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T.I. desperately wanted another of his man's surprises right about now. He was stressed, tired, and extremely anxious to get the movie over and done with. Promoting it also was proving to be draining because it seemed that if he wasn't on the set, he was on some talk or radio show talking about the movie. He didn't mind this at first because he knew he had to take this serious but lately, it's just been too much for him to handle. He was pushing himself to the max in order to keep on top of things and he needed a break. It was hard on him but he had to hang on because he didn't want to disappoint himself or anyone around him.

Lauren London had been disappearing shortly after her shots were done and seemed to have a lot on her mind when the caramel colored rapper saw her on set. He tried talking to her between takes but she always insisted that she was okay and although he knew better, he never pushed her because he figured if she wanted to confide in him then she would. Though she obviously had a lot on her mind, she always was a professional on the set and delivered her performances perfectly as if nothing were wrong. Evan also noticed something was bothering his female costar but she told him the same thing that she told T.I. One night, the caramel colored rapper and Evan were relaxing in his trailer. The two of them were obviously worried about her.

"What's up with her?" Evan asked his costar.

"My guess is that she's having problems with her boyfriend," he responded, sitting on the sofa with his hands on his knees and staring down at the floor.

"She told you that?"

"She mentioned something about it a little while back."

"What did she say?"

"He's only interested in sex and she wants a real relationship."

"Oh. He's one of those guys."

"Guess so."

"What are you thinking?"

"That she doesn't deserve that shit."

"Yea but what can you do? Doesn't look like he's gonna change."

"I dunno. We need to find a way to help her. Maybe she should leave that loser."

"You're such a compassionate guy Cliff. I know you can care about her, I mean I do too, but we can't do much."

"Let me ask you something."

"Um okay," Evan responded, slightly nervous.

"What's up with you?"

"I'm aight. Chillin'. Trying to wra---"

"That's not what I meant shawty."

"I don't understand."

"I don't know what to make of you."


"Like I have some ideas but that's all they are."

"Ideas? What kind of ideas are those?"

"That you like me," T.I. said as he looked at his young costar straight in the eyes.

"I do like you. You're a great friend."

"That's a given but not what I meant."

"I don't know what to say."

"Just tell me."

"I do like you Clifford. I like you a lot. I'm sorry I wasn't upfront about it."

"I see."

"I know it's a waste of time because you're straight but I just can't help myself around you."

T.I. trusted the young man in front of him. "I'm not straight. Well not completely."

Evan Ross just stared at him. This wasn't happening. "You're kidding me right?"

"No I'm not."


"I mean of course I like females. I'll always like females. But---"

"You got feelings for a dude?"

"Yea. I mean I never thought about niggas that way until I met him."

"I really don't believe you. You're serious aren't you?"

"Yes. You're the only person I've ever told."

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone."

"Thank you," he sincerely said.

"Why did you decide to tell me?"

"Because I trust you a lot. And I wanted to be honest with you."

"How did you know?"

"That you liked me?"


"I picked up on your body language. How you would act around me and how you would listen to me."

"I made it that obvious?" Evan asked nervously.

"To me you did. I don't think anyone else picked up on it though."

"I hope so. I'm not ready to be out yet. I don't think I ever will be."

"Me either. I'm not telling anyone about this. It could damage me. That's why it's so important that you don't say anything about it. Please."

"I got you man. I wouldn't do you like that."

"I know. I just can't have my career ruined because of what I feel. It's too important to me."

"I see that."

"How did you know you were into guys?"

"I've known for a while now. I mean I like girls too but I also like guys too. Kinda like you I guess."


"I haven't messed around with anyone or anything because I'm so scared that if someone finds out about me that they'll tell everyone."

"I know the feeling."

"This may seem forward but I'd go there if I had you. I mean I really like you."

T.I. looked away. He didn't want to hurt Evan but he had to. "I'm sorry."

"I understand about your career and all but we could have something on the down low. I can't explain what I feel for you."

"It's not that simple."

"Why can't it be?"

"Listen to me Evan. I do like you. I mean I really like you."

"You do?" he said as he smiled and his insides lit up.

"You're someone I'd be in a relationship with. You're so driven, passionate, sweet, and not to mention really cute."

"Stop! You're embarrassing me."

