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Nelly didn't need to be told twice. He moved closer to T.I. as he grabbed his hands and held them. He crawled on top of him and rested his knees on either side of him. He shifted some of his weight onto T.I.'s stomach as he felt him put his arms around him. T.I. was gently stroking his back as Nelly began to kiss him. He could never get enough of T.I.'s soft lips. He wanted more and more every time. The moment slowly became more passionate as the men were too caught up in their own reality to care about anything else. Their tongues fought as T.I. lifted Nelly's shirt a little, allowing his hands access to his bare back. Nelly loved it when T.I. touched him. He loved how it made him feel. He rested his hands on the back of T.I. head as they continued kissing. Nelly wasn't aware when his body slipped lower down T.I.'s torso, allowing the older rapper to fell his hard on. T.I.'s hard dick was pulsating on Nelly ass as he moaned between kisses. T.I. lifted up Nelly's shirt, in an attempt to take it off, when they were both startled out of their reality. Someone was at the door.

"Shit!" Nelly said as he got up and adjusted his shirt. "Why now?"

"Who knows," T.I. said in a low voice. He needed a cold shower bad.

Nelly walked to the door as T.I. grabbed the game controller to give the illusion that he was playing. Nelly looked back at him for a quick second as he opened the door. "What's up man?" he asked as Murphy Lee came into view.

"Chillin man. What you up too?"

"Chillin man. Spanking that nigga T.I. in some Soul Calibur!"

"Oh. He's here?"

"Yea. We just chillin. Come in."

Nelly let his best friend in as he closed the door behind him. "He's over there on the couch."

"What up boy?" Murphy said as he took T.I.'s hand in his.

"Chillin shawty. Whooping this nigga's ass in this game."

"What? He said he was kicking your ass."

"He said that? That nigga lies. I just owned his ass."

"Shut up!" Nelly laughed as he brought Murphy something to drink. "Come on let's play."

"I'm down."

"Why not? Whipping your ass one more time sounds like a good idea to me."

"We'll see about that."

The three men held their own tournament with T.I. emerging victorious once again. The competition was mainly between him and Nelly because Murphy didn't know the game as well as they did. The continued playing as Murphy filled them in on what the rest of the group had planned for tonight, though it was tentative. They would of course go to clubs and party the night away in one form or another. Normally both Nelly and T.I. would be down with this idea, but they wanted to spend time with each other badly. His mind was quickly thinking of something to say to get out of hanging with the crew but he did feel bad lying to his best friend. He also couldn't deny that he wanted to be with T.I. again. He glanced at T.I. and knew he was thinking the same thing.

"So what time you wanna leave here?" Murphy asked both men.

"It doesn't matter to me," Nelly said after a pause. He decided that he'd at least spend some time with his boys before he snuck away with T.I.

T.I., picking up on this as well, said, "Same here shawty. Not a problem with me."

"Well I'll talk to these niggas later and see what's up. Aight ya'll I gotta go take care of some business. I'll catch ya'll boys later."

Murphy got up from the couch as T.I. and Nelly did the same. He shook T.I.'s hand and followed Nelly out of his suite. Nelly shook his best friend's hand as he walked past the doorway. Nelly smiled as he saw Murphy make his way to the elevator and disappear and proceeded to close the door behind him. He walked back into the room to see T.I. playing the game. He sat next to him as he watched the TV.

"So how did you get so good?"

"Practice shawty. Lots of practice. She's not an easy character to master."

"Tell me about it. You got good baby. Real good."

"I know," T.I. said as he set the controller on the floor and faced Nelly. "So where were we?"

"Well, I was just about to make you happy."

"Yea you were! But I think I'll take the initiative this time."

T.I. crawled on top Nelly, as the older rapper has did to him earlier, and started passionately kissing him. Both men were lost in each other as they continued kissing and caressing one another. Nelly's hands ran under T.I.'s shirt and began massaging his strong back. Soft moans escaped his lips as Nelly continued assaulting his mouth and rubbing his back. He felt T.I.'s hard dick press against his stomach as he started kissing his neck. His other hand rested on T.I.'s ass as he felt him begin to gyrate. They kept going further and further until they were interrupted by the ringing of a cell phone. Nelly also felt the phone vibrate against his stomach and it turned him on even more. T.I. slowly got up off Nelly as he reached into his pocket for his phone. Nelly had a noticeable hard on because of the shorts he was wearing. He laid on the couch as T.I.'s voice filled his hotel room.

