*NOTE* I do not claim to know the celebrities mentioned below or their sexual preferences. This fictional story was written solely for entertainment purposes only and does NOT imply the sexual preferences of said celebrities or anything about their personal lives. Enjoy!

T.I. sensually crawled on top of his man and began kissing him, lightly at first. Nelly gently caressed his shoulders and back as he did his work. He knew the night wasn't over by a long-shot and it was quickly going on record as being one his favorite and most treasured ones. Nelly invited T.I.'s tongue into his welcoming mouth and they sinfully danced upon each other, which instantly got him hot and bothered. T.I. was the best kisser he ever experienced. He knew all these motions and maneuvers with his tongue and lips that kept him guessing and he liked that. Plus it didn't hurt that he was one of Nelly's most favorite tastes in the world. He never thought he'd like being dominated but when T.I. did it to him, it was just too damn sexy to refuse. The younger rapper had skills, he had to admit.

T.I.'s tongue explored every single inch of Nelly's soft, pink lips and the inside of his mouth. He loved the taste of Nelly. He loved kissing him. He loved discovering every inch of his perfect body. Their hands found each other and held on while he was still on top of his man, both his legs firmly planted on either side of his body. The assault on Nelly's lips made them even pinker than before as T.I. kept at it. Both had been deprived of each other for so long that once they finally got back together, their animal instincts took them over. Nelly had his turn under the shower and now it was T.I.'s turn to show him how much he really missed him. He let his hands go and slowly put them on Nelly's chest. He began moving them down the ripped body that belonged to him as Nelly laughed a little in between kisses because it tickled. On either side of his body, T.I.'s fingers hooked on to his pair of boxers and slowly pulled them down, causing a sensation in itself. He threw them on the floor.

"Good," he said in between moans. "There were too tight anyway."

"Look at me and look at you shawty. Of course they're gonna be tight."

"Well they're off now so you can take advantage of me," he said as he slightly laughed.

"I plan on taking you up on that offer right now!"

He literally ripped his boxers off and continued passionately kissing the man he loved. Nelly felt T.I.'s rock hard dick poking against his flat stomach and he wanted it. He wanted to taste it. He wanted it in him again. After wrapping his hands around the younger rapper, he turned him around so that he was on the top. It was his turn now. Their lips met for a quick kiss as he began kissing a trail down T.I.'s already somewhat shaking body. He placed kisses everywhere on his neck, ears, and collarbone. He sucked on it, leaving a small hickey on it as T.I. moaned with pleasure. He licked both his nipples, like before, until he felt T.I. pushing him further down his body. Moving along, he licked the contours of his man's abs and bellybutton before his moth slowly engulfed as much of T.I. he could take.

This was heaven for the caramel colored rapper. Nelly worked his pole like a pro, sucking and licking everywhere, making sure to properly lube it up for later. T.I. rested his hands behind his own head and just looked as Nelly continued pleasing his most sensitive area. The suction he was using give an extra vacuuming effect to his sucking and made T.I. even harder. His dick developed a mind of its own and starting jolting in Nelly's mouth from all the pleasure it was receiving. Nelly's head moved up and down and he eventually developed a faster and steadier rhythm of moving his lover's dick in and out of his hot mouth. Precum sprayed on his tongue and he lapped it up, not giving it a second though.

At Nelly's request, he started moving his hips back and forth, feeding him his dick. He was almost able to swallow him w hole but still had about an inch he couldn't get down he predicted. T.I. kept working his dick in and out of the older rapper's welcoming and wanting mouth. Once he thought it was sufficiently lubed up, he grabbed it at the base and pointed it up into the air. His tongue connected with the head and he slowly began licking along the underside of T.I.'s rock hard dick, creating immense pleasure for the young rapper. He continued the trail all the way down to his lover's walnut-shaped balls. After gently grazing them against his teeth for added emphasis, he licked and sucked on each one for a while and eventually took both into his mouth, sucking them as if they were two big gumballs. T.I. tasted fresh and clean. He always did. Nelly eventually licked his way back up the body he almost lost his mind for. He had enough. He wanted T.I. in the worst possible way. He rested both his hands on either side of T.I., to hold his body up, and gave him a soft kiss.

"Fuck me," he softy said. "I wanna ride you my baby boy."

"Oh now I'm your baby boy? I like it shawty!"

"Just shut up and make love to me durrty," he said with one of his infamous sexy smirks.

"If you're gonna talk to me like that then I'm not gonna do it," T.I. playfully pouted.