"I mean it though. All of it. But we can't do anything."


"Because I'm already in a relationship and I love him."

"You love him?"

"Yes I do."

"Who is he? Is he famous?"

"He is but I can't put him on blast like that. You understand don't you?"

"Yes. Of course. Sorry. I didn't mean that."

"It's okay."

"So where does this leave us?"

"I hope this won't change anything between us. Will it?"

"No. I really do like hanging out with you and if we can't be anything more than friends then I'm okay with that."

"Are you sure man? I don't want things to be awkward between us."

"I'll have to find a way to deal with it. But I can't and won't stay away from you because you're too good a friend to me."

"I'm sorry about this."

"Don't be. If this dude makes you happy then that's all that really matters. Wouldn't want to come between that."

"I guess. I just feel really bad about hurting you."

"I'll get over it. Don't worry. You're not all that cute anyway," he said as he laughed. He tried his best to ease the tension between them both.

"Gee thanks a lot!"

T.I. didn't know if he did the right thing by telling his young costar Evan about him and his love for another man but he followed his instincts because he felt that it was the right thing to do. The conversation was almost back to what it would normally be but the caramel colored rapper knew that some part of Evan was holding back because he was hurt more than he was willing to show. This made him feel really guilty and bad but it was a no win situation because although he really liked the young actor, he could live without him. He couldn't live his life without Nelly being there to hold and love him. He had become so addicted and dependent on the love he shared with the older rapper that nothing else mattered and he loved being caught up in it. Nelly meant everything to him and he always did and would.

Evan got up and was getting ready to leave because it was late and he had an early shoot in the morning. T.I. had to be in later that day so he could get some sleep that he was looking forward to because he was exhausted. This was the closest he was going to get to a day off and he planned to take full advantage of it. He got up as well because the driver called saying that his limo was outside. This was the awkward part because he didn't know how to say goodbye to Evan. It was weird as he stood in front of the rapper and stared at the floor. T.I. looked at him staring at the floor until he placed his index finger under the young man's chin and brought his face to meet his, their eyes locking. He saw straight through his defenses and into the pain that he unintentionally caused. Evan grabbed him into a tight hug and held on to his body as T.I. tried his best to comfort him. Once he was let go from the embrace, he felt the young actor press his lips against his cheek. T.I. wanted to stop him but it was just an innocent kiss and although he was brushing it off, he knew that it meant a lot to Evan.

"You're a special man Clifford. I hope that guy knows what he's got," he said before he left.

The young rapper was taken aback by this. Evan did sound sincere about wanting him to be happy but something made him feel uneasy. He probably was putting too much emphasis on it and it wasn't helping that he was so tired as well. The night was perfect when he got into his limo and was taken to his luxurious suite. He contemplated on whether he should call his love but it was almost one in the morning and he didn't want to wake him up. The conversation he just had with Evan replayed in his mind because he wasn't sure now if he did the right thing by bringing it up in the first place. He felt like he badgered the young man into confessing his feelings for him. This made him feel even worse than he did before.

In his suite, he threw his wallet, phone, and hat on the bed and made his way to the bathroom because he needed a shower bad. He got the shower running and went to get a towel before he came back and hopped in. The water was cold so he adjusted it and warm water began trickling down his face and body. The young actor loved taking showers and sometimes baths when he had the time because they almost always managed to wash stress off of his body and relax his tightly wound up muscles. He was so happy that he had to be on set tomorrow afternoon because that meant that he could get some sleep. He, of course, wanted Nelly to be there with him right now but knew that wasn't possible since his man was down in Miami doing collaborations with a few different artists.

Thinking about his cute man being here next to him got the blood flowing down into his now semi hard dick. While under the showerhead, his pole eagerly became rock hard and he began teasing it. Thinking of the St. Lunatic rapper always got him hot and bothered but since he wasn't here to take care of it personally, T.I. would have to do it himself. He began pleasuring himself by stroking his dick with long strokes. His hand went up and down his wet shaft as moans escaped his lips. This was nowhere near as good as if Nelly was here with him but he had to improvise because he was horny as hell right about now.

