*NOTE* I do not claim to know the celebrities mentioned below or their sexual preferences. This fictional story was written solely for entertainment purposes only and does NOT imply the sexual preferences of said celebrities or anything about their personal lives. Enjoy!

The air was chilly in Miami as the tour bus pulled into the exclusive Delano hotel on South Beach at around 11PM. The men exited the bus and made their way into the grand lobby, where their tour manager went to take care of the rooms. He came back shortly after and handed out the keycards to everyone as a couple of bellhops made their way to help them with their luggage. They all made their way to the large elevators across the lobby. The elevator ride was filled with chatter of the tour until they finally arrived on their floor. Each man found their room as the hallway became desolate once again. Nelly smiled and tipped the bellhop as he placed his suitcases in the foyer of his room. He went to the bed and took his cap off and threw it, along with his two-way and wallet on the king-sized bed. He sat on the edge as he took off his sneakers and socks. He walked over to the window and looked out at the moonlit ocean. The room offered a luxurious view of the ocean and city as Nelly got lost in it for a moment. Realizing that he needed a shower in the worst possible way, he came back to reality and went to fetch some clothes from one of his suitcases.

Rays of sunlight shone into the room as Nelly began to stir in his bed. He placed a pillow over his head and caught another hour of sleep until the sun became overwhelming. He sat up on the bed and began rubbing his shoulders and biceps because they were tense for some reason. He went through his usual morning routine and was putting on a pair of pants as he heard his phone vibrate on the nightstand. He reached over to it and flipped it open.

"What's up nigga?"

"Chillin man. You wanna get something to eat?" his best friend's voice came back.

"Where you going?"

"Don't know yet. We were going to just ask some locals on some good places to eat around here."

"And what if you get caught huh?"

"Then we get caught nigga! You coming or what?"

"Naw durrty. I'm good."

"Aight man later."


Nelly went to his suitcase and found a tight black shirt to go with his pants and put it on. He went to the phone in his room and grabbed the menu from under it. He scanned the breakfast section, deciding on some blueberry pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, and orange juice. He picked up the phone, ordered it, and then went back to his suitcase to fetch his Playstation 2. He hooked it up to the large plasma-screen TV, although he didn't feel like playing right now. He was flicking through the channels as his food came. He reached for his wallet, walked to the door and opened it. He tipped the server as he left and closed the door behind him. Nelly sat on the sofa and pulled the tray in front of him as he began to eat. He ate everything he ordered, not realizing how hungry he was. He stayed on the couch, watching TV and relaxing for a while. The venue where they would be performing was not to far away from their hotel, meaning they had more free time on their hands.

The first show in Miami went as scheduled with tons of fans screaming for more. The bus ride back to the hotel was unusually quiet as each man was caught up in doing their own thing from writing lyrics, to having personal conversations. Nelly just laid in his bunk, not wanting to get in anyone's way. He didn't say anything to anyone until they all emerged from the elevator on the floor of their rooms. They all said good night to each other as they made their way into their respective rooms. Nelly, deciding not to shower at the arena, grabbed a pair of boxers and some red silk pajama pants and made his way into his bathroom. He emerged about fifteen minutes later with a towel draped around his neck. He removed it and hung it on a nearby chair and made his way to his bed. His neck and shoulders were a bit sore but he wasn't tired. He then remembered that he hooked up his Playstation 2 to the TV and quickly got up to get some games. Deciding on the newest Madden game, he grabbed a controller and walked back to his bed. He played for a long while until he glanced at the clock on the nightstand behind him. It was 4:45 in the morning and he was confused as to where the time went. He clicked off the gaming system and made his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He used the same towel as earlier to dry his hands and face and then plopped himself onto his bed. He was a bit surprised when his mind didn't wander away from him and he fell asleep rather quickly.

