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For the first time in a long time, Nelly felt lucid. He felt focused and that all his problems were a million miles away from him. He only felt this way when he was with T.I. His feelings and desires were overpowering him and he liked it. They shifted positions once again as T.I. felt his back hit the sheets. Nelly kissed him one last time and made his way down to his narrow hips. T.I. threw him two pillows and lifted his waist up and Nelly placed them under him. Nelly was both excited and nervous at the same time. He never did this before but he wanted to express to T.I. how much he meant to him. He saw that T.I. was spreading his legs as he crawled into position. He grabbed the base of his wet dick and gently pressed it against T.I. He shuddered a little but gave Nelly an assuring look, telling him to continue. Nelly slowly began to push into his lover.

"Fuck!" T.I. screamed out in pain as he felt Nelly invading him.

"You okay?"

"This shit hurts."

"You want me to stop?"

"No. I'll get used to it."

Nelly slowly pierced through T.I.'s anal ring with the head of his dick while the younger rapper was slightly whimpering. Nelly rested himself there for a long while until T.I.'s body got used to him. T.I., knowing it was only going to get better with time, nodded to Nelly to slowly continue. He began moving the head of his dick in and out of his anal ring, trying to loosen it up. T.I. knew that this was going to be tough but he wasn't expecting it to be this painful. His insides felt as if it was being ripped open, which, in a sense, they were. He tried hard to fight back tears but couldn't help it as they began to stream down his face. As bad as it was at this moment though, he wanted it more than anything right now and he wasn't going to stop. Nelly, seeing this crawled on top of his body, his dick still inside younger rapper, and went in for a kiss. He used one of his hands to wipe the tears away as they were kissing. T.I. felt reassured when Nelly kissed him and he knew that the pain would be replaced with immense pleasure soon enough.

"It's okay baby," Nelly cooed as he began to suck his neck.

"I didn't think it would hurt this bad," T.I. said in a slightly injured voice.

Nelly went and kissed him again. Every time he did so, T.I. felt the pain subside a little. Nelly, picking up on this, kissed him harder and longer as he slowly pushed more of his dick into T.I. Their tongues fought each other as he kept entering him. He arched his head back as he felt Nelly push more and more into him. The pain was almost too much for him, but he was determined. He quickly grabbed Nelly into another kiss as he felt him push in more.

"Stay there for a minute," he said to Nelly. "Let me get used to you."

"Okay. I want to make this as comfortable for you as possible."

"Well it doesn't feel that way right now. But I want it."

"Don't worry baby. You take all the time you need," Nelly softly said as he kissed T.I. again.

He started licking T.I.'s ear and neck, hoping that he'd forget about the immense pain that he was feeling. Nelly was on a high as he felt more than half his dick surrounded by moist, warm flesh. T.I. was so tight that Nelly could only imagine how he must be feeling. Nelly was by no means small when it came to his dick. He had to give T.I. his props for taking so much of him in. Nelly then became surrounded by an unfamiliar feeling. It was warm and comforting as it took over his whole body. He didn't know what it was but quickly concluded that he liked it. He was busy kissing and licking every part of T.I.'s neck and ears as his moans drove Nelly in an intense state of lust. He started rocking his hips back and forth and T.I. was beginning to feel it.

"Go slow."

"Don't worry baby I know."

Nelly pushed the rest of his dick into T.I. as he felt the younger rapper writhe in pain. He rested himself there as he began placing soft kissing all over his body and lips once again. The made out for a long while until T.I. finally thought he was able to handle Nelly. He kissed Nelly sensually, notifying him that he was ready. Nelly looked into his eyes as he kissed him back. He went back to sucking his neck as he slowly began withdrawing his dick. T.I. squirmed a little when Nelly entered him again, but it wasn't as bad as the first time. He was hurting but the passion was still there. He wanted it. His fingers were stroking Nelly's back as he felt his insides being assaulted by his large invader. The stroking turned into grabbing as Nelly began to get a steady rhythm. T.I.'s fingernails stuck into Nelly's back and tears surged down his cheeks. Nelly felt the pain from T.I.'s nails digging into his back but didn't say anything because he knew how uncomfortable the younger rapper was feeling at this moment. He wanted to stop when he saw the tears but he was addicted. He was addicted to T.I.; everything about him made Nelly want more and more. He was never fulfilled when it came to T.I.

"Oh! Shit!" T.I. screamed.

"I'm sorry baby."


