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Nelly entered his overzealous hotel room and immediately threw his hat and jacket on the floor. He didn't care. He stood at the foot of the bed as he fetched his wallet and two-way from his pant pockets. He threw those on the bed along with his sunglasses. He was upset. He couldn't come to terms with what happened. Although he replayed what happened in his mind over and over again, he still couldn't comprehend how or why it happened in the first place. He plopped down on the bed and didn't even bother changing his clothes. He just wanted this day to be over. He fell asleep soon after that.

"Yea?" Nelly groggily answered his phone at around ten the next morning.

"Ay man where you at?" Murphy Lee questioned him.


"Still? Well listen, management is considering doing a tour. You interested?"

"Yea of course! When?"

"Well all the details need to still be worked out but most likely we'll be doing it towards the end of this year and through the beginning of the next."

"Aight hit me back with the rest of the details when you get them okay?"

"No problem. Ay you heard about Diddy's party that's going down there tonight?"

"Naw. What party?"

"Yea man that nigga throwing a party because his clothing line is doing so good. It's in the Spyder Club."

"You in L.A. now?"

"Naw. I'm flying in later. I'll catch up with you and we can head there together."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Aight man I'm out. Peace."


Nelly rolled over on his huge bed and stared up at the ceiling. He thought a good night sleep would calm his nerves but it didn't. He was still on edge about what happened the night before as he continued to stare at the ceiling. He was in deep thought about what he was going to do about this situation he had gotten himself into when he heard a knock at his door.


"Room service sir."

"Aight one minute," he said as he jumped out of bed and walked to the door.

"Enjoy your meal sir."

"Thank you," he said as he gave the guy a hundred dollar tip.

He shut the door behind the guy and left the cart right where it was. He was hungry but he wanted to clean up first. He peaked outside through his window and saw that it was still raining but not as bad as before. He went to his suitcase and fetched some clean clothes before proceeding to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and washed his face before he disrobed and walked into his huge shower. For some reason he wanted to take a cool shower so he adjusted the temperature as such and began to step into the water.

His shivered as the first drops of cool water pierced his body. He shut his eyes as the water began to dance and drip over every inch of his body. He put one of his hands on the tiled wall and rested his head on his forearm. All the water was hitting his back now as he continued to keep his eyes closed and his head rested on his forearm. His mind was a million miles away from his body as he desperately searched every inch of himself for some answers. He really needed to find something otherwise he feared he would go insane. All of his emotions and feelings were haywire inside him and he had to sort them out as soon as possible.

"Fuck! What the hell am I gonna do?"

"I can't ever do that again!"

"I can't kiss him again!"

"But it felt so good. It felt so right."


"Get a hold of yourself man!"

He opened his eyes and all he saw were tiles and his own hand. He positioned himself under the shower again and began to clean himself when his mind ran on T.I. and his soft lips. He swore that all the blood from his body rushed to his dick as he began to get hard. He tried thinking about anything else but to no avail. Within seconds, his dick was standing to it's full ten inches and dripping wet from the shower. He just stood there and stared at it as water dripped down from it and cursed out loud because he knew the reason why his dick was hard in the first place. He formulated a plan to think about the last girl he fucked, or any girl for that matter, to release himself.

He grabbed his dick at the base as he leaned his back to the tiled wall of the bathroom. He closed his eyes and began reminiscing about the last girl he was intimate with as he began to pleasure himself. He started stroking himself slowly until he worked up a steady rhythm, making sure no inch of his dick was left untouched. He was stroking his dick fast as his other hand made its was down to his balls. He started fondling them with his fingers. It was going great for a while but then he started to lose interest. The last girl he fucked was fine, but he wasn't feeling it.

He continued stroking himself as he began to feel his dick going soft in his hand. As much as he was against it, he needed to release so he was desperate. Instantly, his mind began producing an image. The darkened studio came into view and Nelly began thinking about the conversation that eventually let to the passionate kiss. He was remembering every contour of T.I.'s body as life began to come back to his dick. He licked his lips as he picked up the pace on jacking his dick and playing with his balls. He was in a dream world as he felt his lips brush against T.I.'s and felt their hands becoming interlaced. His dick jumped as he remembered their tongues massaging each others and how good the younger rapper's lips felt in his. He jacked his dick off in a frenzy and was gone with excitement when cum blasted from his dick and smeared the glass shower door. It also landed on his hand and on the floor, which was being washed away by the water. Nelly was breathing heavily as he slowly came back to reality and his dick began to go soft. His eyes fluttered open and struggled to come into focus.


