*NOTE* I do not claim to know the celebrities mentioned below or their sexual preferences. This fictional story was written solely for entertainment purposes only and does NOT imply the sexual preferences of said celebrities or anything about their personal lives. Enjoy!

T.I. sexily grabbed the St. Lunatic rapper by the tie and led him to his lips. The numerous candles only enhanced the romantic mood as Nelly crawled on top of his man, never breaking the critical kiss they shared. The younger rapper easily slipped off his lover's expensive Armani jacket and tossed it aside as their tongues explored each inch of the other's eager mouth. This was what they wanted and badly needed for so long now. The young rapper, still having his man by the tie, began sensually removing it with his fingers as Nelly managed to easily get his black tank top off. He caressed the smooth, flawless skin he missed with both his hands as the newly turned actor went down the line of buttons that kept the older man's shirt on his body, loosening them out along the way.

Their tongues locked together in endless love and passion as he felt Nelly tugging at his pants in an effort to take this glorious evening to the next level. He lifted his body slightly as the older rapper slid the cargo pants he was wearing off and tossed them alongside his jacket. His boxers were next as the candles kept burning and filling the room with the rich lavender scent that was embedded into them. T.I. reached for Nelly's belt buckle and began undoing it in an attempt to get his man's dress pants off and out of the way. After everything was off, Nelly interlaced their fingers together and kissed his man with all the passion he had within his aching body.

The new actor could feel his man's rock hard dick pressing against his flat stomach, begging for attention under the blanket. Nelly held T.I.'s hands over his head as their tongues continued to sinfully play with each other. Small, slight moans escaped both men's mouth from time to time in this intimate moment of pleasure that they both obviously desperately needed. They needed to reconnect with each other because they went so long without the touch of the other that it was unbearable. Right now nothing else mattered to T.I. He didn't care about the movie, his music, Evan, or anything else but the man who's lips fit perfectly together with his. Nelly's hands were so smooth against his and he smelled so clean and sexy. The younger rapper missed his taste. Nelly had a distinctive flavor to him and it hooked the caramel colored rapper since day one.

The older rapper pulled his lips away from T.I.'s now pinker lips and began kissing along his jaw line. Once at his man's sensitive earlobes, his tongue darted out and licked the flesh in one of the areas he knew his man was extremely susceptible to. Low moans and grunts were heard as he continued working on the ear, licking and sucking everywhere. After that, he left a damp trail of kisses down his perfectly colored neck and traced the outline of his collarbone with his tongue. The older rapper decided not to leave his signature hickey mark tonight because he knew that his love had to be in front of the camera tomorrow and he didn't want anyone noticing it. This moment was perfect and was all that mattered to the both of them.

On the way down his man's sculpted body Nelly placed kissing along every inch of the tender skin, making sure to pay close attention to his nipples. Having the older rapper's tongue on his body always made his mind go numb and his body tremble for more. He encircled his bellybutton a few times before finally reaching his destination on his trip of pure sin and lust. T.I. looked at him as he grabbed his straining dick and ran his tongue along the underside while his other hand groped his balls. The young rapper threw his back in pure ecstasy as Nelly continued trailing along the underneath of his already very excited pole. The saliva trail the St. Lunatic rapper made was from the tip of his lover's aching member all the way down to his balls, which he circled each with tongue a few times. He followed this trail back and forth many times, always making sure to go as slow as possible so the younger rapper would feel every little movement he made with his expert tongue.

After they both had enough, Nelly took his lover's long tool in his mouth and got the true taste to his man. T.I. was overcome with the warm and wet sensation that covered every inch of his dick. Nelly was able to take all of his man in his mouth and he could tell by looking at him that it was greatly appreciated. T.I.'s face was plastered with bliss when Nelly had all of him in his mouth. The young rapper placed both his hands in the back of his love's head and gently guided him in his errant ways of pleasing him. The older rapper's free hands were used to cup and fondle T.I.'s walnut-shaped balls. After having him deep in his throat, the rapper used one of his hands to grab the base of his lover's dick, while the other still continued pleasing his balls, and ever so slowly made his way up the spit-slicked pole, causing the utmost pleasure within itself.

Once T.I. felt he was almost close to release, he pulled Nelly up for a kiss because this romantic encounter between the two men could not be over so soon. He tasted hints of himself on his lover's tongue and lips as they continued to kiss. His dick was missing all the attention the older rapper was just giving it but he had to stop because Nelly was an expert at what he did and he wanted this to last as long as possible. After their sensual kiss, the young rapper sat up and hovered over Nelly' beautiful body before he positioned himself on top of his boyfriend, sitting on his hard stomach. His hands explored every ripple of the man's exceptional body. Everything was flawless on the older rapper from the tone of his silky skin to the perfect shape he kept himself in. T.I. was completely gone on him.

