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The air was still and everything in the darkened room the two men shared was quiet and tranquil. The full moon's light danced in and out of the shadows and gently caressed the men's face and exposed upper bodies as they slept. T.I.'s perfect caramel colored skin was only enhanced even more by the moonlight and became more of a creamy colored hue. Evan Ross gently began tossing and turning on the bed. T.I. was under his skin and he didn't know how or why it happened. It did though and he was not sure how he should feel about it. The rapper, the real T.I., was unlike anyone he had ever met before as he shifted his body once again.

"Cut!" the director yelled from his chair into his bullhorn. "That's a wrap for today."

Everything went well considering this was one of the first times the rapper turned actor ever took his shirt off in front of a camera. He wasn't uncomfortable with his body by any means but the opportunity never really presented itself. Of course he did it while doing shows at times but that was about it. The pool scene was what they just finished wrapping and everyone was clearing out because the sun was beginning to set in the horizon. T.I. sat on the edge of the concrete with his feet in the water and his elbows on his knees, thinking. He was oblivious to his outside surroundings, even when Evan came with a towel around his neck and sat extremely close to him.

"Good take boy," he said to the man whose mind was obviously a million miles away.

"Huh? Yea. When'd you get here?"

"Just now. You aight hommie?"

"Yea. Where's everyone?"

"Getting ready to leave. The day's wrapped remember?"

"Yea. My mind is just lost right now."

"You seemed bothered by something. You sure you okay?"

"No. I'm not sure of anything anymore."

"Why? What happened? Talk to me."

"I don't know how to explain it."


"I feel different when you're around me."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't describe it but I know I like it a lot."

"Oh? Well I like hanging with you."

"You really mean that?"

"Wouldn't say it if I didn't."

The sun was completely gone now as the two men continued talking to each other. The caramel colored rapper loved watching the young actor's lips move as he talked and wondered what it would feel like to have them pressed against his. Evan wanted to kiss T.I.'s soft pink lips since he first saw him smile on the first day they met. That smile alone melted his heart and he was hooked by the rapper instantly. He should smile more often because it made him even more irresistible than he already was. All of a sudden he noticed the rapper staring at him. He looked into those hazel eyes that were just beautiful and complimented him perfectly. He was a lost little child within them.

"What? What are you looking at?" he questioned.



"Because you're perfect. At least to me."


"Can I kiss you Evan?"

"I've wanted you to since I first met you," he confessed.


Evan immediately got knots in his stomach. He didn't know what to feel or how to react at the moment. He was about to have his first kiss with another man and it was with the rapper T.I. It felt right on so many levels and he'd wanted this for so long now. Pleasure waves were sent throughout his body when he felt T.I.'s hand holding on to his. They stared intently into each other's eyes until he knew the rapper was ready. He closed his eyes and his insides nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt the caramel colored rapper's lips ever so gently brush against his. The young actor felt T.I.'s breath on his lips as he opened his eyes and saw him hovering only mere inches away from his face. Evan closed his eyes again and when he felt nothing after a while, he opened them to find himself alone by the pool. His eyes opened and stared up at the dark ceiling. He sat up and looked at the caramel colored rapper sleeping peacefully next to him.

"Fuck!" he said under his breath.

The newly turned actor awoke early the next morning and got ready in a flash to go to the studio. He quickly grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat on the sofa as he flicked on the TV and settled on watching the news. Evan was fast asleep on T.I.'s bed. The rapper would look at him periodically for no reason at all. He was even cuter when he slept and T.I. was genuinely confused by the vibes that he received from Evan. He knew he was fond of him as an artist, actor, and friend but somehow felt that there was something more there. Maybe he was just afraid to show or admit what he felt. The caramel colored rapper couldn't think about that thought because he didn't even know if he was right in his assumption. Deciding it best to just cast it out of his mind, he grabbed a jacket, went over to Evan and looked at him for a short while before he left.

Most of the crew was already setting up for the day when the rapper arrived on set and was almost instantly whisked away into makeup because he was so late. He found that, in between shots and other free time he had to himself, he thought of Nelly a lot. He missed waking up next to the older rapper, with his strong arms wrapped around him. The anxiety was building up within him but he always suppressed it because this was the way it had to be. Nelly didn't respond to the message he left him recently and they haven't spoken to each other in what seemed like ages to the young rapper. He locked those thoughts away deep within his mind and went to work.

The full moon was replaced by the sensitive rays of the sun as downtown Los Angeles became the busy metropolis it was best known for. Evan Ross was still asleep on the rapper's comfortable bed because he was tired. Last night was emotionally uncomfortable for him because he didn't know what to make of the rapper. He was more confused than ever about what he should do but he enjoyed last night very much. The conversation and raw emotion involved was what the young actor liked most because it was real and extremely special to him. At around ten, the sun's rays began to wake him up so he put a pillow over his head to block it out. The sun wasn't the only think working against him though as his phone went off on the nightstand close to him.

