her chair, nearly knocking the table off its feet as she does so, and announces Phillip's arrival. Immediately, Heejun gets to his feet. He makes a quick turn and catches Phillip's smile as he walks across the floor. Before Phillip can shift either way, Heejun rushes to greet him.

"Good morning, Phillip. Would you like to join me and your roommate, Adam, at this table?" Heejun asks politely.

"Good morning, Heejun." Phillip looks over Heejun and acknowledges Adam. "Hey, Adam."

"Hey, Phillip. C'mon. Have a seat."


"Phillip, I saved you a seat here," Haley says, pouting her lips and batting her eyelashes.

"Yeah, I don't-"

"Phillip, get your ass over here!" Johnny snaps.

"Hey!" Heejun pushes Phillip aside and steps in front of him. "You can't talk to him like that."

"What are you going to do if I want to talk to him like that?!" Johnny challenges Heejun.

Before Heejun can respond, Johnny jumps out of the seat and effectively knocks over the table to charge at Heejun. The impact sends Heejun to the floor, but he's quick to his feet and goes after Johnny who is now dragging Phillip towards his table. Heejun latches onto Phillip's arm and pulls the boy away then proceeds to engage in a fist fight with Johnny. Several punches are thrown, none of which makes contact for either boys. A few feet away, Phillip is yelling at them to stop and when they don't, he steps in between them to break up the fight. More punches are thrown. This time one of Johnny's fists slams into Phillip's stomach, sending the boy to the floor in pain. Heejun stops momentarily to attend to the boy's needs. Before he can even check up on the boy, Johnny's fist connects with his jaw. As they wrestle on the floor, Phillip is writhing just feet away. It is Adam who finally comes to the boy's rescue.

"Phillip, are you okay, buddy?" Adam asks as he helps the boy off the floor.

Phillip shakes his head and buries his face in Adam's chest. "No," he sobs.

"Okay. Gotta get you out of here," Adam says before hauling the boy to his feet. "You'll be fine," he assures him.

Meanwhile Heejun and Johnny are still struggling for dominance. Hallie darts out of the dining room and within seconds, she returns with one of the security guards, who quickly intervenes and puts an end to their fight. By the time they are finally separated, Phillip is long gone and both Heejun and Johnny lose their appetite for breakfast. Johnny leaves the hotel for a smoke while Heejun quickly makes his way up to the fifth floor. He arrives at room 513. Not knowing what to do, he simply waits by the door until someone comes out. Eventually, Adam emerges from the room. Heejun is quick to his feet, ambushing Adam as soon as he steps outside of the room. He tries to peek inside, but Adam has already closed the door.

"Is he alright?" Heejun asks Adam.

Adam nods. "He's sleeping. That boy really loves his sleep. What about you? You look like you could use some stitching," Adam says, referring to the gash on Heejun's forehead.

"I'll be okay," answers Heejun. "I just wanted to make sure Phillip is okay."

"The blow really did a number on him, but I gave him some Tylenol so he's doing okay now."

"I'm happy to hear that."

"You seem to care a lot about him. You guys best buds here?"

"I just met him five days ago," Heejun replies, "we just clicked."

"He's lucky to have someone like you," Adam comments, to which Heejun blushes. "Well, I gotta go. Have some practicing to do before the first round of competition."

"Have fun, Adam. And good luck."

"You, too, my friend," Adam says and then walks away, leaving Heejun to wait by the room.


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