He kept his hands at bay and they kissed each other in a controlled frenzy while he grinded their hips together. The friction created by this act only fueled the younger rapper even further as he let go of his man's hands and began kissing his neck. Nelly took this opportunity to grab onto his man's slim body for a while and then began gently caressing him on his back, as an added incentive of encouragement. T.I. took his time in moving from his neck to ears. When he got there however, he felt Nelly's body shiver under him as he began nibbling on his ear and whispering a few words of love into them. The older rapper loved it when he whispered to him because he always did it in such a sensual and gratifying way that it always got him hot. He was too caught up in the pleasure to notice that T.I. had already made his way down half his body, kissing his six pack.

Nelly jumped slightly when his dick was bombarded with the same pleasure he had given to his man only moments before. His body ached for this. He decided to do this whole surprise because he missed seeing the younger rapper after so long but he also missed the intimate aspects of their relationship as well. T.I. conquered and claimed his mind, heart, and soul and being apart from him for so long made him crazy. T.I. gently worked his man in and out of his mouth, in a smooth, steady rhythm as his hand rubbed against his balls. He licked the tip like the juicy lollipop it was as he stroked the base. Nelly tasted unlike anything he ever had before and he savored it because it was a symbol of how much he loved this man. Nelly had his hands behind his head to coax him to go deeper, which he did and was slightly surprised when he didn't gag. Precum glistened on his lips as he worked the shaft deeper into his mouth, which he was sure Nelly was feeling because of the expressions on his face and the sounds coming from him.

A trail of spit bathed the older rapper's dick and glistened in the light of the many candles that surrounded them as T.I. went to work on his balls. His tongue teased them, one at a time, until he engulfed both of them in his willing mouth. Like the rest of his love, this part of him also tasted sexy and clean as he continued to work on them, with obvious approval from the man he loved. One hand was wrapped securely around the huge meat gently stroking it while his tongue bathed his nuts with spit. Moans escaped from Nelly as his man continued pleasing the most sensitive part of his body. T.I. used the ball of this thumb to gently rub against the tip of the older rapper's already straining dick.

Nelly never had this done before and wished that someone had done it to him sooner. Waves upon waves of pleasure crashed through his body and he swore that all the blood he had within him was now rapidly running down to his rigidly hard member. T.I. continued pleasing the tip of his dick with his thumb, tracing circles around it which slowly drove his man mad with satisfaction. After he was done torturing him, he took the meat back in his mouth and sucked on it with as much force as he could. He knew that trick he just pulled got his man harder than he'd ever been in his life and that was exactly what it was meant to do. His dick was jumping with anticipation and that's exactly where the young rapper wanted him. Nelly's body convulsed with gratification under T.I.'s touch until he was finally ready for him. The night had only just begun.

He crawled back up the body of the man he loved and kissed him in frenzy. Nelly wasn't expecting this but he gave in to it because it was so easy to do. Once T.I. stopped, he looked deep into his eyes. The older rapper knew what he wanted without him even having to say a word. Nelly was getting up to oblige his young lover but felt T.I. press both his hands against his chest and gently pushed him back to the floor. He wanted to try something new but Nelly was still in the dark as to what was about to happen. He was too gone on pleasure to think straight anyway. The young actor grabbed his man's wrists, which were on either side of him, as he slowly moved his body down to his most private area. Once there, he put Nelly's strong arms around him and the rapper held on to his waist. He was still confused by this but liked where it was going.

T.I. stood up a few inches over Nelly's body ad placed his feet on either side of his body. He grabbed his man's rod at the base as the older rapper finally knew what he was going to do. He held on to his waist tightly to provide support as he saw T.I. slowly lowering himself onto him. The tip of the St. Lunatic rapper's dick kissed his lover's anal ring and he just rested there. They hadn't been together in so long that he was worried about going through all that pain again. He quickly dismissed it thought because the pleasure far outweighed it in the end and even did the first time Nelly was inside him. This way was the best to control this situation because he could go at his own pace, to let his body get used to his man's invader. After Nelly blew him a kiss of reassurance, T.I. stared into his eyes as he slowly started lowering himself, letting Nelly take him over once again.

It did hurt but it helped greatly that he was controlling the pace. Little by little, he worked more and more of Nelly's huge dick into him because it was way easier to take the pain in small increments rather that just doing the whole thing at one time. The spit he bathed his man's dick with earlier also aided with making this transition go smoother. He never could get used to someone being inside him like this but the pleasure was the only thing on his mind and the pleasure he received from this was enough to push anyone over the edge. Nelly's pole was more than half way inside him now and all the satisfaction the two rappers had been denied in the past months were coming back to them and rapidly gaining speed. T.I. still couldn't believe that he's had all of this huge thing inside him several times before as he looked at Nelly, who gave him one of the most sincere looks he ever saw while still tightly holding on to his hips to give him the support he needed.