"Come on self-proclaimed `King of the South.' You can't refuse someone willing to give it up to you can you?"

"I am the King of the South shawty. Don't get it twisted!"

"Well then I think it's about time the `King' had a piece of his most loyal fan. I want to sit on his real throne," Nelly sensually whispered next to his ear.

"Since you put it like that shawty, how can I refuse?"

Their lips met one last time Nelly let him up. He was on his hands and knees on the bed as T.I. made his way to do what they both wanted. His hand ran over the ass he would soon claim as Nelly slightly shivered. Nelly was nervous because it had been a long while since he and T.I. did this last and he was scared that it was going to hurt again. He dismissed those thoughts because he vividly remembered how much pleasure this brought with it. Pleasure beyond his wildest fantasies and the only payment was a few moments of discomfort. In the end he was getting the better deal so he cleared his mind and waited for T.I. to begin entering him. T.I. rested his hands on Nelly's hips and admired his perfect ass for a minute. It was smooth, round and toned, but not overly so. One of his hands grabbed the base of his slippery meat as the other grabbed onto his lover's hip for support. Nelly felt the head against his entrance and began to relax more. T. I. slowly started inserting himself, pushing against his tight anal ring.

Nelly silently yelped in pain and grabbed on to anything within his grasp to help alleviate the pain of his insides being torn apart. The resistance against T.I.'s dick was even greater than the first time they did this, which only fueled his fire and passion to do it even more. He continued to gently push into the older rapper, finally able to get past his constricted anal ring. Nelly rested his head on two pillows as he tightly closed his eyes. When T.I. saw this, he gently moved toward his neck, being extra careful not to force more of himself in, and started licking his earlobe. He kissed and sucked everywhere around Nelly's neck and ears to help him forget about the pain he was in.

"Be a soldier Cornell baby," he sweetly whispered into his ear. "Be my soldier!"

"Go slow."

"Whenever you're ready baby."

Instead of T.I. pushing more into him, Nelly relaxed and started slowly sliding himself back on his thick shaft. After a while he was reminded of why he was doing it in the first place. The first wave of pleasure rippled through his unsuspecting body and he became instantly addicted once again. He eagerly looked at T.I., who knew what he wanted. It started of slowly seeing as Nelly still wasn't totally used to the rod that was impaling him but more and more of the pain was replaced with pure bliss. The uncomfortable part was over as T.I. picked up his pace on fucking his man's hole. Snickers and grunts escaped Nelly's lips and managed to drive the younger rapper wild. The friction created by the still tight anal ring and wall around his dick was forcing more and more blood into his already steel hard dick. The warmth of Nelly's insides gently embracing his dick also created a heightened sexual experience that was gratifying to both men.

Nelly quickly became used to T.I. pounding him as moans and screams from both men filled the overly large bedroom. By now, he grabbed on to both his hips and was frantically moving in and out of him, the heat and resistance created by both their bodies ensuring that neither would last much longer. The long strokes T.I. took into and out of his lover stabbed at his prostate and took the experience up another level, if that were even possible. T.I. never had such a high during any sexual experience before and he was committed on keeping it going as long as he possibly could hold out.

"Fuck! Yea baby boy!" Nelly screamed during moans. "Gimme that baby!"

T.I. slowed his pace and eventually stopped with all of himself in Nelly. "Turn around on your back so I can jack you off. I'm not gonna last much longer."

Nelly slowly turned with T.I., feeling his dick move inside him from time to time, and got into position, the caramel colored rapper still behind him. He picked up Nelly's legs and rested them on his shoulders and waited for his man to get comfortable before he pulled his dick out and forced it back in again. With both his free hands he grabbed onto Nelly's aching pole and tried to catch the same rhythm on both sides. Nelly moaned and was overwhelmed with pleasure as these new feelings took him over. T.I. playing with his dick in his hands and working in and out of his ass caused his body to convulse and beg for more.

Before they both knew it cum was blasting out of his dick and landed all over his stomach and both of T.I.'s hands. He continued milking the older rapper's rod as his anal ring created even more resistance against his dick than ever before. The sudden moment of tightness within Nelly caused T.I. to be pushed over to top. He body shook as he sprayed his seed deep inside his lover. It was overwhelming and both men were extremely satisfied as T.I. slowly withdrew himself from Nelly passage and collapsed on top of his chest, cum smearing on both their chests now. Nelly grabbed him tightly and kissed his forehead. He felt sore though. T.I. was just that damn good at what he did.