"Hello?" he said, still sleeping.

"Hey kid. What's up?" he heard one of his friends respond.

"What you waking me up for nigga?"

"Shut up. Where you at? I can come through."

"No!" he said right away. "I mean you don't need to man."

"I wanted to catch lunch. Where you at man?"

"At a friend's. Lunch sounds good but I gotta be on set in a few hours."

"A friend huh? You finally got that fine ass Lauren London didn't you? My boy!"

"What? Man chill with that!"

"So it did happen then?"

"If I say no would you believe me?"

"No because I know you Evan my man. You hit that!"

"Man whatever. Where do you wanna have lunch?"

"I'm thinking some place upscale and since you're a big movie star now, you're treating."

"Fine. How about the Ivy?"

"Sounds good to me."

"Aight. I'll meet up with you in a few. Gotta go get fresh, sexy, and clean."

"If you say so. I'm out."


The young actor looked around his surroundings and everything from last night came back to him. The dream he had impacted him the hardest because as much as he wanted it to happen, he knew it wouldn't. He decided it was best if he got out of the rapper's room before he got caught or became late to his newly made lunch appointment. As much as he wanted to keep T.I.'s clothes on, he couldn't. He found his clothes and took off the rapper's and laid it out neatly on the bed, after he made it. After he put his clothes on, he gathered up his things and took one last look at the bed he shared with his costar last night. It was special to him. Last night was special to him as he left and went about his way.

The production of the movie reached the halfway mark which meant that T.I. had gone a little more than three months without seeing or touching his love. At times, his feelings would overwhelm him but he couldn't help it. He loved Nelly with everything he was made of and truly missed him. It took every ounce of strength in his body to keep him from leaving on quite a few occasions to go see the older rapper, the man he loved. If only to talk to him because he always knew what to say to make the caramel colored rapper feel like he was the only one and that no one or nothing else mattered when they were together.

T.I. had yet another long day of shooting. He was up since six in the morning because there were some minor changes made to the script and he needed to be notified of them because the changes only affected him and the role he played in the film. After having to learn more lines, the real day of shooting began. He was tired by the end of it as he returned to his trailer with his costars Evan and Lauren. They all talked and enjoyed themselves until Lauren had to leave to go meet up with her boyfriend. It wasn't long before Evan had to go as well so the rapper was left alone. He decided to take a shower while he was still here because he knew he'd be too tired to take one when he got back to his room.

The warm water crashed onto the tired rapper turned actor's skin as he began cleaning himself. His mind couldn't help but run on the some of the good times he and Nelly had under a showerhead and he started missing him all over again. The shower didn't last long and he quickly threw on a pair of black cargo pants and a tank top of the same color. Black looked great on him. The studio was quiet and everything was still as he walked out to his limo. He rested his head on the seat and closed his eyes as he gathered his thoughts about everything in his life. He was happy because this is what he fought for and wanted for so long and it meant everything to him. His stomach let out slight moans as he remembered that he hadn't eaten anything since the day began.

The caramel colored rapper searched through his wallet for his keycard and swiped it to allow him entry into his luxurious hotel room. As he opened the door, he was shocked and confused because he was suddenly in what seemed like paradise. Beautifully scented candles was spread and lit all over the entranceway and led into his bedroom. Blood red rose petals were sprinkled all over the floor and the illumination of the many candles were the only form of light in the entire suite. He didn't know what was going on in his room right now but inhaling the scents, which smelled like lavender, from the candles had a great calming effect on him. He closed the door behind him and followed the trail of candles into his bedroom because it was clearly meant to be followed.

"Hello there," Nelly said as he entered the room. He was adorned in a full three piece suit, black in color, and holding a red rose, which matched his tie perfectly, with his right hand as he walked over to the stunned rapper.

"Cornell? What are you doi---"

Nelly killed the remainder of the sentence by pressing their lips together. They both needed this badly. The kiss was the most innocent and sweetest he had ever received from the older rapper as he gave himself into it completely and effortlessly. T.I. wrapped his arms around his man neck as Nelly wrapped his around his waist and held on to him as tight as he possibly could without hurting the young rapper. His heart was now beating out of his chest and skipping four or five beats every second. This was too perfect to be real. Nelly really couldn't be here, looking so damn sexy in his suit, and kissing him right now. It felt real though. He could actually feel the kiss and his tongue moving in and out of his mouth so smoothly and carefree. This act alone melted the caramel colored rapper's heart and he was falling in love with this man all over again. Nelly broke the kiss after a long while and just stared at the man he was in love with.

"Wanted to do that for a long time now. This is for you," he said as he gave the caramel colored rapper the rose he was holding.