After a little work, the young actor managed to get his man's entire lengthy pole inside his body. Nelly's rock hard dick was surrounded by the wet, warm flesh that it had become so used to. He rested there for a while so that his body was given the time to adjust to fit the rod that was impaling him. Nelly has his eyes half closed and half opened in an obvious state of bliss as the caramel colored rapper carefully leaned his body over and hovered a couple inches above his face, just staring at him. He noticed every single detail of the man's face. The exceptional smoothness and tone of his skin was sensual, the jaw line was strong and irresistible just like the rest of him, and those pink lips that he just loved to devour. Nelly's eyes began to flutter when T.I. kissed his lips in an attempt to subside the slight pain his body was in. It wasn't as bad as before but small traces still hung around throughout his lower abdomen. The older rapper was extremely patient with him when it came to this and he really appreciated it. He loved this man.

The kiss was more intensified when T.I. flickered out his tongue and began licking his man's lower lip, begging for entrance into his mouth. Everything felt right at this very moment. The candles silently burned all around them and the rose petals glowed in the moonlight of the crescent moon as Nelly still held him by the hips and the younger rapper had both his hands on either side of his face, holding him in place as the sexy assault on his lips continued. Once T.I. felt he was ready to be taken by his man once again, he stopped the kiss and looked into his eyes. This signified to Nelly that he was ready but he wanted the young rapper to go at his own pace because he wanted this to be more pleasurable to T.I. than it would be for him.

T.I. rested both his hands on each of Nelly's legs, to support himself, and then got to work. The pain had almost all but disappeared as he began fucking himself on Nelly's eager dick. He went slowly because they never did it in this position before and he wanted to make sure that he was doing everything right. He wished that they had tried this position sooner though because in no time he was becoming overwhelmed with sensations that his body instantly became addicted to. Nelly, still holding onto his slim waist, was drowning in the passion and pleasure he was in as the caramel colored rapper continued working his man's pole in and out of his body with moans escaping both their lips.

The young actor removed his hands from his man's knees and pressed them against his hard stomach. He gently rubbed all over the well toned torso that belonged to his love, which tickled Nelly, as he continued to work his thick shaft in and out of his warm hole. Once he was sure he had it down right, he began picking up the speed of his body movements to increase the pleasure the both of them were receiving. The friction created by the speed of their bodies interacting with each other easily multiplied their pleasure numerous times over and they were inexplicitly gone on each other. The two rappers were in heaven as their bodies sinfully danced and played upon each other and pleasure was fixated on both their faces.

Nelly, realizing how selfish he was being, removed one of his hands from the younger rapper's hip and gently caressed his aching dick, which jumped at the attention it was now receiving. The older rapper grabbed on to his rod and began stroking it, an act that gave T.I. an even higher high than before. His dick pulsated in the St. Lunatic rapper's hand as T.I. felt his man's dick pulsate deep inside him. Both knew that they wouldn't last much longer as the younger rapper kept with the same pace and Nelly tried to match his movements with his stroking, all while more moans and grunts echoed throughout the lavender enriched room.

Friction between their bodies was at an all-time high and the young actor continually plunged his lover's hard dick in and out of his passage while Nelly furiously jacked him off. Spurts of cum blasted out of the younger rapper's dick under the expert hand of his man and ended up everywhere from his hand to his stomach. T.I. moaned loudly as Nelly continued milking his now softening member as cum kept dripping onto his flat stomach. He was out of it and losing his concentration so Nelly held him in place with both his hands and began bucking his hips back and forth; fucking the man he loved with everything he had. His dick quivered in the caramel colored rapper's hole as cum busted out the tip of his dick and instantly went to work coating his insides. T.I. slightly shivered with this sensation and as Nelly began pulling out of him. The newly turned actor fell on top of his man's body and fell asleep shortly after that. The older rapper grabbed the covers over them, wrapped his arms around his love, and kissed him on the head before sleep took control of him as well.

The young rapper awoke to the sound of his phone's alarm going off at six in the morning because he had a few early shots and then he would have the rest of the day to himself. He was tired and wanted to stay in the exact position he fell asleep in last night, on top of Nelly's warm body with his arms securely wrapped around him, but he had to work. The candles had since burned out but the room still had faint remnants of lavender as he kissed his man's sexy lips. The older rapper cutely moved away as he did this and pulled the covers over his entire body and T.I. got up to shower and get himself ready. While in the shower, he replayed the surreal events that took place last night in his mind. Everything was perfect and that's the only way he could describe it. Before he left, he removed the covers from over his man's head and kissed him once again. He hoped that the older rapper would still be here when he came back in a few hours.