"Damn! That was over the top," Nelly said after a long while and still holding onto his love.

"I didn't realize how much passion I saved up for you shawty. You're my little soldier."

Nelly laughed. "I'm your little soldier huh? Well your soldier wants a kiss."

"I think he's getting greedy."

"Fine," he pouted and threw T.I. off of his body and onto the bed.

"Aww come on baby! You know I love you," he said as he pressed their lips together.

"I know."

"I just like it when you pout. It's so damn sexy."

"Well I am a sexy, sexy man durrty. Just can't help it."

"Shut up!" T.I. laughed as he rolled his eyes.

"Why don't you make me?"

"I love a challenge shawty."

T.I. hardly crushed his lips together with Nelly's and kissed him with all the passion he had within him. After the intimate moment, he got up and grabbed a towel from the bathroom and cleaned his abdomen off. He threw it to Nelly, who did the same, and then tossed it back in the bathroom. Both put their boxers back on and walked together into the kitchen, looking for something to eat. After ransacking through the kitchen, they came up with nothing. Nelly grabbed the hotel menu from under the phone and quickly looked through it. T.I. crawled behind him, hugged on to his abdomen, and gently kissed his neck while he was still looking through the menu you.

"What do you want to eat?" he asked the young rapper.


"You already had that durrty," he said as he smiled.

"Can't seem to get enough of it shawty. Can you blame me?"

"Nah. Horny ass."

"Damn straight."

"On the real though, what you wanna eat?"

"Uh," T.I. said as he flipped through the menu pages. "I'll have the chicken fajitas. It looks good."

"I think I'll get the shrimp pasta."

T.I. called room service and placed their order. While they were waiting for it to come, they stayed in the bed, cuddled, and talked about anything that entered their minds. They talked about their careers, future plans, and most importantly to both of them, their love for one another. Nelly stayed in bed as T.I. went to the door to get their food. He gave a huge tip as the hotel staff member who rolled their dinner in on a cart. The employee instantly recognized T.I. and asked for an autograph, which he obliged. Nelly stood in the frame of the bedroom door and looked as T.I. took a sneak peak at what they ordered.

"Baby can I borrow a pair of your baggy pants?"

"Why?" T.I. asked as he looked at him.

"Your boxers are too tight on me. I'm getting red marks on my skin because it's being squeezed so tight," Nelly uncomfortable said.

"Why don't you just take `em off? I like you better naked anyway," he said as he smirked.

"Just shut up and let me borrow some pants," he laughed.

"Go get some. My stuff is over there."

As T.I. began setting their food on the table, Nelly strolled over to his luggage and started looking for an article of his man's clothing that would fit him. After some searching, he found a pair of expensive DKNY jeans that looked like they could fit him. He slipped off the boxers and tried them on. They were a bit snug and hung low on his hips but were way better than the boxers that were basically cutting off the blood flow to the lower portions of his body. Since he was here, he decided to borrow a tank top as well which, when he put it on, clung to his body like his own skin. They showed every ripple and cut of his fine physique but he was comfortable with it. T.I. is skinny as hell, he thought to himself as he went back into the dining room for his late night dinner with his man. They sat next to each other at the large oval table that adorned the suite's dining room and began eating.

"Your attire is making me hot shawty."

"Well technically it's your attire."

"And you look good in it."

"Now you see how I felt when you had my clothes on that time in Miami."

"I know. It's a huge turn on isn't it?"

"Careful. We might have to go for round three."

"Now who's the horny one? I'm looking forward to it though!"

"Forget that. We'll just cuddle."

"That sounds good."

"Are you satisfied right now?"

"Of course. You make me happy."

"Here baby," Nelly said as he stuck a huge shrimp with his fork and brought it close to his man's lips. "From me to you."

"Aww! You shouldn't have," he playfully said as he took the shrimp in his mouth and sinfully licked the fork. "Imagine that this fork was any part of your body. What would I be licking on right now?"

"I think you know the answer to that," he said as he kissed him lightly.

"I think I do."

The continued eating and talking about anything that came to them. The atmosphere created by the two men was relaxed and somewhat playful as they continued to eat and enjoy each other's company. They had to because, after all, it wasn't going to be like this forever, though both men visibly wanted it to be. Nelly could never get enough of T.I. His insightfulness, smarts, and natural charm hooked him from the beginning. That's how he knew what they had was real because he was attracted to him for more reasons than just his pure sex appeal. These feelings made his insides warm and serene as he stared at his lover, his best friend, his man.

"What?" T.I. asked as he took a sip of his champagne.