"Okay. Well I'm on my way to pick it up now."

Nelly just looked at him. "Damn he's sexy," he said in a low voice.

"I'll talk to you when I get there. Aight," T.I. said and clicked his phone and looked up at Nelly. "What are you staring at?"

"Huh? Oh nothing."

"Right. Well listen, I gotta go take care of some stuff."

"What? You're gonna leave me like this?" Nelly asked, motioning to the huge tent in his basketball shorts.

"Sorry baby I gotta go."


"I'll make it up to you later. I promise," T.I. said as he hurried over to Nelly and gave him a quick kiss.

"Baby come on, you can't leave me like this. I want you."

"I can't. I have things to do. Use your hands."

"Shut up!" Nelly pouted. "I don't wanna use my hands."

"Then I guess you'll be that way for a while. I suggest you don't go out in public baby. I don't want everyone seeing what my man's working with."

"Shut up. I'm not your man."

"Yes you are. I love you," T.I. winked as we opened the door.

"If you did then you wouldn't be leaving me like this!"

"I'll call you later baby."

T.I. shut the door behind him and rushed to the elevator. He hated leaving Nelly like that because he was as hard as he was, but he needed to take care of this. He stepped into the elevator and pushed the ground floor. While in the elevator, he called his limo driver, who is always on standby, and told him to meet him in the front of the hotel. He didn't have a cap or sunglasses on but he was only risking the lobby. He though of many other things to get his pulsating dick to subside. Once in the lobby, he had a clear view of his limo as he made his way for it. Luckily for him, the lobby was almost empty with the exception of the employees as he made his way outside into the crisp Miami air. It was chilly as he got into the limo and told his driver where to take him.

Nelly emerged from the bathroom with a towel around his neck and some boxers on. Since he was forced to jack off because of the state T.I. left him in, he decided to take another shower the same time. Feeling too lazy to get clothes out of his suitcase, he decided to stay in his boxers as he sat on the couch and turned on the TV. He started watching a local news program as but was drifting and out of attentiveness. His mind ran over T.I. and stayed on him. He wondered what he was doing. The noise from the TV became nonexistent as he was cloaked in his own thoughts. He wasn't even aware when sleep overcame him.

Nelly awoke to the ringing of his cell phone. He sat up on his bed and rubbed his head as he looked around for his phone. He saw it on the couch as he got up and went to retrieve it. He flipped it open to see who was calling him.

"Hey," he said in a groggy voice.

"Hey baby. What's up?"


"Why do you sound like that? You tired?"

"Naw. I just woke up actually. I fell asleep after you left I guess."

"You okay?"

"Yea. I guess I didn`t get enough sleep last night. So what's up?"

"I just called to see how you were."

"What time is it?"

"It's about six."

"Damn. I've been asleep that long?"

"I guess so baby. So what are we doing tonight?"

"I'm not sure. These niggas will call us eventually with something to do."


"So what was so important that you had to leave me the way you did?"

"I had things to do shawty."

"What kind of things?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"Hell yea! Now tell me."


"So we're keeping secrets now. I see."

"Come on baby. It's not like that and you know it. I just had errands to run."

"So if they're just errands then why won't you tell me what they were?"

"You're impossible you know that."

"So you're not gonna tell me?"

"Why are you acting this way?"

"I'm not acting any way baby. I'm just curious. You left all of this to go run errands?"

"Someone's a little full of themselves."

"Nah. I can't help that you're lusting after me."

"Okay. Are you finished yet?"

"Finished? What am I doing?"

"Acting like a total ass. What's wrong?"

"How am I acting like a total ass? Just because I asked you where you were today?"

"No, because you refuse to drop it."

"Fine. I'll talk to you later."


"I'll talk to you later."