The last show in Miami was an even greater success than the first and each man was visibly happy that they didn't have to work for the next couple of days. They all entered the bus with grins on their faces as they made their way back to the hotel. The tour manager told the group that he, and the rest of the road staff, planned a party for them, for all their hard work and making the tour such a hit. Each man obliged and accepted the invitation to the party, which was going to be held at a club that was walking distance from the hotel. It was already 11PM when everyone got back to their rooms. They all showered and got changed in rapid time and soon after, were walking to the club in a huge group. Outside the club was packed as the tour manager ushered the group to the back, where they entered and made their way up to the V.I.P. room. It was large, tastefully decorated, and had ten bottles of Cristal already chilling. Murphy Lee broke away from the group and quickly grabbed a bottle of Cristal and a few expensive crystal glasses. He was eventually able to get everyone a glass, while some others grabbed bottles as well. They all began pouring the expensive liquor into their glasses and looked at Murphy Lee as he loudly cleared his throat.

"I would like to make a toast," he said as he raised his glass. "This is for our kick ass tour, lives, and friendships. I love you guys and I wouldn't trade these past years with you for anything. Now let's complete this wild ass tour and get paid!"

"Here, here!" everyone said in unison as they laughed.

"I don't know about you boys, but I see myself on that dance floor right now," he said as he left the room.

"Just be careful!" one of the producers screamed after him.

Slowly the group separated. Some went on the dance floor, while others went to get more drinks and just relax in the V.I.P. room. Nelly, assuming that T.I. was going to stay in the V.I.P. room, left and went downstairs. It was too painful for him. He stole looks at T.I. all night. He couldn't stop thinking about how good he looked. He wore a pair of black Jordan's, a black silk pair of Versace pants, a silver Versace long-sleeved shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his forearm, and a pair of shades and cap that brought everything together. He looked sexy as hell. Nelly had to stare at the floor as he walked out of the V.I.P. room. He slowly walked down the stairs and emerged on the first floor of the club. It was dark, with the exception on the multi-colored lights swirling everywhere. He found his way to the bar and ordered another drink as he sat there. He wanted to dance but the only person he wanted to dance with, he couldn't. He quickly turned around as he felt someone softly caress his bicep.

"Hey sexy!" s gorgeous black woman whispered into his ear, as she left her hands on his bicep. "You wanna dance?"

"Yea," Nelly heard himself say, not sure why he did so.

He slowly got up as the sexy girl interlaced their fingers together and pulled him out onto the dance floor. She grabbed him close as he did the same. They began moving to the beats, slowly at first until they got a rhythm going. Nelly really wasn't into it, but he kept doing it for a lack of anything better to do. He didn't want to go back to the V.I.P. lounge yet because he didn't know if T.I. was there or not. The girl's dancing got hotter as she began to pull their bodies together. She wrapped her hands around Nelly's waist as she began to lick his atom's apple. He needed to feel good. He only let her continue because he needed to feel good. He compared her to T.I., which she lost, but he realized that he could have her, so he let it go on.

T.I. emerged from the bathroom in the V.I.P. room, wiping his hands on a sheet of paper towel as he noticed that he was the only one there. Seeing that the real party was on the floor below him, he made his way out of the room and down the stairs onto the first floor. He sat by the bar and just looked into the crowd as he listened to the music that blasted into his ear. He noticed that the crowd parted a little as he saw a hot couple making out on the dance floor. His eyes slowly ran from the woman to the man. He looked closer at the man, finally realizing who it was. A sharp pain shot through him as he sat there and stared at the couple making out. He felt as if his heart was just ripped out from his chest as he quickly got up from the bar and made his way upstairs. He was relieved that no one was in the V.I.P. room as he entered and slammed the door behind him. He tried the best he could to hold back the tears he felt forming behind his eyes. They began to water as he made his way to the bathroom to get some paper towels. He stood in the bathroom for a long while staring at himself in the mirror. He emerged back into the room and sat on a couch at the corner of the room. His eyes stopped watering but he was visibly shaken and upset. He couldn't let the others, especially Nelly, see him like this. He fought hard against himself to cover up everything he was feeling at the moment as he rested his head on his knees. He was emotionally exhausted. He hated this. He didn't want to play this game anymore. He heard the door open a short while later and voices entering the room.

"You aight man?" one of the producers asked him.

"Yea. I just got a huge headache," he lied.

"You wanna get up out of here?" Murphy Lee asked as he entered the room.

"Naw. I'll wait for you guys."

"Man we're done anyway. I just gotta go find Nelly and we'll be out aight?"

