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Their lips locked again. Nelly really did feel bad about how he acted, especially now. The thoughts lingered on his mind as he continued kissing and sucking on T.I.'s lips. He ran his hands down his body and abruptly stopped on his dick. Nelly rested his hand there for a second until T.I. convulsed because he gently grabbed it through his pants. He moaned wildly as he licked Nelly's lips and tongue. He began moving his hands down Nelly's back, which only encouraged moans from the older rapper. He rested his hands on his man's ass and gently began squeezing it. Nelly arched his back in ecstasy as he continued to kiss and grope T.I. The men felt their lower bodies still confined in clothes but that wasn't the case for long as they fought their way out of their pants and let their raging hard dicks free.

Nelly sucked his lover's pole like a lollipop, licking the head and all along the shaft. He was able to take most of T.I.'s eight inches in his mouth but he still couldn't take it all in. He gently began stroking his balls as he licked his way down to them. He licked them for a while before taking them in his mouth, while pumping T.I.'s dick. He sucked on them as if they were gumballs as he felt his dick begging for attention. T.I., seeing this, shifted his body around and grabbed Nelly's rock hard dick. He saw that the tip was glistened with precum as he flickered his tongue out and licked it. He took the whole head and a couple of inches in soon after that and began following Nelly's movements. He used his tongue to bathe Nelly's dick with his saliva because he knew it would be needed for later.

T.I. was by no means a pussy, but he loved when Nelly fucked him. Although the first time was riddled with pain, his passion and lust for Nelly grew stronger and stronger and he was getting the same feelings once again. He wanted their bodies to be complete once more. He longed for Nelly to embrace him and take him into the state of euphoria he was in the first time they made love. He continued sucking Nelly's hard member until he had finally had enough. He wanted his man right now.

"I want you so bad baby," he murmured as Nelly heard him. "I want you inside me."

Nelly came up to him and softly kissed his lips. "I wanna make love to you baby."

Nelly continued kissing him as he felt his dick craving attention once again. He decided to make it easier for T.I. by letting him go at his own pace. He sat up on the bed and T.I. got it. He sensually crawled over to his man and ran his tongue up and down his shaft a few more times until he got into position. His two legs wrapped tightly around Nelly's back as Nelly pressed their bodies together. T.I. had a slightly nervous look on his face but Nelly reassuringly kissed him. He grabbed the base of his man's dick as he felt his head pressed up against his sphincter muscle. He went as slow as possible as he began easing his was down Nelly's huge dick. The pain was intense but not as bad as it was before. Nelly's eyes fluttered to the back of his head as he felt his dick being surrounded by T.I.'s insides. T.I. started feeling more pain as he went further down on Nelly's rod. He opened his mouth and placed it on Nelly's shoulder. His teeth were clamped onto Nelly's skin as he began trying to relieve the pain. Nelly was brought back to reality feeling a burning sensation on his shoulder. He saw that T.I. was biting his shoulder as tears escaped his tightly closed eyes. He felt the pain on his shoulder but didn't say anything because he knew T.I. had it worst than he did. He just used one of his hands to wipe the now steady stream of tears from his face.

T.I. rested a while as he had all of Nelly within him. He had his eyes closed and sweat dripped down from his face and body as Nelly looked over to see the teeth marks he left on his shoulder. He was bleeding but didn't mind it as he felt T.I. looking at him. He gave him an apologetic look but Nelly just brushed it off as he kissed him and wrapped his arms around his waist. T.I. felt his insides conform to fit Nelly but he wasn't ready yet. Nelly was in no rush because he knew how much pain his lover was in. They kissed as T.I. wrapped his arms around Nelly's bicep and held them there. He looked into the older man's eyes. He could easily let himself get lost in them because they were filled with so much passion, hope, and a fire that no one could ever extinguish. He loved this man completely.

"I'm ready baby."

"Go at your own pace okay. I want this to be pleasurable for you too."

"It's hard not to be that way when you're this close to me. I don't know what you do to me."

"It's my sex appeal and charm baby. You can't refuse it."

"I can't," T.I. confessed. "I can't keep you at bay even if I tried."

"And I couldn't keep my hands off of you even if I wanted to. Not that I would ever want to but you drive me crazy."

The men kissed once again as T.I. felt almost no pain now. He began fucking himself on his man's huge dick as he saw Nelly with the same euphoric look on his face as before. He kissed and sucked his ears and neck and he slowly moved up and down Nelly's dick. He began to get into a steady pace, though he felt as if he was being ripped open once again. He kissed Nelly hard and accidentally bit his lip because of all the pain he was in. Nelly just held on to him as tight as he could and continued kissing and licking everywhere his tongue would go. He craved T.I.'s body more now than he did before. He wanted to put his tongue on every possible part of his lover's tender, perfect body. Moans filled the room as T.I. finally got a steady pace.