T.I. moved his legs and rested them on Nelly's shoulders. The pain subsided a bit but he still felt it. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. He couldn't believe that he was getting fucked and wanted it. He shifted his body around some more as he finally started feeling some pleasure amongst all the pain. Nelly's thrusts were slowly getting quicker but T.I. was okay with it. He knew that once he got past the initial pain, that the pleasure would be tremendous, but he wasn't expecting this. His pleasure surpassed tremendous and went into feelings and emotions that he couldn't even put into words. His legs were still on Nelly's shoulders, as he started moaning and grunting. Nelly finally settled on a pace and although the pain was still there for T.I., it was drowned out by bliss. Nelly, feeling his dick being enveloped by flesh, was in paradise. He felt T.I. slowly slip his legs off of his shoulders and pull him into a kiss. Their tongues fought as Nelly kept with his pace.

"Make love to me baby," he whispered as he broke away from the kiss and stared into Nelly's eyes. "Make love to me."

Nelly kissed him softly on the lips, which left T.I. wanting more. The pleasure was present more than ever as Nelly continued to work in and out of his lover. T.I.'s screams and whimpering were replaced by moans of bliss. He had no idea he would feel this way. If he would have thought that he was going to be fucked and like it a year ago, he would have thought himself crazy but here he was. His career was miles away from his as he pulled Nelly into another kiss. He could never get enough of Nelly. He was obsessed with him; from the way he kissed to the kind of person he was. It also didn't help that the man was drop dead gorgeous and sexy. T.I.'s emotions went to a place that they have never been before. He was confused about it as Nelly's kiss brought him back to reality.

"Uh! Yea baby! Shit! You feel so good inside me," T.I. moaned as he was licking Nelly's lower lip.

"I had no idea this would feel so good."

"Fuck me baby. Fuck---"

The passion was too much for T.I. to handle. He felt almost no pain now. It was replaced with an overflow passion. He felt a familiar twitch in his balls as he knew what was about to happen. He tried to hold out for as long as he could but it was too much. Without even touching his dick, cum erupted all over his stomach and Nelly's. He moaned loudly as the final ropes of cum came out of his dick. He was spent. Nelly, feeling T.I. clamp firmly around his dick, wasn't going to last much longer. He thrusted faster into T.I.

"I'ma cum soon baby. You want me to do it inside you?"

"Yea baby," he softly moaned as he kissed the older rapper again.

A slight shiver ran up T.I.'s spine as he felt the hot liquid beginning to coat his insides. Nelly was lost as he continued to plow his now semi-hard dick into the rapper. He felt the final ropes of cum leave his dick as he fell on top of T.I.'s body and felt the younger rapper tightly wrapped his arms around him. They stayed this way for a long time, both men too exhausted to do anything else. Once Nelly regained some of his strength, he slowly got up off T.I. and proceeded to pull his soft dick out of the rapper. T.I. fidgeted a little as he felt Nelly pulling out. His ass was sore now. It hurt like hell as he felt tears in the back of his eyes. He needed a shower bad but was too sore and exhausted to get up. He knew that he wouldn't be able to walk normal for a while. He was startled when Nelly wrapped his strong arms around him and started kissing his neck.

"How was I?" he sensually asked.

"Do you even have to ask? Didn't you hear me?" T.I. teased as he turned to face him. "It was better than I ever thought it would be."

Nelly ran his finger along T.I.'s jaw line. "You were awesome baby."

T.I. was about to do the same when he saw a slightly noticeable bruise along his jaw. "I'm sorry about this baby," he said as he touched the bruise and Nelly cringed a little.

"Don't worry. If I were you I'd have done the same thing."

"I don't know what happened. I just couldn't control myself."

"I know. You were angry and hurt. I don't blame you."

"Well you should. I left a bruise on that perfect face of yours."

"You see. With compliments like that then how could I possibly be mad at you."

"I'm sorry."

T.I. moved in and kissed the bruise he had made earlier as he wrapped his hands around Nelly. They embraced each other for a while until Nelly noticed that T.I.'s fell asleep on him. He moved slightly as he stared at him. The same feelings he felt before came back again but they were stronger this time. Nelly, a little nervous and scared, finally figured out what it was. He kept staring at the younger rapper as he slept. He was perfect in every sense of the word. Nelly grabbed the covers and placed it over them as he began to get tired. He moved in and kissed T.I. softly on the lips. He moved slightly when Nelly did this and as Nelly moved his body even closer to his. He never wanted this moment to end as he drifted off to sleep.

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