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The music was raving on the packed dance floor and Nelly and his new friend was dancing very close. He had a couple of drinks and he knew he was almost to the point of being drunk. He grinded his hips into hers as she had both her arms around his neck. He lost track of Murphy but he knew that he was off having a good time. Nelly's mind never ran on T.I. for one second as he continued having a good time with his new lady friend. He grabbed her by the waist and started slowly kissing her neck. She did not object to this but encouraged it even more. Nelly slightly shivered when he felt both her hands go under his shirt and start rubbing his back. She brought her hands to the front of his body and slowly ran them over his chest and abs.

"Let's go get a drink sexy," the young woman said into Nelly's ear.

"I'm right behind you."

He followed her off the dance floor and to the bar. There still was no sign of Murphy as Nelly sat next to her. They ordered their drinks and got to talking. He found out that her name was Melanie and that she was a realtor. Nelly found her irresistible as he watched her lips moved while she was talking. He was happy that she had no idea who he was because then that would have complicated things. Most of the women he met knew exactly who he was and he knew exactly what they wanted; his money. With Melanie, he knew that she was sincere and not after him for his money.

They stayed at the bar for a while talking to each other. Nelly had a lot of liquor to drink and was drunk but not to the point of not remembering where he was or what he was doing. He was well aware when Melanie's lips met his while they were still sitting at the bar. She got up from her chair and spun him around on his. She then sat on his lap and continued kissing him. Nelly was gone with pleasure as he sucked on her lower lip and tongue. He felt her hands caressing the back of his head and neck as they continued their make-out session. He wasn't even aware when Murphy came next to him, with Melanie's friend on his arm.

"I see you're having a good time," he said as he laughed.

"Huh?" Nelly said in a slurred voice as he broke the kiss from Melanie. "Where were you man?"

"Dancing and having a good time. Oh, this is Kara," he introduced his female companion to Nelly. "This is my boy Cornell."

"Ay! Wasup girl? This is Melanie man."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm glad you could bring my boy out of his shell."

"Shut up man!"

"Excuse us guys. We're going to powder our noses."

"Don't be long baby," Murphy said as he kissed Kara.

Melanie planted a soft kiss on Nelly's cheek and the two friends made their way to the bathroom. Murphy grabbed a seat next to Nelly and ordered a drink. The two men looked at each other with satisfied looks on their face. Nelly was genuinely having a good time as he ordered yet another drink. He stared off into the dance floor for a while until he heard Murphy talking to him. He looked and leaned closer to him to hear what he was saying.

"You having a good time C?"

"Yea man. We needed this shit."

"Hell yea!"

The men talked a while in their drunken state until the ladies returned and pulled them to the dance floor once again. Nelly noticed that Melanie was a little more aggressive then before. He didn't mind it though when she began kissing and sucking on his neck. He glanced over to see Murphy and Kara involved in a deep kiss. He didn't know where this night was going to end up but right now he didn't care. He was enjoying himself way too much to think of anything or anyone else right now. She engulfed his lips and passionately kissed him. Nelly felt the blood beginning to rush to his now semi-hard member. She stopped the kiss and stared into his eyes. She left a trail of kisses from his lips, up his cheek and ended at his ear. She nibbled on it for a moment.

"I want you so bad!" she whispered into his ear.

Nelly pulled away and looked at her. He saw that she was serious. With all his inhibitions gone, due to the alcohol, he kissed her, signifying that he wanted this as well. They danced a while longer until the limo arrived. They exited the club through the back and all entered the limo as it sped off to the hotel. Nelly was a little lightheaded but was too caught up in Melanie's kiss to even notice or care. Murphy and Kara were also in their own little world and he seemed as drunk as Nelly was. They reached their destination and Nelly tipped the driver. They all rode silently on the elevator to their rooms.

Nelly reached for his wallet to find his key card and swiped it to unlock the door. He let Melanie in and as soon as he shut the door behind him, she pressed him against it and began assaulting his mouth. Silent moans filled the room as they continued kissing. Melanie's hands found themselves under his shirt and she began caressing his hard, well toned body. She felt him rapidly hardening next to her as she pressed harder, making Nelly moan loudly. It wasn't long before Melanie removed his jacket and started unbuttoning his shirt. Both articles of clothing fell on the floor as Nelly felt his warm skin being pressed against the cold wall. In one swift motion, Nelly wrapped his arms around Melanie and lifted her up, all while never breaking their intimate kiss.

He walked with her in his arms to his bed and gently lowered her onto it. He crawled on top of her and began unbuttoning her shirt, their tongues still sinfully dancing upon each others'. Her lace black bra came into view as he slid her shirt off her arms and tossed it on the floor. He swiftly moved down to her neck as his hands groped her supple breasts. She arched her back in pleasure and moaned slightly as his rock hard dick pressed against her inner thigh. She hopped up and pressed their bodies even closer together as he unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. She was now in her bra and black lace g-string as she noticed that her man was too overly dressed. He kept kissing her neck and ears and fondling her breasts while her hand reached down and undid his belt buckle. She unzipped his pants and felt his shudder slightly when her hands brushed against his erection. She slowly slid them off his body with her feet and his huge, hard dick bounced free in his boxers. Those came off as well when she hooked her fingers onto it and slid them off.