"Uh! Fuck me baby. Make me yours," he moaned into Nelly's ear. "Make me all yours!"

"You feel so good around me. I want you so bad."

The men stared at each other with passion and love in their eyes. Nelly slowly began thrusting into T.I., which solicited wild moans from him. The combined force of his thrusting and T.I.'s own movement up and down his shaft drove both men insane with lust and pleasure. Nelly felt T.I.'s hard dick pressing up against his stomach as he grabbed it and began stroking it, knowing that neither of them would last much longer. He rapidly stroked his lover's aching dick as he continued thrusting into him. T.I. threw his head back in ecstasy as Nelly felt his dick jerk in his hands. A thick stream of cum erupted from T.I.'s dick and landed everywhere from Nelly's hand to both his their chests. He continued stroking his pole until it went completely soft and proceeded to kiss him. It wasn't long after that before T.I. felt the sensation he only felt once before in his life. He quivered a little in Nelly's arms as the older rapper's warm cum spurted into him. Nelly thrusted into him as he felt his dick rapidly softening. T.I. moaned as he felt Nelly pull out of him. They both fell on the bed. Nelly was staring up at the ceiling as T.I. turned to look at him.

"That was even better than the last time baby," he said as he placed his hand across his chest and kissed him on the cheek.

"I'm glad you liked it," he said as he looked at him. "I love you."

"I love you. How `bout we go take a shower?"


"Yea. I'm sticky and hot and I know you are too."

"Yea baby, I know I'm hot. A shower isn't going to help that," he said as he winked.

"Shut up," T.I. laughed. "Not that kind of hot."

"Well I'm both of them so I'm down."

"You're so conceited you know that."

"I can't help it. I mean look at me."

"Whatever shawty."

T.I. got up from the bed and grabbed Nelly in the process. He was walking to the bathroom as he felt Nelly come behind him and wrap his arms around him. They walked to the bathroom like that and Nelly noticed the huge tub he had. He watched T.I.'s naked body as he rummaged around for towels and shampoo for them. He opened the cabinet and saw a big bottle of the same lavender bubble bath that Nelly had used before. An idea instantly popped into his head. He looked around the cabinet for the cork to the bathtub and found it all the way in the back, shielded by bars of soap. He got up and looked at Nelly with a huge grin on his face.

"What?" the older rapper asked confused.

"How `bout we take a bath huh? Oh wait, I own you so I don't even have to ask," T.I. slyly stated as he passed Nelly and slapped him on the ass.

"You suck you know that," he laughed. "And that hurt by the way!"

"Aww. You know you liked it."

Nelly stayed quiet as T.I. plugged up the bathtub and opened the faucet to let the warm water fill it up. He poured a generous amount of the expensive bubble bath into the tub and instantly saw the result of that. The entire surface of the tub was now covered with bubbles and Nelly had to admit that it did look inviting. After a while, T.I. shut off the water and went to put the bubble bath mixture where he found it. He came behind Nelly, who was still staring at the water, and hugged him and kissed the nape of his neck.

"What are you waiting for baby?"


"Well here I am. Let's go!"

The two men entered the huge tub together and slowly proceeded to submerge themselves in the heavy layer of bubbles and water. They sat on the bottom of the tub as all the bubbles came up almost half way to their chest. They sat there for a moment and relaxed. Both men closed their eyes and rested their heads against the marble tiled wall as they took in the silence. Nelly was glad that he did this. The bath was relaxing both physically and mentally. The stress they both endured to keep their relationship a secret from the world was not easy and that's what made moments like these even more precious. After a few minutes of silence, Nelly felt the water splash because T.I. had kicked him. He looked to see him seductively calling him over.

"You want some more baby?" Nelly asked as he began crawling toward him.

"Of course. I'm never satisfied when it comes to you."

"Is that a fact? Well I'm always up for a challenge."

"Well come and satisfy me baby."

Nelly rested his body on top of T.I.'s as he felt their dicks touch. Blood immediately rushed into their dicks as they began to kiss and touch each other. Nelly grinded his hips into his lovers as they created small waves and ripples in the water. Their two dicks rubbed against each other as their tongues fought for dominance. Nelly rested his hands on either side of T.I. for support as he felt T.I. wrap his arms around his shoulders. He broke the kiss and went down and licked T.I.'s caramel colored skin. He licked and sucked his neck until a huge hickey became visible. He just looked at it and smiled.