His free hand made its way down to his balls and gently cupped them. He replaced the initial long strokes with shorter ones and then created a ring with his thumb and index fingers and stroked his head in and out of it. This created an immense pleasure within itself as he continued with that and thinking about his love. The sex with Nelly was always great and always made him feel good and this fueled his raging hard on. He remembered everything from the first time they made love and all the raw emotion and passion that went along with that unforgettable night. It was amazing, to say the least, and looking back now T.I. knew he made the right decision to follow his instincts and let the St. Lunatic rapper into his life.

T.I. pressed his back against the tiled wall and arched his body because of the pleasure it was receiving. He picked up the pace and his eyes began to flutter because he knew he was close. The warm water crashed down onto his chest and rippled how his now tense body as spurts of cum blasted out of the caramel colored rapper's overexcited dick and mingled with the water. He continued to jack his still hard meat as more and more cum dripped out of it and was swallowed by the drain. He opened his eyes and was greeted with blurry vision. It took a short while for his vision to become crystal clear once again and noticed that the warm water from his shower created steam that blanketed the whole bathroom. The younger rapper recovered from his actions and continued taking a normal shower by soaping his skin.

No matter how much Evan said that things were not going to be different between them after everything that went down, they were. He seemed more reclusive and cautious around him and the caramel colored rapper feel bad. T.I. knew he was trying his best to cope with his feelings for him and he understood that so he didn't push and tried his best not to make things any more different between them than they already were. Evan Ross was still professional on screen with him but they didn't share the kind of conversations they used to before. It almost felt like the conversations between the two actors were forced and always really light. They hardly discussed serious matters or things that were really on their minds.

The movie was pressing on and the director was pushing them harder than ever before because he wanted the movie to be done with already. T.I. didn't mind this but he was worried about Lauren because he rarely ever saw her outside the set. They barely talked anymore and he didn't know what was going on with her. He felt alienated from both her and Evan and didn't like the feeling at all. On top of all that, he hadn't heard anything from the St. Lunatic rapper Nelly in a few weeks because he was in Tokyo promoting his album and said that an international tour might be in the works for him. Though the young rapper was happy for his man, he also couldn't help what he felt for him. He missed him and wanted to be with him.

The time had finally come for the intimate scenes to be shot. T.I. wasn't as confident about it as he once was, when Nelly had surprised him, mainly because he and Lauren hadn't had a decent conversation since about then. She was always disappearing right after she was finished on set and had very few words to say in between takes. The caramel colored rapper deduced that the added pressure and stress of the movie along with the pressures of the relationship with her boyfriend was getting to her in more ways than one. The director didn't make the last leg of the movie easy for any of them and he figured that all the rushing was bothering her as well. He tried to talk to her on several occasions but she always assured him that she was fine and just really busy doing things for her family. T.I. could always tell when people were lying to him since he was small but he didn't want to add to the pressure and stress his female costar was under so he just left it alone.

Lauren was sitting in her trailer early one morning because she needed to be alone to think. She hadn't kissed another guy but her boyfriend in so long and she was a little anxious about kissing T.I. on screen. She knew that this was her job and she was going to do it of course, but it felt weird to her. It was hard to read the caramel colored rapper so she really didn't know what was going on with him or how he felt about the situation. She figured that he wasn't too worried about it because she assumed that he'd kissed a lot of girls in his life already and she was going to be added to that list eventually. Thoughts of her relationship with her boyfriend plagued her mind and although she promised herself that she wasn't going to cry, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

The young actress dismissed everything from her mind because she had to get back to work and get through the intimate scenes with the rapper. She quickly wiped the tears away from her face and went back out onto the set because the director had called for her five minutes ago. T.I. instantly noticed that she had been crying and wondered why though he had a pretty good idea. It felt like butterflies were in his stomach fluttering around and creating a feeling that he rarely ever felt in his life. He tried as hard as he could to get rid of this anxiety because he had to do this. It was critical for the movie and he had to perform it as natural as he possibly could.

Kissing her was different to him because he was so used to kissing Nelly. Lauren was a good kisser as well but he could tell that she was holding back a lot. He just assumed that it was because they were acting and she was trying her best to not cross that professional line. The young rapper couldn't help but compare the way she kissed him to the way Nelly would kiss him. Nelly's kisses, of course, had more passion and emotion behind them but he didn't hold that against Lauren because he could tell that she was distracted. He too was a little distracted by not only his nervousness but also Nelly. They hadn't spoken in a while and the last time they did, he told him that he and Murphy got into another fight.