She felt him grinding against her and sat up a little and guided his hands to her back, where he proceeded to unhook her bra. Her breasts bounced free as Nelly tossed the bra on the floor. He caressed them with his hands and used the balls of his thumbs to stimulate her nipples, which were already hardening. He licked all around her bosom and down her flat stomach and ended up at her bellybutton. His fingers slid up her smooth thighs and under the straps of her g-string, where he pulled them off. He got up on his knees, spread her legs slightly, and got in between them. He lowered his head and was caressing her legs as he began to taste her. He continued stimulating her orally as she moaned and winced in utter delight. Both her hands guided his head as he pleasured her clit. She screamed in pleasure as Nelly kept licking and sucking on her most private area.

"Turn around baby," she said while panting heavily. "I wanna taste you too."

Nelly didn't need any convincing of this. He stopped and carefully placed his body over hers, with his legs on either side of her body. A slight shiver was sent up his spine when she felt her grab his hard organ and began softly stroking it. His tongue snaked back into her vagina as hers flickered out of her mouth and touched the tip of his already pulsating dick. She faintly tasted precum on it as she took the head into her warm, welcoming mouth. She took as much of him in as she could without choking. Her other hand massaged his balls and periodically jacked him off at the base of his penis. Nelly licked two of his fingers and slowly began fingering her as he continued licking her clit. They kept pleasing each other orally for a short while until they both had enough. They wanted their bodies to be connected.

"I want you baby. So bad! So bad!"

"Are you ready?"

"Yes. Make love to me."

Nelly switched his body position and brought his face up to hers and kissed her. He then got up from the bed and went looking for his pants. He found it under a pile of their clothes and went to retrieve his wallet. He pulled out a Midnight Black condom from it and dropped the wallet on the floor. Melanie looked up and grabbed the condom from his hand with her teeth. She ripped it open as Nelly laid next to her, his erection raging and resting on his well-defined stomach. She pinched the tip and grabbed his dick and stroked it a little. She placed it on the head and slowly began rolling it down his well moistened shaft. It fit perfectly as she grabbed on to his organ and stroked it some more. He wrapped his arms around her and rolled her onto the bed, landing on top of her. She opened her legs for easier access as Nelly's lower body sank into the crevasse. He grabbed his dick and looked up at her. She nodded her head, signifying that she was ready, when she felt Nelly begin to push into her.

Her feet rested on his lower back and her fingernails dug into his back as her insides starting accepting the huge monster that was invading it. He kissed her hard, their tongues fighting for control as he slowly began rocking his hips back and forth, thrusting his meat in and out of her. She moaned in between kisses and pressed their bodies as close as they would possible go. The passion created in the room was overwhelming as Nelly slightly picked up the pace of his thrusts. He was so gone, first from the alcohol and now from the pleasure that nothing else was on his mind, not even T.I. and the relationship they shared. Their hips grinded together on occasions, creating friction that neither was complaining about.

His hands grabbed hers and their fingers interlaced for a moment. He moved down to her neck, where he left a visible hickey after sucking on it for a while. Her breasts quivered as he sensually touched them and carefully caressing them. Their hips continued rocking back and forth and she grabbed on to his strong biceps to support her body. He plowed into and out of her at an accelerated speed, which also help create extra friction between them, making Nelly's dick beg for more. His slight whimpers were muffled by her pressing their lips together once again and darting her tongue into his mouth. Nelly started to feel lightheaded and he started feeling a familiar tingly sensation engulf his whole body. By now, Melanie had two orgasms and was well on her way to a third one as Nelly pumped fiercely into her. He swore his dick got even harder as he thrusted into her those critical final times. His balls jumped as thick streams of cum blasted into the latex condom. His dick remained hard in post orgasmic bliss and he kept thrusting but he felt himself softening. He made one last thrust into her before pulling out and falling to the side of her. He was exhausted and felt himself drifting in and out of consciousness. He felt it when Melanie kissed him on the cheek and gently turned him over. He fell asleep shortly after that and she took the condom off his dick and threw it in the garbage in the bathroom. She crawled back under her man's arms and fell asleep, feeling his naked, warm body against hers.

T.I. laid on his bed flicking through the channels, in a half asleep, half awake state. He looked at the time and saw that it was almost four in the morning. He wondered why Nelly didn't call him and hoped everything was alright. Deciding that it was best not to call him this late, he turned the TV off and turned off the lamp on the nightstand next to him. He felt harassed and tired but didn't know why. A few minutes after his head hit the pillow in the darkness however, he was sound asleep.


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