Nelly started rubbing his eyes at around ten because he knew he was missing something, or rather someone, next to him. He sat up on the makeshift bed T.I. made them last night and looked around to see nothing but burnt out candles and withering rose petals. Last night needed to happen and it honestly was one of the best nights Nelly has had in a very long time. Everything went right and he was positive that last night meant as much to the caramel colored rapper as it did to him. He missed him, though he knew where he went. After resting for a while longer, he got up and cleaned himself off and put his clothes back on before he started picking up the rose petals and what was left of the candles.

T.I.'s day lasted longer than he initially anticipated and he was happy when it was over because he was so tired. After chatting with Evan and Lauren for a while, he left and went straight back to his hotel. When he entered his room, everything was like it was before Nelly surprised him. All the blankets were picked up from the floor, along with the rose petals and the remains of the candles. It was as if last night never happened but he knew better than that. When he didn't see Nelly, he guessed that he had something important to do. He entered his room to find his bed already made with a new set of sheets and blankets. In the middle of the bed however, two white orchids were laying there with a card, an expensive box of chocolates, and a black gift bag with white tissue paper protruding from the top of it. The caramel colored rapper smiled as he made his way to the bed and picked up the card. It smelled like the cologne Nelly was wearing last night and he opened it.

Hey baby,

How are you my sweet baby boy? I'm sorry I couldn't be there right now to see your cute face but something came up and I had to take care of it. I hope you enjoyed last night as much as I did because I really needed it. I miss you like crazy baby. Last night was one of the best nights of my life and I won't ever forget it. I only look forward to having more nights like that with you. I got you something to show you how much I love you but it won't because I love you so much Tip. I hope you like it baby. It's special, just like you. I'll call you as soon as I get a chance because I want to hear your voice. Thank you for last night. I love you so very much Clifford Harris and that will never change. It will only get stronger!


P.S. My skinny prince...cute huh? You are my skinny prince baby. I love you!

The young rapper was glowing inside. Nelly just kept surprising him and he loved him even more for it. He picked up one of the orchids and smelled it. Its strong scent was passionate yet delicate as he inhaled it. Walking to the kitchen, he grabbed a champagne glass and filled it with water. The flowers occupied the glass as he put it on the nightstand next to him and rested the chocolates there as well, deciding that he would try some later. The time had finally come. The black bag glistened in the sun as T.I. made his way to it. He sat next to the package and pulled out the white tissue paper from it. Reaching into the box, the rapper pulled out a bright blue suede box that was heavy when he picked it up.

He slowly flipped the box open and stared at the contents inside for what seemed like an eternity. The caramel colored rapper saw the letters to his rap persona largely displayed in front of him. The numerous diamonds illuminated the exquisite piece of jewelry even more and T.I. fell in love with it instantly. The chain the nameplate was attached to was also beautiful as he picked it up from the box and tried it on. It stopped a few inches above his navel and looked perfect on him. It also looked very expensive and he wondered how much Nelly spent on it. He grabbed his phone and called his love right away.

"Hello?" Nelly said with a loud background behind him.

"Guess what I'm wearing right now?" T.I. asked his man sexily.

"Huh? Hold on a sec."

"Aight," he said as he heard his man talking to some people in the background.

The older rapper walked away from the noise and it suddenly became quiet. "Hey baby!"

"What's going on?"

"I'm shooting a video for my new single. What's up?"

"Guess what I'm wearing right now?"

"Uh. Let me see. You are wearing a pair of black silk boxers alone, lying on the bed, and waiting for me to come through and take them off for you. I'll be right over as soon as I finish up here baby boy."

"Very funny. Horny ass nigga."

"I am. But what are you wearing?" Nelly asked, knowing the answer to his question beforehand.

"Something that looks very expensive."

"It was and you're welcome."

"Thank you baby. I love it."

"I love you."

"How much did you spend?"

"A million."

"A million dollars? What? Cornell are you crazy?"

"Yes. Over you. It was well worth it. The money doesn't mean anything to me, but you do. I knew you'd like it."

"You do know me so well after all. You miss me?"

"I miss being inside you."

"You're so fucking romantic."

"Come on. Of course I miss you!"

"Next time we meet up, you're gonna be the one doing the riding shawty."

"And when will that be because I'm looking forward to it."

"I don't know. Were you serious about what you wrote on the card? The part about last night being one of the best nights in your life?"

"I did mean it. Everything was perfect. It just sucked that you had to go to work. I wanted to wake up with you next to me and see the expression on your face when I gave you the chain."

"I love being surprised by you. Last night was so sweet. And then you cleaned up everything and left the flowers, chocolate, card, and necklace. You're the sweetest guy I know."

"Anything to spend time with you. But look, I gotta get back to work baby."

"Okay," T.I. groaned.

"You got the rest of the day off right?"


"I'll see if I can call you when I'm free later tonight."

"Okay. I love you Cornell."

"I love you Tip."

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