T.I. took the rose and then started into his man's light brown eyes. "Is this real? Are you really here?"

"Yes Tip. And I've been going crazy without you these past months. Do you need me to pinch you to prove that it's real?"


Nelly gently pinched the younger rapper on the forearm and then instantly kissed the same spot where he just pinched. "Are you convinced?"

"Yes. I've missed you so much Cornell!"

"I know. I got your message then came up with this idea to surprise you. Do you like it?"

"I love it! This is one of the sweetest things you've ever done for me baby. How did you do all this?"

"I'll tell you later. Right now I crave your lips bab---"

T.I. was the one who stopped the rest of the sentence from being said this time as he crushed their lips together. This was one of the sweetest and nicest things anyone had ever done for him and he felt so special. Nelly looked so suave and fine in his suit as his young love kissed him with all the passion and lust he had within his body. He held on to the rose tight and to his man even tighter as they continued to get reacquainted with each other. The two men had saved up so much passion for each other and it showed as they continued sensually kissing each other. Nelly smelled so good, he looked so good, and most importantly, he felt so good next to T.I. that he still couldn't believe this was happening in his reality right now. The older rapper was everything to him and he was more than overwhelmed by his man's surprise and he loved every single moment of it. He loved him.

"God you're so cute," Nelly said softly. "You're perfect baby. How you smell, how you look, you being here in my arms. I love you so much."

"Cornell I can't believe you did all this for me. I don't know what to say."

"The expression on your face was enough for me. The kiss was just an added bonus."

"I'm speechless right now. I'm still trying to convince myself for sure that you're here and this isn't a dream of mine."

"Trust me, I'm here. I have another surprise for you."

"What? Holding you is enough for me right now."

"Come on," Nelly said as he took his man's hand in his and walked to the dining room.

They walked into the dining room, where the older rapper had set up a romantic candlelit dinner for two. "You bought dinner for us too?"


"You didn't?"

"I made you dinner," he said as he sweetly kissed his man's hand.

"You made me dinner? Oh Cornell. You did all this for me?"

"Why wouldn't I? I needed to do this for you."

"Baby I love you so much. Thank you for this."

"Don't thank me yet. Taste the food first."

Nelly was a perfect gentleman throughout the perfect evening he planned for him and his love. They sat next to each other and held hands tightly under the table as he explained what he made for them to eat. The older rapper's mother taught him well in the art of cooking and taking care of himself. He made a special wild yellow rice and baked chicken wings with a secret sauce that only he and his mother knew about because they developed it. He also made a spicy salsa dish to top the chicken and mixed a simple salad as an appetizer. To top it all off, he managed to find a rare, oak cured red wine that was almost thirty-five years old. T.I. popped the cork on the chilled bottle of wine and started pouring for the two of them as Nelly began serving the salad.

They ate, talked, and laughed as they genuinely enjoyed each other's company. The mood set by Nelly and the candles and the roses was seamless as they continued to eat and drink. T.I. couldn't remember the last time he was this happy or when he smiled this much. The older rapper always had that effect on him and this still felt too good to be real. The smells, the emotions, everything about this was a surreal emotion to the younger rapper and it took him over. Nelly sure knew how to get to him and he was so damn good at doing it. T.I. ate a lot because he was so hungry and it tasted really good. The wine was aged to perfection and he had three glasses. Nelly just looked at him as he ate because he couldn't take his eyes off the caramel colored rapper even if he wanted too. Having T.I. right next to him right now also felt like he was in a dream of his own.

"That was so good baby! Where'd you learn how to cook like that?" T.I. said as he kissed him.

"My mom. I guess she did a good job huh?"

"No. She did an excellent job. In more ways than one. Thank you."

"You're very welcome my love. You're the only person I've cooked for you know."

"I feel so special."

"You are special to me."

"Let's go to bed baby."

"How about we do something different?"

"Like what?"

"Spread the blankets on the floor and sleep where all the candles and petals are."

"I like that idea better."

Nelly quickly cleaned up the dining room and washed up the dishes in the kitchen as he poured them the rest of the expensive wine. They ate out all the food he made and he had to admit that it did come out good. It was made from pure love so he had nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, T.I. was gathering the comfortable blanket and sheets from the bed and made a trip to the living room, where every single candle was still burning brightly. He spread the sheets on the floor and went back for the pillows. The room smelled strongly of lavender and it was like heaven as the older rapper entered. He took off his shoes and laid down, with the two glasses of wine next to him, and waited for his love to come back. It wasn't long before they both were enjoying the candles and flower petals. T.I. had his head on his man's strong chest.

"Thank you for this baby," he said to the older rapper.

"You like it?"

"I love it. The candles are nice and smell like heaven. The rose petals are sexy. The food was delicious. Is there anything you can't do?"