The day went by extremely slow but the two actors became more and more comfortable doing their thing on screen as it progressed though. In some of the last scenes shot for the day, it actually seemed like they were genuinely interested and liked each other, which was great for the movie. They both played convincing roles and even managed to surprise themselves when they saw the playback on the monitors. When the day finally wrapped, Lauren hurried back to her trailer while T.I. returned to his. He was tired and wanted to be at his hotel right now to relax himself but he was still worried about Lauren. He was about to go and talk to her in her trailer when Evan knocked and came in.

"Lucky girl!" he said as he looked at the rapper turned actor.

"Huh? What are you talking about?"


"Tell me."

"I said `Lucky girl'."


"Because she gets to kiss you."


"I know. I shouldn't have said that."

"It's okay I guess."

"Well I just came to tell you that you did good today. I mean considering that you're in a relationship and all."

"Thanks. Come with me."

"Where we going?"

"To talk to Lauren. She needs someone I think."

"Okay but I made plans for later."

"Okay. Let's go be there for her for a while."


T.I. hated to see Evan hurt the way he was but there wasn't anything he could do. As much as the young actor tried to play it off, he always noticed and knew when he was thinking of him or when he was down because he didn't have what he wanted. They walked in silence to Lauren's trailer and he hoped that she was still there because they really needed to talk. He wanted to make her feel better, or at least try to get her to forget about all her problems if only for one night. He was tired because of the long day that just recently wrapped, but she came first right now because he cared for her and wanted her to confide in him, in them both. They were like the Three Musketeers and when one was in trouble or hurt, the other two were there, even if only to talk. Evan knocked on her trailer door and she emerged a few seconds later with a straining smile.

"What's up guys?" she asked her two costars.

"Can we talk?"

"I guess. What's this about?"

She ushered the two boys into her trailer and Evan sat on an armchair as T.I. sat on the couch. Lauren bought them both a soda and sat on the couch next to the guy she kissed earlier. "How are you Lauren?" Evan asked, breaking the silence between the three friends.

"I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

"You're not fine. Talk to us," T.I. said.

"Look. It's nothing okay."

"You're lying. We're worried about you," Evan stated.

"Well don't be. I'm just having some issues with my relationship right now. Nothing to worry about."

"So why do you always look so down? And always disappear after you're done here? And are always crying?"

"I dunno. I don't wanna do this anymore."

"Why don't you just leave him?" T.I. asked.

"Because I love him. And deep down, I know he loves me. Every couple has their arguments right?"

"Yes but this is not an argument. He's hurting you and you're letting him."

"He's not hurting me."

"So why do you cry so often then? And what about the last time we talked?"

"What about it?"

"Did you forget how vulnerable you were?"

"Lauren we're here for you," Evan said as he looked at her.

"I know and I appreciate that. We're just going through a rough patch right now."

"It's not just right now. You've been like this for a long while," T.I. said to his costar.

"What do you want Lauren?"

"I want a relationship! I don't want just sex. I want to hang out like we used to. Go places and do things."

"He still thinks everything is fine between you two?"

"Yea. Just says I'm overreacting."

"Jerk!" Evan said.

"Maybe it's just a phase you know? We'll move past this and be okay."

"Look how long it's been Lauren. You hardly ever smile anymore."

"Do you really think he will change?"

"That's what I want. I love him."

"Are you trying to convince us of that or yourself?"

"What do you mean? I do love him. I want to be with him."

"But if the relationship is not the way you want it, then he should see that. Why doesn't he see that?" Evan questioned.

"I don't know. My telling him is not good enough."

"Why is this guy such an idiot?"

"Don't be so harsh Evan. I love him."

"You keep saying that and neither Cliff or I have any doubts about that. But, are you sure he loves you?"

"I believe he does."

"I don't mean to sound rude here or anything but that doesn't cut it. If he doesn't make it clear that he loves you then what's the point?"

"Stop it Evan. He does love me."

"He does have a point though Lauren. You shouldn't have to guess or assume that this guy loves you."

"I'm not!"

"Does he say it to you? Well has he recently?"

"Um yea. I mean no. He said it to me like two times in the past few months."