Hearing his name sent another shockwave of pain through T.I., but more than anything, he was mad. He knew he had no right to be, but he was and couldn't help it. He told one of the tour managers that he was heading out by himself and then left the club the same way he entered. He slowly walked back to the hotel, his mind reeling with thoughts. He didn't want to explain to himself why he got so upset at the club because he already knew the answer. He wanted Nelly. He didn't want anyone else touching him. He came to the entrance of the hotel, but didn't want to go to his room. He looked a bit further past the hotel and saw that the beach was only a short way from the hotel. He headed in that direction. He needed to be alone to think and the wind felt great against his face. He stepped on the sand and walked towards the water.

The moon was full in the sky as he sat on the sand, rested his hands on his knees, and stared at the crashing waves. He wanted to be anywhere but here right now. He didn't want to deal with this. He didn't want to have to look at Nelly and pretend that everything was okay when it wasn't. He was so confused about everything. The waves did their best to calm and relax him but he was too far on edge to have anything calm him down. His fingers played with the sand beneath him as he thought. He didn't know what to do and hated it. He stayed out by the ocean for a long while, staring off into oblivion, and thinking. It didn't help though. He was still wounded and didn't want to do this anymore. No one has ever gotten to him the way Nelly did. And when he saw him kissing someone other than him, something reacted inside him. As much as he tried to convince himself that he didn't care about Nelly, deep down he knew that was a lie. He realized that he was developing deep feelings for the older rapper and that scared him. He got up off the sand and left the beach with more questions than answers. This wasn't how he expected to feel during his free time from the tour.

Nelly woke up the next morning with his head throbbing. He slowly walked to the bathroom to get some pills and then made his way to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He sat on the side of the bed as he swallowed the pills and drank from the glass. He rested his head on a pillow and began messaging it with his hands. This was the first time he ever drank so much. Almost all of last night was a blur to him but he did remember that he was making out with a female on the dance floor. He rested like this for a couple more hours, until he was stable enough to get up and shower and get something to eat. It was a little past lunchtime, so he ordered lunch from the hotel. He relaxed in his room for the rest of the day. The sun was setting over the horizon as he was playing his Playstation 2. He was feeling more like himself since the morning and continued to play as he heard a knock on his door. He got up and went to get it.

"Ay man! What's up?" Murphy Lee said.

"Sup man?" Nelly said as he moved to let Murphy pass into his room.

"Haven't heard from you all day. You aight?"

"Yea man. Just recovering from last night."

"Oh. Well we're going out now. You wanna come?"

"Out? Where?"

"Probably another club."

"Nah durrty. I'm straight."

"Well you mind if I hang up here until the boys come to get me? I told them I'd be up here with you."

"Yea no problem."

Both men made their way to the couch and began playing the game. They talked about their vacation so far and life in general and waited a long while for that knock on Nelly's door. Nelly loved his best friend but he wanted to be alone tonight. The crew showed up, late as usual, with a surprise; T.I. Nelly looked at him, and instantly got a cold vibe. T.I. wouldn't even look at him.

"You finally decided to come with us nigga?" Murphy asked T.I.

"Naw shawty. These niggas just dragged me up here hoping I'd give in and go. But I'm not up for it tonight."

"That's cool man. Hey you can hang out up here with Nelly. He's not going either."

"It's aight. I think I'll just chill in my room," T.I. said as he continued to stare at the floor.

"What happened? Ya'll niggas got into a fight?" Murphy joked.

"Naw man." Nelly said. "You can't force him to stay if he doesn't want to durrty."

"Man just stay up here and chill with my homeboy here," Murphy said as he grabbed T.I.'s arm and dragged him onto the couch. "I don't want him to get lonely."

"I really should be---"

"Man shut up and chill!"

The rest of the crew spent about another half an hour in Nelly's room until they were finally ready to leave. They all left as Nelly followed them to the door. He watched them board the elevator and then walked back into his room. He closed the door to his hotel as butterflies began to waver in his stomach. He was nervous as he walked back to couch and sat down next to T.I., who was concentrating on playing the game. Nelly just sat back and watched for a while, not saying anything. He sensed something was wrong but he didn't know what. T.I. was somehow different. He wouldn't even look at Nelly. He knew something was up.

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