He proceeded to clean the shower door off and then took his shower. He got dressed in record time and then went pulled the cart with his breakfast on the side of his bed. He flicked on the TV as he began to eat pieces of his bacon. He flicked through the channels, noticing that there was nothing interesting to watch. He was visibly upset at himself. He just had a jack off session in which he thought about another man. He did have some errands to run but he didn't want anyone to see him this upset so he decided to cancel them all and stay in his room for the time being. He didn't feel hungry anymore so he passed up the rest of his breakfast and went to the window. He stared out at the now gray sky and was deep in thought.

He racked his brain over and over and never came up with any answers he was looking for. He just stood there and stared outside. He stared as far as his eyes would go until they started to hurt. Deciding that he rarely has free time like this, he went back and laid on the bed. He stared at the ceiling as his room was enveloped in a complete state of tranquility. He closed his eyes continued to think when sleep came unbeknownst to him. He began to toss and turn in his sleep. He was having a dream.

For some strange reason he was standing in the rain. The rain crashed down on his clothes as he noticed that they were drenched. Nelly looked around to see where he was until he spotted a familiar set of glass doors. He was in the parking lot of the recording studio as the rain became merciless. It was as if the rain was as thick as fog and he could no longer see the glass doors of the studio. He stood in the rain for a little wondering how he got out there when he felt something brush his shoulder. He became a bit agitated as he turned around to see nothing.

"What the fuck?"

He thought he was going crazy as he continued to stare into nothingness. Then came another brush on his shoulder. Nelly quickly turned around to meet T.I.'s hazel eyes. He was confused now. Both men continued to stare at each other as the rain kept pouring down on them. He saw that T.I. had a slight smirk on his face and finally got around to noticing that he had no shirt on. Nelly slowly glanced down his slim, muscular body and stopped at his erect nipples. They were caramel-colored and looked cold. He noticed his tight six pack and saw a slight happy trail that disappeared behind his boxers and baggy jeans. Nelly kept staring at T.I.'s wet body, mesmerized.

"You like what you see shawty?" T.I.'s voice echoed in his head.


"You like what you see?"

"Yea," Nelly managed to weakly say.

"So why did you do it?"

"Huh? Do what?"

"Kiss me. At the studio."

"I dunno."

"Did you like it?"

"I dunno."

"You sure about that?"

"I dun---"

T.I. cut him off by pressing their lips together. Nelly became oblivious to the rain and his soaking wet clothes as his mind and lips became enveloped in T.I.'s kiss. It was better than he last remembered it and he began to get lightheaded. Why was this happening? What if someone saw them? All of his thoughts subsided as T.I. began to lick Nelly lower lip and he knew what this meant. Nelly slowly parted his lips as T.I.'s tongue slipped inside. Both their tongues massaged each others' in a fight for dominance but ending in a stalemate. Nelly couldn't believe this was happening. They continued kissing in the rain with no intentions of stopping. Nelly wrapped his strong arms around T.I.'s narrow waist as he began to stroke his back. He still couldn't get over how soft T.I.'s skin felt on his fingers. It felt like velvet as Nelly continued to run his fingers up and down T.I.'s back, soliciting moans from the younger rapper. They mutually broke the kiss as T.I. made his was down to Nelly's neck. He began sucking on his atom's apple as Nelly silently moaned.

"Is this real?" Nelly asked, out of breath.

"It's as real as you make it baby."


T.I. once again muffled Nelly's words with another passionate kiss. Nelly decided that he was dreaming because this couldn't be happening in reality. Realizing that, he let go of all his inhibitions and began to feverishly kiss the younger rapper back. He kept his hands around his waist as T.I. did the same. They embraced each other and felt the warmness of each others' body despite the cold rain hailing down from above. Nelly's rock hard dick wanted to be released from the confines of his jeans and their bodies were so close together that he felt T.I.'s hard member through his baggy jeans as well.

"You won't be needing this," T.I. said as he broke the kiss and removed Nelly's shirt.

"What are you doing?" Nelly asked, confused because they were in a public place.

"You forget baby, this is your dream. And I know you're not gonna just dream of us playing cards or something like that are you? Besides, I want to play with something else," T.I. said with a mischievous grin on his face.