"What are you smiling at?"


"You're such a liar."

"I marked you."

"What do you mean?"

"I left a huge hickey on your neck."

"What if the others see it? What will we do then? You know they gonna be asking me about it."

"Relax baby. Just say that I gave it to you."

"What?" T.I. exclaimed in an angry and nervous voice. "You told them about us?"

"No baby. Lighten up. It was a joke."

"Well it wasn't a very good one. You suck."

"I know. Just say you got it from one of the many women that throw themselves at you," Nelly said he rested his head on T.I's chest. He could hear his heartbeat.

"I guess. But hey, fans are fans right."

"Yea but I've never slept with a fan."

"Me either. I see them throwing their panties at me and shit and I'm like `What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?'"

"Keep them. Maybe you could wear some for me."

"Nah kid. I'm aight."

"You're no fun."

"Well how `bout I give them to you and you could model them for me?"

"It's okay. Besides, it's not like I'm in clothes long when I'm with you anyway."

"That's right. Doesn't this feel good?"

"Yea. It's so relaxing. I'm glad we did this."

"I know. I only have great ideas baby."

"Now who's the conceited one?"

"Just being real baby."

"Uh-huh sure."

"Shut up!"

"How about you make me."


T.I. aggressively moved towards Nelly's lips and kissed them hard. He was a bit surprised by this aggressive move but was not complaining as he melted into the kiss even more. T.I. darted his tongue into his mouth and applied more force into the kiss. Nelly didn't know where all this was coming from but he had to admit that it was a huge turn on. T.I. shifted his body and soon after, he was on top of Nelly, still kissing his ferociously. T.I. didn't know what suddenly came over him but he liked it and he could tell how much Nelly was enjoying it as well. Both men began to feel uncomfortable in their current position and decided to get up. Nelly pulled out the plug from the bathtub and as soon as he got up, T.I. pressed him against the wall and continued his assault on his lover's mouth. His hands found the switch and he turned on the shower head. The water beat down on their skin as soft moans escaped Nelly's mouth. He wanted it all.

"Take me baby," he said in between breaths. "Take me."

"Are you sure baby?"

"Yes. I want you to."

T.I. wanted this badly. He wanted to feel complete with his man once again. He wanted their bodies to be connected in the most intimate way possible once again. He kissed Nelly one last time as the older rapper turned around and faced the wall. T.I. took a moment to stare at his perfect ass. He allowed his hands to run over it. His dick was standing at its full eight inches as he began moving closer to Nelly. He knew he had to go slow but he wasn't sure he could. He wanted this since the first time they kissed in that L.A. studio. He wanted to be inside Nelly. The head of his dick pressed against Nelly's ass as he shuddered a little. Nelly was a little nervous, especially seeing how much pain T.I. was in after he did it to him but he wanted it more than anything right now. He was willing to go to any lengths to have his man inside him.

"You ready baby?" T.I. asked.

"Go slow okay."


Nelly spread his legs apart some more, granting T.I. better access to his tight hole. Nelly wasn't sure why, all of a sudden, he wanted to get fucked but he wanted T.I. in him badly. He wanted to know how it felt and if anyone was going to be the first, it was going to be his man. He pressed both his hands against the wall as he looked back at T.I. and silently nodded at him. T.I. slowly began pushing into his lover. Nelly let out a loud cry as he felt himself being penetrated. He tried to contain himself but he couldn't. It felt as if he was being torn from the inside. He contemplated stopping but he was so horny that he decided against it. T.I. got the head of his dick in as Nelly told him to rest it there for a while. He felt a burning sensation as he rested his head on one of his hands and looked down at the water going down the drain. T.I. cautiously moved his body forward, making sure not to insert more of himself into Nelly, as he reached his destination. He sweetly kissed and licked the back of Nelly neck in an effort to relax the older rapper. He knew that this was not easy by any means but once he got past the initial pain, the pleasure would over overwhelm him.

"Oh baby that feels so good," he closed his eyes and moaned. "I didn't know it would hurt this bad. Now I know how you felt."

"Don't worry. Once you get past the pain, you'll love all the pleasure you'll feel I promise."

"I don't wanna stop anyway. I want this. I want you."

"I love you baby."

"I love you."

He continued kissing the back of Nelly's neck as he felt the older rapper finally relaxing. Nelly looked at directly at him and T.I. knew what the look meant. Nelly shut his eyes tight as he felt T.I. invade him even more. More cries escaped his lips but as much as it hurt, he was getting used to T.I. being in him. He rested his head against the wall as T.I. continued pushing into him and began kissing every inch of his neck and back. T.I. came up to his ear and was licking his lobe as he whispered something to him.