"Two times only? That's crazy!" Evan said. "How many times have you said it?"

"At least once every time we see each other."

"And when you do say it what does he say?"

"Something like `Me too' or `I know'. I honestly don't see what the big deal is though. Guys really don't express themselves that much anyway right."

"Not all guys are that way you know," T.I. said. "He's obviously not one of exceptions."

"I just thought that was how all guys were. I mean he does say it to me and whenever I do hear him say it, it makes it even more special since he doesn't say it all the time."

"You think you're gonna get tired of hearing the words `I love you' from the one you love?" Evan asked. "If anything, you count the hours until you hear it next and never get tired of it because of how it makes you feel every time you hear it."

"I agree with him. I hate to say it like this but I'm thinking that he's lost interest in you."

"I don't believe so."

"The way he's acting makes it seem so. I think Cliff is right."

"How can you two sit here and say something like that to me?" she said as she got up and looked at them both, trying her absolute hardest not to cry right now.

"I'm sorry," Evan said. "But it is a good point you know. It's gonna be hard to hear but it might be the truth. Maybe this is why you two have been having so many problems lately. He just doesn't care anymore."

"Just stop it okay! That's not fair! You guys don't even know him."

"I don't think we have to know him. We see what he's doing to you and can already tell that he's a selfish jerk that obviously doesn't care as much about you as you seem to think."

"Hey, I hate to interrupt but I really gotta go. I made plans for tonight."

"Aight man."

"Thank you for being here for me Evan," Lauren said as he walked up to him and kissed his cheek.

"I got you baby girl," he said as he shook T.I.'s hand and left.

"Are you mad at me?"

"For what?" she asked, sitting where Evan just was.

"It looked like we were ganging up on you just now."

"You said some things I needed to hear I guess."

"We're only trying to look out for you."

"I know you are. You guys are great friends."

"We try. It's not as easy as it looks you know."

"Shut up!"

"So what are you gonna go?"

"You know when we first started going out he would call me four or five times a day just to see how I was or to tell me that he loved me."

"That's what a real relationship is."

"And I miss it like crazy."

"I think you can have it again you know. I don't know if it's with your boyfriend though."

"I love him Clifford. I have to find a way to make our relationship work."

"I might be too late for that."

"Don't say that," Lauren said as a tear slid down her cheek. "Don't say that."

"I don't want to upset you Lauren but you have to be realistic here."

"Why did he change? Why did he stop calling me?"

"He's so used to you giving him everything he wants."

"I gave him everything. That's what people in relationships do. Right?"

"The way you're asking me sounds like you're unsure."

"I am. I don't know what to think about relationships anymore."

"You want my opinion?"

"Please," Lauren said as she got up and sat next to him on the couch.

"I think that when you're in love that you do give everything you got to the other person because you want the relationship."

"Uh huh."

"But if those kinds of feelings aren't returned then you're just setting yourself up to get hurt."

"Like me huh?"

"Yes. You give this guy everything you have physically and emotionally and get next to nothing in return. How much longer can you go on like that? You can't possibly be satisfied or happy with the way things are between you two right now."

"You know I'm not but I have to suck it up."

"No you don't!" T.I. said, getting a little upset. "Leave him. Find someone who deserves you."

"I don't know. I have to think about it."

"Think about what?"

"A lot. I have to go. It's getting pretty late."

"Yea. I'm tired."

"Thank you Clifford."

"No need. I'm here for you."

"You're such a decent guy. Why can't he be just like you?"

"Don't say that."

"It's true."

"Thanks I guess."

"And modest too. You're gonna make someone very happy one day."

"I already am," he whispered to himself.


"Nothing. I gotta go."

"Yea me too."

His costar hugged him tightly before she gathered up some of her things and left in a hurry. Tomorrow was going to be a better day because it felt like they finally reconnected. The intimate scenes were great today but T.I. had to admit that he did feel awkward about them because they hadn't spoken in such a long time but his confidence was renewed after tonight. The young rapper strolled out of the studio and made his may to his awaiting limo. It was only a few weeks until this movie wrapped and that was all he could think about. He still couldn't get his mind away from the most recent fight that Nelly and Murphy Lee had. He sounded so upset and hurt on the phone and T.I. hated not being able to be there for his man.

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