"Huh? I was just looking at you."


"I dunno. I like to though."

"You sprung on me shawty?"


"No maybes about it. I see it. I'm just that damn good!"

"I love when you smile. I love how you smile. Damn! I am sprung," Nelly concluded as he laughed.

"I know the signs baby."

"You are that good. I haven't acted like this in...ever."

"Me either. Who knew we'd start now right?"

"You finish eating?"

"Yea. This was good."

"So was mine. I'll put this stuff outside."


Nelly placed their plates and the champagne bottle back on the cart and wheeled it out of T.I.'s suite. He left it outside the door and walked back into the room to hear T.I. in the bathroom brushing his teeth. The view from the suite's balcony was panoramic as he stood by the glass door and got lost in it. The sky was black and the rain finally slowed to a light drizzle as everything in sight was drenched with water. The city looked peaceful and so was he. He never felt this happy before in his life and he cherished every moment of it. He was captivated by T.I. and his love for him. It was right. How could anything so beautiful and pure be so wrong?

"Hey. What are you thinking about?" T.I. as he grabbed his man from the back and hugged him tightly.

"Nothing really," Nelly responded as they both stared out at the city. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

"The city?"


"It's nice."

"Sometimes I think it's too good to be real."


"You. Your feelings for me. How you make me feel."

"Believe it because I do. It makes you feel calm inside doesn't it?"

"Yea. I love that feeling."

"I'm addicted to it. I can't seem to get enough of it shawty."

Nelly turned around and faced him. "Well then maybe we should work on that."

"I'm so satisfied right now. Being here, like this, with you makes me forget everything."


"Let's go to bed. It was a long day," T.I. said as he pulled his man away form the balcony and into bed.

"With a very rewarding ending."


They settled into bed with T.I. resting his head on Nelly's chest like before. Nelly turned on the TV and was flicking through the channels, trying to find something interesting to watch. T.I.'s warm skin and touch against his body felt amazing. He slowly traced circles on Nelly's firm chest, which tickled. The caramel colored rapper cutely yawned as he watched the TV. They settled on a local news program to see what was going on out in the real world.

"I wonder if your party is over yet."

"Knowing the `Tics, it's not. Those boys can party like crazy."

"They learn from their leader."

"I'm not the leader. Just a part of the group I guess. It started out with me and Murphy alone."

"How is he?"

"He's good. In love like me."

"With Kara?"

"You remembered her name?"

"She's Melanie's friend isn't she?"


"You okay?"

"Huh? Yea. I just wasn't expecting you to say her name."

"Why not?"

"Because of everything that happened I guess."

"That's in the past now remember?"

"Yes. You're right."

"I'm always right."

"Sure! So when is your album gonna be done?"

"A couple of weeks. What you scared of the competition shawty?"

"You know who you talking to here? Bring it on nigga."

"My shit is going to blow your ass out the water."

"We'll see."

"Yea," T.I. said as he yawned again.

"You tired?"

"Uh huh."

"What'd you do today?"

"Worked on the album. Met up with some of my niggas and chilled. Talked to management and my agent. They suggested that I show up at your release party. I did some more shit but I'm too tired to keep going."

"Sounds like you had fun."

"I guess."

"I'm glad you came. I saw you coming in when I was on stage and I almost froze up. I honestly don't know how I kept going on with the performance. You have that effect on me. Baby?"

T.I. was fast asleep within his arms, using his chest as a pillow. He gently moved his body and replaced it with a pillow. He drew the blanket over them both and turned of the lights to the room. Darkness overwhelmed the room but light from the moon seeped into it through the large glass balcony doors. Nelly quietly observed his love sleep in the dark. He looked so innocent and peaceful. Everything about him was perfect in every possible way imaginable. Nelly slowly moved in and ever so softly kissed him on those flawless lips of his. He stayed kissing him because he didn't want it to ever end. After a long while and unwillingly, he broke it and looked intently at the man he knew was the one for him.

"I love you Tip."

He kissed his prized possession one more time, for a quick second, before he gently pressed their bodies together and wrapped his arms around the man that gave him the feelings that he instantly became addicted and obsessed with. The moment was perfect. Every time he held T.I. in his hands the moment instantly became perfect. He interlaced his fingers with T.I.'s under the covers and held on to them. He was going to hold on to this man every chance he got from now on. He fucked up once and almost lost it all. There was no way in hell he wanted to put T.I. or his own self through that pain and torture again. His mind and body floated off to sleep shortly after that.

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