Nelly was too gone in passion to even care what was happening. Instinctively, he reached for T.I.'s belt buckle that was holding up those baggy pants to his narrow waist and began to undo them. He loosened the belt and T.I.'s pants quickly fell to the watery floor. Now it was his turn as T.I. loosened Nelly's belt buckle and a couple of seconds later, both men were standing in the rain, in the parking lot of a Los Angeles recording studio, with their boxers on, trying to conceal they rock hard dicks. They began to kiss again as T.I. moved both his thumbs on either side of Nelly's waist, hooked them onto his boxers, and slowly began to pull them down. Nelly let out a soft moan as the rest of T.I.'s fingers brushed against his ass. All of a sudden a loud ringing sound began to echo inside Nelly's head. He stirred for a short while until he realized that his two-way was going off. He felt around for it as he forced his eyes open.

"Yea?" he answered in a groggy voice.

"Ay man you okay?" Murphy Lee's voice came back, concerned.

"Yea man. I was just sleeping and I didn't hear the phone for a while."

"Oh well sorry to wake you man but I'm at LAX. I'll be at your hotel in about a half an hour."

"No problem. Aight I'll see you in a few. Peace"

"Aight man. One."

Nelly stared up at the ceiling, a shocked and concerned look on his face. He vividly remembered everything about the dream and was also confused by it. He jumped out of the bed and quickly made his way to the bathroom. In there, he washed his face and stared at himself in the mirror as the excess water dripped off his face into the sink. He noticed that his clothes was wet and then noticed that he was sweating all over. His room wasn't hot. He quickly peeled his clothes from his body and jumped into the shower. He had to clear his mind of everything because Murphy Lee would be at his hotel suite in a while and he didn't want him to suspect anything. He had to keep his feelings to himself because of his line of work. He quickly finished his shower and got dressed for Diddy's party. He was putting on his sneakers when he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in man," he hollered through the hotel suite as he got up and made his way to the door.

"Ay boy what up?" Murphy Lee grabbed Nelly into a hug when he entered.

"Ay man! Chillin`, chillin`! How was your flight?"

"It was aight. Okay, let me hit the shower and change and we'll be out."

"Change? I don't see a suitcase."

"Didn't bring one. Figured I'd just borrow some of your clothes. You don't mind do ya?"

"Naw. Of course not. Well you better get going I'm almost ready."

"Aight man. Don't rush me!" Murphy Lee joked.

"Then hurry yo ass up nigga!" Nelly laughed.

He watched his best friend disappear into the bathroom as he sat back down on the bed and continued to put

his sneakers on. He reached over for his phone and told his driver to be at the hotel in fifteen minutes. He then got up and went to the window to see if it was still raining. The sky was gray and it looked like rain was about to come down any second but it wasn't raining at the moment. He starred for a while as all the thoughts he tried so hard to conceal began so surface in his mind once again. He wasn't even aware when Murphy Lee entered the room again, a towel around his waist. He walked over to Nelly's suitcase and started rummaging through it. He found a pair of black slacks, some boxers, and a black shirt. He looked over to see his best friend staring out the window, a confused look on his face.

"Ay man what's up?" he asked as he walked towards Nelly.

"Huh? Oh nothing. I was just thinking of some stuff I needed to do tomorrow because I didn't have time to do them today," he lied.

"Oh. You look a little tense. You need some relief? I could call a chick for you," Murphy Lee said as he nudged Nelly's side and winked.

"Naw man, just thinking of things I need to do tomorrow," Nelly said as he let out a fake laugh. "Hurry yo

ass up and let's go!"

"Aight man. Hold yo horses."

Murphy Lee once again disappeared into the bathroom as Nelly forced himself to hide all of his thoughts and feelings about T.I. He sat on the edge of his bed and reached over to the nightstand for the remote. He began flicking through channels with nothing of particular interest catching his eye. He settled on the local news as Murphy Lee came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed as well. He began putting on a pair of Nelly's dress shoes as he too was watching the news. Neither man said anything as he finished getting dressed.

"Oh man we're gonna need the caps and shades cuz I ran into some fans on the way up," Murphy Lee broke the long moment of silence as he got up off the bed and went to check himself out in the mirror.

"Oh ok."

"So if you were a chick would you take me home?" he playfully asked Nelly.

"Nah! You're not my type," Nelly laughed as he came and patted his friend oh his back.

"Not your type? Look at me, I'm everyone's type. I'm just to sexy for you anyway."

"If you say so. So can we get going now?"

"Alright man chill! I really think that you need to get some. You're cranky as hell!"

"I'm only cranky when you're around. Now let's go!" Nelly said as the both laughed and went to fetch their caps and shades.


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