T.I. was confused as he clicked his phone off. He didn't know what just happened. Did he and Nelly just have a fight? He got slightly depressed as he decided to take a shower. Nelly threw his phone on the bed as he stood on the balcony and stared at the darkening sky. He didn't know what just happened. He didn't know why he acted like such a jerk. He continued staring outside until the sky became completely dark. He heard his phone go off in his room and wondered if it was T.I. He picked it up but it wasn't him.

"Sup man?"

"Sup C?" Murphy's voice came back.

"Chillin' man. So what we doing tonight?"

"Well I got the boys over now and we're deciding now. How `bout you get ready and come over. I already called that nigga T.I. too."

"So early?" Nelly asked as hearing T.I.'s name stung him.

"Well we'll chill out here until you guys wanna go."

"Aight. I'll be over in a minute."

Nelly, having already taken two showers, didn't feel right going out without taking one, so he decided to take another one. When he was showering, his mind ran on his awkward conversation with T.I. He knew the younger rapper was going to be there but he didn't know what he was going to say to him. He didn't want things to go back to how they were before, both men feeling awkward around each other, but he feared that it might be that way. He quickly bathed and got out. He rustled through his suitcases for clothes. He decided on a baggy pair of black jeans, a light blue long-sleeved shirt and a new pair of black Jordan's that he bought a short while back. He decided against wearing a hat or sunglasses as he found his favorite cologne. He splashed it on himself as he looked around for his cell phone and clipped it to his pocket. He walked into the bathroom and checked himself one last time in the mirror before he grabbed his wallet and left.

"Sup nigga?" Nelly said as his best friend opened the door to his hotel room.

"Sup man. That was more than a minute," Murphy teased as he let Nelly into the room.

"Shut up man. What up boys?"

Nelly went and shook everyone's hand as he immediately noticed that T.I. hadn't made it yet. The men had a couple of beers and was deciding what they wanted to do. They all heard about a few celebrity parties being thrown but didn't know which one, or ones, to go to. Some of the men just wanted to hit the club scene while others wanted to go to the celebrity party. Nelly personally didn't care as his mind was constantly replaying his last conversation with T.I. He seriously doubted that they would be spending time alone later on because of happened between them. T.I. was going to be here any time and he still didn't know what to say or how to act. He was so deep in thought that he didn't hear when the crew was talking to him.

"Cornell!" Murphy yelled as he punched Nelly on the arm.


"Nigga where the hell were you just now?"

"I was just thinking of some shit. What'd you hit me for?"

"Cuz yo ass ain't paying attention. Where do you wanna go? What do you wanna do?"

"I really don't care man. It doesn't matter to me."

"We should just go to a celeb party. The clubs are going to be packed as hell tonight."

"Yea," Nelly said. "We should just go to Jay's party."

He looked around as he said this and saw all the men nodding and agreeing with him. It was decided. They'd all go to Jay-Z's party and chill out there. The men continued to drink and mess with each other as Nelly got up and walked out onto Murphy's balcony. He was mad at himself. He didn't even know why he was questioning T.I. the way he did. He looked out at the brightly lit buildings as he heard someone walk behind him.

"What's wrong with you man?" he heard his best friend ask in a concerned voice.

He kept staring out to Miami as he said, "I don't know man. I don't know."

"So if you don't know then who would? I'll go ask them."

Nelly was having a hard time concealing his emotions. He wanted to talk to T.I. and make up with him. He didn't want them to be fighting and him feeling like this. "I don't know."

"Is there anything you do know? What's bothering you man? It's obviously something important because you don't get this worked up over small shit."

"It is something important but I don't wanna talk about it."

"Well you have no choice. In case you forgot you're in my place. Now spill."

"Naw man. I'll figure it out eventually."

"Don't make me put your ass in a head lock and force you to tell me."

"You and what army durrty?"

"Oh you gonna try me huh? Aight, you're lucky we're already dressed otherwise your ass would've been mine."

"I'm so sure," Nelly laughed.

"That's all I wanted. For you to smile and loosen up."

"Thanks man," Nelly said as he hugged Murphy.

"Ay, that's what best friends are for." They hugged for a while until Murphy heard a knock on his door. "That's probably that nigga T.I., late as usual. You coming inside?"

"In a minute."

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