"I'm in baby," he moaned into Nelly's ear. "I'm in."

"Wait there for a minute."

The water beat down on their muscular bodies as Nelly tried to accept the rest of T.I. as quickly as he could. His kisses were helping him cope with the pain and made him even more horny for his man. He felt T.I.'s dick pulsating deep within him and slowly and softly jab against his prostate. This drove him over the edge.

"I'm ready baby. Fuck me!"

"You sure?"

"Yea. I want you bad!"

T.I.'s lips left Nelly's soft skin as he straightened his body. He grabbed onto Nelly's hips as he slowly began retracting himself from his lover. He felt Nelly's wincing and soft moans but he kept going because it's what they both wanted. He gained a very slow motion of rocking his hips back and forth as Nelly's body trembled in pain from being taken. As bad as it was feeling at the moment though, Nelly did start feeling the pleasure T.I. promised him. T.I. stayed with the same slow pace so that Nelly's body would get used to the invader that was assaulting his most private of areas. The pain slowly subsided and Nelly succumbed to the immense pleasure T.I. was responsible for. He wanted more, if that were possible.

"Go faster baby. Fuck me! Fuck me!"

That was all T.I. needed to hear. In seconds, he began gaining a more faster and aggressive pace as his rock hard dick plowed into and out of his man's tight hole. All Nelly could do was scream from the pure bliss he was experiencing. T.I. leaned over his back once again and started licking his ear and neck. Both men were high off of each other as T.I. continued pounding into his man. Nelly cried out in ecstasy when he felt T.I. reach under his and grabbed his dripping dick. He moaned loudly as he felt his man's hand run up and down his dick and passing on his balls.

"You like that baby?" he whispered into Nelly's ear as he licked his earlobe.

"Uh! Oh God! Make love to me baby. Uh!" he managed to say in between moans.

"That's right baby! I knew you'd like it as much I do."

Nelly knew he wouldn't last much longer with T.I. kissing and licking him, jacking him off, and fucking him simultaneously. Raw passion surged through his body as it was being taken from so many different angles. T.I. matched the pace of fucking and jacking his man off at the same time as Nelly felt a familiar impulse in his balls. He moaned loudly as he started cumming. His dick jerked wildly in T.I.'s hands as the younger rapper continued to milk it for every last drop of cum. Nelly's passion was only halfway completed as T.I. felt his sphincter muscle contract. T.I., almost violently, plowed into Nelly one last time before he felt cum rushing up to the tip his dick. Nelly winced as he felt the hot fluid begin to coat his insides. It was a weird feeling but he didn't care because he was still high from the whole experience. He felt T.I. softening inside him as he began to pull out. Both men were breathless under the shower as Nelly straightened up and turned around and leaned against the wall. He saw T.I. staring at him as he smiled. Neither said a word for a while as the water beat down on them.

"That was incredible!" Nelly finally broke the silence. "You were amazing!"

"So were you baby," T.I. said as he moved in closer to his lover.

He pinned Nelly against the wall as they began to kiss. Nelly wrapped his hands around his lover as their tongues massaged each others'. They both were visibly exhausted from their night of blissful passion as T.I. rested his head on Nelly's chest and was listening to his heartbeat. It was powerful, yet gentle like he was.

"We need to get some sleep baby. We hit the road again in a couple of hours," he said as he looked down at T.I. resting on his chest.

"I wanna stay right here. I'm so comfortable."

"I know but I have to go."

"Yea. This sucks."

"I know but there's nothing we can do about it right now."

"This is hard. I don't wanna let you go at all."

"You're making this hard for me baby. I want your body next to mine when I sleep but you know we can't risk that."

"Why do you always have to be the voice of reason?"

"Because I love you way too much to mess this up."

"Say it again."

"Huh? Say what again?"

"That you love me."


"Because I love to hear those words coming from you."

"I love you so much baby. I've never been this happy in my life. I love you and how you make me feel. You have my heart."

"I'm happy with that. Even though I want you next to me when I sleep, I'm content knowing that I have your heart. That's all I ever needed and wanted."

"It's true that you have my heart but you better take good care of it and me or else."

"Or else what?" T.I. asked in a sexy smirk.

"I dunno but when I think of something, it won't be pretty."

"Well in that case, I'm gonna take care of it and you real good. I love you baby. Always remember that and how you've had me since we first kissed in L.A."


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