"Don't know of anything yet."

"Well I know what your specialty is."

"And what's that Tip?"

"Making me happy."

"I try my best."

"You don't have to try that hard. I can't believe you did all this for me."

"Why not? I wanted to see you and I figured I'd do it in a romantic way."

"This was over the top and I love you for it."

"I love you more," he said as they kissed once more.

"How are things with Murphy baby?"

Nelly shifted uncomfortable. "I don't know. He hasn't spoken to me unless he absolutely has to. And even then it's like he's forcing himself to do it. I just don't know what to do anymore."

"You haven't tried talking to him?"

"I have! He's not listening to me."

"I'm sorry. You planned this romantic night for us and I brought this up. It's just tha---"

"You're worried about me."

"I am. I can't stand seeing you like this."

"You're so good to me."

"Have to find some way to repay you for this."

"Don't worry," Nelly said slyly. "You will."

"I have no doubt about that but later. This moment here with you is everything to me."

"It means everything to us. You and me baby. It's always been about you and me!"

"You and me huh? I always liked the sound of that."

"I love the sound of you."

"This was a great idea baby."

"Surprising you like this?"

"That and sleeping out here. How did you know I liked candles so much?"

"I know everything about you Tip. Everything!"

"Do you?"

"Of course. You're the closest person to me like I am to you. You got my heart baby boy."

"You're in my blood Cornell. How did you manage that?"

"I'm good I guess," Nelly said modestly.

"You are! How did you get in here anyway," he meant to ask the older rapper.

"Simple. I just told front desk that I needed a key because me and a couple of your friends were planning a surprise birthday party for you."

"And they believed that?"

"Why wouldn't they? I'm very convincing baby but you already knew that."

"Yes I did."

"So I got the key no problem and then got to work."

"How long did all this take you?"

"A while. But it was worth it in the end."

"Was it?"

"The look on your face when you walked into your bedroom made everything worth it to me baby. I completely forgot to ask you about the movie. How's it going?"

"No," T.I. sexily whined. "I don't wanna talk about work."

"Come on Tip. Don't make me beg."

"Maybe you should because I'm not telling you anything."

He moved closer to the young rapper's ear and licked his earlobe before sensually asking, "Please baby."

"You're so fucking good! What do you wanna know?"

"How's everything going? You doing good?"

"Yea. Everything's running smoothly so far. I got something to tell you."

"What is it?"

"I have to kiss one of my costars."

"Do you?"

"Yea. We're supposed to be love interests or whatever."


"Why aren't you saying anything? Are you upset?"

"Of course not! This is your work and you're a professional."

"I'm so relieved."

"You thought I was gonna be mad at that? Come on; give me some more credit than that baby."

"Guess I underestimated you."

"You'll have to make it up to me some way as well!"

"I got that covered. Don't worry."

"Is there something else on your mind?"

The St. Lunatic rapper did know him well because something else was on his mind. "Yea. One of my costars."

"The girl you have to kiss?"

"No. I'm comfortable enough with Lauren to do the scene plus I have more time to prepare for that if I need because those are some of the last scenes that we're gonna shoot."

"So who is it?"

"The kid that plays my brother. His name is Evan."

"What? He doesn't like you or something?"

"No it's nothing like that. He's a real cool kid. I don't know what to make of him though."

"What do you mean?"

"I dunno. He's cool and I like him a lot I guess."

"That's great baby. What you think he likes you the way I do?"

"Well not with the same intensity as you but yea. I get these vibes from him."

"When did you become such a pimp? You get to kiss the girl onscreen and you got this nigga drooling over you off screen," Nelly said as he laughed.

"Shut up! It's not like that. I have to be honest with you thought Cornell. If we weren't together then I'd fall for someone like him. I hope you're not offended."

"I'm not. We have an honest relationship and can tell each other anything right?"


"Does he make you uncomfortable?"

"No but I could be wrong about him baby. Like I said, I don't know what to think of him."

"I don't think you're wrong about him though. I mean I don't know this kid at all but you guys have been together for the past few months shooting this film and hanging out and stuff. Your personality is one of a kind and he probably couldn't help himself. The same thing happened to me and I haven't been able to get you out of my system ever since."

"You're so sweet! He is an interesting guy Cornell and I like hanging with him a lot but I don't wanna hurt his feelings or mislead him in any way. You're the only one for me."

"You're such a caring and compassionate man Tip. No wonder I can't get enough of you."

"I love you baby."

"So you ready to show me how much you really love and missed me my skinny prince?"

"I've been ready to show you that since I walked into my room and saw you looking so damn sexy in that suit. The question is Mr. Hayes," he seductively said as he sat up and stared into the man's eyes he loved, "Are you ready for me?"

"Most definitely baby!"

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